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Re: grape shot question

Hi GerryThe British did use cannister shot---putting layers of musket balls or larger shot made specially for the big guns in tin cans with a lid and shooting
Apr 7

grape shot question

I came across a mention of what sounds like grape shot being used at the attack on Fort Meigs from the personal narrative of Capt. Thomas G. Anderson who
Apr 7

Regency Ball - Lansing, Mich - Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sharing from the hosts. (This is my favorite dance caller and an excellent ensemble too.) Dear Dance Enthusiasts, Purchase your ticket for $29/each for the
Mar 14

Jim Wellheiser, On-Gwe-Ho-Way

It is with great sadness, toI inform everyone, that Jim Wellheiser, one of the founding members of On-Gwe-Ho-Way has passed. Visitation is from 2-4 &7-9 on
Mar 14

Thank You

Hello All, Please see the note below from Matt Pindera. Chris McKay Hello to all Gunners, Let me first, through you, express my gratitude to the Crown Forces
Mar 13

Re: Fw: Fort Meigs Military History Roundtable - Free lecture on Thu

I am not able to attend the program, but would be interested in getting a copy of the book. I had a direct ancestor who was an officer in Dudley's command who
Mar 11

Fw: Fort Meigs Military History Roundtable - Free lecture on Thursda

Fort Meigs presents James Emch, author & historian, speaking on Dudley's Defeat [http://img.constantcontact.com/ui/images1/shr_drw_left.png]
James Yaworsky
Mar 11

Re: Who won the War of 1812?

Great point; maybe there is an alternative history story in that... Onen kiwahi, Kim Lundberg ________________________________ From: WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com
Kim Lundberg
Mar 9

Re: Who won the War of 1812?

Absolutely Jim. In fact a careful reading of the treaty shows that any pre war disputes were excluded (which included the old Northwest ceded in exchange for
Tim Pickles
Mar 9

Re: Who won the War of 1812?

[sorry - my previous message got "sent" while I was still working on it!] ...anyway, the Louisiana Purchase stretched from the west bank of the Mississippi as
Mar 8

Re: Who won the War of 1812?

Hi Tim. To clarify, I was referring to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. And I guess Wisconsin. An area generally referred to as the "Old Northwest" and
Mar 8

Re: Who won the War of 1812?

I didn't mean to get off topic. But I've found this conversation to be very informative, useful and civil. Thanks to all who made a contribution. Dennis Byrne
Mar 8

Re: Who won the War of 1812?

A small point here Jim. I absolutely agree with your premise but remember Britain had not ceded any land within the Louisiana Purchase, nor for that matter had
Tim Pickles
Mar 8

Re: Who won the War of 1812? - inevitability of loss of Indian lands

Yah, A bit beyond topic, but let chapters from continuing history suspend myopia for the moment: It is well known that G. Washington was a land speculator, he
Kim Lundberg
Mar 8

Re: Who won the War of 1812? - inevitability of loss of Indian lands

Victor’s point that most Indians in the war zones were hardly in their “pristine-pre-European-contact” stage of “development” is documented at length
Mar 7
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