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11148Re: [WarOf1812] The Letter "J" in the alphabet

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  • dancingbobd@webtv.net
    Jun 4, 2001
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      Hi everyone,

      I own an butcher knife made in Shefield in the period 1800-1840 by John
      Wilson Co. It is marked I WILSON. He made knives from the 3rd qtr of
      the 18th Cen. well into the 20th Cen. I imagine that he did not want to
      change his "brand" name which was known for high quality. Prior to 1800
      Wilson marked his knives with a touch mark of a pepper corn and a
      diamond. The name was added at the start of the 19th Cen. The
      documentation for this came from the Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly.

      I also have a 1763 set of Engineer manuals published in Britain which
      uses j as we would today. Things were not as uniform as they are today
      in usage and spelling.


      Bob Dorian
      US Engineers
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