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1155Re: rifled flintlocks in the UK

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  • mmathews@xxxx.xxxxxx.xxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    May 6, 1999
      >In regards to the French forces or "Evil Empire" at Fort York, I hear they
      >are going to set up speakers on the field so when the "Evil Empire" forces
      >deploy on the field they can play Darth Vader's theme music.
      >(yah I know it was a bad joke but what the hell, isn't there a new Star
      >Wars movie coming out?).

      I'm laughing! Just so long as the second tune is "Le Chant du Depart" or
      something along those lines.

      One of the funniest things I ever saw was at an F&I event. The very
      realistic, but highly unpopular British commander was strutting about with
      his men when some Jacobite Highlander started playing Lord Vader's theme on
      bagpipes! Thought I was gonna die. I don't think his cup ever ran dry all

      En avant,

      Michael Mathews -- Winona State University
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      "Wit is educated insolence." -- Aristotle (384-322 B.C.)
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