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WWII Question

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  • Thad Eckard
    Can someone tell me why the Socialist Party of Great Britain has been Opposing every single war since it started in 1904? Wouldn t that have included WWII,
    Message 1 of 156 , Dec 17, 2009
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      Can someone tell me why the Socialist Party of Great Britain has been
      "Opposing every single war" since it started in 1904? Wouldn't that have
      included WWII, when the Nazis were bombing them?
      Just wondering.

      Thad Eckard
      Asheville, NC

      "Where the spirit of community is most at home, there is the machinery of
      central government likely to be least in evidence.'"
      � G. D. H. Cole

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    • Kettlebelly Baldwin
      ... With all due respect, Simon, you must not have looked for a long time. ... Or they have figured it out and something else is going on (can you say circle
      Message 156 of 156 , Jan 1, 2010
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        Simon wrote:
        > It seems that since you parted from the Greens, you've been
        > brainwashed by
        > nonsense.
        > Last time I looked, freedom of thought, speech, and expression still
        > existed?

        With all due respect, Simon, you must not have looked for a long time.

        > I am well aware what SPGB are about, but I do find Steve, rather
        > tiresome,
        > with his nonsense and snide remarks.
        > But I don't just write to people that agree with me, you need to write to
        > people that disagree, but SPGB haven't figured that out in, Er...106
        > years.

        Or they have figured it out and something else is going on (can you say
        "circle jerk?").

        > No you just harass me, with your joke post, as you try and sell me
        > some daft
        > ideology that doesn't work.

        Well, in all fairness, Simon, the fundamental core of socialism as such
        is comprised of nothing but daft ideas that don't work. So they really
        have no choice.

        > Now you're free to suggest or express any view, or opinion you wish,
        > and I am
        > free to reply.
        > I suggest we work for a secular society, that supports humans before, and
        > above everything else, while working for a cleaner and more ethical world.

        That would be nice.

        > I fear that SPGB will spend its 106th year doing what it did, during the
        > previous 105 years.

        What's wrong with that? Reruns can be as entertaining as original shows,
        as Hollywood discovered ages ago.

        Here's a thought: what if the SPGB *can't* do anything new without
        becoming something else entirely? Something that is no longer dafy and
        non-workable? In other words, something that no longer resembles socialism?

        > The stupidity, is you're not thinking for yourself, SPGB -WSM have
        > taken over
        > that process; Greens are open, free, structure that listens, rather than
        > attacking those that disagree.

        Are you saying that the Greens don't have an agenda that they will lie
        to protect? I'm not sure that you want to go there...


        > Simon
        > On Thursday 31 Dec 2009 18:08:38 Judith Stephenson wrote:
        > > Simon, you are speaking nonsense. Steve Cooke is not an anarchist!
        > > You seem to be just talking silliness on this site. If you are such
        > a Green
        > > party supporter just go and support them rather than keep commenting on
        > > the World Socialist Forum and the SPGB without even grasping or
        > attempting
        > > to understand what we are about. Do we keep trying to 'convert' the
        > Greens
        > > by harassing them on their site? It makes no sense! Jude
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > > ========================================
        > > Message Received: Dec 31 2009, 04:58 PM
        > > From: "Simon"
        > > To: WSM_Forum@yahoogroups.com <mailto:WSM_Forum%40yahoogroups.com>
        > > Cc:
        > > Subject: Re: [WSM_Forum] Re: WWII Question - ethics/justice
        > >
        > >
        > > But being an Anarchist, as you are, I would expect nothing less from
        > you. I
        > > read Alan's email, but unlike your nonsense, Alan provided some balance.
        > >
        > > If you read all three links, and I bet you didn't? you'll see, that it's
        > > all used as an insult against the green movement.
        > >
        > > Although, I agree that we do need to put humans into the equation,
        > rather
        > > than removing removing us from it, because I don't agree with the idea
        > > that we should be in the cold and dark, when China, India and 'Uncle
        > Sam'
        > > is pumping out more carbon than the UK ever has since the Industrial
        > > Revolution.
        > >
        > > Why not buy a new cap for 20 10, and throw your anarchistic tired old
        > > nonsense into the bin, where it should have been around 90 years ago.
        > >
        > > Simon
        > >
        > > On Thursday 31 Dec 2009 11:40:13 Steve Cooke wrote:
        > > > Nice try, Alan. But if there's one thing that Simon is committed to
        > > > more than anything else, it's avoiding research.
        > > >
        > > > 2009/12/29 alan johnstone <alanjjohnstone@...
        > <mailto:alanjjohnstone%40yahoo.co.uk>>:
        > > > > SIMON SAYS "History has shown, humans, that whenever people revolt,
        > > > > after reading Marx, they became Fascist, Nazis or Communist, or a
        > >
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