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111695th Button (wasThe 95th in Hornblower)

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  • James Burrill
    Apr 29, 1999
      Hi list, about two years ago when I was looking into recreating a 95th
      uniform, I came across a collector who had a solid pewter, silver
      plated , button with a Kings' crown over a '95'. It has a London maker
      on the back. (I am at work and don't have the button in front of me)
      It is smaller than the standard large button ....I will measure mine
      and post the dimensions later)

      I have heard that the button could be an Officers' private purchase,
      or it could be for the unit that took the 95th place in line after
      1815. I must confess, I don't remember the date the hollow, stamped
      buttons started being used for Army buttons.

      If the button can reasonably be used as a 95th Officers button, The
      owner of the original casts buttons for Godwin and also model
      soldiers. He made a few molds of the button for me and I have a couple
      of buttons made and silver plated. If the collective knowledge of the
      list validates their use, I could send a sample to you and the address
      of the maker. (I am not sutlering these)