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  • yawors1@uwindsor.ca
    Mar 2, 2001
      also - 5 points as

      The flick ZULU
      is on tonight, Fri., March 2, on the
      Canadian History Channel n' not Sunday..............the shame!

      Jim adds:
      the *real* shame is that the masterpiece, 'Zulu', is still, as
      inconceivable as this might seem, *not* available on DVD! Nor, I might
      add, is "Waterloo" or "The Charge of the Light Brigade" (UK 1960's
      version)!!!! Nor, 'Zulu Dawn'!!!!
      But - not "Zulu", even though it was Michael Caine's first starring
      role!!!! Even though the late, great, John Lennon went 'on record' in
      print, as going to see it, and liking it!!! [trivia fact: he literally goes
      "on the record" as well - it's the movie referred to in the lyrics of A Day
      in the Life: " I saw'r a film today, Oh Boy - The English Army had just
      won the war...." hey, forget the fact it was primarily a bunch of Welshmen
      - he wasn't an historian, and 'Welsh" wouldn't fit the meter of the
      song...] I shake my head in wonder...

      Like, what's with those movie mogul guys?!?! Is there any way, short of
      sending the sort of threatening letter that might end up inducing the local
      SWAT team to pay a visit and surround one's house, to get the DVD producers
      to sit up, take notice, and get on the ball?

      1/41st RD
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