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Welcome to the first World Prout Assembly Newsletter

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  • Garda Ghista
    Dear friends, I had delayed starting the *WPA (World Prout Assembly) Newsletter* due to lack of time. However, this morning I went to Yahoogroups and found
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      Dear friends,
      I had delayed starting the WPA (World Prout Assembly) Newsletter due to lack of time. However, this morning I went to Yahoogroups and found scores of people / email addresses had joined the WPA Newsletter.  Therefore I am starting today by sending out what's on the homepage right now.  I hope you will keep checking the site, and I welcome your feedback on how to make it better.  If there is a topic that should be up there that you think is missing, please let me know. If there is a good article that I missed, please don't hesitate to send me the URL.   
      On another note, I am organizing the First Summit of the World Prout Assembly for May, 2008. If any of you have ideas for this or would like to help organize it, please write to me.  I will welcome your suggestions and input.
      With good wishes and love,
      Garda Ghista
      World Prout Assembly

      There will be only one nation - a World Nation

      It will have to be explained to all that there will be clash between different nations as long as national feelings exist. Some may talk of disarmament, but military preparation will go on underground. If people dedicate themselves to the cause of the welfare of the entire human race, their respective nations will also be benefited. The one Cosmic Ideology will have to be preached; that one Supreme Father, the Cosmic Entity, is the goal of all living beings. This spiritual sentiment will keep humanity united for all time to come. It will form the entire planetary world and even the universe into a nation. Then there will be only one nation – a World Nation. No other theory can save the human race.

      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar
      Beautiful woman of Nepal

      The US war and occupation of Iraq—the murder of a society - Part two

      This is the second part of a three-part series. Part one was posted May 19. Its purpose is to examine a series of recent reports establishing the immense scale of death, destruction and oppression that have been wrought by the US occupation of Iraq, now in its fifth year. Taken together, these reports confirm that US operations in Iraq have amounted to sociocide—the deliberate and systematic murder of an entire society. - Bill Van Auken

      Senate immigration 'compromise': Democrats join Bush in assault on democratic rights

      It is significant that nine of the ten announced candidates for the Republican presidential nomination have sided with these modern-day Know-Nothings in denouncing the bill because it is too soft on immigrants. Former House speaker Newt Gingrich, a potential candidate for the nomination, said the Senate vote would be a "defining moment" for the Republican Party. "I can't imagine anybody running for president being nominated if they support this bill," he told the press. The enormous shift to the right in official politics is revealed in the fact that the Republican Party now occupies the political terrain once reserved to Patrick Buchanan and other semi-fascists, while the Democratic Party has partnered with the Bush administration in drafting the most reactionary immigration bill in modern history. - Patrick Martin

      US envoy raises muted concerns about democratic rights in Sri Lanka

      Britain announced early this month that it was suspending $3 million in debt relief aid, citing concerns about human rights abuses and huge defence spending. During Boucher's visit, a diplomat in Colombo told AFP that Japan, Sri Lanka's largest aid donor, was also planning to meet with international activists who were demanding aid be linked to the government's human rights record. Like Boucher's comments, these cosmetic moves will do nothing to halt the Rajapakse government's brutal war or its vicious repression. But they do indicate both the widespread and criminal character of the Sri Lankan military's activities, and the growing opposition on the island and internationally. - Nanda Wickremasinghe

      Under a capitalistic framework, mechanization means more misery and unemployment for the common people. Doubling the yield by using a machine will decrease the required number of labourers by half; consequently, capitalists will lay off labourers mercilessly. The unemployed labourers are ruined, bit by bit, by poverty and hunger. A few of them try to keep their souls and bodies together by indulging in theft, corruption, and other antisocial activities. This situation is certainly not desirable. No such reaction is possible in a collective economic system. There, mechanization will mean less labour and more comforts. With a double increase in the productivity of machines, the working hours will be reduced by half.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      Beautiful Chennai baby

      US military blocks soldiers' access to blogs, popular social sites

      In 2005, commanders in Iraq told military personnel who kept blogs that they had to register their sites with their superior officers. The Army imposed additional restrictions on bloggers later that year by ordering that soldiers be granted approval from their commanders before posting. The following year, an order from the Joint Chiefs and Secretary of Defense stated that no information could be placed on any website prior to approval by Public Affairs officers. Last October, the Army announced it had assembled a "Web Risk Assessment Cell" for the purpose of further monitoring soldiers' blogs, post-commander approval. Not surprisingly, the number of soldier-administrated blogs and online journals dropped significantly as a result of the regulations, particularly those presenting a critical or negative perspective on the Bush administration and the war. - Naomi Spencer

      Australia: Police-state measures for APEC summit in Sydney

      The public is being conditioned to accept an ever-wider use of the military against civilians. More police-military exercises are being staged in the lead-up to the APEC summit, including a current fortnight-long operation codenamed Blue Luminary 2. Media reporters were this week treated to a display of police commandos arriving in the Botanic Gardens via helicopters. Such was the "security" atmosphere that a Botanic Gardens worker, with hedge trimmer in hand, was hustled away from the area by police and men in dark suits. The APEC operation is part of a wider assault on basic democratic rights under the guise of combatting terrorism. Since 2002, the federal and state governments have combined to impose a raft of measures that would have been previously unimaginable, such as detention without trial, the outlawing of selected political groups, semi-secret trials and far-reaching sedition laws. - Mike Head

      Airlines may bar 'dangerous' passengers: Canada rule proposal

      Canada's airlines will have greater leeway to bar passengers who appear to be dangerous under a proposed rule change the Ministry of Transportation announced Saturday.

      Big banana firms paid off terrorists, Colombian ex-warlord tells inquiry

      SOME of the world's best-known banana firms financed right-wing Colombian militias that killed thousands of people during a decade-long reign of terror, a jailed warlord has claimed. In testimony to investigators, Salvatore Mancuso named multinationals Chiquita, Del Monte and Dole as having made regular payments to the United Self-Defence Forces of Colombia (AUC), considered a terrorist organisation by the United States and the European Union. - Darcy Crowe

      What we want is the rule of rationality. Human society is one and indivisible. Apparently there is heterogeneity but in essence there is homogeneity. For instance, in the Middle East there are Muslims, Jews, Christians, Semites and Blacks. But they all belong to the same supreme race--they are all the progeny of the Supreme Progenitor. This is what our spiritual philosophy says. Only due to dogmas, people think in terms of heterogeneity. There is only one ideology in the world and it is not only all-embracing but also all-pervading. Both the problems and their solutions have been pointed out. Now it is our bounden duty to carry this message to all nooks and corners of this world. The wind is blowing in our favour. We should carry the message to each and every particle of marrow of this living world.
      Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar


      Breaking News - Six Charged With Rigging Army Contracts

      By Staff - at the Post
      May 19, 2007

      Six people were arrested Friday for allegedly taking part in a contract-fixing scheme at the U.S. Army Medical Command at Fort Sam Houston in Texas. The defendants were indicted on charges they drew up contracts totaling $18 million for companies with which they were associated or even owned outright. Six of the men charged were current or former U.S. Army employees, the San Antonio Express-News reported. All were charged with bribery related offenses. Federal prosecutors alleged that the six defendants conspired to run the contracts at a San Antonio consulting firm owned by one of them. The contracts involved equipment and services provided to about 20 Army hospitals. (c) UPI - This was a real tiny article buried somewhere in the Post. How about we make this information a little bigger and put it on the front page of every newspaper? How about properly informing the American people about all the corruption going on during perpetual war, about all the men getting rich during perpetual war - and about the millions of Iraqi people dying horrible deaths to enable those men to get rich off their bloodied bodies? - WPA

      US raids made 2,000 Afghans homeless: Red Cross

      Destroyed houses in Adghanistan. Bombing by US forces in western Afghanistan last month wrecked 173 houses and left 2,000 people homeless, the Red Cross said, announcing findings of its assessment of the damage.(AFP/File/Philippe Lopez) Bombing by US forces in western Afghanistan last month wrecked 173 houses and left 2,000 people homeless, the Red Cross said, announcing findings of its assessment of the damage. Preliminary UN and Afghan investigations have found that around 50 civilians were killed in the April 27 and 29 assaults, which involved US Special Forces, with final reports due this week. The International Committee of the Red Cross confirmed in a statement that the clashes "killed dozens of civilians" and reprimanded foreign forces over civilian casualties caused in operations against Taliban militants. - It is the perpetual serial wars and perpetual collateral damage of the US Empire. What will it take to remove the criminals from the White House? What will it take to remove Empire from this earth and replace it with a democratic, just, world government that caters above all to the economic well-being and intellectual-spiritual liberation of the common people? - WPA

      World's Biggest U.S. Embassy May Not Be Quite Big Enough

      The embassy compound in Baghdad will have more than 600 blast-resistant apartments -- but could use a few more. (By Daniel Berehulak -- Getty Images) - It's too bad the rest of Iraq - the entire Iraqi population - cannot have blast-resistant apartments as well, to protect them from the bombs, rapes and tortures of the white-skinned, western invaders. - WPA

      Polar bears at risk as warming thaws icy home

      Time may be running out for polar bears as global warming melts the ice beneath their paws. Restrictions or bans on hunting in recent decades have helped protect many populations of the iconic Arctic carnivore, but many experts say the long-term outlook is bleak. An estimated 20,000-25,000 bears live around the Arctic -- in Canada, Russia, Alaska, Greenland and Norway -- and countries are struggling to work out ways to protect them amid forecasts of an accelerating thaw. - Alister Doyle

      Human cardinal principles are the silver lining between the psycho-spiritual and spiritual strata of human existence. The meeting point of the spiritual and psycho-spiritual strata is called the human cardinal stratum. Human existence is trifarious, a combination of three currents: physical, mental and spiritual. Most people cannot transcend the limits of their physical existence: crude worldly pleasures become the only enjoyment of their lives. They embody all that is beastly in nature, goaded and tormented as they are by carnal desires. The subtle feelings of life, the subtle expressions and practices are beyond their reach. Their world is limited to their bodies and physical requirements. Other people are more concerned with their minds. They feel that it is the supremacy of the mind that has differentiated them from animals. Their lives are guided by their desires for mental satisfaction. By virtue of their endeavours they create poetry, art, music, sculpture, etc. They express the finer human feelings of mercy, sympathy, love, friendship and pity. They believe that the mind flows for the sole purpose of attaining the Infinite, and hence they focus their energies on the contemplation of the Transcendental Entity. They are the spiritual aspirants, they alone are worthy of being called human beings. Drawn by the magnetic attraction of the Cosmic Consciousness they speed forward and reach the stage which marks the end of mental existence and the beginning of spirituality. At that stage one is no longer a human being, one is a veritable god. It is the duty of every person to reach this confluence of the mental and spiritual strata. It is the pinnacle of human progress. The point where humanity ceases to exist as it merges in divine beatitude. The culminating point of animality is the commencement of humanity. The highest peak of human progress is the beginning of divine bliss. Where animality ends, humanity begins, where humanity ends, divinity begins. The meeting point of the highest attainment of humanity and the blossoming of divinity is the base on which the cardinal human principles are established.
      Shrii Prabhat R Sarkar


      States balk at cancer vaccine mandate

      For a time, Georgia was poised to become the latest state to require preteen girls to be vaccinated against a virus that causes cervical cancer. A powerful state Republican lawmaker proposed making the vaccine mandatory for girls entering sixth grade, and the governor included $4.3 million in his budget to make it available to some 13,000 girls whose family's insurance policies wouldn't cover it. - Shannon McCaffrey

      Coming soon: the shopping channel run by drug firms

      Four of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies are proposing to launch a television station to tell the public about their drugs, amid strenuous lobbying across Europe by the industry for an end to restrictions aimed at protecting patients. Pharma TV would be a dedicated interactive digital channel funded by the industry with health news and features but, at its heart, would be detailed information from drug companies about their medicines. A 10-minute pilot DVD, seen by the Guardian, featured a white-coated doctor discussing breast cancer and a woman patient who reassured viewers that "there are many new treatments available". Under the proposals, viewers could use their remote control to click on treatment options and read what manufacturers have to say about the latest branded breast cancer drugs. - Sarah Boseley

      Guantanamo detainee David Hicks starts sentence in Adelaide prison

      David Hicks, the first Guantanamo Bay detainee to be tried by a US military tribunal, was in a maximum-security prison in Adelaide yesterday after being flown home to his native Australia. - Kathy Marks - How many people did David Hicks kill? How many was he even responsble for killing? How many has John Howard killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? How many has Blair killed? Bush-Cheney? So who are the ones who should be in a maximum security prison together with other notorious killers of scores (in this case scores of thousands) of human beings? - WPA

      Blix awarded Sydney Peace Prize

      SWEDISH diplomat Hans Blix, chairman of the UN Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission, has been awarded the 2007 Sydney Peace Prize. The Sydney Peace Foundation, which announced the award this morning, said Dr Blix was the unanimous choice of the prize jury. The citation reads: "Hans Blix, for principled and courageous opposition to proponents of war in Iraq, for lifelong advocacy of humanitarian law and non-violence and for leadership of disarmament programs to rid the world of weapons of terror".

      The type of democracy prevalent in India is also political democracy, and it has proved to be a unique system of exploitation. The Indian constitution was created by three groups of exploiters: the British imperialists, the Indian imperialists and the ruling parties representing the Indian capitalists. All the provisions of the Indian constitution were framed keeping an eye on furthering the interests of these opportunists. Just to hoodwink the masses, the people were granted the right of universal suffrage. Millions of Indians are poor, superstitious and illiterate, yet the exploiters, through such practices as making false promises, intimidation, gross abuse of administrative power and vote rigging, repeatedly win over the electorate. This is the farce of democracy. Once they form the government, they get ample opportunity to indulge in rampant corruption and political tyranny for five years. In the subsequent elections – whether on the provincial or state level – the same absurdity is repeated. This type of political opportunism has been going on in India since independence. For the last thirty-five years, the political parties have maintained that in order to attain economic parity with the industrially developed countries of Europe, India must follow the democratic system. To support this argument, they cite the examples of America and Great Britain or China and the Soviet Union. The political leaders urge the electorate to vote in their favour at election time so that the country's starving masses can reap the benefits of a developed economy. But once the elections are over, the exploitation of the common people continues unabated in the garb of political democracy, and other areas of social life are completely neglected. Today millions of Indian citizens are being deprived of the minimum requirements of life and are struggling to procure adequate food, clothing, housing, education and medical treatment, while a handful of people are rolling in enormous wealth and luxury.
      Shrii Prabhat R Sarkar


      US Soldiers' Spanish Indictment Appealed

      Prosecutors on Friday appealed a judge's decision to charge three U.S. soldiers with homicide in the death of a Spanish journalist in Iraq, a court official said. Prosecutors at the National Court said the troops from the U.S. 3rd Infantry, based in Fort Stewart, Ga., committed no crime when their tank fired a shell at Baghdad's Palestine Hotel in 2003, killing Jose Couso, a cameraman for the Spanish television network Telecinco, and Taras Portsyuk, a Ukrainian cameraman for Reuters. The prosecutors characterized the attack as an accident of war, said a court official who spoke on customary condition of anonymity. - Daniel Woolls

      US: DynCorp Disgrace

      But Johnston worries about what this company's culture does to the reputation of the United States. "The Bosnians think we're all trash. It's a shame. When I was there as a soldier they loved us, but DynCorp employees have changed how they think about us. I tried to tell them that this is not how all Americans act, but it's hard to convince them when you see what they're seeing. The fact is, DynCorp is the worst diplomat you could possibly have over there." - Krlly O'Meera - And this is the same company that today is being sent by Bush to Iraq to secure Iraq-Iran borders! - WPA

      Iraq-Iranian agreement to lay oil pipeline

      Dergham Mohammed Ali, Voices of Iraq
      Baghdad, 18 May 2007 ()

      The Iraqi government has agreed with Iran to start laying oil pipeline between the two countries to export Iraqi oil to the neighboring country, the official spokesman for Iraq's Oil Ministry said on Thursday. "The agreement came during the meeting between Iraqi oil minister Hussein al-Shahrestani and Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Hasan Kazemi Qomi at the minister's office," Essam Jihad told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI). "The two agreed to lay the oil pipeline from southern Iraq to Abadan region in Iran in order to export more than 200,000 barrels per day of Iraqi crude oil to Iran according to crude oil international prices," he also said. He noted that the new pipeline will provide a new way to boost the country's export capacity to Iranian refineries in Abadan. "They also agreed to arrange a mutual visit for technicians from both countries to prepare the agreement's contracts," the official added. - It is heartening to read what two neighbours can do together constructively in love and harmony - without the interference of white-skinned bullies from western "civilization." - WPA

      Exclusive: Secret US plot to kill Al-Sadr

      It was agreed that the last meeting would take place in the house in Najaf of Muqtada's father Mohammed Sadiq al-Sadr who had been murdered by Saddam's gunmen with two of his sons five years before. Dr Rubai'e and other mediators started for the house. As they did so they saw the US Marines open up an intense bombardment of the house and US Special Forces also heading for it. But the attack was a few minutes premature. Mr Sadr was not yet in the house and managed to escape. - Patrick Cockburn

      Many people say that different national interests are the only hurdle in the formation of a world body. In my opinion, this is not the only obstruction, rather, this is just a minor difficulty. The real cause lies in the local leaders' fear of losing their control. Upon the establishment of the world federation, the powerful influence which they enjoy today in different countries will cease to exist.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar


      Empires disappearing altogether

      Lack of unity among the members of society, because of too much self-interest in the individual members, formation of sects for economic or social advantages, lack of understanding of others, not only brings the downfall of society, but also will wipe it completely from the face of the earth. Instances of so many sects and empires disappearing altogether are not rare in the history of this world.

      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      Tensions rise again at UC Irvine: University police probe whether an FBI agent on surveillance assaulted a Muslim student with his car

      UC Irvine's chief of police said Friday that his officers were investigating a complaint that an FBI agent doing surveillance assaulted a Muslim student with his unmarked car near the site of an anti-Israel demonstration. The alleged incident Monday has ratcheted up tension between the university's Muslim students and the FBI. In May 2006, an FBI agent was quoted as telling a business group in Newport Beach that the agency was monitoring Muslims at UC Irvine and USC. Her comments led to protests from students and parents who said Muslims were being singled out. - H.G. Reza

      Migration and Corn

      Thankfully, immigration reform is progressing in Congress. There are 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States who have made invaluable contributions to our culture and economy and deserve the basic rights and dignity that citizenship provides. Yet some nasty provisions stand out in the compromise Senate legislation - prioritizing highly-skilled English speaking immigrants over working class immigrants and people of color whose families are already here, and blocking the opportunity of citizenship for future "guestworkers", continuing the two-tiered system of discrimination and exploitation that currently exists. Instead, if we examined the root causes of migration, we might actually help - rather than punish - immigrants.- Sally Kohn

      President Bush 'Hurts' for Darfur: Darfur Is Safer than US Urban Cities

      The Arab African leader and the members of his government are known to be uncorrupt. They do not squander the resources of their country. They do not have Swiss banks accounts of money stolen from the poor. They do not accept bribes from foreign governments or multi national corporations. Despite the economic sanctions and the enormous pressures imposed on the Sudan; Mr. Al-Bashir refuses to submit to the will and dictate of the United States government. When it comes to the sovereignty and welfare of the Sudan, Mr. Al-Bashir is unwilling to compromise. The Sudanese are solidly behind their President. The Organization of the Islamic Conference headed by the Malaysian Prime Minister, representing fifty five Muslim nations, has just reaffirmed its endorsement. - Ali Baghdadi - Does this mean there is no genocide today in Darfur? No rapes and slaughter of thousands of Sudanese women? No millinons of refugees on the Sudanese-Chad border? - WPA

      If all human beings are the offspring of the Supreme Entity, how is it possible for only Muslims to be the favourite children of Allah and Hindus of Narayana?The fact is that all the created objects in this universe are the children of the Supreme Entity – all are His finite manifestations. Nobody is inferior – nobody is insignificant. All are bound by the ties of fraternity. We will have to move forward, shoulder to shoulder, together with all. No one will benefit if human beings remain confined within the quagmire and filth of ignorance or the foggy atmosphere of superstition. Superstition and a false sense of superiority will only pave the way for the annihilation of the human race.
      Shrii Prabhat R Sarkar


      'Democratic Transition' at the World Bank

      The scandal is a smokescreen. The real reasons of Wolfowitz's demise are political. What this dismissal suggests is that lead Neo-Conservatives, despite their apparent political clout are often vulnerable and defenseless. They do not constitute the ultimate source of political power. Acting on behalf of the dominant corporate and financial elites, they are instruments or proxies, which can readily be replaced. Who is going to substitute for "Son of a Wolf" at the helm of the World Bank, while ensuring "continuity" in the dealings of an institution which plays a central role in shaping the economic contours of the New World Order. - Michel Chossudovsky

      DNA barcoding helps discover new species

      DNA barcoding identifies living beings by genetic composition rather than appearance, although not all species are identified using this technique. Some biologists do not agree that barcoding has expedited discovery of species. "We need to keep clear the difference between species discovery and species identification. Species discovery is the process of classical taxonomy (based on morphology, physiology and ecology)," says Rob DeSalle, biologist at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, usa. "Genetic analysis only augments classical taxonomy."

      US Government Trying to Seize New Michael Moore Film, Says Producer

      Cannes is smacking its lips in anticipation of filmmaker and provocateur Michael Moore's latest jeremiad against the US administration, which receives its premiere at the film festival today. Sicko, a documentary tackling the state of American healthcare, focuses on the pharmaceutical giants, and particularly on health insurers. The film has already caused Moore - who won the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 2004 with Fahrenheit 911 - to clash with the American authorities. Now, according to movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, whose Weinstein Company is behind the film, the US government is attempting to impound the negative. - Well God Bless Michael Moore for exposing one of the biggest crimes of American Empire - that it doesn't even provide health care to millions upon millions of American citizens! - WPA

      In water… Without water

      The Indian islands comprise of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal, and Lakshadweep Islands in the Arabian Islands. In spite of being surrounded by water, water is a major problem in these union territories. Let's take a trip of both the groups of islands one after the other.

      The Shompen and Jarawa tribals use bamboo to direct water to shallow pits called Jackwells, built in increasing order of sizes. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of 321 north-south running islands. Andaman group covers 6,346 sq km, and Nicobar group covers 1,953 sq km. This archipelago gets an average annual rainfall of 3,000mm.


      The aspiration to become rich by exploiting others is a sort of mental malady. In fact, if the eternal hunger of the human soul does not find the real path leading to mental and spiritual wealth, it becomes engaged in the work of depriving other of their rights; it robs them of their material resources. If any member of a family seizes food from a store by application of mental or physical force, he certainly becomes the cause of misery to others. Similar is the case when a capitalist says, "We have seized wealth by intelligence and labour. If others have mental and physical potentialities they may also do it. Who objects to it?" They do not want to realize that the volume of commodities is limited whereas requirements are common to all. In most spheres, abundance for one individual takes the bread out of the mouths of others. It is a mental ailment not to understand this common necessity.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar


      The delta stage is the finality of civilization

      Human life is the most developed and final stage of animal life. The speciality of human life is that it has dharma. In animal life there is no dharma. Civilization is a collection of usages, manners, etiquette, formalities, ideologies and love. The culture of the entire humanity is the same, but civilization varies from society to society. Human civilization is created in, and moves along, river valleys. Like a river, human civilization also has three stages – hill stage, plain stage and delta stage. From the hill stage, it moves to the plain stage and from the plain stage to the delta stage. A civilization starts in the hill stage, develops in the plain stage, and matures in the delta stage. Why are civilizations created in, and why do they move along, river-valleys? In ancient times, up until the Stone Age, humans could not dig wells and depended upon natural sources of water. As such, human habitation started from springs, fountains, waterfalls, rivers, etc. Animals also select such places for habitation; only birds do not follow this rule. Thus, human habitation started near valleys, fountains, waterfalls, springs, and particularly near rivers. Due to the assemblage of humans in the river-valleys, the first stage of civilization started there. The relation between man and man, man and woman, individual and collective requirements, individual and collective responsibilities – how to move singularly and collectively – the collection of all these is civilization. It has already been said that civilization starts in the hill stage, develops in the plain stage, and attains maturity in the delta stage. Naturally, the delta stage is the finality of a civilization.

      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      The river delta of Bengal

      The Interplay of Culture and Civilization

      From ancient times human beings have struggled against their obstacles. Struggle is the essence of life. Those who cry for disarmament are enemies of human beings. They are reluctant to fight even against criminals. Of course, with the spread of civilization human beings will not attack the unarmed and the weak. Unfortunately, there are many persons in this world who think of themselves as civilized but mercilessly crush the helpless and the innocent. The pitiable destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bears witness to the uncivilized action of the so-called civilized nations. Though they are culturally advanced, they are most backward in civilization. They should sit at the feet of the Indian Adivasis and learn about civilization. Those who possess atom and hydrogen bombs have to be taught the lesson that this universe is for human beings and not for demons. More powerful weapons have to be invented to counteract these uncivilized persons. - Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

      Iraqis in besieged Samarra struggle to survive

      A doctor working in Samarra's main hospital said 10 people, including seven infants, had already died because of lack of fuel to power generators and operate life-saving machinery. "The young and the elderly are most at risk. On one day, four new-born babies died because there was no energy to power incubators," he said on condition of anonymity, fearing arrest. The Samarra Bridge, the main entrance for the historic city, has been mostly blocked off by U.S. and Iraqi forces with concrete slabs and sand barriers. Only some vehicles carrying fuel and food are allowed through after intense searches. - Ahmed Rasheed

      The US war and occupation of Iraq - the murder of a society - Part One

      Iraq, once among the most advanced countries of the region, has been reduced, in terms of basic economic and social indices, to the level of the poorest countries of sub-Saharan Africa. What is involved is the systematic destruction of an entire society through the unleashing of violence and criminality on a scale not seen since Hitler's armies ravaged Europe in the Second World War. Every section of the US political and corporate establishment, all branches and levels of government, both major political parties, and the mass media are all implicated in massive war crimes. Criminality on such a grand scale cannot go unpunished without grave implications for the future of the American people and, indeed, all of humanity. - Bill Van Auken

      Throughout history millions of people have died due to artificial famines created by other human beings. While walking along a road, weary, plodding legs have given way and a person has collapsed in a pitiful heap on the ground, yet he or she has refrained from stealing. Although a high standard of morality is one reason why the person did not make a last desperate bid for self-preservation, it is not the only reason. Starving people, particularly if they lose their vitality by slow degrees, do not have the moral courage to fight. Knowing the end is sure, they seek refuge in the arms of death. Basing their way of life on incorrect philosophical and religious teachings, they accept their miserable situation as destiny. Perhaps, at that time, if they were led by a spirited leader and inspired by his or her fiery lectures, or if they received guidance about the course of action to take, they would collectively attack the prevailing social structure. In such circumstances, their actions might perhaps be described as immoral, but they certainly would not contravene the dharma of human existence.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      Bhalobashar khoje

      World Prout Assembly
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      World Prout Assembly
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    • nrkaul
      Dear all, I am Neeru and came to know about this site and group thro an internet link. Would be great being a part of this movement. Human rights of any kinds
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 5, 2007
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        Dear all,
        I am Neeru and came to know about this site and group thro an internet
        link. Would be great being a part of this movement. Human rights of
        any kinds is something that always interests me.
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