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WOSSNAME -- FEBRUARY 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)

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  • JSCHAUM111@aol.com
    WOSSNAME -- FEBRUARY 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 4) KFL ACTIVITIES AROUND THE WORLD
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2002
      WOSSNAME -- FEBRUARY 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)



      To the editor:

      I found a copy of The Hedgehog Song online.
      If anyone wants to hear it, send me an e-mail.
      Oh, and does anyone know who sings it?

      -- doggyfrisk@...
      To the editor:

      You've probably all seen this before, or even sung it before
      (when the scumble has gotten the better of you...) but I just
      found it and thought I would share it ...



      -- Fuzzy (aka Fiona Wynn) \\

      Hi Joe,

      Thought you might like to add this to your collection of
      Hedgehog Songs. It's from EL PUERCOESPÍN , the
      newsletter of the Spanish Division of our Klatchian
      Foreign Legion.

      Seguro que la zoofilia es algo divertido
      Pero te he de decir, para que estés advertido:
      Con casi todos los animales se puede hacer
      Pero al puercoespín jamás se le puede joder.

      Sus espinas son punzantes como saetas,
      Y siempre te las clavarás cuando se la metas.
      Creo que el intentarlo te va a decepcionar
      ¡Al puercoespín no te lo puedes follar!

      Montar a caballo suele ser divertido
      También a un elefante, a pesar de sus kilos,
      Incluso a un ratón (con su culo pequeñajo)
      Pero al puercoespín no podrás meterle el carajo.

      Son tan grandes las púas de su espalda
      Que te provocará un terrible escozor de nalgas.
      Y cuando te ve se hace una bola para su ojete ocultar.
      ¡Así que al puercoespín no te lo puedes tirar!

      Si te follas a una vaca, no te importe que muja,
      Que seguro que disfruta más que tú la granuja,
      Prueba con un tigre, si te llegas a atrever,
      Pero al puercoespín no se le puede joder.

      Refresca mucho hacérselo a un pescado
      Y seguro que a nuestras mascotas les va el sado.
      E incluso a la jirafa (con lo alta que es)
      Pero al puercoespín jamás se le puede joder.

      Follar con serpientes aunque arriesgado es muy bello,
      E igual de emocionante que tirarte a un camello.
      Jode a un caracol si su ritmo puedes adoptar
      Pero al puercoespín jamás te lo podrás follar.

      For more information about this group,
      contact Manuel Viciano Delibano,
      the head of our Spanish operation,
      at: <mavide@...>
      For some reason, there are vast files on these songs.
      for some other ones.
      We've had a lot of action in this song area.
      You might want to contact Leo Breebaart
      (address below) for a lot more.

      Thanks a lot for the submission, You are quite right, I would very much
      like to add this to the Hedgehog versions already available in our

      Many thanks.

      -- Leo Breebaart <leo@...>



      To the Editor:

      Where are all the Canadian Discworld fans?

      (name withheld) ((OK, so I accidentally deleted it))

      Dear Withheld,

      As for Canadian fans, we have lots of them. The
      KFL is organized by continents, not countries.
      We are:

      The North American Discworld Society
      The South American Discworld Society
      The Australian Discworld Society
      The European Discworld Society
      The Asian Discworld Society
      The African Discworld Society

      Your local group is the North American Discworld Society, with
      about 800 members, although I don't really have a separate
      count on the members in Canada, due to the way the file
      is set up. However, I see lots of members' addresses ending
      in .ca and many other members are using aol, hotmail,
      and similar addresses which don't identify them.

      I will run your letter in the next WOSSNAME, and
      we'll see what happens. Canadian fans, please
      give a holler!





      Pratchett came to me as a refreshing revelation while I was
      a student in Liverpool, England. I must have been noticeably
      bored, sitting in my lounge with the heavy Norton's Anthology
      of American Literature slumped on my chest and staring at
      daytime television, as my room mate threw a copy of Men at
      Arms at me and said "Enjoy!" From the cover, it looked like
      many of the fantasy novels my roommate absorbed himself
      into, and I was never keen on this genre. But out of a grudging
      curiosity I began to read the opening pages, and was suddenly
      drawn into the Discworld realm. Ever since then, I have never
      looked back.

      After reading Men at Arms (I think I finished it in about 9 hours),
      I immediately returned to my roommate to ask him for another
      Pratchett fix. I delighted in Pratchett's witty, almost Pythonesque
      humor, reveling in his often satiric story lines. The characters were
      instantly affectionable, even CMOT Dibbler and Corporal Nobbs,
      who are in fact two of my favorites. Once I had exhausted my
      roommate's stash, I spend my measly student allowance on
      Discworld books until I had read all of them up to date. It was
      then when I became victim to the publishers, anxiously waiting
      for the next installment.

      If this little insight into my liking for the Discworld novels is a little
      like a junkie's tale, it is because in some ways it is. Reading
      these novels reignited the sense of fun and excitement that
      reading provides, something that can be lost during the adolescent
      years when trudging through the many textbooks of higher education.
      I had to get my fix of Discworld as often as I could, and would
      often neglect college work, social occasions, even rugby matches
      to finish a book. This literary lift would ultimately help me complete
      those tasks that make life dull. Even now, working full time in the US
      and completing a part time Masters degree, I am excited in the
      anticipation of my Amazon.com e-mail response to a new
      Pratchett publication, re-reading my collection in the meantime.
      Discworld novels have become my route to escapism, providing a
      little lunchtime retreat from the "normality" of everyday working life.
      By introducing a little literary insanity into my life, I find I can laugh
      my way through the day.

      -- Matty Smith



      Colin Smythe reports that the signing schedule is:

      Wednesday 1st May
      12.30pm Salisbury, Ottakar’s
      9 New Canal, Salisbury, Wiltshire

      6.00-7.00pm Swindon Literature Festival
      In conversation event

      Thursday 2nd May
      4.30pm Kingston, Waterstone’s
      The Bentall Centre, Wood Street, Kingston KT1 1TP
      (late night opening)

      Friday 3rd May
      4.30pm Milton Keynes, Ottakar’s
      72 Midsummer Place, Milton Keynes, Bucks MK9 3AG

      Saturday 4th May
      11.30am Bath, W H Smith
      6-7 Union Street, Bath BA1 2QZ

      Wednesday 22nd May
      8.00pm Brighton Festival
      Joint event with Terry Jones



      To the editor:

      Maiyuran Arumugam wrote me:

      > You've been reading too much Tolkien. I don't recall anything
      > that said the trolls couldn't cope with sunlight in Pratchett.

      In The Light Fantastic, and possible Colour of Magic as well, the
      trolls turn into stone during the day. But they turn back again at

      In Moving Pictures, the trolls are wearing barrier cream or sun block
      so they can act during the day.

      -- Steven D'Aprano



      To the editor:

      >Rumour has it that Ook was once someone called something like Dr Horrace
      Warblehat (something like that, anyway). He gets a mention in the Discworld
      Companion, perhaps someone with a copy to hand could flesh out the details.
      -- Robert

      I have the Companion and it says ' There is a rumour that the Librarian was
      once Dr Horace Worblehat, B. Thau, D.M, but no one utters this aloud'
      Dr Worblehat is dimly remembered as being quiet, polite and generally the
      kind of person you cannot remember in the school photo'

      Titania :)

      End of Part 2, says my computer -- continued on Part 3 of 3
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