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10961Re: [WarOf1812] Last battle.

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  • HQ93rd@aol.com
    May 7 2:34 PM
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      In a message dated 5/6/01 12:57:03 PM, TheGoldenAge72@... writes:

      << I am not sure about this. Before the peace treaty was signed, there was
      last battle. The Battle of New Orleans, right? I cannot remember that. I know
      it was led by Andrew Jackson. >>

      The Treaty of Ghent was signed Dec. 24th, 1814. The "battle" (actually a
      campaign) of New Orleans took place about from Dec 23, 1814 through January
      19, 1815 (the day when the Brits had completely withdrawn back to the ships).
      Several major actions occurred during that time, with the most famous being
      the last failed assault by the Brits on Jan 8.
      The Treaty was not valid until it had been ratified by both Parliament and
      the US Congress. Because of the longer time involved back then of sea travel
      and sending news, the US would not ratify it until Feb. 17 (if I recall that
      date right, off hand).
      The Brit force that attacked New Orleans and captured Ft Bowyer received news
      of the Treaty about the same time as it was finally being ratified in

      93rd SHRoFLHU
      THE Thin Red LIne
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