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Re: [WangGuhn] Why I have been gone for a week, My sad drama

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  • cathy burt
    Haveyou done the help-me-oh-great-god-of-the-computer dance yet??? Perhaps a human sacrifice is in order...Since you work in the school district, I m sure
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      Haveyou done the "help-me-oh-great-god-of-the-computer" dance yet???
      Perhaps a human sacrifice is in order...Since you work in the school district, I'm sure you can think of at least one likely candidate.;;~D

      squareenixdarknight <squareenixdarknight@...> wrote:
      hello all, this is the story of my dual USB iBook 600. I've had the machine for about a
      year and a half now and before that it belonged to another teacher. 
      For the past month I have been hearing strange noises. First I thought it was the hard
      drive spinning , but then I heard knocking. Now all my files were randomly
      disappearing and reappearing. So I ran McAffee and Norton. No viruses, so I run
      DiskWarrior and find many bad sectors that could not be fixed. So I decided to call
      Apple and use my warranty. I told them about the noise. I also told them about the
      cooling fan, which turns on faster everytime I use it. It seems the inside of the
      machine is dirty and the fan is working harder. Last week I heard the fan fall of its
      bearings. Now all it does is hop on the motor and make noise. I even have the laptop
      on a cold metal surface and its still heating up for no reason. The mouse pad also
      works when it wants too. The lady which answered my call was very rude. I know they
      work all day long and, they take care of many people who dont know what they're
      talking about, but thats just disrespectful. I work in an urban Philadelphia school and
      I still keep my cool. Anyway, they sent me the box to ship it in two days later. When
      the box came back I was happy, it should work now, right? Wrong, its still having the
      same problems as it was before. They say they changed the hard drive but it also has
      the same problems. I ran DiskWarrior again, still same errors and unfixable sectors.
      Stupid BS Apple. So to get to my point, I really need a working laptop. This website
      was supposed to go up a month ago but due to these problems it still is not. It can be
      a Mac or PC, I don't care. 
      And so I sit here writing this on the horrible iBook, slowly but surely posting this sad
      story to you. Help me Microsoft, please.                                                

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