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30The Kidnapping of Haiti

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  • Garda Ghista
    Jan 30, 2010
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      PROUT stands for PROgressive UTilization Theory. It means, the progressive utilization and rational distribution of all the earth's natural resources. PROUT advocates another type of revolution called "nuclear revolution." In nuclear revolution, every aspect of collective life - social, economic, political, cultural, psychic and spiritual - is completely transformed. New moral and spiritual values arise in society which provide the impetus for accelerated social progress. The old era is replaced by a new era - one collective psychology is replaced by another. This type of revolution results in all-round development and social progress.

      Dear readers, WPA accepts no corporate funding. Please help us to survive and continue the work of informing you all of what's happening in the real world. Please if you can, send us donations. Checks can be made out to "World Prout Assembly" and mailed to Garda Ghista, World Prout Assembly, 104 Ross Avenue, Bellevue, KY 41073, USA. If you feel the news here is important, please help us to survive. We don't mind doing the work. We just need help with funding. Thank you very much!

      We have begun organizing the Second Summit of the World Prout Assembly. It will take place November 25-28, 2010 in Hyderabad, India. Please visit the conference website - www.wpasummit2010.org for more details. Some of you wrote to us that the First Summit was the best conference you had ever attended. Others wrote that the Radford conference was a glorious event. We intend to make the Second Summit even better, even more glorious, than the first. We hope that all of you will plan to attend. Those wishing to help with the organizing should please write to wpaeditor@....

      Check out the WPA Conference site - www.wpasummit2010.org


      We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility.

      Rabindranath Tagore

      The People's State of the Union

      Change has not come fast enough, primarily, because there is not a groundswell of support for a social agenda that would respond to the needs of the people of the United States. Tens of thousands of people are needed to galvanize leaders into action against policies purveying great immorality are missing in action. In the past, this nation has proven that people of great decency and great strength will rise up and take on immorality. It is time for those people to rise up and struggle with power again. Understandably, unemployment at a level far higher than what the government is reporting has been burdening families and tearing apart communities. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 15.4 million Americans were unemployed in November, the "real" jobless rate is likely closer to over 26 million. The current rate reported by the government does not include part-time workers seeking full-time work, discouraged job seekers, and person furloughed from full-time to part-time status." - Kevin Goztola

      JPMorgan vs. Goldman Sachs: Why the Market Was Down 7 Days in a Row

      But the President hasn't knuckled under yet. In his State of the Union address on January 27, he did not dwell long on the issue of bank reform, but he held to his position. He said: "We can't allow financial institutions, including those that take your deposits, to take risks that threaten the whole economy. The House has already passed financial reform with many of these changes. And the lobbyists are already trying to kill it. Well, we cannot let them win this fight. And if the bill that ends up on my desk does not meet the test of real reform, I will send it back." What this "real reform" would look like was left to conjecture, but Bob Chapman fills in some blanks and suggests what might be needed for an effective overhaul: "The attempt will be to bring the financial system back to brass tacks. . . . That would include little or no MBS and CDOs, the regulation of derivatives and hedge funds and the end of massive market manipulation, both by Treasury, Fed and Wall Street players. Congress has to end the 'President's Working Group on Financial Markets,' or at least limit its use to real emergencies. . . . The Glass-Steagall Act should be reintroduced into the system and lobbying and campaign contributions should end. . . . No more politics in lending and banks should be limited to a lending ratio of 10 to 1. . . . It is bad enough they have the leverage that they have. State banks such as North Dakota's are a better idea." On January 28, the predictable reaction of "the market" was to fall for the seventh straight day. The battle of the Titans was on. - Ellen Brown

      The Kidnapping of Haiti

      With US troops in control of their country, the outlook for the people of Haiti is bleak. The theft of Haiti has been swift and crude. On 22 January, the United States secured "formal approval" from the United Nations to take over all air and sea ports in Haiti, and to "secure" roads. No Haitian signed the agreement, which has no basis in law. Power rules in a US naval blockade and the arrival of 13,000 marines, special forces, spooks and mercenaries, none with humanitarian relief training. The airport in the capital, Port-au-Prince, is now a US military base and relief flights have been rerouted to the Dominican Republic. All flights stopped for three hours for the arrival of Hillary Clinton. Critically injured Haitians waited unaided as 800 American residents in Haiti were fed, watered and evacuated.. Six days passed before the US air force dropped bottled water to people suffering dehydration. - John Pilger

      Jan 26, 2010
      Dear Readers,
      My name is David Kendall. An urgency has come to my attention, and it's time for someone to sound the alarm. The administrators of World Prout Assembly are in dire need of financial assistance, not merely to maintain a public Internet presence, but to provide for their own basic needs like housing and food to eat. In lieu of eviction, homelessness and hunger, it seems perfectly reasonable for me to request everyone who benefits from the services provided here to donate as little as $10 per month or even $1 per month -- starting immediately -- to maintain the health and safety of the kind and generous people who provide this great service. Please respond now!
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      Granted, World Prout Assembly provides new writers with an opportunity for initial public exposure and existing writers with a public channel to experiment with new ideas. But the services provided here are not merely distributive. Perhaps most importantly, this Web site is a massive accumulation of historical data. Instead of history being written exclusively by those who own intellectual property rights to the information and the publishers who do their bidding, this Web site is a free and open opportunity for history to be written by the people who actually live it -- in their homes and in their neighborhoods and in their communities.
      Moreover, the information provided here by both amateur and professional journalists forces many mainstream journalists to think twice about the information they randomly toss on the cutting-room floor. It's also an opportunity for you and me to publicly analyze and critique the typical bias of mainstream media. To force an increase in these trends and to prevent their dissolution, Web sites like this one must be financially empowered by active participants over time.
      In the near future, digital Internet transactions will hopefully be available for making your donations. In the meantime, the administrators of World Prout Assembly are now hurting in a bad way, and they need your help today. A check or a money order for five dollars or even one dollar is less than the cost of a monthly subscription to your local newspaper. Larger one-time donations of $50 or more would be a great help to get these folks through a very rough time. At this point, the amount donated by each individual doesn't matter nearly as much as getting everybody to donate something -- no matter how little.
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      David Kendall
      Economic Democracy Advocate


      Review: Down to the Wire - Confronting Climate Collapse

      Sustainability will need to be built on something deeper than the application of more technology and smarter economics. They may only compound our tribulations. He considers that the effort to secure a decent human future will need awareness of the connections that bind us to each other, to all life, and to all life to come. What is given must be passed on. Every culture that approaches sustainability grasps the truth that nothing can be held or possessed. Substantial sections of the book explore such ideas thoughtfully and in highly readable prose. Philosophy, ethics, and to some extent religion underlie the diagnoses and prescriptions proposed.

      Chhattisgarh: Lost battle

      The people of Chhattisgarh appear to have lost the battle against industrialisation without rules. Even those who held out longest against the acquisition of their lands, forests and rivers are giving up the fight. Dilnaz Boga travels through the villages of Raigarh district, where thousands are being displaced

      Bourgeois Ping-Pong Politics & the Mulattos of the Mind

      The U.S. bloodletting in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq is not limited to merely those areas of the world; just as the denial of the right of return by the Palestinian people to their homes and lands in Palestine is by no means limited to them. Remember the U.S. government victims of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans! Remember it well, for then you will grasp what the Obama / G W Bush / Bill Clinton corporate / military gang-- is really about the business of doing at this very moment in Haiti! Remember the U.S. corporate contract murderers of the Blackwater corporation. Remember that as the infrastructure for jobs, housing, schools and libraries, etc., crumbles in the U.S., and as billions upon endless billions of dollars are spent on perpetual wars abroad which actually serve to foster so-called "terrorism" and protect no one, the avaricious filthy rich get even richer. Wake up people! Remember your own humanity and who you are! Remember that we are not merely moving towards a U.S. corporate police state; we are already in it--as the unconstitutional (Obama-Biden-Rham Emanuel supported) so called 'Patriot Act' and the amoral and illegal U.S. international kidnapping outrage known as "Rendition," clearly demonstrate. Again I implore you: Wake up people! Remember your own humanity and who you are! Remember that it is we the people who hold the key to the liberation of ourselves and others, not the politicians of this deceitful, capitalist, corporate plutocracy! Onward then sisters and brothers. Onward!..... Larry Pinkney

      Mizoram's unwanted citizens

      The repatriation of displaced people hangs in the balance as successive governments have given no clear assurances of taking them back and resettling them properly in Mizoram. The state's former Chief Minister Zoramthanga has said on several occasions that only 16,000 of the refugees are from Mizoram and that they will be rehabilitated if they are willing to return. Refugee leaders say, however, that everyone at the camps, except newborn babies, belongs to Mizoram and that they all have official proof in the form of citizenship certificates, bank passbooks, ration cards and birth certificates. Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar has also stated that the refugees are from Mizoram and that the Mizo government should take them all back. At a high-level meeting in New Delhi to discuss the refugee problem, it was decided that 16,000 refugees would return by October 30, 2000. This decision followed a directive by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to the Mizoram government to take back the displaced people. The NHRC also instructed the Centre to play an active role in arranging the repatriation of the Brus. Nothing has happened since. The Mizoram chief minister says repatriation will begin only after it is clear that the returnees belong to Mizoram. All displaced people will have to produce documents like ration cards, voter ID cards, birth certificates, citizenship certificates, etc. NGOs will be engaged to help in the identification process. It has been decided that Rs 30,000 per family will be provided as housing assistance, Rs 50,000 in cash grants, and one year's ration after repatriation. Also that special development projects will be launched in Mamit, Kolashib, Lunglei and Aizawl districts in Mizoram.

      Today there is catastrophe and misery in human society and there is one reason: the defective leadership of society. People blindly follow even unintelligent leaders. The leaders hypnotize and attract thousands with their tall talks, gestures and other dramatics. Understand that the poverty and misery of any people in any country are the sins of the leaders. True leaders should always be vigilant and think how to work best for human society: they must be ever cautious that under their guidance the people are not led to darkness, death and immorality.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      The agony

      Bodies dumped en masse

      Old woman in pain

      More bodies

      On Academics, Marxists, Media, Hindutva

      In one sense, then, the picture for students of India is even grimmer than the one Tripathi sketches. In another sense, there is hope, because times of turbulence also hold the potential for intellectual change. As students of India, we will have to take seriously the growing discontent among Hindus about the ways in which their traditions have been depicted. Some of this is inspired by an attempt to sanitise the Hindu traditions according to the model of Islam and Christianity and the prudishness of middle-class morality. However, other strands express a deep sense of grievance towards the secularist hegemony and the academic allergy to Hinduism. As long as reasonable and well-educated minds do not address these grievances, Hindu nationalism will be able to tap into the growing anger among Hindus and manipulate this to its own benefit. To address such problems, one needs to work towards a climate of intellectual freedom that has too long been absent from the study of India. - Jakob De Roover

      Seven Days in May, 2009

      Cheney grossly exaggerates the actual change in policies by Obama. But it is noteworthy that he expresses particular bitterness over the fact that, to even a limited extent in the course of the 2008 presidential campaign, the American people sought to express their opposition to the anti-democratic policies of the Bush-Cheney administration. The evident hostility of the former vice president to the American people having any influence over national security policy is symptomatic of the attitude that prevails within the entire military-intelligence apparatus, which regards American elections in the same light as elections held overseas: political events to be manipulated, disregarded or suppressed, depending on the worldwide interests of American imperialism - Patrick Martin

      All great human movements are related to some great idea

      All men have poetry in their hearts, and it is necessary for them, as much as possible, to express their feelings. For this they must have a medium, moving and pliant, which can refreshingly become their own, age after age. All great languages undergo change. Those languages which resist the spirit of change are doomed and will never produce great harvests of thought and literature. When forms become fixed, the spirit either weakly accepts its imprisonment or rebels. All revolutions consists of the "within" fighting against invasion from "without"... All great human movements are related to some great idea.

      Rabindranath Tagore

      Tsunami of US army hit Haiti in form of earthquake

      The Arabic-language newspaper The Latest News published in the United States of America, quoting some informed sources, has written that the tsunami that took place a few years ago in South Asia was due to American nuclear tests in the depth of the oceans. That newspaper added: "At the moment, Washington is trying to persuade the world that what happened in Haiti had been a natural disaster. However, geologists believe that the earthquake in Haiti could not be due to the movement of the earth's crust. It is clear that it has been due to the tests that have affected in an unnatural way both the earth and the sea." That newspaper has added: "Haiti's earthquake has been the result of a successful American test in the depth of the sea." That newspaper has warned that Arab countries, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and Palestine will be the next targets for those tests.

      Where there is torture of good people, the system which supports it will surely be destroyed. There are many good people in this world who want to do good work. You should convince them, work with them and organize them to do maximum service for the suffering humanity.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar


      The New Mortgage Revolution: Walk Away

      "People are spending far more on mortgage and ownership costs than they would to rent the same unit and there is almost no realistic prospect that there will ever get equity in many of these homes," says Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research and author of the book False Profits: Recovering From the Bubble Economy. "Walking away will save them money and also free up money for consumption, thereby providing a boost to the economy. Banks will likely be far more forgiving of people who default in this crisis than they would ordinarily be. This isn't altruism -- they want to be able to make loans."

      Howard Zinn on War and Aggression

      Listen to Howard Zinn talking about war, and is it instinctive or taught?

      To learn to the utmost from other nations

      We need a type of patriotism that recognizes the virtues of those who are opposed to us [Americans]. We must get away from the idea that America is to be the leader of the world in everything. She can lead in some things. The old "manifest destiny" idea ought to be modified so that each nation has the manifest destiny to do the best it can - and that without cant, without the assumption of self-righteousness and with a desire to learn to the uttermost from other nations.

      Francis John McConnell

      Restore the Power to the People: Amend the Constitution!

      The U.S. Supreme Court decision granting corporations the same free speech rights as natural persons allows them to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections and public affairs. Corporations, foreign and domestic, can now force politicians to choose silver or lead when supporting or opposing corporate and foreign power interests. Any politician who places the well-being of the public over corporate demands can count on well-financed negative publicity at the next election. Moreover, corporations will be able to directly influence the election of state judges and the confirmation of federal judges. With the Congress, White House and Supreme Court now up for sale to the highest bidder, we, the people of the United States of America, must exercise our fading power before it is lost forever. The 11th and 12th Amendments clearly establish that the Constitution exists to protect the rights and powers of the people, not corporations. It is our Constitution! We must amend it to ensure it protects us against corporations. - William John Cox

      "PROUT always stands for the cause of exploited people, irrespective of race, nation, religion etc., and always opposes all types of exploitation. But as poverty is the main problem in the world today, PROUT gives top priority to opposing economic exploitation, as this affects the livelihood and existence of the people."
      Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, Founder of PROUT


      Rule by the Rich

      The enormous damage done to the U.S. economy by jobs offshoring, work visas, and financial deregulation cannot be offset by government stimulus plans, which expand the debt burdens that are crushing Americans. The federal government's massive budget deficits and the Federal Reserve's easy monetary policy are setting the stage for an inflationary depression to follow a deflationary depression. The Federal Reserve chairman says not to worry about inflation, because the Fed can take the money back out of the economy. But can the Fed take the money out without contracting the economy? The Federal Reserve says not to worry about financing the federal budget deficit. Banksters are buying the Treasury bonds with the proceeds from their sales of their toxic derivatives to the Fed. So what is happening to the Federal Reserve's balance sheet? And when will the Fed have no recourse but to print new money in order to finance the federal deficit? How long can the dollar retain its reserve currency role in such circumstances, and how does the U.S. pay for its imports when this role is lost? Don't look to Washington for answers to these questions. - Paul Craig Roberts


      Similar events are occurring in other countries, and the bows and arrows of the indigenous people are as ineffective against the firepower of the invaders as they were in the time of Columbus. Yet they do have weapons that were not available in 1492: legal and constitutional rights, environmental laws, international law, greater knowledge of the devastating environmental impact of deforestation and militarism, and modern information and communication technologies. Struggles in the real world are more complicated and messy than the cleancut fight between good and evil in the world of Avatar: the invaders are not necessarily White; some of the indigenous people may collaborate with them, while others may join groups like the Maoists whose interests clash with their own; indigenous people belonging to different tribes may fight each other for control over the same territory; some tribal customs may be extremely oppressive, especially to women; for many indigenous people, their biggest problem may be the discrimination and exclusion they face in mainstream society; and all these actors have to share the same planet, in some cases the same country. But is it profoundly silly to think that the surviving indigenous people of the world can win sufficient control over their lives and habitats to secure freedom from poverty, indignity and violent abuse? The happy ending of Avatar encourages us to hope that it is not. - Rohini Hensman

      Things About The Economy Everyone Should Be Worried About

      But the big banks, with their enormous political clout, appear to be managing to duck the re-regulation that seemed inevitable a year ago -- and they are now in fact more powerful than ever. The ultimate litmus test is that the banks that are "too big to fail," rather than being broken up, are now making huge profits -- and paying astronomical bonuses -- based on the implicit guarantee that the government will pay their debts if they ever face bankruptcy. Indeed, that government backstop gives them every reason to place riskier bets than ever. Even Obama's latest, much more assertive and populist proposal to limit bank activities does not break up those banks -- and faces an uncertain future in our nearly paralyzed legislative branch. - Dan Froomkin


      Tzaddik - a practitioner of tzedek, justice

      Every entity in creation, from the subtlest stage to the crudest stage, is alive. Everything is vibrant with life. But why is everything alive, what fills everything with life? It is the sheer joy of living. If there were no joy, no delight, in living, no one would have lived. They would have left this world, by one means or other. Why then are they here? Because they get joy in living here. Else they would not have stayed on. "The seven worlds shine with His light," reflect the brilliance of His effulgent being; and His glory makes everything sparkle with joy. Delighted with that luminosity, the hearts of all are dancing in joy. They want to live, to dance, to work, to see, to achieve, and to reach the Supreme Entity in order to merge in Him with joy. To live like this - this very way of living - is ánanda [bliss]. The world has its being only because of this ánanda. And if this ánanda had not been there, the world also would not have existed at all.
      Shrii Prabhat R Sarkar


      Howard Zinn's last advice to America - and to me: A Broad Coalition for Independence From the Corporations & the Military

      Arthur, you are absolutely right, this is the time for the resurgence of a national movement that begins with a co-ordinated country-wide action. The theme you describe, "independence from the military-corporation" is one that all sorts of people and groups can unite around. I believe millions, probably tens of millions of people are ready for this because there is little left of the early euphoria that greeted Obama's election. A huge job to organize it, but it was done for Mobilization Day Oct.15,1969, and without the advantage of the Internet. Someone or some group that is respected throughout the progressive movement would need to take the initiative and summon supporters. With blacks, Latinos, women prominent, and not disdaining celebrities. I think of Julian Bond, Danny Glover, Rosie Perez, Cindy Sheehan, Harry Belafonte, Matt Damon, Oprah, Alice Walker, Marian Wright Edelman -- some well-known clergy, you and others, some labor leaders. Maybe not that exact group, but just to suggest a direction. And a few super-organizers. I'm not up for organizing these days, maybe for consultation, and whatever help I can give. - Howard Zinn

      Noor Inayat Khan : Princess, Spy, Martyr, Heroine

      It was a crisp Munich morning on September 13, 1944 when the four shackled women were led to the execution grounds. All were made to kneel. Friedrich Wilhelm Ruppert, the SS trooper in charge of executions, gave the orders to shoot. By eyewitness account, one by one the troopers shot Madeleine Damerment, Eliane Plewman, and Yolande Beekman. Come the turn of the fourth prisoner, Wilhelm stopped the executioners. He stepped forward and hit the fourth prisoner with his gun butt. When she fell to the ground, he kicked her till she was reduced to a bloody mess. She was raised to her knees forcibly. Wilhelm then shot her in the back of her head thus bringing to an abrupt end the short life of Princess, spy, heroine, martyr Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan, a great great granddaughter of Tipu Sultan, the last Muslim sovereign of South India. One died fighting British imperialism. The other died for Britain fighting Nazi imperialism. Her last word was "Liberté". She was 30 years old. - Anwaar Hussain


      Zinn, popularly known as the people's historian, pointed out that the U.S. may have liberated Iraq from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein but afterwards it became Iraq's occupier. He noted this is the same fate that befell Cuba after the U.S. liberated it from Spain in 1898. In both nations, the U.S. established military bases and U.S. corporations moved in to profit from the upheaval. Zinn recalled the words of then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld before the NATO ministers in Brussels in June, 2002, "the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" of weapons of mass destruction. "That explains why this government, not knowing exactly where to find the criminals of September 11, will just go ahead and invade and bomb Afghanistan, killing thousands of people, driving hundreds of thousands from their homes, and still not know where the criminals are," Zinn wrote. "This explains why the government, not really knowing what weapons Saddam Hussein is hiding, will invade and bomb Iraq, to the horror of most of the world, killing thousands of civilians and soldiers and terrorizing the population," he continued. - Sherwood Ross

      Haiti's Earthquake: Natural or Engineered -

      ViVe said the US Navy may have had "full knowledge" of the test's damage potential, and speculated it was why Deputy Southern Command General PK Keen was in Haiti when the quake struck, preparing to act in case of a disaster, perhaps an engineered one. In his January 21 Global Research article, Michel Chossudovsky said: "A Haiti disaster relief scenario had been envisaged at the headquarters of US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) in Miami one day prior to the earthquake (since) pre-disaster simulations pertain(ing) to the impacts of a hurricane in Haiti" were conducted. - Stephen Lendman

      We should not forget even for a moment that this whole animate world is a large family in which nature has not assigned any property to any particular individual. Individual ownership has been created by selfish opportunists so that they might take advantage of the defects of this system in order to grow fatter in a parasitic way. When the whole property of this universe has been inherited by all creatures, how then can there be any justification for a system in which someone receives a flow of huge excess, while others die for lack of a handful of grain? ...The aspiration to become rich by exploiting others is a sort of mental malady. In fact, if the eternal hunger of the human soul does not find the real path leading to mental and spiritual wealth, it becomes engaged in the work of depriving other of their rights; it robs them of their material resources. If any member of a family seizes food from a store by application of mental or physical force, he certainly becomes the cause of misery to others. Similar is the case when a capitalist says, "We have seized wealth by intelligence and labour. If others have mental and physical potentialities they may also do it. Who objects to it?" They do not want to realize that the volume of commodities is limited whereas requirements are common to all. In most spheres, abundance for one individual takes the bread out of the mouths of others. It is a mental ailment not to understand this common necessity.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar


      Ron Paul Warns Of Coming "Social And Political Chaos"

      "We are rapidly moving toward a dangerous time in our history. Society as we know it is vulnerable to political and social unrest. This impending crisis comes as a consequence of our flawed foreign and domestic economic policies, a silly notion of money, ignorance about central banking, ignoring the onerous power and mischief of out of control intelligence agencies, our unsustainable welfare state and a willingness to sacrifice privacy and civil liberties in an attempt to achieve safety and security from an inept government." "Dangerous times indeed." The Congressman states, stressing that a street fight to restore liberty is not a good option. "The only way that we can prevent blood from running in the streets is to offer a better idea of the proper role of government in a society that desires, first and foremost, liberty." "The social unrest will illicit cries for the government to exert unusual force to head off a complete breakdown of law and order. The ultimate trap will be set for a system of government claiming to protect a free society." Paul states. "If more power and police authority are not given to the Federal government, it will be argued that only anarchy will result. If more government policing power is given, it will mean a lethal threat to civil liberties." - Infowars.net

      Howard Zinn, historian who challenged status quo, dies at 87

      Dr. Zinn was an instructor at Upsala College and lecturer at Brooklyn College before joining the faculty of Spelman College in Atlanta, in 1956. He served at the historically black women's institution as chairman of the history department. Among his students were the novelist Alice Walker, who called him "the best teacher I ever had," and Marian Wright Edelman, future head of the Children's Defense Fund. During this time, Dr. Zinn became active in the civil rights movement. He served on the executive committee of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the most aggressive civil rights organization of the time, and participated in numerous demonstrations. Dr. Zinn became an associate professor of political science at BU in 1964 and was named full professor in 1966. The focus of his activism now became the Vietnam War. Dr. Zinn spoke at countless rallies and teach-ins and drew national attention when he and another leading antiwar activist, Rev. Daniel Berrigan, went to Hanoi in 1968 to receive three prisoners released by the North Vietnamese.

      US employment situation worsens

      In the two years since the recession began, the US has lost 7.6 million jobs, more than any downturn since the Great Depression. The average time it took to find a job rose to 29.1 weeks in December, the highest figure in records dating back to 1948. Economists do not expect the job situation to improve any time this year. They project, on average, that the jobless rate will stay at its current level of 10 percent throughout 2010. Economists are predicting that any recovery to pre-recession levels will take years. David Rosenberg, formerly of Merrill Lynch, said that the United States is entering "the mother of all jobless recoveries," and that, by a "conservative estimate," it will take 5 years to recover the 7.6 million jobs lost in the recession. Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard University is even more pessimistic. He recently told BusinessWeek, "The US would need to add a good 11 million jobs to bring the unemployment rate back to where it was at the start of the crisis, and over 9 million jobs just to get unemployment back to 6 percent." As for levels of unemployment seen before the recession, he said, "We might not see that for a decade." - Andre Damon

      The Radiation Boom: As Technology Surges, Radiation Safeguards Lag

      Mrs. Garman's accident occurred in September 2006, when she received twice her prescribed dose five separate times because a physicist had "entered an incorrect magnification factor into the treatment planning computer," according to state regulators. Five months later, she complained of severe pain, and doctors discovered that she had broken ribs, a known side effect of her type of overdose. Mrs. Garman's daughter, Joyce Lilya, said her mother, who had walked two miles daily before the procedure, could now barely walk two blocks. Even though her cancer did not reappear, a year after the overdose, Mrs. Garman ended up in intensive care with breathing troubles. No cause could be determined, her daughter said. A month later, Mrs. Garman took an overdose of Tylenol, tied a plastic bag around her head and killed herself. "I was really trying, but it was too much for me," she said in a note. "Let me go!!! Please." Ms. Lilya said she and her family were stunned, calling her mother a "positive person" who would never hurt herself even though her husband had died several months earlier. Seeking reasons for her mother's suicide, Ms. Lilya began searching the Internet and reached out with dozens of calls and e-mail messages to professional groups and government agencies. Only then, she said, did she learn of the radiation overdose. Much to her surprise, the state had cited the hospital only for failing to promptly report the mistake to state authorities. There was no fine. And while Mrs. Garman's medical records show that she had asked for a written account of her overdose, the hospital could produce no such document nor was one in her medical file.

      Just as the advent of the purple dawn is inevitable at the end of the cimmerian darkness of the inter-lunar night, exactly in the same way I know that a gloriously brilliant chapter will also come after the endless reproach and humiliation of the neglected humanity of today. Those who love humanity and those who desire the welfare of living beings should be vigorously active from this very moment, after shaking off all lethargy and sloth, so that the most auspicious hour arrives at the earliest.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar



      The situation was far more serious than was originally thought. Tens of thousands of injured were clamoring for help in the streets of Port-au-Prince; innumerable persons laid, dead or alive, under the rubbled clay or adobe used in the construction of the houses where the overwhelming majority of the population lived. Buildings, even the most solid, collapsed. Besides, it was necessary to look for the Haitian doctors who had graduated at the Latin American Medicine School throughout all the destroyed neighborhoods. Many of them were affected, either directly or indirectly, by the tragedy. Some UN officials were trapped in their dormitories and tens of lives were lost, including the lives of several chiefs of MINUSTAH, a UN contingent. The fate of hundreds of other members of its staff was unknown. - Fidel Castro Ruz

      The Women of Haiti

      See the plight of the women of Haiti. Their crime? To be born on a mountain of oil. - Garda Ghista


      Haiti: Human Trafficking On The Rise After Earthquake

      Before the earthquake, more than 300,000 children were already in forced labor in Haiti. Human trafficking was already an issue. Now, it will only get worse. Haiti's population currently consists of poor youth-45% of the population is under 15 years of age. With new international aid and emerging reconstruction plans, developing a long-term economic plan is also an important ingredient. Stable incomes and economic options for communities reduce the risk of people falling into human trafficking. Like the country, human rights for the people need to be rebuilt to ensure trafficking and exploitation is not the normal way of life for Haiti in the future.

      "Reconstructing Haiti" on starvation wages

      In reality, Haiti is now being run by the US military, which has deployed over 13,000 troops and unilaterally taken control of the country's airport and port facilities. The Pentagon has dominated the provision of relief, which it has subordinated to the number one priority of deploying combat-equipped US soldiers and Marines, much to the detriment of injured and hungry Haitians waiting for life-saving medical supplies and food. The US newsweekly Time gave expression to the real situation, referring to the top US military commander in the country, US Lt. Gen. Ken Keen, as "the de facto king of Haiti." Meanwhile, the Haitian people have seen or heard nothing of Haitian President René Préval. - Bil Van Auken

      "History bears testimony that whenever a person states the absolute truth in any sphere of life, whether it be spiritual, social, economic or otherwise; sought clarification of doubts or protested against injustice and wrongs, the evil forces forthwith plotted against the person, administered poison, slandered and assaulted that person with rage, misused authority and mercilessly dealt blow after blow; but the blows boomeranged and ultimately the evil forces were annihilated by those very blows. Remember, by an unalterable decree of history, the evil forces are destined to meet their final doom."
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar


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