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1148Re: rifled flintlocks in the UK

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  • Roger Fuller
    May 5, 1999
      >I honestly can't believe the beauracratic "bull***t! one must go through to
      >bring a flintlock rifle or musket into the UK. The forms and sponsors and
      >the cost of 24 pounds to get a piece of paper saying you can come in with
      >your gun! 24 pounds is a lot to pay for the privilege of going bang!

      Actually, (because I wrote in a confused manner in my orig. post) the whole
      shebang is only 12 pounds. But, hey- that's Cool Britannia- and those are
      the laws I must obey, or it's "Strangeways, Here We Come"..... :^) Probably,
      nobody in blue will even give a pot's toss about me and the rifle whilst I'm
      over there, but then again?

      >I realize we in Canuck land have strict gun laws but the UK's are crazy.

      Mebbe so- but they are the "sandbox gods" over there- and BJ Klinton and
      Tony Blair are best buddies, so...look for that here in the US of A pretty

      (Hey, 1812ers in the USA- did you know that Mr Clinton wants black-powder
      purchasers to undergo computerised background checks and be kept in a
      database? Just how many guys in shakos are planning to attack a high
      school?...... )

      >Sadly I don't think I'd ever do a re-enactment there.

      Well, I'll let you know how it all turns out. But, seriously, ACW reenactors
      go over there all the time for reenactments, and nobody seems to care. I
      detest gun control, i.e. victim disarmament, but, when I'm in somebody
      else's country, I must obey the laws- or else.

      >In regards to the French forces or "Evil Empire" at Fort York, I hear they
      >are going to set up speakers on the field so when the "Evil Empire" forces
      >deploy on the field they can play Darth Vader's theme music.
      >(yah I know it was a bad joke but what the hell, isn't there a new Star
      >Wars movie coming out?).

      "May the farce be with you".... :^) But seriously, what Crown Forces groups
      are coming to Ft York?
      >Terry Lubka
      >Toronto, Ontario

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