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One of my old RP's

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  • Max Caschera
    This was done about 2 years ago: ********************************************** Max Caschera - IXWA World Heavyweight champion
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2002
      This was done about 2 years ago:

      Max Caschera - IXWA World Heavyweight champion

      < The scene is a restaurant in Toronto... Max is seen inside talking
      to the owner in Italian... The owner says something in Italian to Max
      and he turns around to see the cameraman outside... He calls the
      cameraman over... >

      MC: Well what have we got here now? I came to this federation with a
      promise to all my fans that I would win the gold and that is just
      what I did... Stinky, no hard feelings man, it was just business...
      Now Stinky, I made you a proposition which stated that we should join
      up and make a tag team, so how about it? Do you accept the
      proposition? Just think of it this way... You came second and I came
      first - (Now don't take that in another way man) we form an alliance
      and we would be indestructible! Now onto another thing, at the PPV my
      buddy Ravnos made his debut, sure he didn't do too well but buddy, if
      you need any help then you can count on me... It will be Quality
      Control just like always! Will you excuse me for one minute?

      < Max turns to the man in the shop and yells something in Italian and
      then turns back to the camera >

      MC: I ain't just finished yet, I came to the arena and I saw a video
      of Johnny "Hot Nickers" Blaze saying some things about me! Listen JB,
      I am no trash! Why did I run in on your match? Well frankly because I
      was bored out of my frigging mind watching you prance around in the
      ring doing what you called "Wrestling" I have had a more amusing time
      watching turtles sleeping! Blazer I am happy that I am in a match
      with you and that the title is on the line because I will now get a
      chance to "Officially" whip your ass in true Italian wrestling style!
      And after I am finished with you I am going to give a title shot to
      Stinky because I know that I will still have the title after our
      match and because he deserves to get another shot at the title...
      That's all I have time for now, me and Uncle Cardini here need to
      talk about something private which involves only my family so scram
      before I get impatient!

      < Max turns round and starts to speak in Italian again to his uncle
      as the cameraman walks out >

      Its not my best work but i did improve after that!

      Also, visit www.invisionfree.com/agentgig as i have an efed section
      there which i am trying to run like a sort of Rajah news for efeds
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