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WOSSNAME -- JANUARY 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- JANUARY 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued) ... OTHER KFL WORLD REPORTS 6. SPAIN Hi, Joe! Another report from the sunny Spanish-speaking lands... THE
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      WOSSNAME -- JANUARY 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)



      6. SPAIN

      Hi, Joe!

      Another report from the sunny Spanish-speaking lands...

      A KFL Spanish-speaking Section Feature

      "Small Gods" has just been published as "Dioses Menores", and "Lords
      and Ladies" is scheduled for July 02. If Terry keeps on writing a
      proper novel per year (I just can't see illustrated books being
      translated into Spanish-- they're so childish) and Plaza&Jan├ęs keeps
      on publishing two per year here, I guess the Spanish editions will
      get synchronized with the English ones in... about... January 2015.
      It could be worse, really...

      Anyway, we're happy because our editions are SO MUCH BETTER than
      yours. We get amazing cover blurbs. The last one says (and I quote):
      "A new fantastic fable about the adventures of Discworld, the round
      and flat planet sailing through space on the shells of FOUR giant
      Some of the older ones talked about something called "VisionWorld",
      and in "Guards! Guards!" it seems that an army of dwarfs is about to
      raid Ankh-Morpork if the City Watch fails to stop them. Amazing, as I

      We have the theory that the blurbs get written by the Unseen
      University Bursar in his spare time, but sadly we've been told that
      these things will be avoided in the future. Maybe they'll let the
      Bursar have his pills back.

      Best wishes,


      P.S. As soon as I can lay my hands on one of those computer
      translators you talked about, I'll get the text you obtained
      translated AGAIN into Spanish, just to see how it looks... ;-) I'll
      keep you informed.

      7) ROMANIA

      I'm writing from Romania to ask for help from those reading
      this newsletter. I am in charge of the promotion of the first
      Discworld book (The Color of Magic) translated in Romania, which
      will be published in May 2002. I have many ideas but I don't have
      access to a market research and the printing business is not very
      professional here. So I'm asking you for some information. Can you
      e-mail me and tell me how was the series promoted in your country or
      how was that you came to read Pratchett for the first time. Thank
      you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

      -- Ada (strutulache@...)


      To the Editor:

      John Brower wrote me:

      Rocky, do you play the pianoforte as well
      as the Librarian?! Having recently read
      Soul Music, I can't help but think that there
      might be a little of you in the book. Keep
      playin' that Music With Rocks In!

      (BTW, I'm a drummer and thought Pterry's
      take on the music business was right on target!)


      -- John Brower

      It's my sister that's the Librarian, with three
      Master's Degrees, no less.

      I do play, but nothing so elegant as the
      pianoforte; I am what's affectionately called
      (in Oklahoma, USA) a "pie-annie" player. ;)

      To audition a sample, obtain a copy of
      "JJ Cale Live" at your local CD shoppe.

      I've known Terry online since somewhere
      around 93. I missed meeting him in person
      when I was in the UK in 94 with Cale, since
      TP was doing the TV show about the Orangs
      in Borneo, but we met at a bookstore in
      New York in 1996 when we happened to both
      be in town on tour.

      Then I flew up to Madison, Wisconsin, after
      the tour and hung out with Terry and Joann
      L Dominik and Shirley for a day or so,
      while he was doing signings there.

      Terry had nuclear grade curry for breakfast. :)

      Since, we've met a number of times; the
      last time was at the Gateway Con. in St. Louis,
      where he signed my Mini Cooper S, "The Luggage."

      I don't know if anything in Soul Music refers to me;
      I tend to think not. It's a miraculous send-up,
      considering that Terry has never toured with a
      band or dealt with the (spitspit) "music business."
      There's a rumour (sic) that I was being teased
      when Terry came up with the "Big Jim Beef"
      name for the troll. Once again, not necessarily;
      I've never asked; I wouldn't.

      -Rock http://www.rocky-frisco.com
      Red Dirt Rangers (Rocky on piano):
      JJ Cale Live (w/Rocky):
      The Luggage Fan Club:



      To the Editor:

      Dru did say:
      > At last! Stasheff aficionados are coming out of the woodwork!
      > I've got the entire Warlock series,have had it like forever,and
      > others by him, but I usually get blank looks when I mention
      > his name...

      'The Warlock In Spite Of Himself' is a very good book, as is
      'King Kobold Revived'. After that, IM(NS)HO, the series started
      going downhill - at least Spike Milligan had the moral courage
      to actually name one of *his* books 'The Little Potboiler'.

      'Escape Velocity' is a sort of prequel to the Warlock series. It's
      well worth reading, and definitely falls into the SF category.

      The 'Wizard in Rhyme' series is quite good, though a bit more
      serious than the Warlock books.The four books are (in order):
      Her Majestie's Wizard, Oathbound Wizard, Witch Doctor,
      Secular Wizard.

      'A Wizard In Bedlam' is not connected to any of the others,
      and perhaps a bit too heavy to be considered for a younger reader,
      as would Lois McMaster Bujold's otherwise superb Vorkosigan series.

      Christopher Stasheff also collaborated with L. Sprague de Camp to write two
      further books in the latter author's excellent 'Incompleat Enchanter'
      series - 'The Enchanter Reborn' and 'Exotic Enchanter'.
      The other books in this series that I know of were collaborations between de
      Camp and Fletcher Pratt - 'The Incompleat Enchanter', 'The Castle of
      Iron' and 'The Enchanter Completed' - all very good fantasy books.

      If you're considering mixed fantasy/SF books, there's the amusing and
      well-written Wiz Zumwalt series by Rick Cook: 'Wizard's Bane', 'The
      Wizardry Compiled', 'The Wizardry Cursed', 'The Wizardry Consulted' and
      'The Wizardry Quested'.

      Another series (perhaps leaning more to the fantasy side) is Douglas W
      Clark's Alchemy Unlimited series: 'Alchemy Unlimited', 'Rehearsal For A
      Renaissance' and 'Whirlwind Alchemy'.

      Also worth checking out is Simon Hawke's Inadequate Adept series: 'The
      Inadequate Adept', 'The Reluctant Sorceror' and 'The Ambivalent Magician'.

      -- Takahe Notornis,


      To the Editor:

      I'm not sure how I got added to this list, but I'm happy to be a
      Wossname. I'm English but live in San Jose California and
      have been inflicting the works of Pterry on many bewildered
      locals. I gave many copies of The Last Hero as
      Hogswatchnight presents this year.

      I'm also the author of a small piece of diagnostic software that
      runs on Sun Microsystems Solaris based computers. It
      basically tells you when your computer is unhappy. One of the
      rules can detect that your computer is about to totally stop
      working as it runs out of swap space, when this occurs
      it prints a message to the console, which may be the last
      thing ever output before the machine wedges:
      I'm sure some perplexed dot-com sysadmins have seen this now
      and again, the program (virtual-adrian.se) is available for free from
      http://www.setoolkit.com :-)

      -- Adrian
      End of Part 2, says my computer -- continued on Part 3 of 3
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