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WOSSNAME -- APRIL 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)

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  • JSCHAUM111@aol.com
    So many people have written in saying they never got this page that I have decided to resend it. If you did get it earlier, my apologies. Cordially, Joe
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 26, 2002
      So many people have written in saying they never got
      this page that I have decided to resend it. If you did
      get it earlier, my apologies.

      Joe Schaumburger

      WOSSNAME -- APRIL 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)


      NEWPORT NICHE REPORT (wherever that is)

      This is my version of last night and the fun that ensued.
      Please note that at this party I did not fall asleep.

      For me the meet started fashionably late. I arrived dressed
      stunningly in a pink and orange frock, which came to my
      ankles with a friend post-faustus (a play that we had been
      performing in to rapturous applause all evening. Well
      some people clapped, and laughed, most were put-off by
      the language) at the hour of 9:30. Music was blaring,
      people were drinking but no-one seemed to be dancing.
      I thought this was a little amiss of Fiona the famed Prancer
      of Newport so I and a few friends started to dance.
      My dancing frankly has to be seen to be believed, I reckon
      I hit at least 4 people and knocked one guy's drink out of his
      hands. Fuzzy refused to lead a congo line, but we started
      one by grabbing her by the waist and not letting go when she
      tried to run away.

      We had cakes, which were astounding and made by a friend.
      Mine was in the shape of a dog and was soooo cute looking.

      After an hour and a bit of extremely hectic dancing (I did more
      exercise then, than in the previous year) I started to play poker
      with some other people. They were rather kind and did not
      insist on strip poker as by that time I only had two pieces of
      clothing on including underwear. Needless to say I lost, so
      was very relieved by the reprieve.

      The party slowly came to a halt as the bar closed and we all
      trundled off home.

      I was glad not to be ID'd as the only piece I have is my driver's
      licence and the photo looks nothing like me. I have different
      colour hair now, no glasses and was wearing make-up.
      Frankly, the photo could have been of an ape for all it looked
      like me.

      This is my version of Newport Niche Meet 2

      -- Satch, satch1984@...

      (Unfortunately, Satch left out a few minor details like when
      and where the meet was, who was there, and what people
      talked about. For the curious, I have included her e-mail
      address after her name.)


      PERTHMEET, ANYONE? (somewhere)

      --- Evelyn Mitchell <mum_haha@...> wrote:

      > I sometimes stick my foot in my mouth and say
      > something. I love to read what you all have to say though.
      > Is there ever a Perth > meet. Meaning Perth the
      > fairest city of them all on the XXXX continent.
      > Nanny Ogg
      I have not heard of a Perth meet since I have been on
      this list. I will be in Perth in July, but I am not
      sure if I will be able to make a meet. If you're
      interested in a meet, I can let you know closer to the
      time if I can make it. Also, whereabouts were you
      thinking of? I'll be near Murdoch, and it should be
      reasonably easy for me to get to the city or Freo, (or
      around Murdoch if you're also in the area) but other
      areas, particularly north of the river, might be

      Is there anyone else in Perth on the list who wants to meet?


      PETAMEET, somewhere in Australia, I think

      The PetaMeet started well. We all met at the Shark Finn Inn around
      12:30 (Steven and Dru were late, but that was because Dru forced Steven
      to stop and buy a CD). We said hello and chatted for a few minutes, and
      then tragedy struck: the restaurant was totally booked out.

      Once Bek stopped crying, we wandered up the street to a little steak
      house, and thought about Jase while we gorged ourselves on dead cow.
      The consensus was that the food was so good that Jase would probably
      have given his right arm just to lick the plates. And all for very
      reasonable prices too.

      After many hours of fun and frivolity, they finally dragged Steven out
      of the restaurant ("all you can eat for $35" my eye! I still had room!)
      and we wandered up and down Bourke Street, being followed by protestors
      calling for peas in the Middle East and an end to Israeli violets.

      Eventually we took refuge in a book shop and hid until the protestors
      got discouraged and marched away to bother some other people. We only
      bought one book.

      Bek and Matt had to leave early and rush home to stop Bek's other half
      before he bought another four or five cars. After they had left, we
      went to Bubble Cup for drinks and mercilessly talked about them.

      As the day was coming to an end, the sky turned nasty and threatened to
      open up and wash us all away. Fortunately it was bluffing, but we took
      the hint and said our goodbyes.

      Paul caught a tram to go home and catalog his book catalog, Peta caught
      a train to go to a lingerie party after promising Steven that next time
      she was in Melbourne she would model everything that she bought, and
      Dru and Steven caught a different train to go home and vacuum.

      All in all, except for the unfortunate incident with the tub of mustard
      and the waiter's shoe, it was a wonderful day. Much to everyone's
      surprise, Peta turned out to be almost normal, despite being from
      Brisbane, if you ignore the hideously mis-shapen second head growing
      from her belly. It was hardly noticeable, ate very little, and was a
      good conversationalist except for a tendency to tell the same jokes
      over and over again.

      -- Steven D'Aprano, dippy@...



      To the Editor:

      Wonderful issue, got all three parts. Forwarded theatrical
      parts to my daughter in NYC who does off Broadway.
      Hope they do one of the plays.

      -- Charlie Tarbox



      To the Editor:

      "The Last Hero" is indeed a gorgeous book. I love
      the detail that Paul Kidby put into his illustrations
      and "reverse" handwriting which isn't actually reversed.
      I especially like that random picture of the dancing
      sunflower (you know, with the sunglasses), and the
      nasty snipe at the American development of the
      Space Pen. Obviously, I'm easily amused :)

      -- Amanda



      To the Editor:

      I seem to have loaned out my copy of "Lords and Ladies"
      and not had it returned, and I'd like to get a replacement.
      However, I like the cover I had, which is NOT the one with
      a smiling mouth on it and is evidently also not the British
      one. Can you tell me what year the American mass market
      paperback first came out, so that I'll know what to look for
      when I visit the used-book websites? Thanks.

      -- Andrea, akeirs31@...

      If you did not get all 3 parts, write: jschaum111@...
      End of Part 2, says my computer -- continued on Part 3 of 3
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