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1147Re: rifled flintlocks in the UK

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  • Terry Lubka
    May 5, 1999
      > First, one must have a darned good reason to bring it over (reenactments
      > qualify; I've been invited to be with the UK 1/95th at a living history
      > event in August 1999). You also need a sponsor who is a UK resident
      > know whether they have to be UK citizens). Then, the applicant and his or
      > her sponsor must get and fill out the correct application forms, namely
      > "Application for a Visitor's Firearm/Shot Gun Permit"(Firearms Form 107),
      > and the "Application For Grant of an Explosives Certificate To Those
      > Resident Outside The United Kingdom" (COER/2).
      > Both forms are good for individuals as well as groups. You must spell out
      > the forms exactly when, where and for what purpose you plan to use the
      > rifled flintlock. They also ask if you plan to bring explosives with you.
      > don't plan to, and I seriously doubt the US Govt. will let anybody take
      > on the plane, even in the checked luggage. They also ask if you plan to
      > any firearms or shotguns, acc. to their definitions, while in the UK, but
      > I'd probably need some kind of export licence.
      > The police officer, who is helping my sponsor (my sister-in-law, who is
      > Winchester, Hants) with the application, strongly recommended the latter
      > form, at the very least because it's one of the few things that are
      > free by the UK Police! :^)
      I honestly can't believe the beauracratic "bull***t! one must go through to
      bring a flintlock rifle or musket into the UK. The forms and sponsors and
      the cost of 24 pounds to get a piece of paper saying you can come in with
      your gun! 24 pounds is a lot to pay for the privilege of going bang!
      I realize we in Canuck land have strict gun laws but the UK's are crazy.
      Sadly I don't think I'd ever do a re-enactment there.
      In regards to the French forces or "Evil Empire" at Fort York, I hear they
      are going to set up speakers on the field so when the "Evil Empire" forces
      deploy on the field they can play Darth Vader's theme music.
      (yah I know it was a bad joke but what the hell, isn't there a new Star
      Wars movie coming out?).

      Terry Lubka
      Toronto, Ontario
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