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12798Re: 1st VS 89th

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  • alaidh@gis.net
    Dec 1, 2001
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      --- In WarOf1812@y..., HQ93rd@a... wrote:

      > OOOOOOO!!! And not to be biased or such -- I ALSO am rapt in the naval
      > discussion recently occurring. The first I learned of the War of 1812 (school
      > didn't teach us nuttin', honey!) was by having a Mitlon-Bradley board game
      > called "Broadside", based on the war, and which contained a small booklet
      > about significant naval engagements, etc. Thus I was tweaked to go to the
      > library (whaz zat? ain't it on tha enturent?) and find out more. So THAT is
      > why I still play games.....

      Hey, I remember that game - little blue and red plastic hulls, soft
      plastic white sails/masts that you could remove to show damage, right?

      If you still are into naval wargaming for that period, you might be
      interested to know that Rod Langton of England (best 1/1200 scale
      Napoleonic shiips for gaming made anywhere, I avere) wrote me and said
      that he is going to spend part of the upcoming winter producing some of
      the ships for the War of 1812 that currently are not available
      (Newcastle class double-banked frigates, Majestic class razees,
      possibly the Adams corvette). Good stuff!


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