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WOSSNAME -- MARCH 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- MARCH 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 5) KFL ACTIVITIES AROUND THE WORLD
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2002
      WOSSNAME -- MARCH 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)



      To the Editor:

      They finally got round to putting on the animated
      series '"Wyrd Sisters" over here.

      To show how much they cared, they started each
      episode sometime between 2:30 am and 3 am on
      successive weekdays - except, of course, for episode 1,
      which they somehow managed to lose completely.

      Be that as it may, the thing that really annoyed me
      was the cutting short of what I think is one of the
      funniest exchanges in any of the great Pterry's books.

      However, it did have its good points - I think that Jane
      Horrocks has the perfect voice for Magrat, and in future,
      whenever I read any of the books that features Magrat,
      that's the voice I'll hear in my head.

      -- G. T. Fortune, New Zealand



      To the Editor:

      I'm a big DW fan from the Great White
      North -- er... West to you I suppose --
      and I wanted to send off a quick hello to
      our mystery Canadian fan who seems
      to feel alone in the country. There are
      more of us here! I've been reading Terry's
      work for several years, and know of at least
      a few others in my neck of the woods who
      have as well. I also hold a certain amount of
      quiet joy that the local book stores stock
      the UK editions of his books... :)

      -- Chris Walsh, cmw@...

      PS - you may put my address in with my
      letter; I'm optimistic that few WOSSNAME
      subscribers are petty spammers. :)



      To the Editor:

      Yes, that's right, we have 2 Amazing Maurices
      with educated rodents.

      No. 1 - the cat from TAMAHER
      No. 2 - actually the one who crops up first in Reaper Man.

      "Yes," said the Senior Wrangler. "We don't need to do that.
      We get over most things. Dragons, monsters. Rats.
      Remember the rats last year? Seemed to be everywhere.
      Lord Vetinari wouldn't listen to us, oh no. He paid that glib
      bugger in the red and yellow tights a thousand gold pieces
      to get rid of 'em."
      "It worked, though," said the Lecturer in Recent Runes.
      "Of course it bloody worked," said the Dean. "It worked in
      Quirm and Sto Lat as well. He'd have got away with it in
      Pseudopolis as well if someone hadn't recognised him.
      Mr so-called Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents!"

      Interesting, that. It's the discussion where the wizards are
      trying to persuade Ridcully not to perform the Rite of AshKente.

      -- diburaa_san@...

      6) KFL MEETS

      MELMEET (a.k.a. DRUMEET)
      Drumeet: 23 March,
      Druids on Swanston Street,
      11:30 am - 4 pm. Melbourne, Australia

      (Comments by by Dru)

      Paul lied through his fangs to report:

      >Bek, Matt 1 arrived first, shortly followed by myself.
      > After a few minutes, Matt 2 (with his Guild of Fans
      >and Disciples Badge and long time lurker) turned up.

      >Bets were made on the time of Steven's arrival, and
      >jase's attendance was negotiated by Bek. Strangly
      >Steven turned up 15 minutes before the earliest time
      >suggested, meaning that I won the bet....still waiting
      >for my prize however.

      Steven isn't strangly! He's an axe murderer,remember?
      I know this,because he was wearing a placard marked
      Axe Murderer at the airport,so I'd know who he was.

      >Dru was introduced to all, managing to guess at least
      >one person.

      ...and second-guess the rest. :P

      >Going wildly against tradition, we did not all order the Druids
      >Special Burger (made with virgin...cows), but tried a variety
      >of dishes, and the food on them.

      Except for moi. This not-eating-of-solids,along with a pathological
      case of camera shyness, might lead some people to conclude
      that I'm...a...erm, what was that word beginning with V again?

      >Stopping for a drink at a asian drink bar (too much syrup),
      >we headed into Comics R Us, where the>anime fans drooled
      >yet again over books (luckily most of them are inside plastic)
      >and the others stared at the cost of some of the comics (AUD50$?!).

      And where some fool actually bought one at that price!

      >Wandering yet further up, we nearly lost Dru twice to carriage

      Beats pineapples! Or concubines...

      >So, after wandering around Hollywood-on-Burke for a while,
      >we took another group photo

      Sans moi.

      >Next Meeting: Possibly Geelong? This will require a
      >lot more work (and a few cars, possibly a minibus!)

      And something for snakebite,and for digging people out of
      graves/quicksand, and...

      -- Dru, who hasn't opened the wrapping yet.



      Our agents in the field report that a "Brismeet"
      is planned , presumably in Brisbane, Australia.
      (Either that, or it's some sort of mad circumcision

      Details to follow.



      > SQ,
      > What a great idea! Could you work up a list
      >of gatherings and what they are? For example:
      > Meet - 2 or more people
      > Brum - 2 or more people meet, one brings rum
      > Ta Ta - group meets and immediately adjourns
      > HiHo, HiHo - work session
      > etc.
      > --Joe, also an original BURA member (I think)

      No, um, I don't think you are - the original BURA meet consisted of
      myself, Anne, Richard and my roommate Cathe (who used to be a
      member of BU but has since dropped out). Cathe and I planned
      a trip to England to meet Anne after we'd been emailing her awhile
      and the three of us lamented that we couldn't meet regularly like
      the Melbourne and Sydney folks do. Anne came up with the BURA
      moniker and I'm pretty sure that we sent a synopsis of the meet to
      the list. It was two years ago though, so I don't remember very well.

      Anyway, a meet is a localized event - city meets like the Melmeet and
      Sydmeet are for people from that area (and yes, if someone else is in
      town, but from the same country, it's still just a city meet)

      Brum is short for Birmingham, which is where Richard thought
      Fuzzy is from which is why he suggested Brum meet, but
      apparently she's not so I don't know what they'd call their "meet".

      BURA, like I said before, is for people who are from different countries
      getting together to meet. At the first BURA meet we met in Plymouth
      because that was easiest. The second BURA (which took place because
      Drusilla and Jesse were in England) was in Birmingham because that was
      easiest for people to get to. Fuzzy just went to a friend's house - one
      she's been to before - so does that mean that every time she goes to
      Satch's house it's a meet? I don't think it does. If it were list-related
      that would be one thing, but the point of their get together was a
      birthday party and from the synopsis she sent, it had nothing to do
      with BU or Pratchett - so where is the relevance for including it in list

      -- The Snow Queen



      Stephen Briggs reports:

      Your readers might like to know that the 'Last Hero' colour
      embroidered Mission Patch', based on Paul Kidby's design,
      is now available! Full details and a pic are on my website -

      Other news updates -

      I'm contracted to record Terry's SF novel, 'Strata', for
      Isis Publishing.

      Work is now well under way on my stage adaptation of
      'The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents' for
      Oxford University Press.

      -- Stephen

      End of Part 2, says my computer -- continued on Part 3 of 3
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