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WOSSNAME -- Main issue - May 2014

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  • granny_tude
    WOSSNAME Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion April 2014 (Volume 17, Issue 4, post 1) oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo INDEX: 01) QUOTES OF
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2014


      Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion

      April 2014 (Volume 17, Issue 4, post 1)





      03) ODDS AND SODS










      13) CLOSE



      "Independent bookshops supported this jobbing genre author long

      before the geeks were let out of their wardrobes. Being able to

      support these talented retail wizards through My Independent

      Bookshop is a very, very good thing."

      – Sir Pterry, talking about My Independent Bookshop

      "I wrote the [Wintersmith] album with Terry Pratchett, based on his

      books. Well, on some of his books, not all of them – that would be

      a long album."

      – Maddy Prior, who knows an impossible task when she reads one!



      It's another packed issue this month, so we're coming to you early!

      They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one, from the new

      "Dementia Friends" campaign (see item 7 below), is absolutely




      In the Portsmouth News online, there's a shout-out for the Hayling

      Island Bookshop, featured in an earlier issue of WOSSNAME. They will

      be the suppliers for Sit Pterry's virtual bookshop (see item 4


      ONE of the smallest independent bookshops in the country has been

      given a huge boost by fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett. Sir Terry,

      author of the popular Discworld series, has nominated the Hayling

      Island Bookshop to be the supplier of his chosen favourite books on

      a new social media site... Sir Terry's site links to the tiny

      Mengham bookshop if people want to buy them. He was a guest at the

      shop in 2008 and it made a big impression on him... Sir Terry has

      named his own fantasy and science fiction-themed bookshop Narrativia

      after the goddess of inspiration he invented... Marie Telford, owner

      of The Hayling Island Bookshop which is just 3m sq, said: 'We were

      absolutely astonished, delighted and honoured to hear that Sir Terry

      had chosen our tiny bookshop to be linked to his personal bookshop

      containing his favourite books. We hosted Terry on Hayling in 2008

      for the launch of his book Nation and we are so pleased that he is

      helping independent bookshops to extend their reach in this way. We

      hope many of the readers will come and visit us in person too.'"



      From pop-up shops and restaurants to pop-up book benches – Paul

      Kidby is among the illustrators who will be making London a more

      magical place to read:

      "Bloomsbury is set to play host to a range of literary classics,

      from Peter Pan to The Wind in the Willows, as a series of painted

      'BookBenches' will soon pop up all over town. The benches will

      feature images from novels dating back to the 19th century,

      including Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, right through to

      modern favourites such as How to Train your Dragon by Cressida

      Cowell. Renowned artists and illustrators will be picking up a

      paintbrush and bringing some classic characters to life, including

      Ralph Steadman who famously worked with Hunter S Thompson, will be

      replicating characters from his 1973 children's classic take on

      Alice Through the Looking Glass, and Paul Kidby who designed the

      images in Terry Pratchett's Discworld..."



      In addition to their Irish "Wintersmith" tour dates (see item 3.4

      below), Maddy Prior and Steeleye Span will be gigging in Bolton this

      month with new fiddler Jessie May Smart, who has replaced departing

      long-serving member Peter Knight.

      When: 22nd May 2014

      Venue: the Albert Halls, Victoria Square, Bolton BL1 1RU

      Time: 7.30pm

      Tickets: £19.50. To book, phone the Box Office on 01204 334400

      (Mon-Fri 9-5 & Sat 10-4). There is a Booking Fee of £0.50 per

      Ticket charged on credit card transactions, or a charge of £1.00

      per ticket for online purchases. To book online, go to:




      The Wincanton Spring Fling was a success as usual, with a total of

      £1357.15 being raised for the RICE Centre. Well done Team Artificer

      and all the supporters of Ankh-Morpork's one and only twin town! As

      for the "Dementia Friends" campaign, go read the item, visit the

      page and watch the video. It may break your heart, but with love.

      Then go do what you can to spread the word about dementia.


      A quick note: the Broken Drummers, london's oldest Discworld neeting

      group. will be having their mothly meeting tonight (13th May) –

      see item 10.

      And now it's on with the show...

      – Annie Mac, Editor


      03) ODDS AND SODS


      Lynsey from Transworld says: "Raising Steam in paperback has a whole

      new cover look! Coming your way in the UK on 9th October 2014!"


      And the new cover image: http://tinyurl.com/nv8zvjw


      There's a new-ish Facebook group, known as the Benevolent Antipodean

      Discworld Appreciation Society (Melbourne CBD Chapter), that is

      looking for some action:

      "B.A.D.A.S. (Melbourne CBD Chapter) is a group for fans of Sir Terry

      Pratchett and his series the Discworld. We are hoping to get a

      regular (monthly or if we are all having fun more regular) meet-up

      happening. Activities will range from book discussion, board games,

      eating and pretty much anything that enough people will think is

      fun. We are hoping to foster a fun community that everybody can


      The group is open, so anyone can join.



      "A magnificent painting of a dragon for a calendar of Terry

      Pratchett's best-selling Discworld novels is featured in a new

      exhibition at Torquay Museum. The exhibition, entitled Tell Me a

      Dragon, runs until June 25 featuring original watercolour paintings

      by award-winning children's author and illustrator, Jackie Morris.

      The Discworld calendar dragon painted by Jackie gave her the idea

      for her own Tell Me a Dragon book, in which she dispels the fearsome

      reputation of these magical creatures. This is the first time

      Jackie's dragon paintings have been exhibited together. The

      exhibition of paintings is supplemented by dragon-decorated objects

      from Torquay Museum's own collections, ranging from magnificent

      Samurai swords to Torquay's first ever gas lamp in the shape of a

      dragon (dated to 1834), and beautiful ceramics..."



      Come to Ireland and dance the Dark Morris...

      Monday 19th May

      Town Hall Theatre Galway

      00353 (0) 91-569777

      Tickets are €25. To purchase online go to 



      Tuesday 20th May

      The Hawk's Well Theatre Sligo

      00353 (0) 71-9161518

      Tickets are €25.00; online booking:

      http://www.hawkswell.com/events/event/steeleye-span and go to

      http://purchase.tickets.com/buy/TicketPurchase for that date;

      concession prices are available in person at the box office or by

      phone 071-9161518

      Wednesday 21st May

      Vicar Street Dublin

      00353 (0)1 77 55 800

      Tickets are €31.50 (including booking). For details go to



      "Discworld and Beyond"

      When: current, through 28th June 2014

      Venue: Willis Museum, Market Place, Basingstoke RG21 7QD (phone 0845

      603 5635)

      Time: Tuesdays to Fridays 10am – 5pm

      Tickets: Admission is free


      Want to raise some steam? Here be a chance for some of you to

      experience the kind of steam-driven thrills that moved Sir Pterry to

      write his latest novel!

      "Join the dedicated team of volunteers at Kempton Steam Museum and

      help restore and maintain the world's largest working triple-

      expansion steam engine and the Grade II* listed building and its

      heritage contents. You don't need experience but any skills, from

      painting and decorating to electrical or mechanical engineering will

      be useful. Training is available including learning to drive the

      engine, conduct tours of the static engine display and meeting the


      When: Thursdays, 15th, 22nd and 29th May 2014; Sat 24th May, Sun

      25th May

      Venue: Kempton Steam Museum, Kempton Park Water Works, Snakey Lane,

      Hanworth, TW13 7ND

      Time: 10:00–16:00 all days

      "Volunteers will be asked to become a member of Kempton Great

      Engines Society for £11.00, which will entitle them to a year's

      membership, free admission at all times and a quarterly

      newsletter... Volunteers are asked to provide their own overalls and

      working boots. Hard hats and most tools are provided. Bring your own

      lunch; tea and coffee is provided."

      Kempton Steam Museum is the "Home of the world's largest working

      triple-expansion steam engine, one of a pair commissioned in 1928

      and housed in a magnificent Grade II National Monument where

      visitors can explore the engines and see one in steam. Regular

      guided tours, children's activity packs, rides available on Darent,

      a 1903 narrow-gauge steam locomotive and engine driver training days



      Telephone 020 3565 3586

      Email kemptonsteam@...


      As featured in Images of the Month in the April main issue, an

      updated and very attractive Discworld Reading Order Chart is being

      recommended all over the place3. Here's the Geeks of Doom page,

      including the image:

      "Maybe you are a newcomer to the wondrous writings of Terry

      Pratchett. Or maybe you've been reading Discworld novels since the

      1980s, like yours truly. Either way, at some point you have probably

      wondered which book is next in the great timeline of all things

      Terry, or maybe you're curious how they all tie in together. Well,

      friends, have I got a treat for you! The Discworld Reading Order

      Guide 2.21 is newly updated and features virtually every book in an

      easy to understand chart. Krzysztof Kietzman is credited with

      creating the chart, though it seems that others have contributed to

      it as well..."



      Remember GlenBricker's proposed Discworld Lego set, that would

      become a reality if 10,000 supporters prove their interest? Well,

      there are now 4,803 supporters – nearly half-way there! – and

      there is still almost a full year to go. If you'd love you some

      Discworld Lego, go here and make your wishes known:



      On the 25th of May, the Story Museum in Oxford will host a Discworld

      Day! Stephen Briggs will read extracts from Going Postal at 11.30am

      and 2pm, and there will be various other Discworld-y goings-on from

      11am to 5pm. Don't forget to wear your lilac!

      "We're Going Postal here in Oxford's old post office with Discworld

      Day activities inspired by Ankh Morpork's Post Office."

      In addition to the exhibition entrance fee of £7.50 (£5 for

      under-18′s, full-time students, job-seekers, over-60s; no charge

      for children under one year and companions of disabled visitors),

      there will be a £2 charge for the event. £4 event-only tickets

      will be offered on the day, subject to availability. Advance booking

      is recommended.

      The Story Museum

      Rochester House, 42 Pembroke Street, Oxford OX1 1BP

      +44 (0)1865 790050





      "My Independent Bookshop" is now live! From booktrade.info:

      "Hundreds of new 'bookshops' were opening in the UK today as part of

      a campaign to champion the personal recommendation of books. Authors

      including Terry Pratchett, Irvine Welsh and Lisa Jewell were among

      the first to join the 'My Independent Bookshop' network by opening

      their own virtual bookshops and giving people an inside-the-covers

      look at their favourite reads. The initiative, launched by Penguin

      Random House UK – the country's biggest book publisher – allows

      book lovers to set up a virtual bookshop, share and review their

      favourite reads, and discover books online. Readers can set up their

      own shop with twelve books at a time on their shelves – changing

      the display as often as they choose by season, genre or mood – the

      possibilities are endless... All books in the virtual shops are

      available to buy online through hive.co.uk, the ecommerce arm of

      Gardners wholesalers, which is connected with hundreds of

      independent bookshops across the UK. As part of the registration

      process, 'My Independent Bookshop' users can choose their favourite

      real-world independent bookshop to connect with. Hive will then pass

      a commission from any purchase made through the website to their

      chosen shop... Author Terry Pratchett, who has connected his online

      'bookshop', NARRATIVIA, to the tiny Hayling Island Bookshop in

      Hampshire, said: "Independent bookshops supported this jobbing genre

      author long before the geeks were let out of their wardrobes, being

      able to support these talented retail wizards through 'My

      Independent Bookshop' is a very, very good thing...'... Commenting

      on the launch, Hannah Telfer, Group Director, Consumer & Digital

      Development at Penguin Random House UK, said: 'People are becoming

      ever more sophisticated in the way they move between their social,

      digital and physical worlds. We want to harness the opportunities

      this creates to celebrate the power of personal recommendation. By

      giving people the magical experience of curating their own bookshop

      and sharing this with their communities we are putting the discovery

      of great books and authors – no matter who they are published by

      – directly into the hands of book lovers...'"


      In Management Today:

      "According to the Booksellers Association, there are now less than

      1,000 independent bookshops gracing UK high streets  – a third

      fewer than nine years ago. Penguin Random House, the world's largest

      publisher, has today swooped in to support this dwindling band of

      high-street traders with the launch of My Independent Bookshop. The

      website encourages book lovers to set up their own virtual stores,

      where they can showcase and review their favourite books and check

      out what other people are reading. Crucially, you can buy books from

      the site, with a small proportion of takings (5% of the revenues

      from every physical book and 8% from each ebook) going to support

      scores of local independent book stores. Around 70 independent

      retailers are connected to the site so far, and authors including

      Irvine Welsh, Tony Parsons, Alastair Campbell and Terry Pratchett

      have already set up their own 'bookshop profiles' (Pratchett

      recommends Neil Gaiman's American Gods and The Hitchhiker's Guide to

      The Galaxy by Douglas Adams, in case you're interested.) For now,

      this isn't a money-making scheme for Penguin Random House. According

      to Dan Franklin, the company's digital publisher, it's all about

      collecting valuable data: 'We can see what's trending, what books

      are popular and how people are interacting...'"


      My Independent Bookshop site itself:

      "There's nothing more magical than a bookshop. A bookshop is more

      than just a shop – it's a gateway to brand new worlds. It lets you

      visit places you'd never normally go, live lives you'd never

      normally live and feel things you'd never normally feel. And now you

      can create your own virtual bookshop, discover new books and be

      inspired... There's no end to our rewards. With My Independent

      Bookshop, you'll get the first word on the latest giveaways,

      competitions and exclusives from some of the best authors around...

      We love bookshops, and we know you do too. That's why we've teamed

      up with hive, to ensure that for every book you buy, a percentage of

      the sale is shared with a local, independent bookshop."

      How to make your own virtual bookshop:






      Here's the latest from mah homey, I mean the inimitable David

      Brashaw, co-creator of the "Guards! Guards!" boardgame:

      "After selling out again in 2013 Backspindle Games are delighted to

      confirm that the Pre-order of Guards! Guards! A Discworld boardgame

      for 2014 is available right now at:



      "Games should be shipped to customers before the end of June 2014

      and for a limited time they have a special Spring Fling price of

      £29.99 and in addition FREE shipping to UK customers.

      "Euan from www.childsplaycharity.org recently commented 'Thanks for

      making the Guards! Guards! game. I bought it for my wife at

      Christmas and we've enjoyed it immensely. We especially like the

      tone of the game. It felt like being in a Pratchett novel. :)'

      "Game Salute in the US have ordered 500 copies. 

      "The Backspindle Boys are booked for DWCon 2014 in Manchester. They

      will of course have copies of Guards! Guards! to demo and sell, and

      will have their new board game, Clacks for demoing.

      "My sources have told me there is a new cooperative version of the

      game in development and play-tests have gone very well. The boys

      will also be running their LIVE run-around the Convention version of

      Guards! Guards! with prizes for the winners of course and possibly

      more chocolate Ankh-Morpork dollars to boot!

      "As for a release date for Clacks, not confirmed as yet, as

      Backspindle have been very busy with their latest sell-out game

      Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice (not a Discworld game, but great

      fun, banging tables and high-fives etc.) As soon as we know we'll

      let you all know."

      Sounds great! I'm looking forward to being able to get a copy of

      Clacks for myself – Ed.




      Unseen Theatre, Australia's marvellous Pratchett-and-Discworld-

      themed theatre group, is back this month with a new production of

      Thief of Time!

      When: Preview Show on Friday, 23 May 2014; opening night on

      Saturday, 24th May; then performances on 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st

      May, and 4th through 7th June

      Venue: Main Theatre, the Bakehouse Theatre, 255 Angas Street,

      Adelaide, South Australia 5000

      Time: 8:00pm all shows (the play runs for 2 hours plus a 10 minute


      Tickets: Adults $20, Conc $18, Fringe Benefits $16, Groups (10+)

      $16; Preview $15. Tickets can be purchased at the door on the night

      (subject to availability), or to book ahead online, go to


      By agreement with Sir Terry Pratchett, all proceeds from the Opening

      Night performance will be donated to the South Australian Voluntary

      Euthanasia Society (_www.saves.asn.au/_)



      ACT Youth Theatre will present their production of Matthew Holmes'

      superb musical adaptation of The Amazing Maurice and His Educated

      Rodents next month in Carlisle and Penrith.


      When: Saturday 14th June, 

      Venue: The Green Room, West Walls Theatre, West Walls, Carlisle,

      Cumbria CA3 8UB Tel: 01228 533233

      Time: 2pm Matinee and 7:30pm Evening Performances

      Tickets: £8 adults and £6 concessions, available from Carlisle

      Tourist Information (01228 598 596)



      When: Saturday 28th June

      Venue: Penrith Playhouse, Auction Mart Lane, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11


      Telephone 01768 865557

      Time: 2pm Matinee and 7:30pm Evening Performances.

      Tickets: £8 adults and £6 concessions, available from Penrith

      Tourist Information (01768 867 466)


      Tickets for both venues can also be purchased online at:




      "Lifeline Theatre is thrilled to offer a special discount on

      MONSTROUS REGIMENT tickets to Discworld fans near and far. $10 off

      regular single tickets, June 12-July 20, with code 'OZZER.' Must

      order by May 31st. Call 773-761-4477 or purchase online at


      This production is looking very promising! – Ed.

      When: 30th May – 20th July 2014

      Venue: Lifeline Theatre, 6912 N Glenwood Ave, Chicago, IL, 60626

      Telephone 773-761-4477

      Time: evenings at 7.30pm on Thursdays and Fridays and at 8pm on

      Saturdays; matinees at 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays Tickets: $20 for

      previews (30th May-8th June), $40 for Regular Run:  June 12-July 20

      (Thu & Fri at 7:30pm, Sat at 4pm & 8pm, Sun at 4pm).  To book online

      in advance, go to http://tinyurl.com/kzehtaw and  click on the

      desired dates at the bottom of the page (or scroll  through from

      there to the June or July calendars for tickets on  those dates)



      Sudbury Dramatic Society presents Monstrous Regiment this week,

      starting tonight!

      When: Tuesday 13th to Saturday 17th May 2014

      Venue: The Quay, Quay Lane, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2AN Tel. 01787 


      Time: 7.45pm

      Tickets: £9.00 (Friends £8.00). Tuesday 13th only – all tickets

      £7.00. Groups of 10 or more students £7.00 To buy tickets, phone

      01787 374745 or online at


      Pre-theatre suppers are available to book on the Friday and Saturday

      evenings only.



      Chesham Bois Catholic Players (Amateur) present Mort at the Little

      Theatre this week.

      When: 16th-18th May 2014

      Venue: Little Theatre By The Park, Church Street, Chesham Bucks HP5


      Time: Fri. 16th at 8pm, Sat. 17th at 7.30pm, Sun. 18th at 4pm

      Tickets: all tickets £10. "Unsold tickets may be available at the


      To book online, go to http://cbcp.ticketsource.co.uk/




      The Maryborough Players present their exclusive production of

      Witches Abroad, as adapted and directed by Renoir (presumably not

      the dead Impressionist master). Profits from the production will go

      to Alzheimers Australia and the Australasian Order of Old Bastards,

      they claim!

      When: 4th–7th June 2014

      Venue: Brolga Theatre & Convention Centre, 5 Walker

      Street,Maryborough, QLD

      Time: all evening performances 7.30pm; additional Saturday matinee


      Tickets: Adults $30.00, Concession and Friends $25.00, Students

      $20.00 To book online, go to




      ...although the new travelling production by the Jadis Shadows

      company is also a sort of "witches abroad"! Jadis Shadows, "Resident

      Company for STMO Media's Magic Alley in Stratford Upon Avon",

      present their production in May and June 2014, in a number of


      When: 16th & 17th May 2014

      Venue: Leicester Guildhall, Guildhall Lane, Leicester LE1 5FQ

      Time: 7:30pm

      Tickets: £12.50, £10.50 concessions. Box Office – 0116 253 2569

      When: 29th & 30th May 2014

      Venue: Swan Theatre, The Moors, Worcester, WR1

      Time: 7:30pm

      Tickets: £13.50 (No concession prices). Box Office – 01905

      611427. Monday to Saturday 10am – 5pm. Tickets can be booked or

      held on reservation for up to 4 working days but must be paid for,

      in full, 4 days prior to the performance. To book online:


      When: 11th, 12th & 30th June 2014

      Venue: Castle Theatre Wellingborough, 10 Castle Way, Wellingborough,

      Warwickshire NN8 1XA

      Time: 7.45pm

      Tickets: £10 for everyone. Box Office – 01933 270007



      The Bob Hope Theatre's in-house amateur drama company will present

      their production of Guards! Guards! this week.

      When: 14th-17th May 2014 at 19:45

      Venue: Bob Hope Theatre, Wythfield Road, Eltham SE9 5TG

      Time: 7.45pm (bar opens at 7pm)

      Tickets: £9 (concessions £8, not available Friday or Saturday).

      Group discounts are on offer. Box Office: 020 8850 3702 or book

      online at www.intelligent-tickets.com/index.php?th=bh





      On Little Black Book:

      "Sir Paul McCartney is today announced as an ambassador for Dementia

      Friends as celebrities and Alzheimer's Society ambassadors perform

      one of The Beatles' most memorable tracks 'With a Little Help From

      My Friends' including Lily Allen, Chris Martin, Ray Winstone; Pixie

      Lott; Paul O'Grady; Leighton Baines; Fiona Phillips; Ruth Langsford

      and Eamonn Holmes; Simon Pegg; Hugh Dennis; Amanda Holden; Alesha

      Dixon and Ruth Jones and Sir Terry Pratchett, alongside Gina Shaw, a

      61 year old singer and former nurse from Liverpool who has dementia.

      And the project seems to have moved the celebrities involved to find

      out more about the condition themselves. 'I think everyone should

      watch the Dementia Friends video to see the amazing and brave lady

      who lives with dementia in it. Gina is very open about a condition

      that there's so much stigma about, but she's got great support is

      using her position to spread the word,' said comedian and writer

      Meera Syal... The film will encourage viewers to become a Dementia

      Friend – which means gaining an understanding of the challenges

      faced by people with dementia and learning a few useful tips to help

      make life better for those living with the condition. To become a

      friend, individuals watch a short online film, which explains what

      dementia is, how it affects individuals and what people can do to

      help those living with the disease. Once they've watched the film,

      they then enter their details in order to receive a Dementia Friends

      badge (to show their support), and ‘Little Book Of Friendship',

      which includes further ideas and tips on how to help people with

      dementia. Alternatively, people can attend a face-to-face awareness

      session run by Alzheimer's Society in their area... Jeremy Hughes,

      Chief Executive of Alzheimer's Society, said: 'Given that one in

      three people over 65 will develop dementia, it is fantastic to be

      working together with Public Health England to launch a star studded

      campaign to raise awareness of dementia and encourage people to

      become Dementia Friends. Everyone has a role to play. Through

      Dementia Friends, we can all understand a bit more about what it is

      like to live with dementia and the small things that help those with

      the condition. It is easy and free to become a Dementia Friend, so I

      urge you all to sign up and make a difference.'..."


      On the Alzheimer's Society website:

      "By 2015, we want there to be a million people with the know-how to

      help people with dementia feel understood and included in their

      community. The initiative was fully launch in mid-February 2013

      after the initial announcement in November 2012. Dementia Friends

      Champions are volunteers who talk to people about being a Dementia

      Friend in their communities after attending a training course and

      receiving ongoing support. A Dementia Friend learns a little bit

      more about what it's like to live with dementia and then turns that

      understanding into action - anyone of any age can be a Dementia

      Friend. The drive forms part of the six-month progress report on the

      Prime Minister's Challenge on Dementia..."


      ...and the NHS:

      "Professor Alistair Burns, National Clinical Director for Dementia

      for NHS England, said: 'NHS England welcomes this incredibly

      valuable campaign which will raise the awareness of dementia across

      the country. I would strongly encourage people to sign up to become

      a dementia friend and encourage their friends and family to sign up

      too. Most of us know, or know of someone with dementia and becoming

      a dementia friend is a positive sign of support.'..."


      In The Mirror:

      "Public Health England and Alzheimer's Society have joined forces

      for the Dementia Friends campaign to recruit over a million

      "Dementia Friends" – ordinary people who are willing to learn

      about dementia and how to support people with it. Duncan Selbie,

      Chief Executive of Public Health England, says: 'Until there's a

      cure, friendship is the best treatment we have for dementia.' ... A

      Dementia Friend is simply someone who has an understanding of what

      dementia is and the little things they can do to support those

      living with the condition. Visit Dementia Friends online at

      dementiafriends.org.uk Search for your local face-to-face

      information session – these free interactive classes can provide

      practical advice on how you can help others live well with dementia.

      If there isn't a session nearby or you can't make the allocated

      dates, you can always watch the short Dementia Friends video

      instead. You'll receive a Dementia Friends badge and a 'Little Book

      of Friendship' which includes tips and ideas on how you can be a

      friend to someone living with Dementia."


      In the Western Gazette:

      "Sir Terry Pratchett is among a host of stars appearing in a new

      television campaign to raise awareness of a new Dementia Friends

      campaign from Public Health England and Alzheimer's Society. The

      campaign has been created to highlight that people with dementia can

      still live fulfilling and rewarding lives and sees stars present

      their messages to the backing of The Beatles' With a Little Help

      from my Friends... Dementia prevalence figures from the Dementia

      2010 report – recently updated by Alzheimer's Research UK using

      current population estimates – show there are an estimated 2,600

      people living with dementia in south Somerset, 1,100 in north Dorset

      and 6,500 people in Wiltshire..."


      In The Telegraph:

      "The celebrities star in a new advert to encourage people to become

      'dementia friends' to help boost volunteering, education and support

      for the growing number of people with the condition. Volunteers who

      take part in the scheme will be able to attend free sessions to

      learn how to spot the signs of dementia and offer support for

      sufferers, the Alzheimer's Society said... celebrities involved in

      the ad include comedian Simon Pegg, actor Ray Winstone, footballer

      Leighton Baines and presenter Paul O'Grady. Author Sir Terry

      Pratchett – who suffers from Alzheimer's disease himself – is

      also involved... The news comes as a new report found that English

      businesses are losing out on hundreds of millions every year because

      of employees' caring obligations for people who have dementia.

      Almost one in 10 dementia carers have to withdraw from work

      altogether and 12 per cent have been forced to reduce the number of

      hours they spend at work. Experts have estimated that the total cost

      of those who leave employment or have to reduce their hours totals

      more than £1.6 billion. The report compiled by the Centre for

      Economics and Business research on behalf of Dementia Friends - the

      Alzheimer's Society's campaign – estimated that throughout this

      year 50,000 carers will have to quit their job due to caring

      responsibilities. And a further 66,000 will have to make adjustments

      to the number of hours they work... 'The fact that thousands of

      workers in this country are juggling caring responsibilities without

      support and understanding from their employers is frightening,' said

      Alzheimer's Society chief executive Jeremy Hughes. 'We're all

      beginning to talk about dementia, however, society is not yet fully

      supportive of people with dementia, either in the workplace or in

      everyday life. I'd love to see everyone become Dementia Friends, and

      make life that little bit easier for people with dementia.'...


      For more information:








      A to-die-for set of almost painfully adorable Raising Steam

      characters to print out at home! Free of charge! What's not to like?

      Dick Simnel: 


      Moist von Lipwig:


      Harry King:


      Iron Girder herself:




      Of the Twilight the darkness:


      Adora Belle:


      Mr Thunderbolt:


      Dick Simnel's workshop:




      "Greetings Disc lovers,

      "Of course an Emporium celebration wouldn't be complete without

      special releases from Discworld Stamps, and we'll be debuting

      fantastic new issues from Lancre and Genua. Available as single

      stamps or beautiful collectible sheets, the Lancre 3p and Genua 2

      Cent issues feature artwork of Lancre Castle and Ella Saturday

      respectively. Available at the Spring Fling, and online from Tuesday

      May 6th – click the images below to see more!


      "The May Day! May Day! LBE is a limited edition Little Brown

      Envelope, containing a 'lucky dip' assortment of Discworld Stamps

      with a chance to find sports, rarities and prizes. Every LBE will

      contain the brand new Genua 2 Cent, and Lancre 3 Pence Discworld

      Stamps, and 50 lucky envelopes will contain prize tickets for a

      'Letter to Lancre' – a rare postal artefact exclusive to this LBE.

      Keep an eye out for A-M.P.O Dead Letter labels, little scribbles

      from a certain artificer, rare $5 Blue Triangles and the most

      coveted Discworld Stamp of them all - the Blue Triangle Sport! This

      edition comprises 1000 LBEs, of which 500 will be available at the

      event itself on Saturday 3rd May. The remainder will go on sale

      online on Tuesday 6th May in two batches at 10:00am and 6:00pm BST


      "Limited Edition LBEs have a habit of selling out jolly quickly,

      usually within the first hour of release. To avoid disappointment we

      recommend the purchase of an LBE season ticket, valid for 6 or 11

      LBE editions – find out more here:


      [Editor's note: if already sold out, the link may be dead.]

      "For all our latest wares and releases have a browse through our New

      Products page – it's mostly harmless!"





      Ladies and Gentlemen,

      There are two things you need to know before we announce the

      location of the 2015 North American Discworld Gathering:

      #1 Sir Terry Pratchett is not able to be with us in person this

      time, as much as he might like to. Terry and Rob's international

      travel schedule has changed substantially, and he is focused on his

      writing, and on forthcoming projects. Your best chance of seeing Sir

      Terry in person is to attend the International Discworld Convention

      in 2014 in Manchester, England, August 8-11, 2014.  (Their

      registration is currently filled but there is a waiting list.).

      Honored Guests at DWCon 2014 "will appear subject to availability

      and professional commitments."

      #2 There is no seed money available to help fund another NADWCon.

      As some of you know, NADWCon 2011 did not make a profit, and it

      appears that NADWCon 2013 did not, either. A number of people worked

      very hard on those last two NADWCons.  Those of you who have served

      in the convention trenches will know how hard it is to put on a

      good, 1,000 person event, let alone one that makes any money.

      Many of the fans who've been volunteering at NADWCon from the very

      beginning had imagined that each NADWCon would help construct a

      solid foundation which would, in turn, support future cons, but

      things don't always work out as well as we could wish. Given this

      news I've just shared, the 2014/2015 team knew that producing

      another NADWCon in 2015 was going to be a challenge. So, here is

      where things stand today:

      Drum Roll Please .....   


      Many of you guessed right: Seattle was the chosen venue. (Note the

      past tense).


      We've been discussing dates for this event that ranged from late

      summer to early fall because we did not wish to compete with our

      friends at Norwescon; a fantasy and science fiction convention that

      takes place in Seattle every Spring.

      Then this happened ....  

      An experienced, fun-loving, and collaborative core group of

      volunteers was deeply engaged in planning when WorldCon, Inc.

      announced that Spokane, WA had won the 2015 bid for the World

      Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. This meant that most of the

      talent and volunteers on the west coast would now focus their time,

      resources and attention on that event. Add to this the fact that

      many of our NADWCon attendees also go to Worldcon; we cannot ask

      them to fly out to the same location twice in one year.

      In light of these circumstances we have decided to hold a Discworld

      Gathering at WorldCon 2015. This WorldCon's official name is

      Sasquan. Sasquan will take place in Spokane, WA on August 19th -

      23rd in 2015.

      They know we're coming: The Planning Committee is in touch with the

      organizers of Sasquan. Our job now is to support this large,

      international convention, and make sure that our Discworld friends

      have fun while they're there. Our first question to Sasquan was,

      "How can we help?".

      The North American Discworld Guilds are on board, including the

      Seamstress Guild (extroverted, costume loving party givers) led by

      their talented Director Missy Hayes. Also with us are the the Dark

      Clerks (highly organized folks who like to run things backstage),

      the Printers and Engravers (writers and editors), the Cunning

      Artificers (arts and crafts), along with musicians, various family

      groups, and other North American guilds to be named later. We're

      planning the Seamstress Guild parties (oh, those parties!), and –

      pending Sasquan's approval, where needed – various Discworld

      meets, panels, classes, arts and crafts, pub crawls, kids events,

      and lots of fun across this great con for all our Discworld friends.

      In a way, this will be like leaving little Lancre to visit Ankh

      Morpork.  You might want to bring The Luggage.

      You can buy your membership to Sasquan, at their 2015 WorldCon





      * Sasquan attendees can't book hotel rooms for this con until late

      summer or early fall of 2014. (See the Sasquan website for details)

      * More information about our Discworld events at Sasquan will be

      forthcoming at our website (nadwcon.org), through social media, and

      via a newsletter.

      That's all, folks. You now have over fifteen months to make your

      arrangements.  We're going to have a great time. We hope you

      can join us.


      9.2 WADFEST 2014

      "This year's theme is heroes and villains. This means you get the

      chance to dress up as the hero or villain that you have always

      wanted to be. You can take your inspiration from comics, films and

      cartoons, or invent a new character for yourself. There will be

      trophies for the best dressed villain and best dressed hero, so get

      your sewing machine out and give it a go! If you're no good at

      sewing and you don't have anyone to help out, you can always hire a

      costume for the weekend. As well as special themed hero and villain

      games there will be all your usual Wadfest favourites, including

      smack the penguin. If it's your first time at Wadfest, why not take

      a look through the photos of Wadfests past to get an idea of what to


      "The X-Men's blackbird? Batman's batmobile? Green Goblin's glider?

      If you're feeling really adventurous why not turn your vehicle into

      the kind of transport a hero or villain would have? Perhaps you're

      more interested in a permanent base like Superman's Fortress of

      Solitude or He-Man's Castle Greyskull? If so, why not dress your

      tent up as your lair? There will be a prize for the best one. There

      are no limits to what you can do with your costumes. Be as inventive

      as you like or faithfully recreate your favourite character's


      When: 15th to 17th August 2014

      Venue: Wood Green, The Animal Charity, King's Bush Farm, London

      Road, Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, PE29 2NH

      Tickets: £25.00 per adult for the weekend including Camping and

      Events. Children under 16 go free when accompanied by a paying

      adult. To purchase tickets online, go to



      9.3 AUSDWCON 2015

      Nullus Anxietus V is coming! Some early details:

      When: 10th to 12th April 2015

      Venue: Novotel, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia

      Tickets: current ticket prices are $80-$140 per Attending Member,

      $400 per Family, $30 per Supporting Membership. To purchase at these

      rates, go to http://ausdwcon.org/shop/

      "Previous Conventions have had Guilds. For Nullus Anxietas V the

      Guilds are replaced by the Studios of Holy Wood and Convention

      members (who choose to join a "guild") will be randomly assigned to

      one of the five studios for activities. Can't sing? Can't dance? Can

      handle a sword a little? Then Holy Wood beckons, and the clickies

      want YOU." – Daniel Hatton, Guildmeister

      "The date of the convention is still too far distant for us to start

      negotiating room rates but we will have the upper hand if we can go

      into the discussion with an estimate of how many we would likely

      need. We'd like to convince them to be the cheapest rate in all of

      Parramatta and make their money by booking every room rather than

      them charging a lot for a few rooms. If at all possible, please give

      us an indication if you will be booking accommodation at the venue

      and what sort of room you would like. You do not need to be

      registered to fill in the survey, we would just like an idea of how

      many rooms we will need for the weekend. Rest assured we will not

      hold you to this – it's just an estimate. Your name will only be

      used to ensure you're not on the spreadsheet twice. You will still

      need to book your own accommodation." – the organisers


      9.4 CABBAGECON 2015

      Cabbagecon 3, the third Dutch Discworld Convention, will take place

      in June of next year. Among the special guests will be Venugopalan

      Ittekot, Dutch translator of the Discworld novels.

      When: 27th and 28th June 2015

      Venue: Tulip Inn Hotel Val Monte in Berg en Dal (near Nijmegen)

      Tickets: Membership of Cabbagecon 3 for the whole weekend is priced

      at €40,00, with a €5 discount for children, seniors and

      students. For the Saturday only or the Sunday only, the price is

      €25,00, with the same discounts as above applying. To book online

      in advance, go to http://www.dutchdwcon.nl

      Apparently Cabbagecon 2 was a great success on the fun front. The

      organisers say of next year's event, "It will be a happy occasion

      for fans of Sir Terry Pratchett from the Netherlands and abroad to

      meet each other again and have fun. We hope to see you too!"

      9.5 IDWCON 2015

      ""Hear ye, hear ye, lads and lasses. We're pleased as punch, and so

      very proud, to announce that the 4th Irish Discworld Convention will

      be held from the 2nd to the 5th of October, 2015... We hope to see

      you all at the Cork International Airport Hotel..."

      Confirmed guests so far include Bernard Pearson (the Cunning

      Artificer himself), Isobel Pearson, TSoD co-author Jack Cohen,

      folklorist (and Discworld myth-checker) Jacqueline Simpson, and the

      ever-excellent Colin Smythe.

      The new IDWcon webpage is truly gorgeous! Go have a look and a

      wander, in the meantime, here's an internal memo from Captain

      Shivers of the A-M City Watch, Irish Precinct:

      To: Potential New Recruits 

      Re: The Theme!

      People of Roundworld, we're very pleased to announce that the theme

      of the Irish Discworld Convention 2015 will be the Watch Open

      Weekend. Watch this space for further details! If you would like to

      know more about the Convention, please see our FAQ page. And if you

      would like to know more about what happened last time, please see

      the Previous Conventions section. If you have ideas for events you'd

      like to run, or see us run at the convention, please email:

      programme@.... If you have any other questions, feel free to

      email us on: info@....






      The Broken Drummers, "London's Premier Unofficially Official

      Discworld Group", meets on the first Monday of every month at the

      Monkey Puzzle, 30 Southwick Street, London W2 1JQ: "We welcome

      anyone and everyone who enjoys Sir Terry's works, or quite likes

      them or wants to find out more. We have had many visitors from

      overseas who have enjoyed themselves and made new friends. The

      discussions do not only concern the works of Sir Terry Pratchett but

      wander and meander through other genres and authors and also leaping

      to TV and Film production. We also find time for a quiz. The prize

      is superb. The chance to set the quiz the following month."

      Next meeting: Tonight, actually! Monday 12th May 2014, from 7pm

      onwards. The regular "first Monday of the month" date was moved back

      to avoid clashing with the Wincanton Spring Fling, which took place

      last week.

      The Drummers' most recent meet report:

      "Last night we had a fantastic turnout. We had to add table after

      table to our zone just to accommodate everyone. We had a visitor

      from the Netherlands, Sandra, who is on holiday in London. She said

      that she was pleased to meet up with other nerds and hopes to come

      again. I was also pleased to see Bill returning to us like the ghost

      of Drummers past.  The numbers meant that I didn't get to speak to

      everyone. I ended up having a very serious conversation about the

      similarities between fandom and religion and the distinction between

      the epistemological and sociological aspects with Tim and Ruth (who

      are back together, that's your hot gossip for the day). Larry and

      Judy brought their wedding photos from over 30 years ago (Larry

      looked very sweet and innocent, Judy has remarkably aged very little

      in that time so looked pretty much the same). Alex also flirted with

      Andrew, asking me if he was "hetero-flexible". Tim E. brought a

      jeopardy style quiz, ideal for arguing about possible answers and

      wording, which caused much amusement. The winner, with full marks,

      was Tim. W. which caused an immediate sound of fear and foreboding

      when everyone realized that this meant he would be doing the next


      For more information, go to http://brokendrummers.org/ or email

      BrokenDrummers@... or nicholls.helen@...


      The Pratchett Partisans are a new fan group who meet monthly at

      either Brisbane or Indooroopilly to "eat, drink and chat about all

      things Pratchett". For more info about their next meetup, go to

      http://www.meetup.com/Pratchett-Partisans/ or contact Ula directly

      at uwilmott@...


      The City of Small Gods is a group for fans in Adelaide and South

      Australia: "We have regular monthly dinner and games nights, longer

      games days, plus play outings, craft-y workshops, and fun social

      activities throughout the year. For more info and to join our

      mailing list, visit":



      The Broken Vectis Drummers meet on the first Thursday of every month

      from 7.30pm at The Castle pub in Newport, Isle of Wight.

      Next meeting: Thursday 5th June 2014, probably, but do email to


      All new members and curious passersby are very welcome! For more

      info and any queries, contact broken_vectis_drummers@...


      The Wincanton Omnian Temperance Society (WOTS) meets on the first

      Friday of every month at Wincanton's famous Bear Inn from 7pm

      onwards. "Visitors and drop-ins are always welcome!"

      Next meeting: Friday 6th June 2014 (probably, though isn't that

      Queenie's official birthday celebrations day?).


      The Northern Institute of the Ankh-Morpork and District Society of

      Flatalists, a Pratchett fangroup, has been meeting on a regular

      basis since 2005 but is now looking to take in some new blood

      (presumably not in the non-reformed Uberwald manner). The Flatalists

      normally meet at The Narrowboat Pub in Victoria Street, Skipton,

      North Yorkshire, to discuss "all things Pratchett" as well as having

      quizzes and raffles.

      Details of future meetings are posted on the Events section of the

      Discworld Stamps forum:



      Sydney Drummers (formerly Drummers Downunder) meet on the first

      Monday of every month in Sydney at 3 Wise Monkeys, 555 George

      Street, Sydney,2000.

      Next meeting: Monday 2nd June 2014 at 6.30pm (probably). For more

      information, contact Sue (aka Granny Weatherwax):



      Perth Drummers meet on the first Monday of the month, subject to


      Next meeting: Monday 2nd June 2014 (probably). 

      "Please note we have moved to Carpe Cafe from 5.30pm Carpe Cafe, 526

      Murray Street, Perth, WA. Meeting at a cafe means we are under-18


      For details follow Perth Drummers on Twitter @Perth_Drummers and

      Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/Perth.Drummers/ –

      otherwise message Krystel directly at khewett@...


      Western Drummers (that's two groups for the Sydney Pratchett fans

      now) meet at The Rowers, Bruce Neal Drive, Penrith at 6.30-7.30pm

      for food, 7.30pm for games, quizzes and chat.

      Next meeting: Tuesday 20th May 2014 (confirmed!)

      For more information, contact Nanny Ogg – lewis_oz@... –

      or visit their Facebook page:




      You may recall French illustrator Marc Simonetti's stunning art for

      the cover of Turtle Recall. Now he is offering the world his first

      collection in book form, titled "Coverama". With 63 days left on his

      crowdfunding page, "Coverama" has already surpassed its goal total

      of $10,000, but that's no reason to stop supporting it. Discworld

      fans dug deep for Snowgum's "Troll Bridge" crowdfund appeal, and we

      all know how successful that drive was!

      Crowdfunding for "Coverama" ends on 15th July 2014...

      "IT'S ART and Marc Simonetti are proud to present Marc's first ART

      BOOK: Coverama. Marc Simonetti is a French illustrator who has

      illustrated many great Fantasy and Sci-Fi books, such as George R.

      R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire and Terry Pratchett's Discworld

      Novels. He's has also worked for video game companies like (EA,

      Ubisoft, Activision, Sony...) and worked as a concept artist and

      color key artist on advertisements and long feature films... The

      hardcover Art Book will have around 240 pages printed on high

      quality paper, and will be full of illustrations. The text will be

      in both English and French. Their subjects will cover the Game of

      Thrones books, The Disc World , Lovecraft's worlds, Fantasy and

      Scifi books, video games and advertisements, personal works, and

      several "Making Of" made especially for the book... You will enjoy a

      unique sneak peek on the art process as well and some never seen

      sketches... Some illustrations will have a link to their online

      video making of. I will do at least 4 original images, including the

      book cover art and their full Making Of, explained in text and in

      online videos..."

      There are several pledge levels (we all know how these things go

      now)n – Civilian for $15.00, Scout for $30.00, Mercenary –

      France for $40.00, Mercenary – Worldwide for $50.00, Bounty Hunter

      for $100.00, Colonel for $250.00, Rear Admiral for $500.00, High

      Admiral for $750.00, and Commander for $1,000.00. To discover what

      each level offers, visit the page:


      [Editor's note: for more of Simonetti's quirky Discworld covers art,

      go to www.marcsimonetti.com - my personal favourites are his covers

      for Reaper Man, Small Gods, and definitely Soul Music. He also does

      really scary Feegles.]



      Susan would approve! As dispensed by the very enlightened Barrett

      Pharmacy of Watford City, North Dakota:


      ...and Nanny Ogg would definitely approve of this ever so louche

      Interesting Vegetable, as posted by The Poke:


      Here be an iconograph of the assembled 3-D foldable "Raising Steam"

      characters (see item 8.1 above):


      GlenBricker, who created the Discworld Lego proposal, now brings us

      a Tiffany Aching with frying pan, diary, ship beasties and Feegles.

      Lego-Tiffany is a truly scary sight; I doubt even the Quin would

      want to mess with her:


      ...and finally, a marvellously motley collection of Wincanton Spring

      Fling-ers rockin' the Pink Pussycat Club:



      13) CLOSE

      You may remember, from Men at Arms, that the Fools' Guild has a

      secret museum of clown faces painted on eggs, with an egg for each

      clown's unique and "protected" make-up. Here be the real Roundworld


      "A clown's face is his livelihood; it's an unwritten rule among

      clowns that one must not copy the face of another. Accordingly, in

      1946 London clown Stan Bult began painting the faces of his

      colleagues onto eggshells, effectively trademarking their

      identities. Bult's collection was largely destroyed in an accident

      in 1965, but London's Circus Clowns Club resurrected the practice in

      1984 and added samples of its members' costumes and wig hair, making

      each into a peculiar sort of portrait. In 1979, Leon 'Buttons'

      McBryde, a clown with the Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey Circus,

      heard about the British practice and established his own egg

      registry, which now includes hundreds of portraits of clowns hand-

      painted by his wife, Linda. The U.S. registry has been used in at

      least one court case in which one clown charged another with

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