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  • Jan Hamrin
    ... From: Jan Hamrin To: Vince Bartolomucci ; Tom Hansen ; Tim Tutt ; S Ahearn ; Roy McCoy ; Roby Roberts ; Rob Grossarth ; Rasa Keanini ; Randy Manion ; Mark
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2004

      Institutional Committee:
      1)  There are some of you who are not yet on the Wahoo IC Listserve.  Moreover, since two of you are the Committee's co-chairs, (how embarrassing!) and I know you want to be on the listserve.  Therefore, if this task just slipped by you, please register now so I don't need to send double email lists in the future!!  If you haven't registered by next week, you are out.
      FYI:  The following people are missing from the Wahoo IC list:
      Bob Anderson, Betsy Bolding, Bill Westerfield
      Dan Gulino, Don Winslow, Grace Anderson (is C. Praul ok? -- that address is listed)
      Jeremy Weinstein, Karen Deike, Randy Manion
      Mark Skowranski, Ron Grossarth, Roby Roberts
      Roy McCoy, Tim Tutt
      2)  Attached is a matrix box to use in the evaluation of prospective candidates for WREGIS Institutional Home.  We distilled the content of the Institutional Home criteria to make it easier to contain within this tool.  However, we would like you to tell us if this is the right list for the Matrix Box or if you think some items should be reworded or added to the list.  Once we have your comments (by COB Monday Feb 9th), we (the IC co-chairs and Jan) will contact the candidate list to get basic information concerning the characteristics listed on the Matrix Box. 
      We will then send the information back to you and, with your help, cull the list to the top two or three candidates.  We will let you know shortly how we intend to proceed from after that..  So ---- review the attachment and get back to us with your comments asap (before COB Monday).  Do 'Reply All.'
      Sorry to those of you who will get double replies.  We should have a single list by next week!
      Jan Hamrin, Ph.D
      Executive Director
      Center for Resource Solutions
      P.O. Box 29512
      Presidio Building #97,  Arguello Blvd.
      San Francisco, CA  94129
      Ph:  415/561-2100
      Fax: 415/561-2105
      email: jhamrin@...
      Information on CRS programs is available at www.resource-solutions.org
      Curious about Green-e and green power? Check out www.green-e.org
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