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10960Re: [WarOf1812] Last battle.

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  • HQ93rd@aol.com
    May 7, 2001
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      TheGoldenAge72@...<< I am not sure about this. Before the peace treaty
      was signed, there was
      > one
      > last battle. The Battle of New Orleans, right? I cannot remember that. I
      > know
      > it was led by Andrew Jackson. >>

      Britcomhmp@...> Actually the last battle was the capture of Fort Bowyer,
      Mobile Bay, 10th of
      > February 1815. A British victory.

      spikeyj@...>>Last land battle; naval engagements were still being
      fought around the
      world months later as word of peace slowly propagated. >>

      I also recall reading recently (and cannot find it for the life of me) that
      were also several small engagements as well as landings and raids after the
      date of the capture of Ft Bowyer, along the Georgia (?) coast and perhaps
      elsewhere on the East coast.

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