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You're Invited!

You're Invited to join my friends network, check my profile here: http://sauesie.zoomshare.com/files/hottie.htm
Apr 27, 2012

questionand new member

how are matches ran?? i have a simulator to run match i am new here
Sean <krazie_bonez@...>
Feb 8, 2003

One of my old RP's

This was done about 2 years ago: ********************************************** Max Caschera - IXWA World Heavyweight champion
Max Caschera
Oct 15, 2002

To give you people an idea of what's going to happen...

This is a few Promos against one of the members of this group, but was done on EWEssentials.com, Which is back! #1 In a darkened room, we find Andy McHeyman,
Oct 11, 2002

Re: The Mafioso

Well, ok then, you're the closest thing to an E-Fed god we have...SO FAR (does an Evil Laugh) Sorry, i don't know what came over me.
Oct 10, 2002

Re: The Mafioso

Wow there man! I am no god, please man, the only god of efed that i know is Idol Austin, now thats an efed legend! ... ===== Image by FlamingText.com
Maurizio Caschera
Oct 9, 2002

The Custom Wrestler Bios

Go to Files and you will find a txt document saying Custom Wrerstler Form. Copy it to you computer, put your custom wrestler's details down, save it, and then
Oct 9, 2002

New file uploaded to WWF_RPC_2002

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the WWF_RPC_2002 group. File : /Custom
Oct 9, 2002

Welcome to all new members and New Rules

Hello all new members and welcome. The Rules for this E-Fed are simple, You are put in a match, you roleplay to decide who will be the winner, and in the end,
Oct 8, 2002

The Mafioso

People, welcome our new Moderator, Max Caschera! This man is an E-Fed God and the ONLY man to hold the EWEF World Heavyweight Title.
Oct 8, 2002

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

I know i haven't been here for a while but i had exams so i had to put my writing on hold. I would NEVER abandon this group like some people do. I'm starting
Jun 19, 2002

Promo Example

When you put a Promo here in Messages, like everything else, You give it a more imaginative name than "My Promo" (The Name goes in Subject). This example of a
Apr 21, 2002

Greetings to One and All

Welcome One and All & All and One.... Thats a little REDUNDANT don't you think? Oh well anyway, welcome all the same. Now, i don't really know how everyone is
Apr 20, 2002
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