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February 2000 WOSSNAME Part I

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  • Andrew Millard
    WOSSNAME Newsletter of the North American Discworld Society February 2000 (Volume 3 Issue 2)
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2000

      Newsletter of the North American Discworld Society

      February 2000 (Volume 3 Issue 2)


      WOSSNAME is a FREE publication for members of the North American
      Discworld Society and also of its affiliate, the Klatchian Foreign
      Legion. Are you a member? Yes, if you sent in your e-mail address.
      Are there any dues? No. Dues are only required if you want to join
      the Guild of and Disciples and receive the discounts available
      through bulk purchases.




      1) Terry Pratchett to Tour United States in March/April!
      2) The Year America Discovers Terry Pratchett?
      3) Changes at HarperCollins
      4) News from Colin Smythe
      5) MORT Down Under
      6) Guild of Fans and Disciples Membership Rates
      7) News from Clarecraft
      8) The Wizard's Knob Closes


      9) The Witch Books --- ALL of Them! by Andy Stout
      10) My Life as a Pratchett Fan, by Andrew Millard


      11) Regional Fan Groups
      12) North American Discworld Society T-Shirts
      13) [Letters] The Right Place at the Right Time
      14) [Letters] Discworld for Macintosh?
      15) [Letters] DVD Extras
      16) [Letters] Motto Errors?
      17) Competition: THE SCIENCE OF DISCWORLD
      18) Meetings Calendar


      19) Klatchian Foreign Legion Resources
      20) Messages from the Editors


      Editor in Chief: Andrew C. Millard
      Staff Writers: Andy Stout, Becky Swaney
      Contributor: Joe Schaumburger

      Copyright 2000 by North American Discworld Society



      Terry will be signing THE FIFTH ELEPHANT and his other books across
      the United States in March and April. He writes:

      With the proviso that I wished I could go everywhere, I'm pretty
      happy about this tour. There's a much higher signing to
      travelling ratio than the last one, when I spent most of my time
      flying in and out of hubs.

      There will also be the usual welter of 'Good Morning, A Place I've
      Never Heard of' shows and, a lovely term, a number of drive-by

      Here's the schedule.

      Friday, March 24 Murder By The Book, Houston
      Houston, TX
      6PM 2342 Bissonnet,
      (713) 524-8597 Houston, TX 77005

      Saturday, March 25 Texas A&M Bookstore
      College Station, TX
      1PM Memorial Student Center,
      845-8681 College Station, TX 77844

      Sunday, March 26 Adventures in Crime and Space
      Austin, TX
      2PM 609 A West 6th Street,
      (512) 473-2665 Austin, TX 78701

      Monday, March 27 The Stars Our Destination
      Chicago, IL
      7PM 1021 W Belmont,
      (773) 871-2722 Chicago IL

      Tuesday, March 28 Cleveland Plain Dealer Book
      Cleveland, OH and Author Dinner
      (Sorry, I don't know much more about this except that a fellow author
      there will be Donald Westlake, which is just fine by me.)

      Wednesday, March 29 Dreamhaven Books
      Minneapolis, MN
      6PM 912 W. Lake Street,
      (612) 823-6161 Minneapolis, MN

      Thursday, March 30 University Bookstore
      Seattle, WA
      7PM 4326 University Way,
      (206) 545-4363 NE Seattle, WA
      (Signing to be held on University of Washington campus at Kane Hall.)

      Friday, March 31 Powells Books
      Portland, OR
      7:30PM 1005 West Burnside Street,
      (503) 228-0540 Portland, OR

      Saturday, April 1 Future Fantasy
      San Francisco, CA
      1PM 2705 El Camino Palo Alto,
      (650) 855-9771 San Francisco CA 94306

      Saturday, April 1 Booksmith on Page
      San Francisco, CA
      7PM 1833 Page Street,
      (415) 863-8688 San Francisco, CA

      Sunday, April 2 Kepler's
      San Francisco, CA
      3PM 1010 El Camino Real,
      (650) 594-5935 Menlo Park, CA 94025

      Sunday, April 2 The Other Change of Hobbit
      Berkeley CA
      7:30PM 2020 Shattuck Ave,
      (510) 848-0413 Berkeley CA 94704-1117

      Monday, April 3 Stacy's
      San Francisco, CA
      12:30PM 581 Market Street,
      (415) 421-4687 San Francisco, CA 94105

      Monday, April 3 Dangerous Visions
      Los Angeles, CA
      7PM 13563 Ventura Blvd,
      (818) 986-6963 Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

      Tuesday, April 4 Waldenbooks/Brentano's
      Los Angeles, CA
      12:30PM 10250 Santa Monica Blvd,
      (310) 785-0204 Century City, CA 90067

      Tuesday, April 4 Vromans
      Los Angeles, CA
      7PM 695 E Colorado Blvd,
      (626) 449-5320 Pasadena, CA 91101

      Wednesday, April 5 Barnes & Noble, Astor Place
      New York, NY
      7:30PM 4 Astor Place,
      (212) 420-0816 New York, NY 10003


      Are you planning attend one of these signings? Why not drop us a
      line, by e-mail to WOSSNAME@onelist.com, and let us know how it went
      and what words of wisdom Terry wrote in your book? The best two
      write-ups will receive a set of North American Discworld Society and
      Klatchian Foreign Legion badges!



      From Publishers' Weekly: Conquering the World --- with Laughs

      Consider these astonishing facts: British fantasy author Terry
      Pratchett's last seven novels have been #1 hardcover bestsellers in
      the UK. By some estimates, as many as 1% of all books in Great
      Britain are by Terry Pratchett.

      During the 1990's, Terry Pratchett sold more hardcover copies of his
      novels than any other living author. That includes Stephen King,
      John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell --- anyone you care to name. Yet you
      may not have heard of him before. Most readers in the US don't know
      who Terry Pratchett is.

      But his publisher, HarperCollins, hopes to change that. They're
      setting out to make 2000 "the year America discovers Terry
      Pratchett". The house is mounting a very aggressive publishing
      campaign, featuring two new Pratchett novels in 2000 and reissues of
      his earlier books with smart new packages. In March, HarperCollins
      will publish the first three of Pratchett's Discworld novels in mass
      market paperback with a $3.99 price, and in April Pratchett's latest
      novel, THE FIFTH ELEPHANT, hits the stores.

      Pratchett's already got a healthy following among readers of humorous
      fantasy, but HarperCollins hopes to bring his work to a wider
      audience, including those who might not read fantasy at all.
      "Pratchett has so much to say about the world," notes executive
      editor Jennifer Brehl, "and in such an entertaining, spot-on way,
      that we really feel we can break him out of the category and reach an
      even wider U.S. readership."

      Pratchett's brand of humor has an intelligence and satiric relevance
      that could appeal to readers of any stripe. He's clearly reached far
      beyond the limits of the core fantasy readership in his native land.
      Who knows? If Pratchett can do the same in the US, he might start
      outselling the Bible.


      Thanks to Jason Anthony (England) of Discworld Monthly
      (http://www.ufbs.co.uk/dwm) for finding this article for us.



      In a recent article in Science Fiction Chronicle, it was reported
      that HarperCollins has dissolved the HarperPrism Division, which was
      the primary publisher of Terry Pratchett in the United States.
      Representing the thousand or so US members of the North American
      Discworld Society, Joe Schaumburger wrote to HarperCollins to ask
      about their plans for Terry's books, and Jennifer Brehl kindly
      replied with the following information:

      Never fear! Terry Pratchett's titles are fine. His books will
      continue to be published by HarperCollins, under the general
      HarperCollins imprint. THE FIFTH ELEPHANT, the latest Discworld
      novel, will be published in hardcover in April 2000. The
      paperback reprint of THE LAST CONTINENT is coming in February
      2000, the paperback reprint of CARPE JUGULUM will be released in
      August 2000. And, paperback reissues of the first three Discworld
      will come out in March.

      WOSSNAME will, of course, try to keep you up to date with further
      release information for Terry's books.


      Greg Wolff (Alberta) writes that THE FIFTH ELEPHANT is already
      available in Canada, at a price of CDN$34.



      The two new jigsaws, of Josh Kirby's cover illustrations for
      MASKERADE (ref. G596) and CARPE JUGULUM (ref.G597), are being
      launched by Gibsons' Puzzles. They'll be in the shops at about
      UKP10. (As recommended retail prices are no longer permitted, it is
      impossible to give an exact figure: it depends on the shops
      themselves as to what they'll price them at.)

      For information as to nearest stockists ring +44-181-685-1515.
      Gibsons' Web site is


      A message for Canadian readers: Doubleday's (Transworld) Bromeliad
      Trilogy should have been on sale in Canada since publication, but due
      to an error it hasn't been. This is being rectified, and copies will
      be available soon.

      Terry's 25th Discworld novel, THE TRUTH, is now complete and with his
      publishers, Transworld. It will be published by their Doubleday
      imprint in November. He is already writing the 26th, THE THIEF OF
      TIME, which originally started as a strand to THE TRUTH but got too
      big for that role. All being well, Terry will complete it later this
      year, and it is expected to be published by Doubleday in May 2001.

      COLIN SMYTHE (England)



      We would just like to let everyone know (even though most of you
      don't seem to hail from Australia) that the Unseen Theatre Company is
      producing the play MORT. It will be held at the Tower Arts Centre at
      the corner of Daws Road and Goodwood Road, Pasadena, South Australia.
      The season commences on March 24 and runs till April 8. If you
      require any more details please contact me at gandalf@...,
      or visit our Web site at:


      PAMELA MUNT (Australia)



      Following our announcement in the last issue of RAMTOP TO RIMFALL,
      here are details of the new membership rates.

      UK: 10 UKP
      Europe: 13 UKP (Germany 37 DEM)
      USA: 15 UKP (US$26)
      NZ/Oz: 16 UKP (AUS$44, NZ$52)

      This is the first price increase since we began five years ago,
      during which time postal rates and printing costs have both gone up
      considerably. To give you an idea, we need at least 1000 UKP in the
      bank before I can send out a newsletter now!

      Renewal rates have also gone up accordingly. First year renewals are
      the same as for new members, but subsequent renewals are 6 UKP (26
      DEM, US$19, AUS$33, NZ$39). Members get a renewal letter with the
      appropriate rates when the time comes.

      PHIL PENNEY (England)


      This price increase doesn't affect anyone's North American Discworld
      Society or Klatchian Foreign Legion membership, of course, since
      they're free --- though if you'd like to send us some money, we won't
      object. What's more, we've obtained permission from the Guild to
      extend the US$20 dues for our members until the end of this month, so
      if you renew before 1st March, you can save US$6! Just write to Joe
      Schaumburger at jschaum111@... for more information.




      Well, the excitement of the festive season has all but died down here
      in happenin' Woolpit, so we decided to add some bits and pieces to:


      You'll find new articles, a new competition and an updated Guild
      House. The auction room is now going great guns, so it may be time
      to dig out that dusty Carrot (no sniggering at the back, please!) and
      sell him to pay for that exotic holiday. Or, if you're a mad
      collector yourself, it's time to dig out that dusty cheque book and
      pay for somebody else's holiday!

      Anyway, enough of me. I'm sure that you'd rather find out about it
      all yourself...

      Best wishes,

      ELTON MURPHY (England)

      PS Don't forget all of our other ranges... They can be seen at:




      Dear All

      Because of the continual poor re-subscription rates, the lack of
      support by its readers, and the growth of on-line magazines and
      sites, I regret to inform you that TWK will finish after the next
      issue due out in February.

      Many thanks for your support in the past years.

      STEVE DEAN (England)


      Steven and the other staff at The Wizard's Knob did a great job, and
      we're sorry to hear that the fanzine is closing down.



      To all who are reading this:


      My house has been invaded by three witches. The old fat one is
      frantically searching for any fermented beverage, the young one keeps
      talking to herself, and the tall one is poking me with her
      broomstick, demanding I review all the witch books at once. The old
      hag --- OW OW! --- I mean the slightly aged woman is glaring over my
      shoulder as I write this. So, here we go.

      EQUAL RITES --- The third Discworld book is one of the better early
      ones. Granny Weatherwax (who is threatening to turn me into a frog
      if I don't cooperate) is a very well-rounded character who inspires
      genuine respect, and the story of Esk is pretty good. However,
      there's no doubt as to whom the main character is. Rating: 3.0 out
      of 5.0 pointy hats.

      WYRD SISTERS --- Even better! Nanny Ogg and Magrat only add to the
      humor that Granny Weatherwax provides. The parallels with MACBETH
      are great, especially when the witches start poking the scenery.
      Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0 pointy hats.

      WITCHES ABROAD --- The witch series took a bit of a nosedive here ---
      OW OW! --- but it still has its moments, like when Granny swindles
      some card sharks. Rating: 2.0 out of 5.0 pointy hats.

      LORDS AND LADIES --- Ah, it gets better here. Who would have
      suspected that the Disc's greatest witch was once romantically
      involved with its greatest wizard? Or that Lancre once suffered an
      invasion of elves --- and the elves are ready to try again? Rating:
      3.5 out of 5.0 pointy hats.

      MASKERADE --- Who will round out the coven once Magrat is Queen?
      Agnes Nitt, who is very nice and amiable even though she talks to
      herself. I think I enjoyed this one the most of all the Witch books.
      Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 pointy hats.

      CARPE JUGULUM --- Nearly as good as MASKERADE. We get FOUR witches
      in one book! Wow! I enjoyed the character of Mightily Oats, the
      only character who ever beat Granny in an argument --- OW OW! --- who
      debated her to a standstill. The vampires were also very evil, but
      fun. Rating: 4.25 out of 5.0 pointy hats.

      OK, Mistress Weatherwax, there you go. All typed up. I'm very busy,
      so could you get Agnes and your inebriated friend and please leave?
      OW OW!


      ANDY STOUT (South Carolina)

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