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  • Jim Keigher
    Apr 21, 1999
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      To all,

      I have just gone back through the archive for the past few months.

      I found some very interesting messages and information. Thank you, all.

      Richard Feltoe was bang on, on his views of the TVO broadcast of 1812. As
      we all sat and watched it, we found ourselves playing "Where's Waldo" more
      than actually listening to the narrative.

      Our local paper published an article about it, claiming it was filmed at
      Old Fort William. Everyone in our group had a bit of a laugh about that.
      There was one piece of stock footage from the fort archives. It was a long
      range shot of the re-enactment of the MacKenzie expidition, from about 5
      years ago.

      Perhaps an honest mistake, though. The distinctive sky blue facings and
      the fast shots of the deMeuron Regimental Colour going by could confuse a
      lot of people. Especially since the Colours did not arrive in Canada until
      May of 1813! I wish to publicly thank Mike Mathews for carrying our
      Colours at Mississinewa, a year ago last October.

      I was dissapointed though, at the lack of credit. With the number of Corps
      members, (David Else, Ryan Potter, Bert Winterburn, and Chris Mills,
      seemed to be the most shown, but there were 14 of us there, that weekend!)
      being so easily recognizable in the film, and our group was not mentioned
      in the credits. Oh well, may in the next one, eh?

      Your obediant servant,

      Jim Keigher
      Corps of Canadian Voyageurs
      Old Fort William

      God Save the King!
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