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11119Re: [WarOf1812] 104th, Kingston to Quebec

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    Jun 1, 2001
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      That's one hell of a trek!!
      I had 42 guys complete a 24 km march in blazing heat over two days from
      Chippawa to Fort Erie, and you should have seen the agony and the feet
      then!! Some were in rough shape. Myself included.

      I can just imagine 500 to 600 kms !!! OOO-la-la.

      Hey, 1812 re-enactors aren't the worlds most physically capable guys you
      know...hahahaha, however, I don't doubt that a few that are modern-day army
      boys could make a journey like that, it's case of who would volunteer to do

      It is a thought though. Just a thought. Tonnes of planning and lots of time
      to complete it.

      It is, indeed, a thought. It's things like that which gives us modern-day
      folks a lot of respect for the men of the armies back then. That's for sure.


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      >Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 10:05:36 +0100
      >Ive just been reeding the memoirs of LeCouter. I was wondering if any
      >re-enactment group has attempted the winter march by the 104th to "kingston
      >from Quebec" At least thats what i recall it as been.
      >Also do any groups intend trying this in the future. Sounds like somthing i
      >wish to try.

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