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  • Dominic Jermano
    Feb 15, 2010
      Dear David,
      I read your advice to Garda and think it is good.... I am donating some chinese money in the near future...that is it is Spring Festival here.....and it takes time to make arrangements to mail....and then the waiting time factor....
      I also think you should consider telling Garda she can do things to make the website less expensive.... I don't know who her provider is.....and I think they are soaking her.. There are other providers in the world that would love to provide her website message at a much lower cost....than she is paying now...
      Certainly providers in India....or China have a much lower cost....and it would show her Worldly Connection...instead stuck in the confines of the United States Military borders.
      I would encourage world wide donations... Certainly the UN is defunct wiith US control over it with Banki Moon....who supports the US S. Korean polarization. So PROUT provides a new out look to Nations.
      I would also suggest she needs to improve the service to the Website..... That is giving people their own page in writing stories....and making it more like The Peoples Journalism...not necessarily like Citizen Journalism........ The difference is that Peoples Journalism focus on helping the people in Poverty Area reporting....and not so much like Citizen Journalism that reports on common things like traffic accidents, robberies, UFO Nonsense...etc.
      She could theoretically say to writers you pay a small fee, you get to be part of our Organization....and have a voice in being published without fear of being banned.... Certainly it would be setup to whether writers want people to comment or not. I think writers would appreciate that... They would not have to make their own websites...but join together to share and contribute to the effort...
      She is selling something that viewers can participate in....than just donate to.
      I think like this....the internet is a litter of unnecessary comments....that in my opinion distract from the real message of articles.. presented... Really if someone disagrees with an article...they should respond back with an article....instead of a comment....or a supporting article.
      So I do not know her feeling about that....whether comments are wanted by her or not? Myself I would choose the no comment....because it stops personal attacks on people and writers.... Write an article instead........
      I think the whole internet should readjust to this...because comments waste alot of space and energy in the Communication Service..... It takes more effort to make an article...and it would help cut out the riff raff....know what I mean?
      Thanks  and hope to hear from you.......
      Oh my name is Mr. Dominic Jermano
      Thanks...and God Bless...

      --- On Mon, 2/15/10, David Kendall <davidlkendall@...> wrote:

      From: David Kendall <davidlkendall@...>
      Subject: RE: [WPA News] Requesting your urgent help
      To: WPANews@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, February 15, 2010, 2:28 PM


      Hi Garda,


      I'm very glad to see you are so actively soliciting help for your cause. Good job!! Keep after it, Garda!!


      That said, I hope you don’t mind if I offer some friendly criticism. In personal emails, you don't need to worry about clarity, brevity and professional presentation. But in formal public requests for donations, I think these are some basic prerequisites. In general, please: 1) make your aims as clear and brief and easy to read as possible, 2) target a more general audience with a clear identity and a more positive tone, and 3) structure each memo as a readily apparent request for help, distinct and separate from your news of the day. Let's go over these issues one at a time.



      1) Make your aims as clear and brief and easy to read as possible.


      I'm specifically referring to appropriate use of lower case and upper case letters, paragraph structure, careful use of syntax and semantics to strengthen clarity and meaning, correct spelling and punctuation, no bold font settings and underline feature except as an extreme rarity for emphasis, and so on.


      At least for the sake of professionalism and readability, I think you need to take the time, Garda, to review and revise your formal requests for donations. Readers will take you far more seriously, and I think you'll get a lot more favorable response in the long run. Moreover, you will be more assured of reaching your goals if you use the writing style with which everyone is universally accustomed.


      If you are more comfortable typing in all lower case, then by all means type your rough draft that way, Garda. But when you're finished with the rough draft, then please copy and paste the text into Microsoft Word or some other editing software that will assist you in correcting the capitalization, spelling and grammatical errors. If you expect to get positive results, you need to apply the same care and feeding to these formal requests that you would apply to a research paper for school or to a manuscript submitted to a publisher.


      By not taking these measures, you are telling your readers that you don't care to invest much time and energy in your own causes. So why should they care enough to help?



      2) Target a more general audience with a clear identity and a more positive tone.


      Now, on a more tender note (please don't be hurt, Garda), who exactly is "Baba"? Actually, don't answer that. My point here is that emphasizing or even mentioning his name probably doesn't further your aims. At the very least, it narrows the scope of potential respondents to a small group of people who are familiar with "Baba" -- and many of that group might not view him in a positive light, which narrows your respondent potential even further.


      So with all due respect, Garda, I think you're sabotaging your own interests by stressing "the glorification of Baba" -- especially in all-caps. Instead, you need to target a much wider audience, which more appropriately represents the growing population of readers and writers who have benefitted from the World Prout Assembly Web site over the past five years. In fact, instead of emphasizing “Baba”, you need to repeatedly emphasize the identity of your Web site, which is “World Prout Assembly”, not merely “WPA”. Don’t be bashful or lazy about spelling it out repeatedly throughout your requests for donations. You want people to remember who YOU are, not necessarily who “Baba” is. If the fruits of your labor eventually glorify “Baba”, then so be it. But that is a personal goal for you, Garda, not necessarily the collective goal of the community whose general interests you serve.


      Moreover, if you've increased from 20 visitors daily to 20,000 visitors daily, then it seems perfectly reasonable to assume you provide a “valuable service”. This is leverage for your donations request -- a selling point -- not something you should be humble or apologetic about. In this regard, you're not asking for "help" or for "assistance" or for "wages". You are rightly soliciting financial donations for a service that your "labor" has consistently provided over the past five years to a growing population of "interest". Hhhmmm... Labor receiving “interest”, not “wages”? I wonder what Henry George would think about that. Seems to me, Garda, you are in a unique position to boldly sow the seeds of economic democracy, unto "The Death of Capitalism". Ponder that for a moment, if you will. I might have just struck a philosophical gold mine. We can discuss it more later, after it sinks into my brain a little further. Meanwhile…



      3) Structure each memo as a readily apparent request for donations, distinct and separate from your news of the day.


      Finally, the outline of these memos should be 3a) a direct request for help at the beginning, 3b) a similar direct request for help at the end, and 3c) supporting documentation in the middle -- followed by your very compelling newsletter. Good job on the latter. I'm very impressed, Garda. But don't make readers hunt through your email to figure out what you're trying to achieve. Clearly distinguish your introductory memo as a request for donations, separate from your daily news content with a transitional statement like, "Now here is the breaking news for the day", or "Here is the latest from independent media sources around the world".



      To summarize, 1) make your aims as clear and brief and easy to read as possible, 2) target a more general audience with a clear identity and a more positive tone, and 3) structure each memo as a readily apparent request for donations, distinct and separate from your news of the day. As any English 101 instructor will tell ya, "revise, revise, revise". You don't need to worry about this in personal emails. But in formal public requests for financial assistance, I think clarity, brevity and professional presentation are some basic prerequisites.


      With all that said, please don't feel like you're all alone, Garda. If you need help with revisions, please send me rough drafts of your memos and I will help you revise them as time allows. My job keeps me away from the computer (and email) for about a week at a time, but send them to me anyway. Perhaps Emily Spence would also be able to help with revisions, so send rough drafts to her as well.


      Ultimately, the end goal is for you to become proficient and self-sufficient in these skills, Garda. You have placed yourself in a strategic position to take a lead role in our march toward economic democracy, and I would strongly suggest that you become more deliberate and less apologetic in doing so.


      With all my love, respect and solidarity,


      David Kendall





      From: WPANews@yahoogroups .com [mailto:WPANews@ yahoogroups. com] On Behalf Of Garda Ghista
      Sent: Saturday, February 13, 2010 8:43 AM
      To: WPANews@yahoogroups .com
      Subject: [WPA News] Requesting your urgent help



      dear friends


      the WPA site - www.worldproutassem bly.org - has been running for five years. during that time it has grown from just 20 visitors daily to a peak of 15,000-20,000 visitors daily from countries around the world, with US and India taking the lead but Britain, Canada, Germany and Australia and other middle eastern and asian countries not far behind. 


      so far as i know, there is no other comparable AM/Prout site that maintains this kind of traffic ranking. also so far as i know there is no other AM/Prout site that contains so many quotations of BABA on the homepage. after all, the number one goal of the site (and all ou work) is to glorify our BABA.  all other goals, the dissemination of Prout, the daily alternative news reporting, which often is at complete odds with mainstream corporate media reporting, are secondary to the glorification of our BABA.


      in the first week of March, 2010 the amount of $1300 is required to renew the webhosting for one more year. the cost is because WPA site is on its own virtual dedicated server.  this year we simply do not have the funds to renew the webhosting for the WPA site.  unless donations are forthcoming, we will have to let the site go.


      if any of you feel that this is a valuable service in spreading the ideas of BABA in so many areas, then i am requesting you to please donate as soon as possible.  this can be done via Paypal by clicking on the Donate button on the homepage. it can also be done by sending a check made out to "World Prout Assembly" and mailing to Barbara Walker, 104 Ross Avenue, Belleveue, Kentucky 41073. 


      Please consider to help us to keep this site going so as to continue to glorify his name.  i am pasting below an email received just yesterday from a friend to whom i had expressed that i may no longer be able to continue the site.



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      Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 8:30 PM


      Re: emily





      hide details 8:30 PM (14 hours ago)

      Garda!... I do recall your sharing with me some of the comments that some people made to you in the past about the value of your site -- stating that they depended on it to give them a sense of the positive qualities in life and in human aims... There is nothing greater than this that you can give to people -- to give them hope so that they can carry onward in their own good efforts to improve the world, along with keeping them informed of critical information! .. So your service -- your having the website -- is INVALUABLE to some people as an important component in their own lives and struggles . XO, Em


      i know that these are very hard economics times. still, please just send whatever you can - one dollar, five dollars, ten or twenty dollars. fifty or hundred. whatever you can. it can make a real difference to keep this work going.








      World Prout Assembly

      Economy of the People, For the People and By the People!
      Put Economic Power in the Hands of the People!

      Moralists of the world - unite!

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      "If we take the full meaning of the term society into consideration, it will be seen that till now human beings have not been able to form a real society. If India builds a society for only Indians, Pakistan for only Pakistanis, and England for only the English, then these three separate societies will exist, but we cannot look upon them as the society of humanity. Because humanity is divided into groups, one society will naturally try to thrive by exploiting the vitality of others. You will notice that efforts are being made to establish so-called societies in some particular part of the world, for some particular section of the people, and based on some particular 'ism" or faith. A social consciousness based on such divisions lies latent in the minds of the people, whether they are Indian, Pakistani or English, so they remain absorbed in thoughts of their smaller groups." - Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar


      • Become a Member of WPA
      • Sign Declaration of Impeachment
      "Human beings have still not been able to form a human society, and have still not learned to move with the spirit of a pilgrim. Although many small groups, motivated by self-interest, work together in particular situations, not even a small fraction of their work is done with a broader social motive. By strict definition, shall we have to declare that each small family unit is a society in itself? If going ahead in mutual adjustment only out of narrow self-interest or momentary self-seeking is called society, then in such a society, no provision can be made for the disabled, the diseased or the helpless, because in most cases nobody can benefit from them in any way... in that case there always remains the possibility of some people getting isolated from the collective. All human beings must attach themselves to others by the common bond of love and march forward hand in hand; then only will I proclaim it a society." - Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar
      "Power concedes nothing without a demand.' The struggle for justice must never be adjourned. The forces of injustice do not take vacations. Societies are not static in this regard. They await the political and civic energies of individuals who engage the arenas of power, multiply their numbers and emblazon in deeds and institutions the immortal principle that "Here the People Rule." - Ralph Nader
      PROUT stands for PROgressive UTilization Theory. It means, the progressive utilization and rational distribution of all the earth's natural resources. PROUT advocates another type of revolution called "nuclear revolution." In nuclear revolution, every aspect of collective life - social, economic, political, cultural, psychic and spiritual - is completely transformed. New moral and spiritual values arise in society which provide the impetus for accelerated social progress. The old era is replaced by a new era - one collective psychology is replaced by another. This type of revolution results in all-round development and social progress.
      Dear readers, WPA accepts no corporate funding. Please help us to survive and continue the work of informing you all of what's happening in the real world. Please, if you can, send us donations by using the Donate button below. If you prefer, a check can be made out to "World Prout Assembly" and mailed to Garda Ghista, World Prout Assembly, 104 Ross Avenue, Bellevue, KY 41073, USA.
      Tens of thousands of people visit this site every month. If you feel the news here is important, please help us to survive. We don't mind doing the work; we just need help with funding. Thank you very much!

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      We have begun organizing the Second Summit of the World Prout Assembly, titled "Building a New World." It will take place November 25-28, 2010 in Hyderabad, India. Please visit the conference website - http://www.wpasummi t2010.org - for more details.
      Some of you wrote to us that the First Summit in Radford, VA was the best conference you had ever attended. Others wrote that the Radford conference was a glorious event. We intend to make the Second Summit even better, even more glorious, than the first. We hope that all of you will plan to attend. Those wishing to help with the organizing should please write to wpaeditor@gmail. com.
      Check out the "Building a New World" WPA Conference site - http://www.wpasummi t2010.org

      Jan 26, 2010
      Dear Readers,

      My name is David Kendall. An urgency has come to my attention, and it's time for someone to sound the alarm. The administrators of World Prout Assembly are in dire need of financial assistance, not merely to maintain a public Internet presence, but to provide for their own basic needs like housing and food to eat. In lieu of eviction, homelessness and hunger, it seems perfectly reasonable for me to request everyone who benefits from the services provided here to donate as little as $10 per month or even $1 per month -- starting immediately -- to maintain the health and safety of the kind and generous people who provide this great service. Please respond now!
      There are plenty of other "progressive" Web sites that constantly solicit donations, and I've routinely urged the administrators of World Prout Assembly to do the same. Labor costs money because dead workers don't produce anything -- including progressive Web sites. Even so, the administrators of World Prout Assembly have somehow maintained its Internet presence for nearly five consecutive years without aggressively pursuing any donations. Over time, however, personal finances and benevolent grants from personal friends have been exhausted. So the time has come for the services provided by World Prout Assembly to become self-supporting through small contributions from the many readers and writers it benefits.
      Granted, World Prout Assembly provides new writers with an opportunity for initial public exposure and existing writers with a public channel to experiment with new ideas. But the services provided here are not merely distributive. Perhaps most importantly, this Web site is a massive accumulation of historical data. Instead of history being written exclusively by those who own intellectual property rights to the information and the publishers who do their bidding, this Web site is a free and open opportunity for history to be written by the people who actually live it -- in their homes and in their neighborhoods and in their communities.
      Moreover, the information provided here by both amateur and professional journalists forces many mainstream journalists to think twice about the information they randomly toss on the cutting-room floor. It's also an opportunity for you and me to publicly analyze and critique the typical bias of mainstream media. To force an increase in these trends and to prevent their dissolution, Web sites like this one must be financially empowered by active participants over time.
      A donation can be made immediately with a credit card by clicking on the donate button at the end of this message. The administrators of World Prout Assembly are now hurting in a bad way, and they need your help today. A donation of five dollars is less than the cost of a monthly subscription to your local newspaper. Larger one-time donations of $50 or more would be a great help to get these folks through a very rough time. At this point, the amount donated by each individual doesn't matter nearly as much as getting everybody to donate something -- no matter how little.
      So please -- DONATE -- everybody!! If you don't have a credit card or a Paypal account with which to send funds using the Donate button below, then please send a check or a money order made out to "World Prout Assembly" to the following address. Thank you.

      World Prout Assembly
      c/o Barbara Walker
      104 Ross Avenue
      Bellevue, Kentucky 41073


      David Kendall
      Economic Democracy Advocate

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      Emma Goldman's "What is Patriotism?" speech

      hinking men and women the world over are beginning to realize that patriotism is too narrow and limited a conception to meet the necessities of our time. The centralization of power has brought into being an international feeling of solidarity among the oppressed nations of the world; a solidarity which represents a greater harmony of interests between the workingman of America and his brothers abroad than between the American miner and his exploiting compatriot; a solidarity which fears not foreign invasion, because it is bringing all the workers to the point when they will say to their masters, "Go and do your own killing. We have done it long enough for you." - Emma Goldman

      Mr. Obama, You Need To Forcefully Take The Lead

      Description: You cannot leave critical matters for future administrations to sort out in a meaningful manner. Despite vicious backlash for your stance, you must vigorously work to change our collective course now rather than continue the same old policies that your predecessors in office had and that, obviously, do not work. - Emily Spence

      The Great Transition

      The Great Transition suggests a universal. Citizen's Endowment of between £40,000 and £50,000 to give every adult an equal chance in life and the opportunity to invest in education, a business or local productive assets. This would be funded by a phased rise in inheritance tax on all estates up to 67 per cent and would go a long way to reducing the massive inequalities of inherited wealth in the UK.

      The Shiliguri Corridor: Question Mark on Security

      Reports also suggest that the ISI was supplying a large quantity of arms and ammunition to the various Northeast terrorist outfits from the stockpiles of the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia after their defeat and eventual obliteration. 24 These were picked up from the markets of Thailand and were transported to Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, eventually to be used on Indian soil. The arms were shipped from Thai ports to Cox's Bazaar and were then carried on headloads for rest of the way.25 The recipients were the NSCN-IM, ULFA and the Bodo groups. - Pinaki Bhattacharya
      Note: The author provides much useful information. However, every single insurgent group s/he has referred to as terrorists. It often happens that so-called terrorists exist or take birth due to denial of their fundamental economic and/or political rights. So to render this article genuinely comprehensive, the author should have investigated the plight of the people who formed the various organizations. Were they formed by people having a cushy economic life simply to get political power? Of were they formed out of desperation due to economic oppression? I do not have the answer. But a truth-seeking journalist must investigate the reality of the lives of so-called terrorists. In the Indian newspapers Maoists, Naxalites and adivasis are all lumped together and called terrorists. But if any of them are starving, i.e., their right to economic livelihood is denied to them, then we cannot call them terrrorists. They are simply people acting in desperation. . - Garda Ghista
      Today there is catastrophe and misery in human society and there is one reason: the defective leadership of society. People blindly follow even unintelligent leaders. The leaders hypnotize and attract thousands with their tall talks, gestures and other dramatics. Understand that the poverty and misery of any people in any country are the sins of the leaders. True leaders should always be vigilant and think how to work best for human society: they must be ever cautious that under their guidance the people are not led to darkness, death and immorality.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      The agony
      Bodies dumped en masse
      Old woman in pain
      More bodies

      A Tsunami of Hunger: Is New York City About to Be Overwhelmed?

      The line for the soup kitchen is only one of two queues that form in front of the Harlem site. Four days a week, a second line heads in the other direction, toward Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, leading to the food pantry that adjoins the Community Kitchen. On this day, the pantry opened at 1 pm and, three hours later, the line was still there, mostly women, leaning on their own folding metal shopping carts in which they would haul their groceries home.

      Experts sound quake warning bell for Nepal

      Mohan Bikram Thapa was living in Kathmandu with his parents when it hit and, 76 years on, he still remembers the massive devastation it caused. "Suddenly everything began to shake and the houses started collapsing, filling the air with dust," recalls Thapa, 86. "All the tallest buildings fell into pieces. "Later, at about five o'clock, people started bringing out the dead bodies to be burned. "In those days, Kathmandu was like a small village. If the same thing happened now, it would be very dangerous."

      Globalization Is Killing The Globe: Return to Local Economies

      The transnational corporations benefiting from globalization are also, in most cases, the transnational corporations that own our media, so even the word globalization is rarely heard in reports on economic crises around the world. But globalization is the villain here, and one that needs to be taken in hand and brought under control quickly if we don't want to see virtually the nations of the world end up subservient to corporate control, a new form of an ancient economic system known as feudalism. - Thom Hartmann

      East Coast blizzard lays bare social crisis of US cities

      Nationally, it is estimated that up to 1.5 million teens and young adults are homeless. In all likelihood, there are tens of thousands of such young people in Detroit, which has an official unemployment rate of 30 percent, and a real jobless rate closer to one-half.
      Where there is torture of good people, the system which supports it will surely be destroyed. There are many good people in this world who want to do good work. You should convince them, work with them and organize them to do maximum service for the suffering humanity.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar


      India's Central Bank Stops Some PayPal Services

      PayPal does not consider itself to be in the remittance business in India because accounts are online only. Recipients must transfer the money to a bank account to withdraw it. Payments to other countries are a growing business for PayPal. Cross-border payments account for about 25 percent of PayPal's total $71 billion payment volume last year. PayPal does not have a domestic business in India -- all payments are from other countries.

      Britain: Universities slash jobs, close campuses

      Haldenby called for a solution in which institutions "raise more of their revenues privately, whether from tuition fees or alumni." He continued, "We need more of the big fundraising appeals launched by Oxford and Cambridge. We need more plans to establish private universities."

      Op Green Hunt groundwork begins in Bengal

      Operation Green Hunt will focus on avoiding collateral damage and civilian casualties. In case the Maoists resort to their usual tactic of mobilising villagers and throwing women and children before the forces, the troops will avoid a confrontation with the human shields, say sources. The riot police will tackle the crowd as the main armed force splits and moves rapidly to encircle the Maoists from behind, thus minimizing bloodshed.

      Visiting A Modern Day Slave Plantation - An Interview With Nancy A. Heitzeg

      Inmates still try to escape and as many as 1200 inmates--about 20% of the total population of over 5100--are in administrative segregation/ lock-down at the notorious Camp J. These inmates are granted their one hour of "exercise" in an incredibly small dog kennel-like cage and are forced to remain handcuffed during their brief time out (this is apparently the response to inmates "flashing" female guards in the tower). An array of deadly weapons is still confiscated weekly, and there is reportedly on-going use of dogs and other force to control the population. Sexual assault is also reportedly still an issue and the obituary column in The Angolite often refers to deaths of relatively young inmates in Camp J without noting cause of death, as it does in other obituaries.
      "PROUT always stands for the cause of exploited people, irrespective of race, nation, religion etc., and always opposes all types of exploitation. But as poverty is the main problem in the world today, PROUT gives top priority to opposing economic exploitation, as this affects the livelihood and existence of the people."
      Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, Founder of PROUT



      The Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council could have made some difference had it not been allowed to become the plaything of an individual and his cronies, with Calcutta looking the other way. So how much more chaotic can things be if a new state is born? At present, officials from New Delhi and Calcutta are holding periodic parleys with the hill leaders, and they can go on doing so: these can make no difference to a people who are visibly determined to fight it out. - Sumanta Sen

      Time to Take Back the People's Political Narrative

      It is time to reclaim, to take back the people's narrative! Let's tell our story repeatedly, and tell it loud and tell it clear! This means constantly challenging and exposing the subterfuge of this corporate plutocracy, de facto police state, over which Barack Obama presides and seeks to continue. This means exposing and rejecting the constant crock of nonsense, distraction, and disinformation that the corporate media is disseminating. It means redefining what media is for the people. It means that the people must tell the story as it truly is. It means taking back the people's political narrative! There's much work to be done. Onward sisters and brothers. Onward! - Larry Pinkney

      US youth unemployment soars

      Overall, 2009 credit card debt in the US increased by 18 percent, with consumers in many of the hardest-hit states piling up more than a 30 percent increase in revolving debt during the year. These states include Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Dramatically contributing to the debt of young adults is the increasing burden of education costs. From 1982 to 2007, college tuition and fees increased by over 400 percent, even as financial aid shifted from grant-based aid to loans. The 2008-09 academic year showed a 25 percent increase in student loan disbursements, according to the US Education Department, pushing it up to $75 billion.

      Arctic sea ice vanishing faster than 'our most pessimistic models': researcher

      Sea ice in Canada's fragile Arctic is melting faster than anyone expected, the lead investigator in Canada's largest climate-change study yet said Friday -- raising the possibility that the Arctic could, in a worst-case scenario, be ice-free in about three years.
      University of Manitoba Prof. David Barber, the lead investigator of the Circumpolar Flaw Lead System Study, said the rapid decay of thick Arctic Sea ice highlights the rapid pace of climate change in the North and foreshadows what will come in the South.
      Every entity in creation, from the subtlest stage to the crudest stage, is alive. Everything is vibrant with life. But why is everything alive, what fills everything with life? It is the sheer joy of living. If there were no joy, no delight, in living, no one would have lived. They would have left this world, by one means or other. Why then are they here? Because they get joy in living here. Else they would not have stayed on. "The seven worlds shine with His light," reflect the brilliance of His effulgent being; and His glory makes everything sparkle with joy. Delighted with that luminosity, the hearts of all are dancing in joy. They want to live, to dance, to work, to see, to achieve, and to reach the Supreme Entity in order to merge in Him with joy. To live like this - this very way of living - is ánanda [bliss]. The world has its being only because of this ánanda. And if this ánanda had not been there, the world also would not have existed at all.
      Shrii Prabhat R Sarkar


      Incentives to Going 'Off Grid' Bring Power to the People

      At stake in the future of micro-power generation are not just carbon emissions -- campaigners also argue that localized green energy will have other benefits. "Renewables are decentralized by nature, largely benign and can work effectively at small as well as large scale. Small scale power technologies are about the economics of mass manufacturing and deployment - rather than economies of scale," Leonie Greene of the Renewable Energy Association told CNN. "That also means a change in ownership patterns. Potentially everyone can become an investor. These smaller technologies are also important globally -- the implications for the global south, which often lacks grid infrastructure, are extremely positive." - Matt Ford

      The Crisis Is Not Over

      The U.S. dollar survives as reserve currency because there is no apparent substitute. The euro has its own problems. Moreover, the euro is the currency of a non-existent political entity. National sovereignty continues despite the existence of a common currency on the continent (but not in Great Britain). If the dollar is abandoned, then the result is likely to be bilateral settlements in countries' own currencies, as Brazil and China now are doing. Alternatively, John Maynard Keynes' bancor scheme could be implemented, as it does not require a reserve currency country. Keynes' plan is designed to maintain a country's trade balance. Only a reserve currency country can get its trade and budget deficits so out of balance as the U.S. has done. The prospect of U.S. default and/or inflation and decline in the dollar's exchange value is a threat to the reserve system. - Paul Craig Roberts

      Israeli mind-scanner may take over US airports

      The device, which functions by blending high computer technology and behavioral psychology, is essentially designed to "get inside the evildoers head" without the subject's knowledge and prevent him or her from placing the lives of fellow travelers in jeopardy.

      Who Will Feed Our Children?

      Children were particularly at risk, as nearly 200,000 more households with children slipped into the food insecure category since 2007. Unemployment, low wage jobs, declines in food pantry supplies and cuts in state and local food programs, all produced negative outcomes for children. As the economic downturn moves from crisis to permanent reality, a frightening question emerges. Who will feed our children? - Billy Wharton
      We should not forget even for a moment that this whole animate world is a large family in which nature has not assigned any property to any particular individual. Individual ownership has been created by selfish opportunists so that they might take advantage of the defects of this system in order to grow fatter in a parasitic way. When the whole property of this universe has been inherited by all creatures, how then can there be any justification for a system in which someone receives a flow of huge excess, while others die for lack of a handful of grain? ...The aspiration to become rich by exploiting others is a sort of mental malady. In fact, if the eternal hunger of the human soul does not find the real path leading to mental and spiritual wealth, it becomes engaged in the work of depriving other of their rights; it robs them of their material resources. If any member of a family seizes food from a store by application of mental or physical force, he certainly becomes the cause of misery to others. Similar is the case when a capitalist says, "We have seized wealth by intelligence and labour. If others have mental and physical potentialities they may also do it. Who objects to it?" They do not want to realize that the volume of commodities is limited whereas requirements are common to all. In most spheres, abundance for one individual takes the bread out of the mouths of others. It is a mental ailment not to understand this common necessity.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar


      The Lie of Law: Courts Bow to State's Raw Power

      Again, remember the context of this ruling. It deals with the Leader's power over foreign citizens in lands that the Leader's armies are occupying. The judicial "reasoning" expressed by Judge Brown could apply, without the slightest alteration, to the Nazi regime's various programs of mass killing and "indefinite detention" of "enemy" foreigners in occupied lands. - Chris Floyd

      China's credit tightening exacerbates global financial instability

      The collapse of China's speculative asset bubbles would trigger financial instability at home and could lead to the slowing or even reversal of Beijing's purchases of US Treasury bonds and other dollar investments. The result would be a fresh round of financial crises in the US, which is dependent on the inflow of money, particularly from Asia. For all the talk of China representing a new "model" of capitalism, its financial instability could well be the catalyst for a deeper global economic crisis.

      Shrimp's Dirty Secrets: Why America's Favorite Seafood Is a Health and Environmental Nightmare

      A more responsible farming system involves closed, inland ponds that use their wastewater for agricultural irrigation instead of allowing it to pollute oceans or other waterways. According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program, when a farm has good disease management protocols, it does not need to use so many antibiotics or other chemicals. - Jill Richardson

      Love is most free and at the same time most bound

      In love all the contradictions of existence merge themselves and are lost. Only in love are unity and duality not at variance. Love must be one and two at the same time. Only love is motion and rest in one. Our heart ever changes its place till it finds love, and then it has its rest... Bondage and liberation are not antagonistic in love. for love is most free and at the same time most bound.

      Rabindranath Tagore
      Just as the advent of the purple dawn is inevitable at the end of the cimmerian darkness of the inter-lunar night, exactly in the same way I know that a gloriously brilliant chapter will also come after the endless reproach and humiliation of the neglected humanity of today. Those who love humanity and those who desire the welfare of living beings should be vigorously active from this very moment, after shaking off all lethargy and sloth, so that the most auspicious hour arrives at the earliest.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar


      Troops fire on starving crowds in Haiti

      "The U.S. response to the earthquake should be considered an embarrassment. Our operation received virtually no support from any branch of the US government, including the State Department. As we ran out of various supplies we had no means to acquire more.... Later, as we were leaving Haiti, we were appalled to see warehouse-size quantities of unused medicines, food and other supplies at the airport, surrounded by hundreds of US and international soldiers standing around aimlessly."

      India's Agriculture Minister Fiddles, While The Country Faces The Heat On Food Prices

      I have throughout maintained that the food prices are on an upswing because the Ministry for Food and Agriculture wants the prices to rise. There is no other reason why the prices should go up. At the same time, if it was not for the compulsions of the coalition politics, I am sure any strong government would have removed the Food and Agriculture minister by now. - Devinder Sharma

      Another Intrusion Called Cargill Changes Food Market

      Overall the price situation worsened because of leaving both farmers and consumers to the mercy of traders and middlemen. And, thus, Yudhvir Singh is for urgent Government intervention to instill confidence among the farmers through policy changes vis-à-vis trading of food grains. - Abid Shah

      On The State Of The Union

      Why President Obama did not tell tens of millions of Americans Wednesday evening about how to break the logjam, the gridlock on health insurance, energy, jobs, financial reform and other measures, that they dislike, is a question only he can answer. "Certainly Senate Rule 22 itself should be changed, so that there is ultimately a simple majority for a cloture limiting debate vote," according to Geoghegan. - Ralph Nader
      "History bears testimony that whenever a person states the absolute truth in any sphere of life, whether it be spiritual, social, economic or otherwise; sought clarification of doubts or protested against injustice and wrongs, the evil forces forthwith plotted against the person, administered poison, slandered and assaulted that person with rage, misused authority and mercilessly dealt blow after blow; but the blows boomeranged and ultimately the evil forces were annihilated by those very blows. Remember, by an unalterable decree of history, the evil forces are destined to meet their final doom."
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar


      A Year Of Lalgarh

      The movement in Lalgarh still continues, and is expected to gain greater heights as the Indian state goes into an all out war against the people in the entire adivasi-populated region of India. The state might consider Lalgarh to be the laboratory for such an operation, but it might finally prove to be the mortuary of the same. Terrible oppression, daily firings and indiscriminate arrests of people have not been able to subdue Lalgarh. The people of jangalmahal have stood up, and they will not bow down again. - Partho Sarathi Ray

      India For Selective Assassination Of Its Own Citizens?

      Recent statements from Indian leaders and police officers gives away the new strategy on the war on Naxalism. To make the movement "headless" by carrying out selective assassination of its leaders with the help of Israeli operatives

      Karnataka's Hindu Right Targets Churches in response to Attacks on Indians in Australia

      The accused were purportedly trying to pull down the cross, which is a few metres from the church. But some custodians of the church saw them and raised an alarm, forcing the culprits to flee. But it is not a religious issue. It is a racial issue. It is an immigration issue. It is also an issue of helpless frustration in Australans at lack of employment and other social ills. - Garda

      India Shining: Passages To And From My Country

      I no longer do, though. I fear this new India, where I should have great difficulty fitting in. My father was given to pronouncing the dictum of "simple living, high thinking," a piece of advice at which, growing up, I invariably scoffed, thinking it just a ploy of my father's to avoid getting me whatever gewgaw it was I had my childish heart set on at the time. Knowing my father, it may still have been that, but it must be a sign of approaching old age that this philosophy is now beginning to make sense. I am unable to find my way among the towering glass-fronted malls rampant across the metropolitan skyscapes, the enormous SUVs straddling roads so narrow people flatten themselves against the walls of houses and stand above open sewers to let the monsters roll by, the billboards shrieking determinedly of the desirability of a completely unsustainable way of life. - Pubali Ray Chaudhuri
      So ours is the age of Neohumanism - humanity supplying the elixir of life to all, to one and all. We are for all, and with everything in existence we have to build a new society, a Neo-Humanistic society. So we must not waste our time; if we are late in doing our duty, the dark shadow of complete destruction will overpower our existence. We should be conscious of this; we must not waste a single moment of our valuable existence. Now humanity is at the threshold of a new era, and so many epoch-making events, so many annals of history are to be created by you boys and you girls. Be ready to shoulder that responsibility for ages to come. This is the age of Neohumanism.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar



      Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and
      do not necessarily reflect those of the World Prout Assembly.



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