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10965Frigates join the Fleet

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  • Roger Marsh
    May 8, 2001
      Just a word to introduce myself, as requested by the Owner.

      I am an 18thC-early 19thC Naval History enthusiast, a frigate man at
      heart (think I must have been an RN Post Captain in a previous
      incarnation!), which is why the 1812 war is, evidently, of
      considerable interest, the naval war having been almost entirely as a
      frigate and sloop war, a comparitively minor Naval war as it was,
      fought primarily between small naval forces and vessels on both sides.

      I live in Hampshire, England the Naval county par excellence; though
      not a dedicated re-enactor, I do put on uniform from time to time for
      the International Festivals of The Sea, great maritime festivals, the
      next of which is in Portsmouth Historic Naval Base this coming August
      (see website at http://www.festivalofthesea.co.uk/

      I am campaigning to get a British replica frigate built - well, not a
      true frigate, too small, but a proper little quarter-decked ship-
      rigged mini-frigate, probably "Atalanta" (14, later 16) of 1775-1801,
      which took an active part in the earlier American war and, indeed,
      spent a year in American hands, having fought but surrendered to
      superior force, before being retaken. In the meantime, I have to
      content myself with sailing working models, the latest project
      being "Lowestoffe" of 1761-1801, built to 1:48 from Slade's original
      1760 drafts (young Nelson's first appointment as a 17-year-old
      Lieutenant, 2nd, in 1777 under Wm. Locker, on the West Indies
      station; I shall portay her as at 10.00 am, by Locker's log, on 1st
      November 1777, in the act of taking a smaller American privateer in
      windy conditions off Cape Maize, at that moment "firing a Swivel,
      Shott'd, to Bring the Chace too").

      I know less about the land campaigns, and hope to learn more here. I
      look forward to reading y'all


      Roger Marsh
      Hampshire, England
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