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    Dear Wossname readers, We have just received new information on the forthcoming Discworld Convention from Karen/Vodka Vixen of the Con, arriving shortly after
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2002
      Dear Wossname readers,

      We have just received new information on the
      forthcoming Discworld Convention from
      Karen/Vodka Vixen of the Con, arriving shortly
      after we sent out the April issue of WOSSNAME.

      Since you would not get this information for another
      month on our regular publishing schedule, and
      since this is such a vital DW program, we are
      making an exception and sending it to you as a
      Wossname Special Report:


      We're incredibly busy organising the Convention, and with just four months
      to go, much of the time is spent calming the members of the organising
      committee down as they get too excited about what we have planned for
      August. It is truly going to be the only Discworld event to be seen at in
      2002. With over 100 items already planned for your entertainment, there is
      something for everyone, from the seasoned Convention attendee to the
      newcomer. And rest assured, we are right on target, with membership
      standing at just over 600 people. Having organised two amazing Conventions
      so far, this one will top them both.

      *New Publications*
      _Night Watch_, the next Discworld novel, was recently delivered to
      Transworld for proof preparation. Formerly given the working title _The
      Nature of the Beast_, the book will feature cover artwork by Paul Kidby.
      Paul's cover art, based on Rembrandt's "The Night Watch", inspired Terry to
      change the book's title. It is believed that the eyes of Josh Kirby feature
      in the painting where, in the original, Rembrandt painted himself. The only
      person looking out of the painting is Josh - a fitting tribute to the
      artist who did so much to create the feel of Terry's creation. _Night
      Watch_ is due out in November and we hope to have proof copies available
      for prizes at the Convention in August, some two months ahead of publication.

      You can pre-order your copy from Amazon by following this link:


      In shops now is _The Wyrdest Link_ (Orion, paperback) priced at GBP6.99
      (20% discount available from Amazon via this URL:
      http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0575073195/discworldconv-21) by
      Dave Langford. A Terry Pratchett Discworld Quizbook, _The Wyrdest Link_
      follows on from _Unseen University Challenge_
      (http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0575600004/discworldconv-21) also
      by Dave Langford. Dave will of course be appearing at the Discworld

      Packed full of brain-stretching questions, even the most fanatical
      Discworld fan will find something of interest.

      *Convention "Paint-Your-Own"*
      In association with Bernard Pearson (The Cunning Artificer) we are proud to
      announce that the Convention will be presenting a "paint-your-own" in
      August. We have been working with Bernard to create three unique Fools'
      Guild Eggs. For those of you who are not familiar with the custom, the
      members of the Fools' Guild protect their unique make-up designs by placing
      them in the Hall of Faces (see the newly revised _Discworld Companion_,
      available from Amazon, for details -
      http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0575074671/discworldconv-21). No
      two fools are permitted to have the same design. We will be presenting
      three designs for members to buy and paint in their own time at the
      Convention. Paint and brushes will be available, along with some experts
      who will be able to assist in the techniques required to complete your own
      Fools' Guild Egg.

      *New Merchandise*
      Our wonderful new 'Rocket Wizard' T-shirts were added to our online store
      (http://www.dwcon.org/online_merchandise.php3) recently, and they're
      selling like hot cakes! Don't miss your chance to own one of these
      exclusive garments, based on the illustration from _The Last Hero_.

      *The A Files*
      As many of you will know, the internet newsgroup Alt.Fan.Pratchett (AFP) is
      10 years old in 2002 and we will be holding a 10th birthday party for it at
      the Convention. Visit http://www.lspace.org/fandom/afp/a-files/ to see some
      of the faces behind the names on AFP.

      *New Convention Guest - Trevor Truran*
      Trevor stumbled into Discworld almost by accident when he approached
      Bernard Pearson about a Discworld board game he had created. Within months
      the game had become Thud, Terry had endorsed the project and Thud hit the
      streets. We will be proud to welcome Trevor to the Discworld Convention in
      August. He will be running the first International Thud Tournament, and
      introducing people to the wonders of Discworld gaming. Thud is amazingly
      easy to learn, and, like all good games, takes an amazingly long time to
      master. You can find out more by visiting http://www.thudgame.com/ or by
      reading Trevor's biography at http://www.dwcon.org/

      New to the Convention's Website, please be sure to check out our Gopher
      Hole. Here you will find details of the different opportunities there are
      to get involved with the running of the Convention during the weekend.
      Being a Gopher is an excellent way to meet new friends, and to pass a
      little time before the next programme item. Printed Gopher forms will be
      available in the next Chronicle.

      *Hotel Update*
      We have taken bookings to date that fill over 60% of the hotel. Past events
      have shown that the next two months are the busiest time for bookings - in
      1998 the hotel was 90% full with two months to go. If you are planning on
      booking, we would urge you to do so now, because we cannot guarantee that
      rooms will be available close to the Convention. A printable booking form
      is available via the Website and forms will be included in Chronicle Issue
      3. We have also updated the Website with some information about the area
      around the hotel.

      *New Pratchett for Convention Programme Book*
      Be sure to join as a supporting member, even if you cannot make it to the
      event itself. That way you secure your very own copy of the Convention's
      programme book that will this year contain a unique piece of Discworld
      writing by Terry - a piece previously unseen and newly published.
      Supporting membership costs just GBP10 and gets you the Discworld Chronicle
      and the Programme Book. Plus, if you do decide you can make it to the
      Convention, you can then upgrade to attending membership.

      *All the Disc's a Stage*
      We will again be featuring some fairly major theatrical endeavours during
      the Convention. In with Chronicle Issue 3 you will receive details of how
      you can get involved in the Convention's theatre programme. As well as
      staging _The Sea and Little Fishes_ for the first time, we will be giving
      you the chance to perform your favourite extracts from the Discworld novels.

      *A Dinner Date*
      The Count De Magpyr has confirmed that the Vampire Ball will be held at the
      Discworld Convention and he will be extending his invitation to all
      Convention members in Chronicle Issue 3. Tickets for this event are
      limited, so please be sure to send your completed booking form and payment
      as soon as you receive the form. We are sending all members a form by post,
      including those overseas. The dispatch of the forms will be staggered so
      that they arrive on your doormats at the same time. We will accept booking
      based on the date of postmark for the return envelope. Because numbers are
      limited, we are also putting on a full programme of entertainment for those
      not attending the dinner - more details to follow.

      *Artistic Leanings*
      Not content with hosting this Convention's Formal Ball, the Count has
      kindly offered a selection of fine art from his extensive collection for
      display at the Convention. A keen patron of the arts, he is also making
      space available for our members to display their talents. Be they
      paintings, drawings or sculpture, bring them with you and display them in
      the gallery. Prizes will be presented for the best pieces.

      *Charity Auction*
      Past Conventions have attracted some pretty spectacular items for the
      charity auction. From manuscripts of unpublished books, complete with notes
      by Terry, to one-off items of original art by Discworld artists. Be sure to
      check out the auction catalogue which will be contained in your programme
      pack to see what items will be on offer. Of course, there is always a place
      for the special items that Terry just has to include.

      *New Programme Items*
      Here is a taster of some of the latest additions to the Conventions
      programme. Aphrodisiac and Authentic Discworld Recipes, The Orangutan
      Foundation Presentation, Mime Workshop, Thogg's Masterclass, Speculation
      Panel, There Were These Three Wizards In A Room..., and Breed your own
      Swamp Dragon. I'm sure you will agree, something for everyone.

      *Final Word*
      Be sure to check out _The Science of Discworld II_ by Terry, Ian Stewert
      and Jack Cohen. We are offering a bound proof of the new book as a prize in
      Chronicle Issue 3. The new book is available from Amazon priced GBP11.89
      via this URL:


      Chronicle Issue 3 will be with our members shortly. Publication delays have
      pushed back the date of release, but it will be worth the wait. In the
      meantime, if you need anything, be sure to contact us at the usual
      Convention address.

      Paul A Rood
      Discworld Convention 2002
      Web: http://www.dwcon.org/ Email: info@...

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