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VTD-XML 2.10 is now released. It can be downloaded at https://sourceforge.net/projects/vtd-xml/files/vtd-xml/ximpleware_2.10/. This release includes a number
Feb 27, 2011

Question on WS-AT interop endpoints (at MS)

Hi, We have been trying to get the WS-AT interop endpoints at MS to accept our transaction context (example: see below). However, the other end at MS keeps
Nov 5, 2009

Re: WCF client - Rampart/Java interop issue

Nandana, I've heard you've been able to work past this issue. Could you please follow up (just to me is fine) to let me know what change was required in case
Doug Bunting (WSSP)
Jun 24, 2009

WCF client - Rampart/Java interop issue

Hi; We've being testing following scenario with a WCF client. 1. WCF client talks to Rampart/Java STS and gets a security token back with SAML assertions 2.
Nandana Mihindukulasooriya
Jun 22, 2009
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Re: How can I run endpoints in-house?

Eamonn, The STS at has now been up and stable since not too long after my last message. The gremlins have moved over to
Doug Bunting (WSSP)
Feb 19, 2009

Re: How can I run endpoints in-house?

Eamonn, The STS at has been down most of the day. The team responsible for this service is aware of the issue but has not yet
Doug Bunting (WSSP)
Feb 18, 2009

Re: How can I run endpoints in-house?

Thanks for that Doug. I wasn't able to get it working but I do notice that the WCF clients also dont seem to be working when I point them at the MS servers
Feb 18, 2009

Re: How can I run endpoints in-house?

Eamonn, The relying party (service) for the "Security . Secure Exchange" scenarios is started from the command line. Please execute
Doug Bunting (WSSP)
Feb 17, 2009

Re: How can I run endpoints in-house?

Hi Doug are there separate instructions required for starting the WS-Trust endpoints? I don't seem to have those started when I follow the instructions below
Feb 17, 2009

Re: How can I run endpoints in-house?

Hi Douglas, That's what I was looking for. I could install and run services as per the instructions. Thanks hrao ... for download. The (unrestrictive) license
Jan 20, 2009

Re: How can I run endpoints in-house?

Hrao, All of the .NET test code used on the external services is available for download. The (unrestrictive) license is found at
Doug Bunting (WSSP)
Jan 19, 2009

How can I run endpoints in-house?

Hi I'm trying to test our own WS-* based stack with various MS plugfest test scenarios. My client is failing when hitting WS Security 1.1 endpoints and we
Jan 19, 2009

Some updates to recently-added scenarios

We are planning two rounds of relatively small updates to the scenarios added early last week, related to testing WS-I BP 1.2 and 2.0. Both rounds will
Doug Bunting (WSSP)
Nov 7, 2008

Some changes to services on

All, We're working on advance notice for changes to our clients and services for the plug-fest scenarios. This is the first of what I hope will be consistent
Doug Bunting (WSSP)
Oct 26, 2008

Re: ReliableSession and Opened Event

Alan, Questions of this type should probably go to the MSDN WCF forums http://forums.microsoft.com/msdn/showforum.aspx?siteid=1&forumid=118 rather than this
Doug Bunting (WSSP)
Aug 26, 2008
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