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10622Re: [WarOf1812] safety rules

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  • mmathews@VAX2.WINONA.MSUS.EDU
    Apr 2, 2001
      >From: chimera1@...
      >...there already is an existing widely accepted body of
      >safety rules/guidelines ...
      >......why not issue them as guidelines (not rules)
      >so the red light or stop sign is suggestive not mandatory?!?!
      >~ we all receive Safety rules from Ft. George, Ft. Erie,
      >Mississinewa, etc. and they are all the same a conglomerate
      >of NPS (USA) and Parks Canada sooooooooo
      >just enforce them............

      Even then it's not always easy. I support the notion of an unbrella group,
      but sometimes they don't always succeed. Take for example my experience at
      Fort Meigs last year for the August F&I event. A couple of umbrella groups
      in play with overall COs set up. We received a (IMO) silly multiple page
      set of safety and site rules which my little group actually read. I doubt
      many others went through the lengthy text. I love it at Meigs and go at
      least once a year, but we were actually laughing at the detail of some of
      the regs.

      So, we go out for the first tactical, which is an unscripted skirmish
      within the fort. Ebb and flow, lots of shooting, good time. Afterwards
      our French group goes out to police the grounds of papers and I find
      several whole cartridges in a little pile (Ranger droppings) that have been
      sealed with wax. An act expressly forbidden by the safety regs. So I take
      them to the unit CO that has adopted us for the weekend (just three made it
      from my group) and he takes them to the French CO. And there seemingly it
      died. Anyway we found more later in the weekend. So the point is, we
      can't count on rules being enforced even at the top of the food chain if
      they happen to think it's silly. I'm sure messers Abolt and Trumball do a
      fine job with the US forces, and we've perhaps been spoiled by the
      consistency and skill of Tim, Steve, Benton and probably others. (I don't
      get east that much.) But what if they aren't there? I feel there needs to
      be a mechanism in place.

      Second example of relying too much on the reenactor command structure, same
      event. Miegs has a wonderful pyrotechnics set up. Ground charges are
      laid, COs are acquinted with the positions and the battle is to be fought.
      But at the last minute the French CO decides to take it easy on us and not
      march so far, so we go out a different gate than scheduled. For whatever
      reason, the charges go off anyway and several of our people are now
      sporting burn holes in their coats or flesh. Now I'm very much into the
      "veteran" look so I wear my stains and burn holes with pride, but not all
      are of that philosophy. Now, lest you think I'm being critical of Meigs
      I'm not. I'm very appreciative of how they have treated us in the past and
      will always return, plus I feel they handled the latter incident in a very
      up front manner. I'll be back.

      So in conclusion, even with extensive safety rules provided by the site,
      unless there are some teeth to the organization and accountability you are
      at the mercy of individuals to enforce (or not) as they see fit.


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