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WREGIS ORC Meeting Materials - 6/4/04 9 am -11 am PST

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  • Jennifer Martin
    The next ORC call will be Friday, June 4, 9 am -11 am PST. Conference Call #: (800) 374-2578 Leader Name: Jennifer Martin Meeting Name: Operational Rules
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2004
      The next ORC call will be Friday, June 4, 9 am -11 am PST. 

      Conference Call #:  (800) 374-2578

      Leader Name:    Jennifer Martin

      Meeting Name:  Operational Rules Committee Meeting

      The goal of this call is to finalize ORC recommendations on the remaining Tier 2 issues.  The topics that will be covered are described in the attached document, June 4 Tier 2 Issues.
      Attached to this email are the documents for the Friday conference call.

      1.  Agenda
      2.  June 4 Tier 2 Issues

      This is the last ORC call dedicated to covering new functional issues.  After the ORC call on Friday, June 4, the next call, Friday June 11, will be dedicated to reviewing the final text for all ORC recommendations on Tier 2 issues.  After the June 11 call, the revised Interim Operating Rules will be distributed to the WREGIS working group for broad stakeholder review.  There will be no ORC call on Friday, June 18.  The final ORC call will be on June 25 to consider changes to the Interim Operating Rules in response to WREGIS working group comments.
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