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10348Re: zulu, dvd's

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  • fiftysecond@btinternet.com
    Mar 2, 2001
      --- In WarOf1812@y..., yawors1@u... wrote:

      > But - not "Zulu", even though it was Michael Caine's first starring
      > role!!!! Even though the late, great, John Lennon went 'on record'
      > print, as going to see it, and liking it!!! [trivia fact: he
      literally goes
      > "on the record" as well - it's the movie referred to in the lyrics
      of A Day
      > in the Life: " I saw'r a film today, Oh Boy - The English Army
      had just
      > won the war...." hey, forget the fact it was primarily a bunch of
      > - he wasn't an historian, and 'Welsh" wouldn't fit the meter of the
      > song...]

      As our hero himself would undoubtably say, "Not a lot of people know
      that." :-)

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