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    4) KFL MEETS AROUND THE WORLD (continued) SYDMEET - Sydney, Australia ... They came, we met, we cooked, we chatted, we ate... and ate...and ate...they left. We
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2001
      4) KFL MEETS AROUND THE WORLD (continued)

      SYDMEET - Sydney, Australia
      They came, we met, we cooked, we chatted, we ate...
      and ate...and ate...they left.

      We cooked: Mrs Whitlow's artery-hardening HogsWatch
      Pie ...very nice and filling...some variation to the meal -
      since you're supposed to eat it cold...we just had it fresh
      from the oven, which was still good!

      Dried frog pills - a lot of icing sugar - I was right the first
      time - I think it's a typo: you add about 300g icing sugar
      to the mix, and reduce the amount of green food colouring
      and rum flavouring and you get a malleable paste. My
      housemates were a little dubious when I told them it was
      'dried frog pills' although one of them tried one and was
      impressed by how sweet it was! :)

      Chocolate Pudding with Special Secret Sauce - still good,
      but a little drier than expected.

      Attendees were Craig Thompson, Bobby Cox, MysApp,
      Arabel, Sel and (briefly) Jerm and while we may not have
      quantity, I think we're doing well on the quality of the meets!

      -- SelDear@...
      (who isn't going to organise another Sydmeet for a year!)

      MEL-MEET - Melbourne, Australia
      The Mel-Meet Committee would like to announce two meets.
      Mini-meet happened two weeks ago, with Bek, Matt & myself
      attending, Steven late. And today, (Dec. 11th) instant-mix
      meet, with the above attending, and jase.

      The last was organised today, with a grand total of 5 attendees.
      We would also like to know if it is true that Sydney siders can only
      organise a meet if someone drops bread-crumbs to the site first?

      -- Paul Godsil



      n a message dated 12/25/2001,
      priscilla@... writes:

      > I agree. While a majority of teenage girls probably would never enjoy
      > Pratchett, you will always find some that will. I'm a teenage girl
      > myself, and I've recently gotten three of my friends hooked, as well.
      > I started them all on "Guards! Guards!" with tremendous success.

      Hmmm.... I was thinking of Equal Rites (the first one I read), but I'll keep
      Guards! Guards! in mind too. Of course, right now I'm competing with her
      boyfriend, who's insisting she read The Hobbit. *sigh*

      > I suppose I might as well take this opportunity to introduce myself
      > here. I chose to "relax into lurkerdom" instead of answering the
      > three questions, so I'll go ahead and answer them now.
      > 1) where are you from - & what do you like/dislike about it?
      > I live in Dallas, Texas. I have for all my life. I love living here,
      > but when it comes to college choices, I'll be out of here like a
      > shot. I love city life, so that's a plus, but as many U.S.-of-
      > American Discworld fans may complain, it's a bit harder to get your
      > hands on the books from this side of the pond.
      Ah, another Texan! Welcome, Priscilla! I'm in San Antonio.

      > Another Pratchett-related minus is the lack of Discworld theater
      > here. I'm a theater junkie, and I'd probably give up a limb to see
      > (or better yet, take part in) one of the Discworld plays. I offered
      > Stephen Briggs' adaption of "Mort" to a theater director I'd worked
      > with before, but she said it was a bit esoteric. I think I'll give
      > her "Maskerade" for Christmas (insert evil grin here).

      <g> If you succeed, let me know. It's only a 5-hour drive.

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