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20Manifesting a Dream

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  • Garda Ghista
    Oct 27, 2008
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      Dear Friends, Due to lack of time, I haven't sent out this newsletter for a long while. I will try to change that now, for two reasons. I need your financial support. I simply can't afford to keep running the site. The funds are not there. Hence, if you feel the site has value, please help to support this site. Visits and hits are the highest since the start of the site, primarily perhaps because we are posting scores of articles about the economic crisis. Please send checks to the address given at the top of the WPA homepage. The second reason for sending this newsletter is that I have a new dream. It is to build a real, self-sustaining community in one of the most backward areas of India, amongst the long-neglected tribals. Shrii Sarkar strongly condemned those who dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima, saying they are barbarians. He said that those persons need to go to the hills of India and sit at the feet of the tribals to learn the real meaning of the word "civilization." Now I want to sit at their feet. I want to be sure that I understand the meaning of that word. And more than that, I want to find a way to help those tribals - the original inhabitants of India - to become the new leaders of India and the world. In the past five years, thousands of tribals have either committed suicide or slowly starved to death. They just laid down and died. This is unacceptable. We need to join with them and find a way to create self-sustaining communities, and build sanctuaries for the widows, the elderly, the destitute, the orphans, the lepers, and the homeless. We need to build simple homes for all and get them engaged in creating a glorious community where they can productively busy themselves in agriculture, in artisanry, in making indigenous crafts that serve to meet the essentials of life. We need to create an indigenous seed sanctuary and teach the tribals to remain far away from the so-called modern GM seeds that destroy crops, lives and souls while making Monsanto rich. We need to bring solar energy and wind energy to these communities and learn together how to exist completely off the corporate grid. We can set up producer and consumer cooperatives. It is a dream of vast proportions. It requires money, labor and materials.  If you love this dream, write to me. Together we can do something beautiful before dying.  -  Garda Ghista

      World Prout Assembly

      Economy of the People, For the People and By the People!
      Put Economic Power in the Hands of the People!

      Moralists of the world - unite!

      PROUT stands for PROgressive UTilization Theory. It means, the progressive utilization and rational distribution of all the earth's natural resources. PROUT advocates another type of revolution called "nuclear revolution." In nuclear revolution, every aspect of collective life - social, economic, political, cultural, psychic and spiritual - is completely transformed. New moral and spiritual values arise in society which provide the impetus for accelerated social progress. The old era is replaced by a new era - one collective psychology is replaced by another. This type of revolution results in all-round development and social progress.

      Dear readers, WPA accepts no corporate funding. Please help us to survive and continue the work of informing you all of what's happening in the real world. Please if you can, send us donations. Checks can be made out to "World Prout Assembly" and mailed to Garda Ghista, World Prout Assembly, 7 Bordeaux Drive, Highland Heights, KY 41076, USA. If you feel the news here is important, please help us to survive. We don't mind doing the work. We just need help with funding. Thank you very much!

      Public Enemy Number One

      In fact, the Fed's job is to spot and moderate them. Not let them get out of hand. By raising interest rates. Margin requirements. Jawboning. Reducing the money supply to cool speculation and enhance stability. "Taking away the punch bowl," as former Fed chairman William McChesney Martin put it. Available tools Greenspan eschewed that would have worked if used. They weren't, and he denied all responsibility. The result is where we are today. Greenspan still avoiding a mea culpa and only expressing "shock" and "disbelief." But no regrets, and why not. His job was to transfer wealth from the public to the rich. In that he succeeded mightily but look at the cost. - Stephen Lendman

      Increase in population will be detrimental to capitalism

      Today, capitalists are trying to check the population by propagating the principle of birth control because the increase in population will be detrimental to capitalism. In a collective economic structure one need not support birth control. Rather an increasing population will be helpful in the production of essential commodities.

      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      Socialists and the US Financial Crisis

      Now with the capitalists throwing off their neoliberal pretensions and demanding that the government bail them out, we're able to say, "Yes, government intervention, but for the workers, not for the capitalists, and under the democratic control of the workers, not the dictatorship of capital." Workers are angry. For thirty years they've been told that there's no money for jobs, no money for wages, no money for pensions and health insurance, no money for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, no money for education, and no money for infrastructure. They've mostly accepted the government's spending a trillion dollars a year on past, present and future wars, since that's for "national security." - Peter Solenberger

      Political furore over Australian government's bank guarantee

      Last Thursday night the chief executives of the big four--Ralph Norris of the Commonwealth Bank, Gail Kelly of Westpac, John Stewart of National Australia Bank and Mike Smith of the ANZ--flew into Canberra for yet another meeting with Rudd and Swan in a bid to hammer out the details. Treasurer Swan announced the scheme the following day: a fee of between 0.7 percent and 1.5 percent on deposits over $1 million. Not only are the fees substantially less than the British model which charges a flat 2 percent, but the lower fee of 0.7 percent will apply to banks with a better credit rating--namely the big four. None of this has anything to do with protecting the deposits of ordinary working people--the vast majority of those would have been protected if Rudd and Swan had stuck to the original proposal of guaranteeing deposits up to $20,000. It was simply the guise under which Labor government provided a financial lifeline to the banking system--above all, to the very largest Australian banks. The actual cost of the guarantee will only become apparent in the months ahead as the global financial storm takes its toll. But like the economic crisis as a whole, the burden of the huge liabilities on the public purse will inevitably be imposed on the working class. - Mike Head and Peter Symonds

      No father wants to see his child die of starvation or one of his children eating or accumulating more than required. You will have to develop the economic sphere to ensure that these things will never happen. In social life no father would wish to see his widowed daughter forced to dress in an austere fashion, persecuted socially, or debarred from attending social functions. You must not support these things. Rather, you must provide equal opportunities for all. Parents hate to see their children weep. If they do, they take them on their lap and comfort them with love and affection until their tears stop. You will have to build a society in which no one is forced to weep, where everyone smiles joyfully all the time and gets ample scope for laughter. Seeing such mirth and merriment, the Supreme Entity will feel immensely pleased. By giving joy to the Suprme you will feel even more joyful and will feel His close proximity. This is the actual social code. And the actual spiritual code is the one that helps humans move towards the Supreme. Under no circumstances should one create unnecessary controversies. The social code aims at bringing a broad smile to the faces of the progeny of the Supreme Being. You should all move along this path - you are sure to meet with success.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      Early Voting Sees Reports of Voter Intimidation, Machine Malfunctions

      Well, you've referred to a couple of them already. We now see a burst of vote flipping by machines, electronic voting machines in a couple of states. This is something that we saw in at least eleven states in the 2004 election, hundreds and hundreds of people coming forward to say, "I pushed the button for Kerry, and the button for Bush lit up." So, clearly, this was a systematic programming decision by the people in charge of the machines, which in that case and this one is the Republican Party. We're also seeing systematic shortages of working voting machines in Democratic precincts only. This is also something that did not happen only in Ohio in 2004, but happened nationwide. That election was, in fact, stolen. - Mark Miller

      U.S. threatens to halt services to Iraq without troop accord

      The alternative to a new agreement governing U.S. forces, an Iraqi request to the U.N. Security Council to extend the U.N. mandate, which now expires on Dec. 31, is also highly contentious. One of the biggest concessions Iraq won from Washington in the negotiations over the forces accord was a stipulation that private contractors such as Blackwater that have been accused of killing Iraqi civilians would become subject to Iraqi law. Immunity from prosecution for private contractors _ and for all official U.S. entities _ under Iraqi law was promulgated by the U.S. occupation government in June 2004, and ending that order is the subject of another confrontation between Iraq and the United States, Hashimi said. He said the United States insists that it would reject any Iraqi request to change the mandate. - Roy Gutman and Leila Fadel

      Iraq Aside, Nominees Have Like Views on Use of Force

      Now that Obama is on his way to a landslide victory, the media can start reporting he's not a peace candidate. The Washington Post reports that he and McCain are more alike than unalike in their views on the use of force. The article claims they are different on Iraq, but in fact their differences there are also minimal. Both would keep a long term presence. Obama calls it ending the war but leaves 200,000 residual troops and mercenaries at the long-term U.S.bases. McCain calls it fighting to victory and would leave troops/mercenaries at the long-term bases. The peace movement will have its work cut out for us when Obama is president. - Kevin Zeese

      It is so important to continually remind people that the invasion of Iraq was illegal as per international law. It meets the definition of the Supreme International Crime as defined in the Nuremberg Trials. U.S. invasions of other nations under the pretext of spreading democracy and freedom are ALL crimes of the highest order. They all fit the definition of the Supreme International Crime. It doesn't matter which party is in power. The presidents responsible for invasions of usually helpless, hapless nations having some natural resources or which are strategically located should all be tried and convicted in The Hague. But, the Hague does not work for the common people. It does not work for those helpless, weak nations. It serves only its masters - the American Empire and the corporations who control that Empire. So we're talking about the need for a drastic, radical change in the world, where the common people rise up and somehow, some way, remove criminals from political office and bring moralists to replace them. This is the crying need of the hour. Cindy Sheehan, David Swanson, Kevin Zeese, Vincent Bugliosi, William Blum, Kathy Kelly, Father Roy Bourgeois are a few names of great moralists that come to mind, who, if given the power to lead our country, would cause a revolution - a moral, political, economic revolution. More people must come forward who will bring the cultural and spiritual revolution that is also required to take our country in a glorious new direction. This must be the goal of all those who love justice. We may fail the first time, and the second time. But one day the common people of this world will see victory. After great struggle, we will see the moralists reigning supreme over America and the world. It will usher a new golden era on the earth. This is the dream. We can never live without dreams. Let us work day and night for this dream. - Garda Ghista

      Warnings of deep recession as US layoffs spread coast-to-coast

      Under the spurious guise of appealing to "centrists" and eschewing an "ideological agenda", Obama and his colleagues are preparing to further entrench the right-wing agenda promoted by successive Republican and Democratic administrations. These developments have exposed Obama's liberal and "left" backers, who have sought to cultivate the illusion that a Democrat election victory would mark some sort of break from Bush's reactionary program. - Patrick O'Connor

      Activists are demanding justice. They demand no more foreclosures. No more bankruptcies. They demand jobs for all. They demand free education for all. They demand free health care for those sweet, tender men, women and children who for years now could not even see a doctor for their pains. They demand an end to the obscenely exploitative debt-based economy. But where, oh where, are the politicians who have hearts large enough to feel the pain of the 64 million Americans who three days ago were served with eviction notices? Their cold tiny hearts result in actions that constitute crimes against humanity. The cold tiny hearts of those politicians result in millions of men, women and children on the street, sleeping and living in their cars, going to the bathroom and having a bath where!! While those same fu..ing politicians wallow in luxury, with millions in their bank accounts, buying $800 shoes and $8,000 bikes and spending thousands on holiday jaunts paid for by the struggling masses. Let's keep telling the facts. But what are the steps we take? We cannot beg the criminals for justice because they have no heart. The small hearts they have are like ice. We need to find our own way out of this morass. Let us consider to rebuild our economies locally, by buying local, producing local, selling local. Let us come to know our neighbours down the road. Let us hold street parties that turn into political meetings where we brainstorm to first regain our economic sanity and then move towards removing criminals from office. This is the crying need. Let us all rally to the call. We cannot tolerate that our brothers and sisters in America and around the world are now living on the streets. We cannot tolerate this. - Garda Ghista

      There are two main causes for economic depressions - first, the concentration of wealth, and secondly, blockages in the rolling of money. If capital is concentrated in the hands of a few individuals or the state, most people will be exploited by a handful of exploiters. As a result of this process of severe exploitation, a serious explosion takes place. This explosion is known as a depression in the economic world. The concentration of wealth, and particularly the concentration of the value of wealth, is the fundamental cause of a depression. Secondly, a depression may occur when money that is in the possession of individual or state capitalists stops rolling. Money remains inert or unutilized because those capitalists think that if the money is allowed to roll freely then their profits will decrease, even though it will bring relief to the common people. The very psychology of capitalists is to make profit from the rolling of money. When they discover that the investment of money does not bring profit up to their expectations, then they stop rolling money. This keeps money immobile or inert; consequently, there is no investment, no production, no income and hence no purchasing power. The situation becomes so dangerous that there are few buyers to buy commodities. If there is surplus labour and deficit production, the effect of depression is more acute. When wages fall, the people in surplus labour areas who used to go to deficit labour areas for employment will be subjected to more hardships. This will aggravate the unemployment problem in surplus labour areas. In such situations, restricting the transfer of food among different socio-economic units could lead to an acute scarcity of food in the deficit production areas, and therefore a cordon system should not be introduced. Countries and regions with surplus production and deficit labour usually suffer less hardships during depression.
      Shrii Prahbat R. Sarkar

      A world without NATO is necessary

      That does, however, not mean that the US's and NATO's war drive will come to a halt. As Washington is electing a new emperor it will get ready also for new wars to defend its hegemony regardless which candidate will make it. While the war against Iran is not from the table, the US is pushing its allies to go against Russia. At stake is the Ukraine. The US wants to bring it into NATO while Russia is categorically opposed to that. If Washington continues its aggressive stance they inevitably will provoke new wars in Eastern Europe. This is exactly why we believe that the struggle against NATO's extension to the East is decisive for the struggle for peace.

      Martti Ahtisarri: Advocate of imperialist intervention awarded Nobel Peace Prize

      The International Crisis Group, of which Ahtisaari was chairman from 2000-2004 warned this month that Kosovo's "calm surface is deceptive". It protests that Ahtisaari's plan has been undermined by the international organisations meant to help implement it. The EU's biggest-ever European security and defence policy (ESDP) mission is delayed and the International Civilian Office, projected to supervise independence, is a "shell". Divisions between Albanian and Serb areas have widened, and prospects for a unitary state are "evaporating", which could lead to yet another redrawing of borders along ethnic lines. Kosovo courts, border and customs posts do not operate in the northern part of the country, and Kosovo Serbs refuse to cooperate with Kosovo institutions or the EU. In May, Serbia held municipal elections in Kosovo against the explicit instructions of the UN Special Representative. - Paul Mitchell

      The "dirty little secret" of the US bank bailout

      Later in the conference call the same executive states, "We would think that loan volume will continue to go down as we continue to tighten credit to fully reflect the high cost of pricing on the loan side." "It is starting to appear," the Times columnist writes, "as if one of the Treasury's key rationales for the recapitalization program--namely, that it will cause banks to start lending again--is a fig leaf.... In fact, Treasury wants banks to acquire each other and is using its power to inject capital to force a new and wrenching round of bank consolidation." Early this month, he explains, "in a nearly unnoticed move," Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, put in place a new tax break worth billions of dollars that is designed to encourage bank mergers. It allows the acquiring bank to immediately deduct any losses on the books of the acquired bank.


      They chased him into the station, and at some point, Mineo allegedly swallowed the marijuana. Five cops tackled him near a token booth, where they beat him and stood on his neck, said Jackson and the law-enforcement sources. One officer then allegedly pulled Mineo's pants down and shoved a police radio's antenna into his rectum. The cops then hauled a bleeding Mineo into a police car and issued him a desk-appearance ticket before cutting him loose, Jackson said. They also warned him not to report the incident or they would upgrade his charge to a felony, according to the attorney. Jackson said his client heard one of the officers yell, "No! Don't do it!" as his pants were being pulled down. His roommate and co-worker, Jason Amolsch, found him yelling that the "cops violated him." - MURRAY WEISS, REUVEN FENTON and ALEX GINSBERG

      An economic depression in capitalist countries will not spare communist or so-called socialist countries, India and the Middle East. India exports many raw materials to industrially developed countries and their satellites. India also purchases raw materials such as raw cotton from other countries, although it used to export such materials in the past. Therefore, to the extent to which India is dependent on other countries for its exports or imports, it will be affected. India also has immense loans, and these loans will put a strain on the Indian economy during the depression. The fire sparks of depression will not spare India. If the financial or monetary trade - or say the trade that affects bullion - is lessened, and barter trade is increased, then the effect of a depression on India will not be much. Therefore, India should try to increase its range of barter trade. Bangladesh exports manufactured goods, raw jute and hide, and imports foodstuffs and almost all other articles. If Bangladesh wants to avoid a depression, it will have no alternative but to increase its barter trade. In time the Arab countries - those selling oil - will be the most affected. Even the communist countries will not be spared from the onslaught of a depression. These countries have not been able to solve their food problems. Although they have huge buffer stocks, they depend on Canada, the USA and Australia for wheat. If these dollar-based countries suffer from a depression, the communist countries will certainly be affected by a depression, although not much Depression is not a natural phenomenon. Pause is a natural phenomenon. In a Proutistic structure pause may occur but depression will not occur. To save society from depression, the approach of PROUT is to increase purchasing power by increasing production, reduce disparities in the value of wealth, and increase the circulation of money; that is, by keeping money rolling. Empty slogans will not do. Attention will have to be given to increasing the level of production. In capitalist and communist countries, the mode of production is defective. In capitalist countries, labour does not work in the interest of the management and management does not allow the rolling of money due to the concentration of wealth. In communist countries, labour does not feel one with the job and that is why there is sluggish production. The cooperative model of PROUT is free from both sets of defects. PROUT is well-adjusted with human ideals and sentiments. Other socio-economic systems are ultravires to human existence and all-round elevation.

      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar


      And he said, "Oh, yeah, Pokei. He's my best friend. I'll take you to see Pokei." So the next day, we all got in a van and we drove out to Guguletu township. Which is passing thousands of shacks and an incredibly humbling experience. And we went out there and we show up and we meet Pokei. I remember there were a number of little homes in the backyard. And a lot of sorrow because there was a lot of HIV in the area. A lot of poverty. So we decided, okay, we'll put on a little concert in the backyard because the people here need something to celebrate. And I have never in my life seen something more beautiful when the people came out of their little homes and just started dancing and celebrating this music. And it was almost a form of an exorcism where all the sorrow was gone and they were now filled with all this joy and connection to us and to each other. And so we asked Pokei, as we had all the musicians along the way, you know, "Well, what can we do to give back to your community? I mean, they let us in their homes. They fed us. They give us their music. They told us their stories in the world. And Pokei said, you know, "The kids here, they really need a music school. They need some hope. They need something that can give them some inspiration." And so just this - a couple months ago we went down there with some shovels and we built the first Playing for Change music school in that exact spot. In the backyard. And now it's a chance for kids to get together, to have something positive to look forward to. And what we're doing with this foundation is we're going build hundreds of schools around the world. And installing them all with recording equipment and cameras. So that people can log on to the internet and they can watch recitals and concerts in the schools we're building, to kind of break down that whole distance barrier. - Mark Johnson

      McCain guarantees victory

      "I guarantee you that two weeks from now, you will see this has been a very close race, and I believe that I'm going to win it," McCain told interim "Meet" moderator Tom Brokaw. "We're going to do well in this campaign, my friend. We're going to win it, and it's going to be tight, and we're going to be up late."

      Let's face it. What gives McCain the absolute conviction that he's going to win, and how can he absolutely guarantee to Tom Brokaw that he's going to win. The answer is easy. Arch Republican Mr. Diebold and his brother manufacture all the electronic voting machines in America. That means they control them. They hack them. They rig them. In 2004 Diebold GUARANTEED Mr. Bush his win. Now McCain is uttering the same words. He is GUARANTEEING Tom Brokaw that he will win. He probably will. But we all should understand that it won't be because Americans suddenly took a liking to him. It will be because Rove's computer geeks in collusion with Diebold's men are going to hack every voting machine in the country and rig it just enough to give a few thousand more votes to McCain in every state. McCain said the lead will show up in the last hours, during the night of vote counting. Well hell yes. That's when the rigging takes place. He is cool as a cucumber. Exactly like George Bush was cool on election night in November 2004. He knew it was in the bag. Diebold had guaranteed it. All he had to do was wait, then utter a few patronizing words to Kerry. Most likely McCain has his patronizing words already written too. What fools are Americans that election after election they allow the Republicans alone to manufacture, and rig the machines and then those same Republicans count the votes! What fools we all are! - Garda Ghista.

      Inherent defects in the existing economic systems

      In the economic sphere, you must know that two factors are very important. The first is that money will have to be kept in circulation. It must be understood that the more the purchasing capacity of money is not utilized or money is kept stagnant, the more the economic stratum is damaged. The second is that money, and indirectly its interest, can bring about disparities in wealth if it loses its ability to be the unit of economic equilibrium and stability. If these two fundamental factors of economics are even partially forgotten, a worldwide economic depression will result. Even if countries or socio-economic regions which have been maintaining a stable economic standard engage in trade related to bullion with other countries, they will have to suffer such a depression partially if not totally. If countries which are prosperous in various spheres and economically unrelated to other countries undergoing a depression, invest their wealth in enterprises of a non-yielding nature such as excessive defence spending, superfluous construction of large buildings, luxury goods, etc. - investments which do not earn any income in return - these countries will also suffer from economic depression. However, if a country discontinues trade related to direct or indirect economic transactions and commences barter trade instead with other countries, it will not suffer much from such an economic depression. In this case only a very slight economic depression, which is hardly felt, takes place at the end of every financial year due to imbalances in economic transactions. This type of depression is felt slightly every three years, a bit more every thirty years, and still more every 350 years... When something, for some reason or other, descends from its universally accepted position, or its natural value is reduced or brought down, we call it "devaluation". When the leaders of the state find it difficult to balance the value of the currency with bullion, sometimes they officially reduce the value of the currency. This is called "monetary devaluation". But, an economic depression is felt throughout a country or the world due to some inherent defects in the existing economic systems.

      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar


      But there is still more. In 1619 a number of Indians went on board of a ship, by order of their chief, and the whites set upon them, and murdered them without mercy; says Mr. Dermer, "without the Indians giving them the least provocation whatsoever." Is this insult to be borne, and not a word to be said? Truly, Christians would never bear it; why, then, think it strange that the denominated savages to not? Oh, thou white Christian, look at acts that honored your countrymen, to the destruction of thousands, for much less insults than that. And who, my dear sirs, were wanting of the name of savage -- whites or Indians? Let justice answer. - Malcolm Lagouche

      The humans of today are possessed with spirited intellect and accomplished wisdom. They are keen to advance with rapid steps shattering the shackles of dogmas. They will no longer be entrapped by illusion or opportunism. The rays of the crimson dawn of a new humanity on the eastern horizon have started weaving textures of colours on their eyelids and in the subtler recesses of their minds. As for those who had been dreaming so far to keep humanity imprisoned by dogmas, their days are numbered; their blissful dreams are being shattered to pieces. I call upon all enlightened people and say: "Go ahead with courage. Humanity has been awaiting you. Establish it in the excellence and grandeur of glory".
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      Bolivian official accuses US of role in jungle clash that left Morales supporters dead

      A top Bolivian official on Friday accused the United States of backing armed anti-government groups in a violent jungle clash that left 15 people dead last month, including 13 supporters of leftist President Evo Morales. Presidential Minister Juan Ramon Quintana said that Bolivia would "denounce before the entire world" that the U.S. had "participated in the massacare" on Sept. 11 in the remote Amazonian province of Pando. Quintana did not provide any evidence for the charge or elaborate on what he meant by the word "participate," alleging only that the U.S. "accompanied the criminal policies" of Pando's opposition governor, Leopoldo Fernandez, who has since been jailed for allegedly fomenting the violence.

      Gaza's flourishing tunnel trade

      Israel began enforcing the siege after Hamas seized power in Gaza amidst factional fighting with the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party. The Jewish state claims that the Gaza tunnels are used to smuggle weapons from Egypt to Gaza-based Palestinian resistance factions. It also blames the Egyptian authorities for not shutting down these tunnels. In June, Israel and the Palestinian factions agreed to an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire. Under the terms of the ceasefire, Israel was supposed to lift the Gaza blockade gradually, but it has not done so. The UN has called for reopening official crossings between Gaza and Israel, including the Rafah crossing terminal in southern Gaza, which has been closed by Egypt in June 2007. In spite of widespread deprivation because of Israel's siege, Abu Yasser remained defiant, stating as he loaded the cooking oil canisters, "Let Israel besieges us the way it wants, and we bring in what we want. At the end of the day, we will not let anyone repress us."

      The Nowhere Children

      EVEN THOUGH India's poverty rate has dropped from 60 to 42 percent according to the World Bank, the number of Indians scraping by on less than Rs 60 a day is at an astronomical 467 million. That hunger has almost half the Indian population in its grip is not all that this figure implies. Among huge swathes of India's poor, life is little more than a bare, often brutalised attempt at staying alive, a struggle in many cases hijacked by human trafficking, deemed by the United Nations the world's third-largest illicit industry, after arms and drugs. Extreme poverty and the low premium traditionally placed on female lives sees thousands of girls, most of them more children than women, sold into unmitigated hell by family members and acquaintances. As TEHELKA witnessed at close range during a three-month investigation, the grievous trade in human lives is plied not only in the country's brothels, but in urban domestic placement agencies and rural bride markets as well.

      DEFINITIONS: MAMMON - Mammon, The God Of Excess

      The Italian journalist, Federico Rampini noted the inadequacy of Europe's political and institutional means to confront the storm. The American bailout has a price tag of one trillion, i.e. 7% of the US GDP. A murderous price for US public finances but not impossible. To equal that price the European Union had to ignore its stability pact and surrender principles of financial rigor. Compromises are necessary to confront the tremors of the capitalist economy. EU banks are of global dimensions but there is no single responsible authority. The European Central Bank does not have the Fed's institutional powers, there is no European Treasury, and such vigilance as exists is divided among national states. Europe however has one major advantage over America: Nationalization, i.e. Socialism, is not overly alarming to Europe. The social state still has its admirers and is an acceptable and salonfähig crutch. - Gaither Stewart

      "Human beings have still not been able to form a human society, and have still not learned to move with the spirit of a pilgrim. Although many small groups, motivated by self-interest, work together in particular situations, not even a small fraction of their work is done with a broader social motive. By strict definition, shall we have to declare that each small family unit is a society in itself? If going ahead in mutual adjustment only out of narrow self-interest or momentary self-seeking is called society, then in such a society, no provision can be made for the disabled, the diseased or the helpless, because in most cases nobody can benefit from them in any way... in that case there always remains the possibility of some people getting isolated from the collective. All human beings must attach themselves to others by the common bond of love and march forward hand in hand; then only will I proclaim it a society."
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      Off-shore Mining Violates Fisherfolk's Right to Food and Livelihood

      "It is disturbing to know that the Philippine government is hell-bent on pursuing these so-called energy development projects despite the overwhelming opposition of citizens, especially the poor fisherfolk who are the most affected. We have seen in Asia and many parts of the globe that at the end of the day, these would only benefit the companies and corrupt government officials. History shows that oil doesn't translate to wealth of the people," said Sape of the People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS).

      AFRICA: Financial Crisis May Increase Pressure for Debt Repayment

      African countries should link aid to their needs. ''We need aid but we have to also ask ourselves about the motives of some of this aid. We have to say what aid we need for what reason. The aid should be identified by the communities who are in need. In essence, aid should be motivated by the need to change people's lives,'' said Jeranyama. ''Aid should transform lives. Effective aid brings desired results but for that to happen there should be ownership of the programmes for which aid is sourced for by the communities.''

      The Liberal and Conservative Manifestos

      Liberals believe in the audacity of universal health care, green energy, voting paper trails, the common good, and that, no matter how fascinating a story it may be, a president should never sit around in a state of total paralysis reading "My Pet Goat" while America is under attack. And above all, liberals believe that it's time to come together as a country and put a collective boot in the ass of shameless conservative fear-mongers, hate merchants, and scapegoaters who are sucking the freedom out of all our souls.

      Is this true? I didn't hear liberals fighting for universal health care. I didn't hear Barack Obama fighting for it. Democrats can't come together unless they also get out from under the corporate boots of pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, private hospitals and of course the doctors. Right now, there's no sign that any of our Democratic poilticians will provide us universal health care. What to speak of jobs for the one in five families presently foreclosing on their homes. - Garda Ghista

      Liars Figure, But Figures Don't Lie (or Why You Should Vote Democratic)

      "It took the Republican Great Depression to wake people up. It took Franklin D. Roosevelt to speak the truth. If a politician said the same things today that Roosevelt did in the 1930s -- openly accusing big business of being anti-American and antiworker--he'd be accused of socialism and communism."-- Air America Radio host Thom Hartmann, in Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class--And What We Can Do About It.

      How was capitalism created? Capital is consumable commodities in their potentiality. Intelligent people collect more capital than others in the form of consumable goods, but since this capital cannot be stored for a long time, they began to keep it in the form of money. Such people are called capitalists. These capitalists are the unworthy sons and daughters of the Cosmic Father because they go against the principle of cosmic inheritance. They should be cured of their ailments. To fight capitalism is therefore within your goal. The seed of infinite expression lies within Dharma, but you must nourish it. Capitalists create hindrances on the path of human beings to prevent them from becoming one with the cosmos - to prevent them from becoming great. So capitalism is anti-Dharma and the actions of capitalists are also anti-Dharma.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      The Constitution in Peril

      Consider, for instance, the lurid title of an otherwise scrupulously researched book by Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe reporter Charlie Savage: "Takeover: The Return of the Imperial Presidency and the Subversion of American Democracy." The administration's impassioned defenders, meanwhile, grow strident. Norman Podhoretz, the dean of neoconservatives, writes in "World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism" that the Bush administration is up against "a domestic insurgency" led by "journalistic devotees of the Vietnam syndrome," isolationists, "liberal internationalists" and (heaven forbid) "realists."

      Who's Watching the Spies? The civil liberties board goes dark under Bush

      In contrary to his reputation in some circles as a civil liberties firebrand, Halperin noted he actually supports the new White House backed-surveillance bill--and even wrote an op-ed in The New York Times on Tuesday endorsing the measure. (Neither his op-ed nor the Times made any mention that he had been recommended by Pelosi to serve on the civil liberties panel.) But Halperin also acknowledged there are plenty of reasons the White House might have been reluctant to formally nominate him for a federal panel. A former Clinton administration official (he served as senior director for democracy in the National Security Council) who has more recently been affiliated with the Center for American Progress, a Democratic-oriented think tank, Halperin has been a fierce critic of Bush administration policies. Just days after President's warrantless wiretapping program was first disclosed in December 2005, Halperin said in a statement (still linked on the Center for American Progress' website: "By secretly authorizing the National Security Agency to wiretap the phones of American citizens, President Bush has demonstrated his utter contempt for the laws that have guided his predecessors in times of great national peril. This revelation...underscores the lawlessness and moral bankruptcy of this White House."

      Meet the World's New Reserve Currency: The Chinese Yuan

      The Bush administration has called for an economic summit to be held by the 20 largest economies sometime after the presidential elections. US and EU officials are hoping to stitch together another Bretton Woods wherein control of the global economic system was delivered to those same nations. It's likely, however, that the outcome will turn out considerably different than anticipated. Already, under China's leadership, 12 Asian nations have agreed to set up an 80-billion-dollar fund to protect their economies from currency-runs, capital flight or other financial disruptions. China has the world's largest reserves at $1.9 trillion followed by Japan at more than $1 trillion. Clearly the two richest nations will set the agenda and play a central role in deciding how best to deal with the global recession. The November summit in Washington could produce some unwelcome surprises which were hinted at by Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister, Olarn Chaipravat, who told Bloomberg News: "The message of this initiative is for China to consider whether or not China would open up its banking system and allow the strongest currency in the world, which is the Chinese yuan, to be the rightful and anointed convertible currency of the world." - Mike Whitney

      Signs of slowdown spiral around the world: $16.3 trillion in stock value lost since Sept. 1; some brokers fear more drops

      "When you look at worldwide supply and demand, China is the gorilla," said Charles Bradford, metals analyst at Soleil Securities. "Near term, it looks like there is no bottom to the [metals] markets." China has also trimmed the importation of other materials that have fueled its spectacular run of growth. Bradford noted that ocean freight rates for iron ore from Brazil to China are down to $12 per ton today from about $108 last May. Brazil illustrates how indiscriminate the financial crisis has been in claiming victims. Unlike many nations, Brazil's economy is relatively balanced, and its foreign borrowings have been relatively modest. Yet the country has still been squeezed by recent events. On Thursday, it eliminated its tax on foreign investments to remove an obstacle to capital inflows and bolster its currency, which has dropped 17.5 percent against the dollar this month. But if emerging economies are hoping for assistance, they might have to wait while industrialized countries wrestle with their own problems. In Europe, investors were starting to digest the reality of the economic slowdown. The news that Britain is on the brink of recession contributed to a 5 percent drop on the London stock market. The pound dropped to $1.58, the first time it has dipped below $1.60 in five years.

      To ensure the social and economic liberation of human beings, the maximum amount of socio-economic decentralization is essential. While it may be difficult to establish village-level economic infrastructure at present, there is no insurmountable obstacle preventing us from establishing block-level economic infrastructure. As far as possible, the establishment, operation and distribution of all industries should be done at block level. Only when this cannot be done should industries be organized at a higher level. Obviously, industries such as iron and steel factories cannot function in every village, block and district, so they should function in a larger area. There are some special types of key industries which can conveniently function as either small-scale industries or medium-scale cooperative industries. If some key industries are structured in this way, they must be under state control. Care should be taken to ensure that they are properly organized and widespread. Such key industries should never be controlled by capitalists, otherwise the interests of the people will be partially if not fully ignored. Moreover, if they are left in the hands of capitalists, many different kinds of problems will arise. Normally only very large-scale key industries should be under state control, and these industries should be centralized instead of decentralized. But industries which cannot be readily decentralized today may be decentralized in the future due to changing circumstances. At that time the decentralization of key industries must be implemented. There are also many other adverse effects of industrial centralization. For example, in large cities it is difficult for people to remain healthy because of the scarcity of fresh fruits, vegetables and milk. Immorality and corruption are rampant. Thieves, criminals, drug addicts, alcoholics and antisocial elements easily conceal themselves and prey on innocent people. Malnutrition, air pollution, water pollution as well as other problems also exist. All large industrial centres presently suffer from these defects.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

      War or Peace? The World After the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election - Part 2

      "China is in a situation to wreak great harm on the US and the world economies, based on its enormous reserves in dollars....China is in a position to use finance to impose itself on Africa and acquire the capacity to utilize it on a much greater scale--if it so decides." This statement by the general is mind-boggling. Hasn't it been U.S. government policies that resulted in these dollars being paid to China? And isn't the West talking out of both sides of its mouth in planning a world economic summit that includes China, while contemplating war against that nation? Indeed, the rise and fall of the U.S. bubble economy cannot be understood unless the role of China is taken into account. This role is increasingly problematic in light of statements such as one made recently by Shi Jianxun, a professor at Shanghai's Tongji University: "The grim reality has led people, amidst the panic, to realize that the United States has used the U.S. dollar's hegemony to plunder the world's wealth." ("U.S. Has Plundered World Wealth With Dollar," Reuters, October 24, 2008) Whatever agreements U.S. bankers and politicians may once have made with China for them to take over our manufacturing while we lived off financial profits have grievously backfired. Solving this conflict with China peacefully may be the next president's greatest challenge. But decisions to the contrary may already have been made, with the president's job being merely to carry them out. - Richard Cook

      War or Peace? The World After the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election - Part 1

      Maybe a New World Order really is needed. If so, shouldn't it be one with a genuine spiritual basis leading to economic justice, not just a modification of the system we have today? Such a system based on economic justice was affirmed in a message to the author by an Australian author, Omna Last, who wrote: "But what if there was a truly representative world government...I do not mean a coercive world government imposing itself on the peoples of the world, but one that operated exactly as you suggest an American government should operate in helping to fulfill the potential in the lives of Americans? A government that provided free no-interest economic dividends to every nation of the world community? If the money was embezzled, used for corrupt purposes, or helped to destroy the world's eco-system further, then that country would receive no free dividends for a period in the future." - Richard Cook

      Lessons from Argentina's economic collapse - Part 4

      The survivalist, especially the urban one, should try to rely as little as possible on the fridge. That's why canned food and freeze dried food is your best friend. Yet, anyone who has been for a while with no fresh fruit knows that after some time the skin starts to suffer. Sores will appear after a while, especially on delicate skin like the lips and mouth. Once you start eating fresh fruits and vegetables again they go away. This happened to me once, spent to much time without fresh vegetables and my mouth was a mess, full of sores. After a week of eating fresh vegetables regularly the symptoms disappeared. That's why you should try to have some fresh food to supplement you storage food. Not much, just 2 or 3 fruit trees on your garden and a small orchard would be fine. You don't have to feed out of this, you just need a little fresh veggies or fruit every once in a while. - Esteban Morales

      Lessons from Argentina's economic collapse - Part 3

      The third pyramid showed the communist society. Where arrows from the low and middle class tried to reach the top but they bounced off the line. A small high society and one big low society, cushioned by a minimal middle class section of pyramid. Then we turned the page and saw the darned fourth pyramid. This one had arrows from the middle class dropping to the low, poor class. "What is this?" Some of us asked. The teacher looked at us. "This is us" "It's the collapsed country, a country that turns into 3rd world country like in pyramid five where there is almost no middle class to speak, one huge low, poor class , and a very small, very rich, top class." "What are those arrows that go from the middle to the bottom of the pyramid?" Someone asked. You could hear a pin drop. "That is middle class turning into poor". I won't lie, no one cried, though people rubbed their faces, held their heads and their breath. No one cried, but we all knew at that very moment that all we thought, all we took for granted, simply was not going to happen. -

      If there is a dearth of intellectual pabulum and the intellectual standard of the people is not high, they can take the 'do's to be 'don'ts' and vice versa. Take for example, a communal riot where a little innocent boy is killed and when the person who encourages the riot becomes the people's leader. Where the intellectual standard of the people is low, people commit blunders - prompted by such leaders they become beasts. Those backward countries which have less socio-politico-economic consciousness in the people tend to have more immorality. In such countries the leaders msiguide the people in order to collect votes. I call such leaders 'political satans' or 'political pigs.' Such pigs become leaders only when the intellectual standard of the common people is low. In a country with shortages of physical and intellectual pabula, people ultimately become beasts and commit sins and crimes. To murder a person during a riot is both a crime and sin. In political clashes innocent people are killed. This is also a crime as well as a sin.
      Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

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