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WOSSNAME -- AUGUST 2001 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- AUGUST 2001 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued) ... ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 3) THE BRIGGS REPORT Just in case any of this (a) is
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2001
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      WOSSNAME -- AUGUST 2001 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)



      Just in case any of this (a) is of interest and (b) hasn't got to
      you by some other route, here's some updates on stuff I'm involved
      with. I'm happy to expand on any of it, if wanted:

      Methuen has contracted for my stage versions of 'The Truth' and
      'The Fifth Elephant'. Publication in the UK expected Feb 2002.

      Oxford University Press is interested in a play version of 'The
      Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents'. No further details as

      I'm staging 'Interesting Times' in Abingdon (Oxon) on 20-24
      November. Tickets go on sale 10 September. A couple of publishers
      have shown vague interest in publishing that one, too, so I'm
      keeping fingers crossed!

      I'm due to start recording 'The Amazing Maurice..' for Isis
      Publishing on 18 September.

      Work's already under way for the 2003 diary - the (Reformed)
      Vampyres Diary.

      Now that 'The Last Hero' is imminent, I'll have to get to work on
      the spin-off mission patch, plus a tie-in with the 2002 Diary (The
      Thieves Guild).

      -- Stephen Briggs



      Dear Editor:

      WOOHOO!!! I have a place to live next year! Housing
      assignment received for my great adventure into the
      wilds of England!

      So would ye of brit nationality/residence drop me a line
      and tell me a bit about the place as a whole, given that
      I don't know too much about it to begin with (my
      education was good, I just have a mind like a
      steel...thingie [1]), please?

      And are we planning any meets for next year?
      And does anyone know anything about Bristol?
      Or have tips for me? Or want to reassure me?
      Or want to talk to me in general? *meek* [2]

      -- Jessie, meek student, worrier princess

      [1] sieve.
      [2] yes, I've decided that's a sound now. it's the
      sound of a very quiet person suddenly getting
      smaller but with the wide eyes remaining the
      same size. the sound comes from the air
      escaping from the rapidly shrinking lungs...



      Dear Editor:

      I've been slogging through the last months messages
      via the listbotyahooegroups website, and I recognised
      almost every senders name.  Have you been letting
      the Vampires run the Office for Prospective Students

      Anyway, I've finally pawned my last pair of underpants
      to pay for my ticket back, so be afraid whichever newbie
      is occupying room 666, because the Director of
      Acronyms is on his way home.

      I've spent many a night searching for a pub in
      Howondaland to sell me a cold Mel's Bournian
      Bitter, staggered drunkenly up the Champs
      E'wossname singing Advance Fourecks Fair,
      and crashed on every couch in Earl's Court Ankh
      Morpork with the expat XXXXians. And I've come
      to a conclusion :

      There's no beer like home.

      I'm on my way home.  I've sent this express post
      (i.e. the bloke I gave it to was riding a camel instead
      of crawling desperately through the desert)  so it
      should beat me there.  I'll expect a gala return...well
      actually, I'll expect blank stares from the senile
      senior staff and bewildered looks from the younger
      staff who never noticed I was gone, but if there was
      even a hearty welcome back that would be nice. 
      I guess the best I can hope for is a "Last
      Login...Crikey, where the hell have you been???"
      when I log into Hex.

      I have plenty of souvenirs and iconographs to show
      to the insomniacs, so keep an eye out for me
      blasting fireballs at the back gate because I've
      forgotten the password.

      -- Jase
      Director of Acronyms, BU Faculty of Technomancy
      Leaver of Absents
      All round nice bloke
      Will be fondly remembered by...hey I'm not dead!
      parlo@... (Jason Parlevliet)

      7) THIEF versus THE TRUTH

      Dear Editor,

      Hey there ... I'm new to this list. I've been a connoisseur
      of the Great Pterry's literary masterpieces for about 4
      years, and I've decided to get my arse into gear and join
      this egroup.

      -- Peta Enbom -"the_infinite_broccoli"

      P.S. What does everyone think of the Thief of Time??


      Hola, and welcome.

      Don't worry if everything around here seems completely insane,
      and you see all sorts of messages flying about - that's probably
      a good day :)

      Be prepared to defend yourself too -- this place is rife with
      werewolves, vampires, fae creatures, penguins, trolls,
      liches, tomb raiders, firehoses and 50 billion other things
      I will have forgotten.

      I thought Thief of Time was better than The Truth, actually - I
      rather liked it.

      Have fun...

      -- arabel the stormcrow



      Dear Editor:

      Hmm, I liked Thief of Time (that goes without saying, it's Pterry :)
      but I think The Truth is much better. Otto von Chriek is just side-
      splittingly funny (try reading out his dialogue aloud :) and I think
      the metaphysics of Thief of Time kinda gets in the way of the story
      and/or humour, which wasn't a problem in The Truth.

      What does everyone else think?

      -- David Hopkins



      Dear Editor:

      A while ago someone mentioned some of the characters
      in pterry books sounding very similar to real people or
      places. Last Sunday in the Melbourne Age crossword
      there was a question who was the Spanish explorer Ponce
      someone. Turned out to be Ponce de Leon.

      Wasn't there some bloke looking for the fountain of youth
      by the name of Ponce de someone? I think it might have
      been Eric, but not sure. Another example of the great man
      borrowing names and professions of real people?

      -- Dianne

      Dear Dianne:

      Ummm. Having just re-read Eric, it was Ponce da Quirm
      looking for the fountain of youth. He found it, and drank
      from it, though he forgot to check the water quality.
      It gave him youth, but the bugs in it killed him!

      -- Kathy


      End of Part 2, says my computer -- continued on Part 3 of 3

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