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    May 1, 2001
      I stumbled on this group because it was featured at YahooGroups. I find
      it very timely, as it happens.

      I am not a member of a reenactment group. I am a published author. I
      have just begun a novel wherein the main character will be transformed
      by events he encounters during this war. I won't bore you with the
      details on the list, as it's off-topic. However, as he is meant to be
      from Virginia, anyone with expertise in a Virginia Regiment would be
      welcome as an email buddy. Also, anyone familiar with what we would now
      call "special forces"--secret activities--I'd love to pick your brains!

      Please forgive my abysmal ignorance; I've only just started my research
      on the war. However, I did publish a *hangs her head* Regency Romance
      once, which takes place in 1814 England, so I have done some research on
      social customs. I'm curious to see how they played out in America, since
      I'm quite sure we didn't operate on Regency Norm.

      Also, as I have a book on the back-burner wherein pivotal events
      transpire on Mackinaw Island, Michigan, curing this war (co-incidence,
      as it happens), I'd be interested in some of the info Angela Gottfred
      (new member) has compiled about trappers up her way. (I live in Northern
      Lower Michigan.)

      Here's to a mutually satisfying relationship! Thank you. *bows*

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