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Virtue, Vice, Art, Love and the Golden Age

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  • World Prout Assembly
    *Dear readers and friends, To those of you who were able to respond to our appeal for support, my heartfelt thanks. Unfortunately it is still not enough to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2010
      Dear readers and friends,

      To those of you who were able to respond to our appeal for support, my heartfelt thanks.

      Unfortunately it is still not enough to meet our basic expenses for survival, including medicines, other health needs, etc.

      Hence I am compelled to ask again for your financial help to cover the cost of our bare minimum necessities for survival.

      Your support will help us continue to publish our newsletter and website as well as maintain our personal survival. We really need your help to keep the website going and keep ourselves going during this Great Depression of 2010.

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      To everyone who has helped us in the last three months as a result of our appeal for help. I can only say, bless you.

      Love, Garda

      PROUT stands for PROgressive UTilization Theory. It means, the progressive utilization and rational distribution of all the earth's natural resources. PROUT advocates another type of revolution called "nuclear revolution." In nuclear revolution, every aspect of collective life - social, economic, political, cultural, psychic and spiritual - is completely transformed. New moral and spiritual values arise in society which provide the impetus for accelerated social progress. The old era is replaced by a new era - one collective psychology is replaced by another. This type of revolution results in all-round development and social progress.

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      Some of you wrote to us that the First Summit in Radford, VA was the best conference you had ever attended. Others wrote that the Radford conference was a glorious event. We intend to make the Second Summit even better, even more glorious, than the first. We hope that all of you will plan to attend. Those wishing to help with the organizing should please write to wpaeditor@....

      Check out the "Building a New World" WPA Conference site - http://www.wpasummit2010.org

      Jan 26, 2010
      Dear Readers,

      My name is David Kendall. An urgency has come to my attention, and it's time for someone to sound the alarm. The administrators of World Prout Assembly are in dire need of financial assistance, not merely to maintain a public Internet presence, but to provide for their own basic needs like housing and food to eat. In lieu of eviction, homelessness and hunger, it seems perfectly reasonable for me to request everyone who benefits from the services provided here to donate as little as $10 per month or even $1 per month -- starting immediately -- to maintain the health and safety of the kind and generous people who provide this great service. Please respond now!

      There are plenty of other "progressive" Web sites that constantly solicit donations, and I've routinely urged the administrators of World Prout Assembly to do the same. Labor costs money because dead workers don't produce anything -- including progressive Web sites. Even so, the administrators of World Prout Assembly have somehow maintained its Internet presence for nearly five consecutive years without aggressively pursuing any donations. Over time, however, personal finances and benevolent grants from personal friends have been exhausted. So the time has come for the services provided by World Prout Assembly to become self-supporting through small contributions from the many readers and writers it benefits.

      Granted, World Prout Assembly provides new writers with an opportunity for initial public exposure and existing writers with a public channel to experiment with new ideas. But the services provided here are not merely distributive. Perhaps most importantly, this Web site is a massive accumulation of historical data. Instead of history being written exclusively by those who own intellectual property rights to the information and the publishers who do their bidding, this Web site is a free and open opportunity for history to be written by the people who actually live it -- in their homes and in their neighborhoods and in their communities.

      Moreover, the information provided here by both amateur and professional journalists forces many mainstream journalists to think twice about the information they randomly toss on the cutting-room floor. It's also an opportunity for you and me to publicly analyze and critique the typical bias of mainstream media. To force an increase in these trends and to prevent their dissolution, Web sites like this one must be financially empowered by active participants over time.

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      World Prout Assembly
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      David Kendall
      Economic Democracy Advocate

      Decency and Indecency in Art

      There is a serious difference of opinion also among artists and litterateurs with regard to decency and obscenity in art. The conservative among them or the connoisseurs of art and literature are somewhat like the supporters of the cult of Varńáshrama (the Hindu caste system). They think that a little deviation from the established tradition will tarnish the purity of art or literature. Excessively worried about matters of caste and outcaste, about the analysis of decency and vulgarity in art or literature, they lose sight of its main objective. If writing and drawing, chisel and hammer get themselves entangled in he wranglings of so-called ethics and morality, they cannot make any contribution to any section of the people. If you open a book to find that it contains only the tall topics of morality, you will have a headache before you read even five pages of it. In a movie if only moral ideals are paraded over and over again to the exclusion of everything else, the public will never appreciate that film. The conclusion of all of this is that the thought of public welfare alone should be the main criterion of all artistic and literary creation, and that thought will take form only though artistic joy - only then can subtle intellect awaken in crude minds. So when the artists or litterateurs have to march forward creating such a flow of delight, they cannot afford to cling to any fastidious notions of so-called purity or impurity, for it will retard progress. Excessive prudery, like mysophobia (fear of contamination), will obstruct their path of movement. These mysophobic, conservative writers will compose poems about seas, mountains and moonlight - will paint literary pictures of the drawing-rooms of the aristocratic Ballygunge elite - but it will offend their pens to write about the endless humiliations, the low standard of living and the vulgar dirtiness of the neglected, uneducated society of the villages, because these matters are unpleasant. The abominable life of corrupt women, the obnoxious environment of the slums, the carnal cravings of antisocial human beasts - all these they seek to avoid, because they are unacceptable by the standards of "decency" and "decorum". The human mind has many ideas and propensities that are normal and natural. But the mysophobic artists or litterateurs, with their touch-me-not-or-I-might-lose-my-purity mentality, want to avoid all these. They think that these propensities, if given place in literature, will jeopardize society. I cannot support this orthodox, rightist mentality. Yet those who are leftists in the world of art are even more dangerous. The defect of the rightists is their inaction, and that of the leftists is their hyper-activity, based on selfishness. It seems as though they are deliberately seeking out the dark and dirty aspects of life and, like flies, growing fat on the secretions of society's festering sores. It must be remembered that flies do not heal sores - rather they exacerbate them, because the very pus of these sores provides them with their vital juice. So the filthy aspects of society are the only wealth on which these artists and litterateurs subsist. If art or literature is created revolving around the evil propensities of the human mind, people will naturally gravitate towards it in large numbers, and the creators of such literature will earn a great deal of money thereby; indeed, this is the only aim of their artistic creation. Engaged in the quest of evil, obscenity and vulgarity, they, too, lose sight of the primary goal of art. In such matters of decency or indecency, the middle path is the best: that is, we must not deviate from the ideal. At the time of pursuing the path of benevolence we shall not bother as to which of these - decorum or vulgarity, decency or indecency - the brush, the pen, the chisel or the hammer, has become contaminated with during its march ahead. If we do so, we will stray from our path. I am not prepared to accept any hard and fast rule that literature must be created centering on good citizens alone, nor am I inclined to agree to the policy that crude and mean people have to be presented as low or vile before the readers or spectators. In my opinion whatever artists create must have the fullest touch of their sympathetic minds. Those who are inferior and neglected, who are helpless and destitute - whom the society considers infernal maggots - they are the very people who are the most unrepresented in the salons of literature. They are mute; and so the heavy responsibility of expressing the sentiments that are hidden in their tormented minds has to be borne by the artist alone. The litterateur or the artist, has to take the responsibility of enabling them to rise up and sit in the same row with the rest of society, after dusting off the dirt from their bodies.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      Has Black America Been Politically Lobotomized?

      To reiterate: We are living during a watershed period of history, and it is time to seize this historical moment by seriously and creatively building and working for a people's vision for both the present and the future. At stake is everything!!! Future columns will address this more specifically. Meanwhile, address these things for yourselves for the creativity is within all of you! Onward sisters and brothers! Onward! - Larry Pinkney

      Jobless benefits cut off for a million US workers

      No senator, Republican or Democrat, will return home to a house that is facing foreclosure or lacking heat because of a utility shutoff. The majority of senators are millionaires, and all of them owe their allegiance to the financial aristocracy. - Patrick Martin

      The Monoculture Of 'Human Rights'

      An important addition I would also make to Dr Ambedkar's observation about Indian democracy is that the threat comes not just from the soil below but also from the foraging beasts of imperialism and neo-colonialism that have the power to chew up the 'trees' of democratic institutions as and when they want. For global capital, dictatorship is indeed the preferred mode of operation if it is to succeed in its mission of extracting every penny from the pockets of the world's ordinary citizens. Establishing a human rights culture in the country is therefore also a primary task in the overall battle of the Indian people against imperialist and corporate designs on the country. - Satya Sagar

      Indian McCarthyism - Press Statement

      The Delhi Police produced its charge sheet against Mr Kobad Ghandy in the Tees Hazari Courts New Delhi on 18.02.2010. This document has baselessly alleged unlawful activities against a number of individuals and legitimate democratic organisations working in the public domain. These include Dr. Darshan Pal of the People's Democratic Front of India (PDFI), Mr. GN Saibaba, a professor with Delhi University, Mr. Rona Wilson, Secretary of the Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP), Mr. Gautam Navlakha of the People's Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR), PUDR itself, the People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), the Democratic Students' Union (DSU), Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF), the PDFI, the Indian Association of People's Lawyers (IAPL), Anti-displacement Front (ADF) and the Association for Protection of Democratic Rights (APDR; wrongly named in the chargesheet as the Association of Peoples For Democratic Rights). APDR, PUDR and PUCL in particular have been solely concerned with safeguarding democratic and civil rights in India for over 30 years, and are internationally reputed for their rigorous and scrupulous approach to these issues. Among the charges against these established and respected organisations, is the completely unfounded one that they are playing "a very important role to broaden the base of the [CPI (Maoist)] outfit". The chargesheet has provided no evidence whatsoever to substantiate its allegations.

      The last frontier of the Cold War

      Although the desire for reunification may be real across vast swathes of popular opinion in both North and South, essentially the major political players would prefer the status quo to be kept in the Korean Peninsula indefinitely. Japan fears a unified Korea. Washington needs a pretext to keep thousands of troops in northeast Asia. China prefers to keep a strategic ally very close to its borders over which it has some sway. - Pepe Escobar

      Rachel Corrie Gets Her Day in Court

      A Palestinian doctor from Gaza who treated Corrie after she was injured has not been given permission by the Israeli authorities to leave Gaza to attend. (This would seem to be important testimony concerning the nature of Rachel's injuries - did U.S. officials exert pressure for his appearance?) This case isn't just about accountability for Rachel's death. It's a test case for the power of the rule of law in Israel, when the rule of law comes into conflict with the policies of military occupation. - Robert Naiman

      Listen to the Heroes of Israel

      "In America last year, a Palestinian and I spoke five times a day in front of thousands. There is a big shift in American public opinion, and that's where the hope lies. It's only pressure from outside Israel - from Jews especially - that will end this nightmare. People in the West must know that while there is a silence, this looking away, this profane abuse of Israel's critics as anti-Jew, they are no different from those who stood aside during the days of the Holocaust."

      According to PROUT human society is one and indivisible. Human society is just like a garland which is made of different types of flowers, woven together by one common thread. The overall beauty of the garland is dependent upon the beauty of each flower. Likewise, each strata of society must be equally strengthened if we are to maintain the unity and solidarity of society.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      The Road to Armageddon: The Insane Drive for American Hegemony Threatens Life on Earth

      The U.S. government has responded to the evidence being arrayed against its outlandish 9/11 conspiracy theory by redefining the war on terror from external to internal enemies. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on February 21 that American extremists are now as big a concern as international terrorists. Extremists, of course, are people who get in the way of the government s agenda, such as the 1,000 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The group used to be 100, now it is 1,000. What if it becomes 10,000? - Paul Craig Roberts

      An American Cry for Help

      And I want all of you to think of somebody lying in a hospital bed tonight who needed that care and needed that conversation, and imagine that that is your father, or mother, or son, or daughter, or wife, or husband, or partner. If you cannot do that, if you cannot put aside the meaninglessness of your political careers for this, my request to you then, is that you not come back out of that meeting for you would not be worthy of being with the real people of this country who suffer, and suffer again because you have acted on behalf of the corporations and not the people. - Keith Olberman

      Golden Age

      As long as human beings remain steeped in the darkness of staticity, they are said to be in the so-called Iron Age. But when they wake up and realize that they must do something, they must move forward, they are said to have entered the so-called Copper Age. When they stand up and prepare themselves for work, they are said to have entered the so-called Silver Age. When they move forward they are said to have entered the so-called Golden Age. Therefore, ...move on, move on.

      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar


      But you see the Westerner and the American in particular, that piece of shit called American, gets all so offended when you twist the IT and turn it around to a YOU...They are quick to banish you, they are quick to castigate you, they are quick to label you but these motherfucker criminals, these empty hollow shallow pieces of shits were not quick enough to stop your murder... Oh but Mr and Mrs prime goody good two shoes take offense...but they took no offense when the stench of our dead filled the air of our city, nor did they take offense when our women got raped by their fucked perverted impotent filthy men, nor did they take offense when our children were orphaned and went hungry, nor did they take offense when tumorous cancers ate our insides apart, nor did they take offense when our men were sodomized in the name of their fucking freedom...- Layla Anwar..

      "I love India, but my India is an idea (bha'va) and not a geographical expression. Therefore, I am not a patriot - I shall ever seek my compatriots all over the world"
      Rabindranath Tagore

      America is so "troubled"...

      Layla Anwar
      February 25, 2010

      Even though the US is supposedly "troubled" by the Syrian-Iranian love affair, that did not prevent it from appointing a new ambassador to Syria.. And even though the US is "troubled" by Iranian influence in Iraq, that did not prevent it from siding with its parties and militias in the invasion, occupation, ethnic cleansing and segregation/partition of Iraq and produce a formidable sectarian Shiite pseudo-state. Nor did the US army have any problem whatsoever cordoning off the Green Zone for Ahmadinejad's, Rafsanjani's and Larijani's visits in the heart of U.S occupied Baghdad. Nor does the US have any problem in having Southern Iraq become an Iranian enclave nor does the US have any problem in Iran's aiding the Kurdish Regional Government and its militia the Peshmergas, a question of finishing off the ethnic cleansing that is taking place in the North of the country. And as expected, a longer stay of US troops in Iraq despite claims of a withdrawal... And even though the US is "troubled" with Iran's growing regional influence and its nuclear development, nothing will happen and Iran is constructing more plants... And even though the US is "troubled" by Iran's role in the Gulf, it had absolutely no problems calling upon its collaboration in the "war on terror" in Afghanistan and Pakistan... Who does the US think it's fooling here ?! Give us a break with your old stale psy-ops, no Iraqi believes your shit. - Layla Anwar

      Two huge icebergs let loose off Antarctica's coast

      An iceberg about the size of Luxembourg that struck a glacier off Antarctica and dislodged another massive block of ice could lower the levels of oxygen in the world's oceans, Australian and French scientists said Friday. The two icebergs are now drifting together about 62 to 93 miles (100 to 150 kilometers) off Antarctica following the collision on Feb. 12 or 13, said Australian Antarctic Division glaciologist Neal Young.- OWEN PYE

      Pune Blast: The Real Story

      Headley is now in the custody of the FBI in Chicago. Many in the intelligence services even suspect that owing to the CIA involvement the United States is less than committed to letting the whole truth be known. "If this David Headley was working for the CIA all along, which is a very plausible conclusion," says writer and journalist Webster Tarpley, "It means that the CIA implicated and was running and masterminding the Mumbai terror attack of 2008." - Sadia Khanam

      Only Plastic Between Haiti Homeless And Storms

      Beyond distributing waterproof shelter materials, aid agencies are also working to improve sanitation and health care -- all essential in wet conditions which help infections spread. "Neither tents nor tarpaulins, however, will provide more than minimal protection from the Haitian rainy season which peaks in May, when Port-au-Prince gets an average 230 mm of rain and sometimes as much as 50 mm in two hours.

      Virtue and vice are both distortions of the mind. That which may be considered good in one particular temporal, spatial or personal environment may be considered bad in another. A country generally bases its penal code on the concept of virtue and vice which prevails in that country, and the concept of virtue and vice in turn is based on accepted religious doctrines. In my opinion virtue is that which helps to expand the mind, by whose assistance the universe increasingly becomes an integral part of oneself, and vice is that which makes the mind narrow and selfish. And the realm to which the mind of a person engaged in virtuous activities travels, is heaven, and the realm where the mind of a sinner races about in a wild frenzy, is hell.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      India Leads The Way- Joins UNEP's Billion Tree Campaign

      Citizens from 170 countries have joined the Billion Tree Campaign, with China joining in September last. China planted 6.1 billion trees of which 2.6 has been contributed to the campaign. Ethiopia has planted 1.4 billion, Turkey 711 million Mexico 537 million and others close to the figures include Kenya, Cuba and Indonesia. Today the movement has grown with community support across the world and has moved into the realm of becoming a people's campaign with more than 52 percent of the participants being private citizens. - Marianne de Nazareth

      Tackling Communalism: Shabnam Hashmi - Interviewed By Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander

      Violence against Muslims continues to take place but is not well reported by media. A low intensity conflict is still going on. Muslims continue to be treated as second class citizens. More than five thousand Muslim families continue to live in refugee camps, too fearful to return to their homes. The hype created by the media about Gujarat being 'vibrant', 'rich' and 'prosperous' is completely misleading as more than six thousand farmer suicides have taken place. - Shabnam Hashmi

      Aristocrats At The Tea Party

      Skoda gave a glimpse into his personal mentality at the Nashville convention, when he told the crowd: "Have we grown so much into socialist culture that people criticize a for-profit event? We put thousands of our dollars into the Gaylord Hotel and the Nashville economy. We didn't ask for a tax benefit, or tax break, or subsidy. Just because this is grassroots doesn't mean I have to dress in cloth and beg for alms...I shouldn't be punished just because I choose to be successful." There you have it. Success is a "choice." It just so happens that this "choice" seems to come more easily to the wealthy elite who pull the strings in the Tea Party movement. - Nicole Colson

      The Economics Of Happiness

      Efforts to localise economies are happening at the grassroots all over the world, and bringing with them a sense of well-being. A young man who started an urban garden in Detroit, one of America's most blighted cities, told us, "I've lived in this community over 35 years and people I'd never met came up and talked to me when we started this project. We found that it reconnects us with the people around us, it makes community a reality". Another young gardener in Detroit put it this way: "Everything just feels better to people when there is something growing." - Helena Norberg-Hodge

      In love all the contradictions of existence merge themselves and are lost. Only in love are unity and duality not at variance. Love must be one and two at the same time. Only love is motion and rest in one. Our heart ever changes its place till it finds love, and then it has its rest... Bondage and liberation are not antagonistic in love. for love is most free and at the same time most bound.
      Rabindranath Tagore

      Challenging History: Why the Oppressed Must Tell Their Own Story

      Professor Zinn dared to challenge the way history was told and written. In fact he went as far as to defy the conventional construction of historical discourses through the pen of victor or of elites who earned the right of narration though their might, power and affluence. - Ramzy Baroud

      Origami boosts solar panel productivity - Innovation

      Research into solar or photovoltaic panels thus far have kept them flat largely to prevent them from casting any shadows that might diminish the amount of light they could harvest. Two-dimensional panels are also far easier to install on rooftops and are well suited to standard large-scale fabrication techniques.

      Gaza: charisma and hospitality

      He drives us the 5 minutes up dirt roads, through the waterless valley, through Meghazi camp, and up to the main road where we are to catch another service our respective directions. But no, he won't have it. "Ayb aleyyi," he says. It would be shameful if he, a perfect stranger who we've done absolutely nothing for, doesn't drive us to our destinations. There's no convincing him otherwise, and money is out of the question. His insistence is like that of Abu Ramzi, the elderly fisherman yesterday. After interviewing him -hearing of his regression from a thriving fishing career of 30 years to cowering on the beach with harried ventures less than 1 km out to catch sparse fish and be shot at by the roaming Israeli gunboats -he balks when we say we must leave. "Min fasch, impossible, you haven't had tea. You must stay and eat with us," he demands. - Eve Bartlett

      How NGOs are Profiting Off a Grave Situation Haiti and the Aid Racket

      Davis argues that NGOs are, in fact, a form of "soft imperialism." They play a role very similar to the one that missionary religious institutions played in the earlier history of empire. They provide moral cover--a civilizing mission of helping the hapless heathens--for the powers that are plundering the society. And just as religious institutions justified imperial war, many NGOs, abandoning their traditional standpoint of neutrality in conflicts, have become advocates of military intervention.

      We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility.
      Rabindranath Tagore

      The Drive to Eliminate Social Security Accelerates

      By creating individual accounts, Wall Street is bolstered while the public nature of Social Security is undermined, since Social Security is a "pay as you go" program: if workers under 55 decide to invest in Wall Street, and not to pay into the Social Security fund, older workers don't receive benefits. Social Security is thus dismantled. Only workers who have money to save -- and are gullible enough to trust their money to Wall Street -- will put money in their new Social Security accounts. The killing of Social Security and Medicare cannot be a one-act drama. If both programs were instantly destroyed, the public outrage would be uncontrollable. Obama's deficit commission, then, will likely work to undermine the program in a variety of ways so that a future Congress can finish the job. - Shamus Cooke

      Time for a Broad Based Anti-War Movement, Can the Right and Left Work Together to Oppose War and Empire?

      It is hard to deny the American Empire. The U.S. has more than 2,500,000 DoD personnel deployed across the planet and 761 military bases on foreign soil not counting more than 100 in Iraq and more than 400 American and NATO bases in Afghanistan. U.S. troops are now stationed in 148 countries and 11 territories according to DoD's "Active Duty Military Personnel Strengths by Regional Area and Country." America has spawned a military network larger than the Roman Empire, which at its height had 37 major military bases, and the British Empire which had 36. More bases are planned; billions spent building bases in far off lands while large swaths of American cities degrade into impoverished zones and the infrastructure of the nation crumbles. - Kevin Zeese

      Coal-Fired Power on the Way Out?

      The handwriting is on the wall. With the likelihood that few, if any, new coal-fired power plants will be approved in the United States, this de facto moratorium will send a message to the world. Denmark and New Zealand have already banned new coal-fired power plants. Other countries are likely to join this effort to cut carbon emissions. Even China, which was building one new coal plant a week, is surging ahead with harnessing renewable energy development and will soon overtake the United States in wind electric generation. - Lester Brown

      The Attack on Climate-Change Science: Why It's the O.J. Moment of the Twenty-First Century

      In the long run, the climate deniers will lose; they'll be a footnote to history. (Hey, even O.J. is finally in jail.) But they'll lose because we'll all lose, because by delaying action, they will have helped prevent us from taking the steps we need to take while there's still time. If we're going to make real change while it matters, it's important to remember that their skepticism isn't the root of the problem. It simply plays on our deep-seated resistance to change. That's what gives the climate cynics ground to operate. That's what we need to overcome, and at bottom that's a battle as much about courage and hope as about data. - Bill McKibben

      All men have poetry in their hearts, and it is necessary for them, as much as possible, to express their feelings. For this they must have a medium, moving and pliant, which can refreshingly become their own, age after age. All great languages undergo change. Those languages which resist the spirit of change are doomed and will never produce great harvests of thought and literature. When forms become fixed, the spirit either weakly accepts its imprisonment or rebels. All revolutions consists of the "within" fighting against invasion from "without"... All great human movements are related to some great idea.
      Rabindranath Tagore

      A Sad and Unnecessary Death

      Political opponents like Tamayo should not still be in jail but the blame is not solely Cuba's. His imprisonment was part of the "black spring" of 2003, precipitated if not deliberately provoked under the regime change agenda of then head of the US Interests Section James Cason. Tamayo and other victims of Cuba's crackdown could have been freed more than two years ago if the US responded to signals sent privately to the Bush Administration through European diplomats including the Papal Secretary of State. The same proposal of mutual gestures was later made publicly by Assembly Speaker Ricardo Alarcon and President Raul Castro. If the US releases the five "heroes" Cuba considers to be political prisoners, Cuba will release the 50 still imprisoned from 2003 as well as all others the US views as political prisoners.

      Avatar: Addressing the Attending Confusion

      I undertake this journalistic excursion in response to a published article authored by Rohini Hensman entitled, "Avatar: A Parable About The Encounter Between Capitalism And Indigenous Peoples," (Word Prout Assembly, Jan 29th 2010) in which the writer took liberty in critiquing my thoughts as expressed in an article I wrote entitled, "Avatar: An Extension of White Supremacy." (Counter Currents.Org, Jan 5th 2010) Ms. Hensman's critique regarding my analysis of the White supremacist themes communicated in the movie Avatar is surprisingly rudimentary and largely void of substance. - Frederick Alexander Meade

      The overall beauty of the garland

      According to PROUT human society is one and indivisible. Human society is just like a garland which is made of different types of flowers, woven together by one common thread. The overall beauty of the garland is dependent upon the beauty of each flower. Likewise, each strata of society must be equally strengthened if we are to maintain the unity and solidarity of society.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      Huey P. Newton: What Might He Be Doing Today in this Intensifying Struggle?

      The government and its corporate media disinformation machine thrive on influencing people to think that we are ultimately powerless. The fact is however, we are ultimately powerful--collectively-- not powerless. This is why the Black Panther Party exhorted people with the rallying cry of 'All Power to the People,' not all people in submission to the power. - Larry Pinkney

      Yours should be a glorious march towards the Supreme Goal, and you should remember that you are not to pause a moment during this movement. The entire human society is anxiously waiting for you, for your service. You will have to shoulder a great responsibility for this suffering humanity. You know that humanity is bleeding, and you will have to save it. You should remember that if you do not help humanity, who else will come and shoulder the responsibility? It is you, you are to do everything. You are the torch bearers of human civilization. You are the pioneers of the human march, you are the vanguards of the new civilization.
      Shri Prabhat R. Sarkar


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