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27To give you people an idea of what's going to happen...

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  • andy_jonesau
    Oct 11, 2002
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      This is a few Promos against one of the members of this group, but
      was done on EWEssentials.com, Which is back!


      In a darkened room, we find Andy McHeyman, sitting there, he appears
      to have stuck the tape of Redemption on a loop, exactly at the point
      that Triple S layed him out with a Singapore Cane.)
      Andy: Triple S, at Redemption you PISSED ME OFF!!! You used my own
      Singapore Cane on me, ending my chances of becoming the EWEF World
      Heavyweight Champion. So, i thought Fair's Fair, and i booked the
      match, Me and You for your EWEF United States Championship. And when
      i win it, it will be renamed the EWEF Canadian Championship, on honor
      of my home. On second thought, when i win, i will destroy the belt
      right in front of each and every stinkin American out there, and will
      have the Canadian Championship made for me. So, Triple S, when i get
      you in that ring, you will know pain! You will know suffering! You
      will pay the price for PISSING ME OFF!!!! Do you think i care if i
      get hurt in the process? DO YOU?!? Cause if you do, then you are
      sorely mistaken. I will go to any length, and i mean ANY LENGTH, to
      teach you a lesson, and that lesson is, DON'T DISRESPECT ANDY
      (With that, he grabs the camera, and sits it on the shelf, then
      proceeds to beat the camera man severely with a Singapore Cane)

      (Andy McHeyman is seen wearing a Triple S T-Shirt.)

      Well, Triple S, you don't know what you are up against, do you? You
      like to brag about all your achievements and all the companies you
      worked for, well you may have been in many feds, but i busted my ass
      to get where i am. I crippled people, and have been almost crippled
      myself. I've bled and broken bones, but i'm still here!! I have
      permanent damage to my knee, but get up. Triple S, this week on
      Excess, you WILL not get up, you will not survive in a Hell in the
      Cell. Ah, the Hell in the Cell, my favourite place on earth. Well
      this week, Excess will be the most painful night in your crappy life!
      And when the dust has settled, and the smoke has cleared, WE WILL
      HAVE AN EWEF CANADIAN CHAMPION!!! But until then, Triple S, you
      should know that not even praying will save you, cause i will show no
      mercy or remorse. You'd better be getting ready for after Excess by
      writing a will, cause on your gravestone, it will read, Here Lies
      Steven Smith, he got his ass kicked by Andy McHeyman and ended up
      here. So, to summarise after Excess, you're dead, and i'm champ, Deal
      with it.

      (McHeyman walks off with the Triple S T-Shirt in pieces on the floor.)

      These are basic ones i do, but Max is better.