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2Promo Example

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  • andy_jonesau
    Apr 21, 2002
      When you put a Promo here in Messages, like everything else, You give
      it a more imaginative name than "My Promo" (The Name goes in Subject).
      This example of a promo is in my opinion a very good Promo.

      J.R Crosses Over To Coach?

      The camera is aimed at the floor where Coach lies on the ground, with
      a black boot in the middle of Coach's back, holding him down.
      Camera pans up to see Kane. Apparently he's not finished.

      Now, Bradshaw, after what you did to me, i want revenge. So how 'bout
      you, Faarooq and Jaqueline Against ME, Triple H and Lita Next Week on
      Raw, in a Six Person Hardcore Cage Match with a difference. The
      winners are whoever has at least a member that has survived.
      Kane just drops the mic next to coach and walks off.

      See, Easy Isn't it.