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WOSSNAME -- September 2013 -- Main issue

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    WOSSNAME Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion September 2013 (Volume 16, Issue 9, Post 1)
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      Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion

      September 2013 (Volume 16, Issue 9, Post 1)


      WOSSNAME is a free publication for members of the worldwide

      Klatchian Foreign Legion and its affiliates, including the North

      American Discworld Society and other continental groups. Are you a

      member? Yes, if you sent in your name, country and e-mail address.

      Are there any dues? No! As a member of the Klatchian Foreign Legion,

      you'd only forget them...


      Editor in Chief: Annie Mac 

      News Editor: Fiona (not Bruce) Bruce

      Newshounds: Vera, Mogg, Sir J of Croydon Below, the Shadow

      Staff Writers: Asti, Alison Not Weatherwax, Steven D'Aprano, L.C. Thomas

      Convention Reporters: Mithtrethth Hania Ogg et al

      Staff Technomancer: Jason Parlevliet

      Book Reviews: Drusilla D'Afanguin

      Puzzle Editor: Tiff

      Bard in Residence: Weird Alice Lancrevic

      DW Horoscope: Lady Anaemia Asterisk, Fernando Magnifico, Kevin

      Emergency Staff: Jason Parlevliet

      World Membership Director: Steven D'Aprano (in his copious spare time)

      Copyright 2013 by Klatchian Foreign Legion







      05) REVIEWS







      12) CLOSE



      "You know, I get the feeling that Sir Terry's life is stranger and even more interesting than his books!"

      – awed fan Amaya Ramiel

      "Terry Pratchett redeems a bad day, every time."

      – adoring blogger Hopehare



      This month marks the fifth anniversary of the publication of Nation. Is it only five years? – and yet, how is it that Nation feels like it's been a part of the body of truly great literature for generations now? To quote WOSSNAME's own pre-publication review back in 2008:

      "I believe that Nation is one of the most important books ever written, not just for readers in that contentious Young Adult bracket but for readers of any and every age. Much as I love the Discworld series, I place Terry Pratchett's Johnny Maxwell books among my very favourite novels, and Nation has done what I thought was impossible – taken a place in the top echelon of my Most Cherished Novels list. When I read Nation, I was so moved by it that it made me physically ill. What higher recommendation could I possibly give? But fear not; for all its power and depth, Nation is also a delicious book, full of unexpected hilarity and "daww!" moments. I would have loved to have been a very young child when this book was written, just for the pleasure and thrill of having it read to me at bedtime by my grandmother.

      "Buy this book. And keep it for your children and grandchildren. They will thank you forever, as I thank Terry Pratchett for it. I hope he continues to write for many years, but if he were never to publish another novel, he has brightened the world beyond measure with Nation."

      An unforgettable book that also made a very impressive stage production, Nation should and surely will live on in the canon of greatest literature in the English (or any) language. Time we all agitated to get Nation included in school literature curricula across the world!

      [Editor's note: to read the complete original WOSSNAME review on the Ygroups site, go to http://tinyurl.com/kox2nxj – the review is item 7]


      In other news, Doubleday and Anchor Books have struck a new ten-book deal for USA releases:

      "The first book, 'Raising Steam,' will be released in March as part of a seven-figure deal. Mr. Pratchett, whose books have sold more than 80 million copies, is known for his satirical series 'Discworld.' Edward Kastenmeier, executive editor at Vintage Anchor, is the acquiring editor. 'Terry's work has a huge following and an enormous footprint in the fantasy world, as they were the first adopters of his enthralling, hilarious fiction,' Mr. Kastenmeier said. 'With mainstream readers warming to the work of Neil Gaiman and George R. R. Martin, we see this as a crossover moment for Terry, an opportunity to expand his audience.'"



      Yahoogroups have revamped their entire site. Many of the so-called improvements, er, aren't, but it appears that they *have* finally stopped imposing a ridiculously narrow characters-per-line limit, so I have tried posting this edition "unwrapped". We shall see how it goes.

      And now, on with the show!

      – Annie Mac, Editor



      The Raising Steam Machine is a success!

      "We have achieved full pressure in the Raising Steam machine! The passenger list is available to download and we are well on the way to unlocking the synopsis!"


      "Ticket holders are now entitled to view a partial passenger list."

      Here is the notice itself, for those of you who can't (or won't!) navigate the scary wilds of Facebook:


      All aboard! Customers are invited to make all necessary arrangements to travel on our special service on 7th November, for what promises to be a most edifying experience. Among the Great and Good of the land whose attendance is already confirmed, we are pleased to note the following passengers:

      Sir Harry King

      Mr Moist von Lipwig

      Ms Adora Belle Dearheart

      Mr Dick Simnel

      Of the Twilight the Darkness

      Mr Thunderbolt

      Sgt Fred Colon

      Mr Crucible Wesley

      Significant demand is anticipated for this journey – all those who wish to travel are advised to attend the ticket office regularly for service updates.

      How to view this announcement yourself:

      1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/raisingsteam


      2. Find the Raising Steam Machine image and click on it; this will take you to https://www.facebook.com/pratchett?sk=app_190322544333196&app_data

      3. When the Raising Steam Machine page loads, click on the "Press" button above the words "Ticket available"

      4. A "ticket" will appear - click on it. This will take you to a new page which is your "Ticket". Copy the number to the right of the words "Use this ticket number as your password", then click on "click here". This will take you to http://terrypratchett.co.uk/?p=2724

      5. Click on the "The list can be viewed here" hyperlink. This will take you to the announcement!

      Remember, to pre-order Raising Steam from Amazon UK in hardcover at a special-offer price of £10.00 (even lower than previously announced), go to:






      There's still time to get your tickets for Terry Pratchett and Friends at Brighton's City Reads 2013 festival!

      "Joining Sir Terry Pratchett will be three friends from his multimedia production company, Narrativia. Sir Terry is unable to do a signing, but books on sale, courtesy of City Books, will be stamped exclusively for this event."

      When: Sunday 29th September 

      Venue: Concert Hall, Brighton Dome

      Time: 2pm  

      Tickets: £15 (£12 conc) To book by phone, ring (01273) 709709. To book online, go to:


      Also, here be a set of iconographs from last Friday's Brighton City Reads 2013 "rehearsed reading" of Guards! Guards! at Hove Lawns. Looks like an excellent time was had by all:


      4.2 GOLD, GOLD, GOLD...

      Sir Terry Pratchett, financial adviser? Apparently! At least according to Miranda Marquit in Business Insider Australia, who uses Moist and Making Money as a lengthy illustration of the power and secrets of gold:

      "One of my favourite books is 'Making Money' by Terry Pratchett. In it, a former con man, Moist von Lipwig, is put in charge of the mint by the city's benevolent dictator. He is opposed by the head clerk of the bank, Mr. Bent — who is all about the virtue of gold. Mr. Bent insists that a currency must be backed by gold in order to be truly legit. On the other hand, Moist believes that it's OK to print money. And as long as it goes 'round and 'round, everything will be fine — whether or not there's actual gold in the bank's vault.

      "Among the most interesting insights, though, comes during an exchange about the relative value of gold. Moist points out that on a desert island, gold is basically useless. You can't eat it. You can't plant it. A potato, though, can be eaten. Part of it can be planted to grow more potatoes. When you're starving, gold suddenly isn't so valuable. Just like everything else, the value of gold is in how it's perceived. This is true in the 'real' world as well. Anyone watching the rollercoaster ride that has been gold prices for the last year or two knows that gold's value changes on whims..."



      The magazine SciFiNow has posted several clips from the remastered stop-motion miniseries of Truckers. To view the trailers/clips, go to:


      Truckers can be pre-ordered from Amazon at a special price of £11.26 (free delivery only in UK):



      From the family of the late, much-loved Discworld superfan Richard J Artley, whose passing last month was noted throughout Pratchett fandom and in the August issue of WOSSNAME:

      "Memorial Site for Richard

      "We have received many emails of condolence for which our family are very grateful. We have set up a memorial page for Richard at the address below. Please feel free to pass this on and to remember him by adding a photo, sharing a story or leaving a tribute in his memory."

      Visit Richard's memorial website:



      From The Telegraph:

      "Rhianna, who is a BAFTA-nominated writer for games including Tomb Raider as well as film, TV and comics, thought she and boyfriend Louis Leigh were at the Screen on the Green in Islington, where they had their first date, to watch a late-night showing of The Blues Brothers to celebrate Leigh's 35th birthday. But instead of the film, a 'trailer for the proposal' about her life, which had been specially created by Mr Leigh with the help of two friends – comic illustrator Naniibim and composer Michael Kruk – appeared on screen. Rhianna said: 'At first I didn't recognise myself, it was so unexpected but such a wonderful experience.' After the trailer, Leigh went down on one knee and said to her, 'I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?' to which she replied yes. Leigh had been planning the proposal since January and the couple will marry next year..."


      To see the film again:



      RICE – the Research Institute for the Care of the Elderly – is holding its yearly Memory Trail sponsored walk this month, on Sunday 22nd September. As WOSSNAME readers will remember, Sir Pterry opened the new RICE Centre back in 2008. The Memory Trail is a great way for people living or visiting in the Bath area to have a lively day out and raise funds for Alzheimer's and elderly care research:

      "You can raise sponsorship or just bring yourselves, as your contribution through the registration fee is valuable to us. Encourage your friends to come as well and visit one of the wonderful local hostelries for lunch after your walk. Registration is between 10am and 12pm in the Marshfield Church Hall.

      "All entry fees and sponsorship raised goes to RICE for our research programme and for supporting and educating carers and families. Entry fees are £5 per adult; £2.50 per junior or £12 per family and we have a prize for the person who raises the highest sponsorship."

      The RICE Memory Trail 2013 takes place on Sunday 22nd September. To download a registration form, go to:


      and send your completed form to: RICE Memory Trail, the RICE Centre, Building 8, Royal United Hospital, Bath BA1 3NG

      The fundraising office can be contacted by phone (01225 476435) or email (info@...) if you have further questions about the event.



      Steeleye Span Wintersmith 2013 Tour

      "Now having established themselves live over the last 2 years as a 6 piece, Steeleye Span are emerging on another new exciting chapter. This time the band has looked even further afield and has found inspiration in the work of famous British author, Terry Pratchett. Famous for his series of Discworld novels Terry is a long-standing fan of the band, even booking them to play at his sixtieth birthday party. Now the two are to collaborate on a brand new project, a record based on Pratchett’s Wintersmith novel. The subject matter is completely appropriate for Steeleye, a tale of ancient rituals and secret folk dances that perfectly complements their previous work whilst taking it in new directions. The resulting album will be released towards the end of the year. Fans will be able to get a taste of these new songs along with the familiar classics and gems on the band’s forthcoming UK tour."

      15th November: Babbacombe Theatre, Torquay. Box office: 01803 328385

      16 November: Hall For Cornwall, Truro. Box office: 01872 262466

      17 November: Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham. Box office: 01242 572573

      18 November: Forest Folk, Wickham (TBC).

      20 November: Octagon Theatre, Yeovil. Box office: 1935 422884

      21 November: Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple. Box office: 01271 324242

      22 November: Electric Palace, Bridport. Box office: 01308 426336

      23 November: Exmouth Pavilion, Exmouth. Box office: 01395 222477

      25th November: Southport Theatre & Convention Centre, Southport. Box office: 01704 500036

      26 November: St Georges Hall, Bradford. Box office: 01274 432000

      27 November: The Sage, Gateshead. Box office: 0191 443 4661

      28 November: Floral Pavilion Theatre, New Brighton. Box office: 0151 666 0000

      29 November: Royal & Derngate, Northampton. Box office: 01604 624811

      1 December: Great British Folk Festival, Skegness. Box office: 0845 070 4734

      2 December: The Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury. Box office: 0844 871 7607

      3 December: Warwick Arts Centre, Warwick. Box office: 02476 524524

      4 December: Theatre Royal, Margate. Box office: 01843 292795 or 01843 296111

      6 December: Shanklin Theatre, Shanklin. Box office: 01983 868000

      7 December: St Mary in the Castle, Hastings. Box office: 01323 841414

      8 December: Queens Theatre, Hornchurch. Box office: 01708 443333

      9 December: Barbican Hall, London. Box office: 020 7638 8891

      10 December: The Apex, Bury St Edmunds. Box office: 01284 758000

      11 December: The Concert Hall, Reading. Box office: 0118 960 6060

      13 December: Theatr Hafren, Newtown. Box office: 01686 614555

      14 December: The Platform, Morecambe. Box office: 01524 582803

      16 December: Opera House, Buxton. Box office: 0845 127 2190

      17 December: New Vic Theatre, Newcastle–Under–Lyme. Box office: 01782 717962

      18 December: St George’s, Bristol. Box office: 0845 40 24 001

      19 December: City Hall, Salisbury. Box office: 01722 43443



      Chester Zoo is promoting their "Go Orange for Orangutans" appeal for October:

      "Orangutans are one of our closest relatives. We share OVER 96% of our DNA with them and, along with humans, they're the only great ape to live outside of Africa. Known as the 'old man of the forest', they're also the only apes that spend almost their entire lives in the rainforest canopies of Sumatra and Borneo. Their treetop homes are some of the oldest on earth and had remained almost unchanged for the past 70 million years. However in the 21st century the demand for timber, palm oil, roads, agricultural land and space for mining means huge areas of the forest have now been lost, taking with it the homes of orangutans. With their numbers dwindling we're on the verge of losing this species FOREVER.


      "We're asking you to pick a day in October to Go Orange for Orangutans! Donate a pound to saving this unique species and go to school or work for a day dressed in as much orange as you dare! Maybe you could dye your hair, or paint your face as well. Don't let it stop there, get creative with other orange themed fundraising ideas. We'll be awarding a prize for the craziest idea, and also for the school or company that raise the most money.


      "We're aiming to raise enough funds to help our conservation partners begin a new project looking at how these beautiful creatures are adapting to living on the ground in areas where their forest homes have been destroyed. A minimum of £5,000 will help purchase 15 specialist camera traps that will enable us to see images of the orangutans and give us an insight into their lives on the ground. Will you help us do this? Please take part in our campaign and help secure the survival of this magnificent species. 100% of money raised goes to funding the organisations working on the frontline of orangutan conservation. You can find out more about how your money is spent on our Act for Wildlife website:

      "A minimum of £5,000 will help purchase 15 specialist camera traps that will enable us to see images of the orangutans and give us an insight into their lives on the ground. Every little helps in the fight to save orangutans and their forest home. In addition to the camera traps your money could help in many ways..."



      "Getting started is really easy. Complete a short form on our Act for Wildlife website to register and you'll get a free fundraising pack to download that includes everything you need, from why we need your help to fundraising ideas to get you started. Register now on Act for Wildlife":




      05) REVIEWS


      By Maree Field on the Land of Fog site Stuff:

      "A new book from Sir Terry Pratchett is always a treat for fans, and A Blink of the Screen is no exception. Indeed, it's more of a treat than usual because it's Pratchett's collected short stories, including several from the legendary Discworld series... It's a treat of a book to dip into, as Pratchett's humour is at the forefront, and he does chatty little forewords for each story. The Discworld section of the book - which features regulars like Granny Weatherwax and Granny Ogg – has an extra treat, with illustrations by Josh Kirby, which bring the stories to vivid life. What really shines through in the whole collection is Pratchett's joy in the absurd, and his celebration of it, companionably brought to colourful life by Kirby's illustrations..."



      By Leslie Ashmore in the Los Altos Town Crier:

      "Pratchett's Discworld novels are remarkable creations. Somehow, he manages in each book to do several things at once: introduce dozens of new, highly developed characters while resurrecting many familiar and beloved faces; craft two or three amazing plots that meld together by the end; satirize our current social mores and conventions; create the highly authentic city of Ankh-Morpork; and play with the English language and its idioms with hilarious results. Not bad in a day's work.`So how does 'Snuff' stack up against Pratchett's earlier works? It's a complicated question. The premise of the book is simple... It sounds like the beginnings of a classic Pratchett tale, but 'Snuff' is curiously heavy-handed. He details the crimes against the goblin people in such repetitive, brutal detail that at times I wanted to shout, 'I get it, I get it – discrimination is really bad!'... Despite the minor shortcomings of 'Snuff,' a fairly good Pratchett novel is still better than most other best-selling works of fiction, so I can recommend it to book clubs that enjoy fantasy and satire..."





      "Treefrog is proud to announce that September 2013 will see the release of The Witches, the second Treefrog Discworld game, based on the novels of Sir Terry Pratchett. It follows on from the success of Ankh-Morpork. With over 50,000 copies sold worldwide Ankh-Morpork continues to delight gamers and fantasy fans alike and continues to sell strongly in its third year of release.

      "The Witches is set in the magically charged land of Lancre. Players take on the role of trainee witches, such as Tiffany Aching and Petulia Gristle, learning their craft and dealing with all the problems that life on Discworld can throw at them. A subtle blend of headology, magic and, of course, the all-important cup of tea will see our heroines tackle everything from a sick pig to a full-blown invasion of elves.

      "Life can be tough for a young witch in Lancre, fear not however, a cast of some of Terry Pratchett's most famous characters will be on hand to aid your quest. Along the way you'll meet Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick, along with a rich supporting cast of familiar faces from some Pratchett's bestselling Discworld series. When things get really tough and you feel you are turning ‘Black Aliss' you can always have a cup of tea with one of your fellow witches. The game can be played with up to four players, and can even be played solitaire.

      "The Witches is more of a gentle family friendly game, well, as friendly as you can get with Nac Mac Feegles hanging around, rather than the back-stabbing experience that is Ankh-Morpork, and can be played co operatively if players so wish. Once again Sir Terry Pratchett and the folks at the Discworld Emporium have made sure that each character is faithfully represented, with all of the artwork being produced by Peter Dennis."


      "Treefrog will also be producing a very limited Collectors Edition. As with the Discworld Ankh-Morpork game, Treefrog will be publishing a Collector's Edition of The Witches. Only 2000 copies will be produced, with no possibility of a reprint. The main differences between this version and the standard version are:

      - Four custom sculpted pewter figurines, representing the four witch characters.

      - An A1 size poster presenting artwork from the game.

      - A larger map.

      - Different cover artwork and box size.

      "The figurines vary between 40mm and 50mm in height. They have been hand-polished and finished with a black ink. A cloth bag will be included in the game for their storage. These figures will not be available to but separately. The figurines have been sculpted by Anton Ducrot.

      "You will only be able to buy the game direct from Treefrog, either from our website or at Essen. The game will be available to order on the 20th September."


      A further update from Martin:

      "The collector's edition will only be available direct from Treefrog. We are starting direct sales again using an order fulfilment service based in the UK. With the standard version we are planning to ship a number of copies to Mind Games Canberra, but that will be by ship so will take a little time. People might be able to pick up the standard edition via Good Games (who will probably be importing it from Mayfair)."

      There will be yet more updates after the Essen con!


      by Nick Lyons

      "Prior to receiving a review copy of the 'Discworld: Ankh-Morpork' board game, I decided to familiarize myself with Terry Pratchett's fantastical Discworld book series so that I could have a frame of reference for the game. I opted to go with the first book in the series ('The Color of Magic') and I found myself largely enjoying the whimsical and weird story. While the board game doesn't include a ton of references to 'Color,' I can safely say that the game captures Pratchett's imaginative creations quite nicely... At first, 'Discworld: Ankh-Morpork' feels like a variation of 'Monopoly,' but it soon becomes clear that this is a much faster paced and more eventful game than 'Monopoly' ever could be. Right off the bat, I was drawn to the fact that there are a variety of winning conditions. Since you initially don't know what the opponent(s) are doing, you have to strategize how to win while also observing the opponent's every move. This makes for a very competitive and fun race to the finish game in which players can even play mind games with each other if they think they have figured out each other's moves.

      "Another deeply impressive component to the game are the pieces themselves. With wooden token pieces, a meticulously drawn Ankh- Morpork board, and a large amount of illustrated cards featuring characters and towns, it's clear that a lot of work went into this thematic game. This isn't a cheaply produced licensed product which we so often see these days. It's abundantly clear that Martin Wallace and company are passionate about Terry Pratchett's world and they went all out to create a fitting board game tribute to his beloved work..."



      A reminder from the wizzardly, um, hardworking G!G! creators Dave and Len:

      "Hi everyone in the US,

      "Just to remind you that you can buy you copy of the revised Guards! Guards! boardgame from Game Salute. It includes the acclaimed 90 Discworld character cards illustrated by Stephen Player. USA price $60."



      Remember the Discworld Lego crusade from a few months ago? Head crusader GlenBricker has now garnered 2,000 supporting votes and has added a Rincewind character to the proposed set. Now all he needs is to top 10,000 votes and Lego will produce it!


      Glen's blog can be found at:





      Or as the wonderfully slightly-wonky English translation puts it, "Lancre Convention Celebrating Discworld 30 years of anniversary October 11-13, Nawojowa Gora, near Krakow"

      Yes, next month the world of Discworld fandom in Poland gets an opportunity to express itself en masse. WOSSNAME wishes this convention every success, as the organisers certainly seem to have got well into the spirit of the thing.

      Below are some highlights and info, including order of service. Or of chaos. All right, of convention...

      Friday, October 11 activities:

      Opening of registration point

      Gambler's Guild


      Underground Mime's Guild

      Night Kitchen of Unseen University

      The Ankh-Morpork Watch

      Unseen University and Artificer's Guild

      Hex building

      Susan's school


      Saturday, October 12 activities:

      Guild of Exotic Dancers

      Witch'es cottage

      Unseen University's Library

      Fools's Guild

      Unseen University

      Dibbler's special

      Merchant's Guild

      Discworld Miss and Mister contest


      Sunday, October 13 activities:

      Actor's Guild

      Music's Guild

      Ankh-Morpork Times

      Town Criers' Guild

      Secret association

      Alchemist's Guild


      Organizing a piece of program: 

      Do you have a great idea that we did not come up with? Or maybe you just want to help with any of existing ones? Please email grace@... and let us know about your idea! Everything is created by fans and at the cost of it, but we will try to organize some surprises for those who helped.


      If you think, that during the event you will find some time to help, do something, then you should let us know. If you are going to be dressed up as one of the characters/ things/ phenomenon, don't forget to let us know. We're going to need help with cleaning, moving things, helping in the kitchen, info point, watching etc. But we want to make sure that no one will miss anything that wanted to attend, so it is enough if someone can help for an hour or two. Contact grace@...

      Other help:

      You dare to think you know something well and you can help? You have some great ideas, but not necessarily about organizing program. Maybe you want to help with advertising, or filming? We are waiting for you! Contact grace@...


      Links for accommodation, registration, maps and directions, and general FAQ:


      The FAQ page is particularly excellent! Some examples:

      Q: I am Troll, and I want to dress as a dwarf, is it allowed?

      A: If only you will not bring the Campaign for Equal Heights with you and will not start another Koom Valley, then we do not see a problem here.

      Q: I am a 42 year old dwarf, do you require a consent from the parents only for underaged humans or other species as well?

      A: All of the underaged persons of any species are obliged to bring a consent from their parent. If you are not sure, ask your parents.

      Q: I am travelling on the broomstick, is there a runway?

      A: Depending on space you need, you can land on the local field. We also have a broomstick park.

      There's even a page of useful Polish-English phrases:


      Registration Price list

      If paid until September 22nd:

      30 PLN - entrance for 3 days (with at least 1 hot meal per day)

      20 PLN Convention t-shirt with a possibility of your name on the sleeve

      25 PLN Dragon t-shirt (only black ones)

      18 PLN Dragon bags (black)

      If paid until October 6th:

      35 PLN - entrance for 3 days (with at least 1 hot meal per day)

      20 PLN Convention t-shirt with a possibility of your name on the sleeve

      25 PLN Dragon t-shirt (only black ones) – if available

      18 PLN Dragon bags (black) - if available

      If paid after October 6th or at the event:

      40 PLN - entrance for 3 days (with at least 1 hot meal per day)

      20 PLN Convention t-shirt with a possibility of your name on the sleeve

      25 PLN Dragon t-shirt (only black ones) – if available

      18 PLN Dragon bags (black) - if available

      You will receive a bank account details after verifying your registration. Please direct all the questions to







      "Studio Theatre Club continues its world-famous Discworld stage series with a new offering: 'The Rince Cycle', dramatised by Stephen Briggs. "An adventure based on Terry Pratchett's Rincewind novels The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic and snippets of Sourcery.

      "Tickets are £8.50 each. You should send us your order, with a stamped, self-addressed envelope, and your cheque (payable to 'STC'). PLEASE - If you're booking for one of the weekend performances (Friday evening, Saturday matinee, Saturday evening), please do give us a second and third choice, in case we've sold out for your first choice. Tickets will be allocated in order of receipt with us.

      "Please send your orders to:  

      STC (Rince Cycle), PO Box 1486, Oxford, OX4 9DQ, with

      · A stamped, self-addressed envelope;

      · Your choice of dates (with 2nd and 3rd choice if you're after weekend tickets);

      · Your cheque, payable to 'STC';

      · An email contact if possible."

      When: 26th to 30th November 2013

      Venue: Unicorn Theatre, Old Abbey Buildings, Checker Walk, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 3HZ

      Time: 7:30

      Tickets: £8.50. 




      Dursley Operatic and Dramatic Society (DODS) will be presenting their production of Wyrd Sisters next month. "The DODS is one of the leading amateur dramatics societies in the South West with an ethos of staging the best possible productions in whatever show we undertake. The society currently stages three senior shows a year plus one show from its thriving Junior group. The society is a warm, friendly and welcoming group that embraces all newcomers and encourages them to realise their talents whether that be on stage, backstage, wardrobe, lighting, sound etc."

      When: 9th-12th October 2013

      Venue: Lister Hall, The Chantry Centre, 34-36 Long Street, Dursley, Gloucs GL11 4JB

      Time: 7.30pm all shows

      Tickets: £10.00 adults, £8 youth (in full time education). To buy online, go to:




      Chesham Theatre Company presents their production of Maskerade in November.

      When: Wednesday 6 November to Saturday 9 November Venue: The Elgiva Theatre, St Mary's Way, Chesham, Bucks Time: evening performances at 8 pm, matinee (Saturday) 2.30pm.   Tickets: from The Elgiva Box Office (tel: 01494 582900) or online at www.elgiva.com



      The St Peter's Hill Players will present their production of Wyrd Sisters in time for Halloween! [Wyrd Sisters on 31st October is becoming something of a worldwide tradition, innit – Ed.]

      "Celebrate Halloween with Wyrd Sisters – Terry Pratchett's hilarious Shakespearean tale. The story includes a fool, a wicked Duke and Duchess, the ghost of a murdered King, dim soldiers, strolling players, unionised robbers, a land in peril and of course, not forgetting the three witches who stand between the kingdom and certain destruction. Will the witches defeat evil? Hubble, bubble, we smell trouble! This is a fun theatrical comedy for all the family. As a treat for Halloween SPHP have reduced ticket prices for all performances!"

      When: Wednesday 30th October to Saturday 2nd November 2013

      Venue: Guildhall Arts Centre, St Peter's Hill, Grantham, NG31 6PZ, "parallel to the High Street in the centre of town. It is instantly recognisable, located beneath the clock tower which dominates the green."

      Time: 7:30 pm

      Tickets: £7.50. To purchase tickets online, go to:


      The Box Office is open from Mon to Fri 9.30am to 4.30pm, Sat 9.30am to 1.00pm and 45 minutes prior to events. Discounts are available to Artscene Members, unemployed, senior citizens, students, children under 16, those in receipt of income support, invalidity, benefit or disability allowance, and to a carer accompanying a disabled person. Please bring proof of status when making a booking.

      Student Standby tickets are available to anyone in full-time education for all Guildhall promoted shows for just £2.00, 15 minutes prior to a show, provided it is not sold out.

      Paid-for tickets should be collected at least 15mins before the start of a show to avoid a last minute rush.

      Note: Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult and will only be admitted unaccompanied to events deemed to be age appropriate. Children under the age of 18 months are not admitted into the theatre. Any child brought to see a performance must have a ticket and an allocated seat due to Health and Safety regulations.



      Lionheart Theatre will present their production of Mort, directed by Jason Caldwell, in November 2013. A Discworld first for the state!

      When: 1st-17th November 2013

      Venue: Lionheart Theatre, 10 College Street (at the corner with Britt Avenue), Norcross, GA 30071

      Time: Friday and Saturday nights 7:30pm, Sundays 2pm

      Tickets: $15 for Adults $12 for seniors and students. Groups of 10 or more $10 each. Please call to arrange. All ticket prices include dessert and beverage

      For more information, ring (770) 885-0425




      The Pratchett Partisans are a new fan group who meet monthly at either Brisbane or Indooroopilly to "eat, drink and chat about all things Pratchett". For more info about their next meetup, go to



      or contact Ula directly at uwilmott@...

      Some upcoming Pratchett Partisans events of note:

      A fanfic extravaganza?

      "Exclusive reading of John's new Discworld Short story. This will be your first chance to hear a brand new DW story called 'The Patrician's Voice', written by one of us - John O. John says has been making a nuisance of himself on various stages since 1974 and has bought many Pratchett plays to life at Brisbane Arts Theatre since 2007, one of which, 'Nanny Ogg's Cookbook' Sir Terry himself attended.

      "John has recently created a mini-masterpiece to share with us: a short story that came to him nearly fully formed as he woke up one morning. Set after The Truth and before Going Postal, The Patrician's Voice brings together many of our favourite Watch and Wizard characters, Vetinari, Reacher Guilt and a few surprise guests, and takes us for a new adventure into the world we know and love.

      "Join us for a reading, discussion and afternoon tea."

      When: Sunday, October 6, 2013

      Venue: Coffee Club Goodna, Shop 1/12 Queen Street, Goodna (in the enclosed side room outside)

      Time: 2pm

      Brisbane/Ankh Morpork Photo Scavenger Hunt No#2

      "Missed our August scavenger Hunt? Or did you go and have heaps of fun? Either way join us for another one! Use DW related clues to explore Brisbane and find a variety of Ankh Morpork related places and things. The adventure will probably take about an hour and a half, after which we will share prizes and drinks/food at a place to be decided. The more the merrier so please bring family and friends – non Pratchett people are most welcome."

      When: Saturday, October 19, 2013

      Venue: Groove Train, King George Square, 100 Adelaide St, Brisbane

      Time: 3:00 PM

      Celebrate the release of Raising Steam

      "Lets go to the markets and enjoy a Steam train ride! The market is free and pretty close to Bundamba Train Station. Steam train rides are $10 (half hour ride) and leave at 11am and 12noon."

      When: Saturday, November 16, 2013

      Venue: Ipswich Turf Club

      Brisbane Road, Bundamba

      Time: 10.00am


      The City of Small Gods is a group for fans in Adelaide and South Australia. TCoSG have regular dinner and games nights, plus play outings, craft-y workshops, and social activities throughout the year. For more info and to join the mailing list, go to:


      TCoSG will also be hosting a special one-night-only event this coming November:

      "The City of Small Gods Terry Pratchett Fan Club presents 'QUIZ LONG AND PROSPER' – a Science Fiction & Fantasy themed Quiz Night!"

      When: 26th October 2013

      Venue: Clarence Gardens Bowling Club, Winona Ave, Clarence Gardens, South Australia

      Time: 7pm

      Tickets: $15 Adult/$12 Concession, tables of 8. To book tables, email: RoundWorldEventsSA@...

      For more information, go to:



      The Broken Vectis Drummers meet on the first Thursday of every month from 7.30pm at The Castle pub in Newport, Isle of Wight. The next meeting will probably be on Thursday 3rd October 2013, but do email (see below) to check. All new members and curious passersby are very welcome! For more info and any queries, contact:



      The Wincanton Omnian Temperance Society (WOTS) meets on the first Friday of every month at the famous Bear Inn from 7pm onwards. Visitors and drop-ins are always welcome! The next WOTS meeting will (probably) be on Friday 4th October 2013.


      The next meeting of the Broken Drummers, London's original Discworld meeting group, will be from 7pm on Monday 7th October 2013 at the Monkey Puzzle, 30 Southwick Street, London W2 1JQ. Note the new web address:


      Here be the Broken Drummers' September 2013 meet report:

      "We had a nice meeting Monday. Early on there was discussion of which animals we would and would not eat. Alex C. treated us to graphic descriptions of the general grossness of sheep as I ate my lambsteak. This led to discussion of performing mouth to mouth resuscitation on animals (as my uncle once did with a piglet). James B. declared that he would be willing to do this to save a snake (perform mouth to mouth on the snake that is, not a pig) in principle although not in practice because it wouldn't work.

      "Jessica did a quiz based on the Hobbit. This was won by Andrew who received a pink stationary[sic] set. Jessica was apologetic about the colour but I pointed out that a man with two My Little Pony T-shirts would not be afraid of pink."

      For more information write to BrokenDrummers@... or nicholls.helen@...


      The Northern Institute of the Ankh-Morpork and District Society of Flatalists, a Pratchett fangroup, have been meeting on a regular basis since 2005 but is now looking to take in some new blood (presumably not in the non-reformed Uberwald manner). The Flatalists normally meet at The Narrowboat Pub in Victoria Street, Skipton, N Yorks, to discuss "all things Pratchett" as well as having quizzes and raffles.

      Details of future meetings are posted on the Events section of the Discworld Stamps forum:



      Drummers Downunder meet on the first Monday of every month in Sydney at Maloneys, corner of Pitt & Goulburn Streets, at 6.30pm. The next meeting will (probably) be on Monday 2nd September 2013. For more information, contact Sue (aka Granny Weatherwax):



      Perth Drummers meet on the traditional date of first Monday of the month. The next meeting should be on Monday 7th October 2013.

      Please note we have moved to San Churro this month from 5.30pm (San Churro, 132 James Street, Northbridge, Perth, WA).

      For details follow us on Twitter @Perth_Drummers and Facebook


      Otherwise message Krystel directly at khewett@...



      Awesome art car from Burning Man – yes, it's Great A'Tuin and the elephants and the Discworld! Amazing:


      Pterry, looking very dapper at the Edinburgh Festival with Rob Wilkins and John Lloyd:


      One Derek Taylor is a seriously hardcore Pratchett fan – just look at his whole-back tattoo:


      Posted by Kim White, a timely "iconograph" of Lord Vetinari:


      26 Discworld quotes in poster-able form:


      Billy Joe Walchuk posted this Unseen Academicals-appropriate photo:


      ...and last, fabulous edible orangutan by Richard's Cakes:




      Blogger KokkieH's review of The Long Earth:

      "Parallel universes are nothing new to Science Fiction, but the idea is given a wonderful new spin in The Long Earth, a collaboration between Sir Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter... The main plot of the novel revolves around Joshua Valiente, a natural stepper (someone born with the ability) from Madison, Wisconsin and one of the first to be identified, giving him a kind of celebrity status. Joshua teams up with Lobsang, a Tibetan motorcycle mechanic who reincarnated into a supercomputer. Together they set out on a journey beyond a million Earths out.  Lobsang claims the purpose of the journey is for scientific discovery, but Joshua soon learns there is some threat out in the Long Earth... There are several more subplots woven into the story, focusing on various individuals and how they deal with stepping and exploring and exploiting the new Earths... I haven't read anything by Baxter, but I could spot Pratchett's style almost immediately. Similar to his Discworld novels, The Long Earth is not so much made up of chapters (even though the novel has numbered chapters), as scenes that at first seem to be tossed in there rather haphazardly. If you've never read anything by him before it can be jarring at first as you struggle to figure out what the story actually is, but after a while you get used to it and everything makes sense.

      "The characters come across as a little flat. The focus is much more on stepping and its effect on humanity than on the characters and we don't even see the main character, Joshua, from all sides. However, if you're used to Sir Terry's style that's also not surprising as he tends to let his characters grow over the course of several novels (and there's at least three more novels planned in this series). What really impressed me about this novel is the world-building... I wouldn't call this novel a page turner. Rather, it reads almost like a documentary, as if it is reporting on events as they unfold while giving us some insight into the thoughts and emotions of the characters. This unfortunately makes it easy to put down, but it was good enough that I kept picking it back up again..."


      Reviewing Nanny Ogg's Cookbook, blogger Nadine is a bit sad that the "dirty bits" were expunged from it:

      "I had known about Nanny Ogg's Cookbook for a while, being surrounded by Terry Pratchett fans in my internet bookosphere. But until I read Maskerade, I never quite saw the appeal in reading a book of recipes written by a fictional character. Once I had that little background knowledge (and got to know Nanny Ogg in all her glory), this became a must-buy. I found a second hand hardback copy and began reading the day it arrived. The format allows for quick reading and it doesn't matter if you only manage to read one recipe on the train or one chapter about etiquette before bed. There is no plot you have to keep in mind, this is just Nanny Ogg's wisdom as she shares it with the world, complete with misspelled words and her translations of words in 'foreign'. The editor's notes, shown as little post-its, remind us that grammar has been fixed, whenever necessary, and – to my chagrin – all the potentially dirty bits were left out... My greatest surprise was probably that most of the recipes could actually be made without poisoning anybody. They are, so to speak, Roundworld-friendly...

      "The real joy came in two parts. One is the wonderful illustrations that accompany you throughout the book. Each of these is intricate and lovingly drawn. But they are not just pictures slapped in the margins to show Nanny in her kitchen, they all tell you something about the characters and amused me greatly, even without reading the text. My second favorite part were Nanny's lessons about etiquette. She distinguishes between Discworld in general and Lancre culture specifically. Whereas somebody may be knighted in Lancre for managing to make the castle less draughty, in Ankh-Morpork, other rules apply. Nanny mostly gets by with her confidence and warm heart, or in case that doesn't work, with a nice jug of something alcoholic. The entire book is infused with her wonderful sense of humour and her love for food and friends and family..."


      ...and Nadine also thoroughly approves of travelling Lancrastian witches, as they go Abroad:

      "Terry Pratchett knows his fairy tales. While this Discworld book focuses mainly on Cinderella, influences of other well-known and not so well-known stories slip into the witches' adventure. Take Mrs Gogol's house, for example. You can see it in the (very green!) full cover illustration above. Anyone who's ever heard of Baba Yaga will recognise that house on chicken's legs immediately. But even if you're not a friend of fairy tales, classic or obscure, there are many more things to amuse and delight. If you've ever wondered, for example, if Discworld had its own Casanova, search no longer. That is all I will say on the subject because he is best enjoyed without bias. I also loved Discworld's take on racism. There is none. Because the inhabitants are too busy with speciesism, nobody cares what color your skin is, just so long as you're not a goblin. Of course, this is meant to be taken with a grain of salt, but I believe it shows Pratchett's amazing gift when hiding real- world issues in Discworld without wielding the morality hammer. Sometimes when I read his books I feel that he just gets it..."


      Blogger jennykathleen's essay comparing the Golems of Feet of Clay to the robots of the film Wall-E:

      "When rereading Feet of Clay, of the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, I realized how much the use of the golems in the book reminded me of the robots in Wall-E, especially the ways in which they interact with humans... One of the first commonalities that struck me was the subservience/dependency present in these works. It's obvious in Wall-E that the robots are a subservient working class, even though the humans would be quite helpless without them. While the humans of Discworld are less directly reliant on their golems, they still refuse to rid themselves of what they consider to be blasphemous, unnatural magic because they're just too useful to destroy. I know it's a drastic comparison to make, but it does remind me of the arguments against abolishing slavery pre-Civil War. With our current, modern morality, we know it's wrong to use people as mere tools, but where do we draw that line? Particularly intelligent animals, like dolphins and great apes? How to we prove and quantify that intelligence? Robots? Where's the sentience limit on personhood? I'm not suggesting that we start paying our Roombas wages any time soon, but I think it's something to be aware of as our technology advances and we become more aware of intelligences besides our own...

      "As a linguistics major, I'm pretty biased in saying that language and communication are quite central to being human. Both the golems and the robots are limited in regards to speech, so it's interesting to see how they overcome that. The golems of Feet of Clay are built without tongues, and so do all their communication by writing on slates carries with them at all times. When a golem gains ownership of himself, he shows the first inklings of speech, but is not fully capable of it until a human rebuilds him to have a tongue (now free, speech is literally gifted unto him by his previous masters). Quite a big deal is made of this, with one antagonist calling it blasphemy. In a very poignant moment, one of the main characters responds, 'That's what people say when the voiceless speak.' The robots of Wall-E, on the other hand, are verbally capable, though presumably only the words that have been programmed into them..."


      Blogger Elle sees the City Watch stories as "morality for minors":

      "I'm completely new to Terry Pratchett, but I've just read the first five books in the City Watch strand, starting with Guards! Guards!, progressing to Men at Arms and Feet of Clay, and finishing up with Jingo and The Fifth Elephant. It's smart and funny stuff. The satire gets better, more focused, as he goes along; in Guards! Guards! and Men at Arms there is a generalized sense of poking fun at petty-mindedness, smallness, meanness; but this is as much as to say that he is satirizing humanness. Which isn't to say that Pratchett doesn't come out with some damning one-liners... Pratchett writes this: 'Dorfl was standing at bay at the end of the alley. Three men with hammers were approaching the golem cautiously, in the way of mobs, each unwilling to strike the first blow in case the second blow came right back at him. The golem was crouching back, shielding itself with its slate on which was written: I AM WORTH 530 DOLLARS.' It tries to save itself by telling its value–but its value is literal. Its only chance is to prove that it is worth money, because that is all that will interest anyone in its favor. I am not sure I have ever read anything so simple, so sad and so utterly effective.

      "And that's what science fiction and fantasy are for. That's what novels are for–to demonstrate human behavior without reference to the reader's own life, so that we can read it from a place of objectivity and realize the truth without becoming too self-defensive to get the message. SF and fantasy just places us on a different plane, a further level of removal. Golems don't exist in our world and so we can read about their enslavement and oppression without the line being jammed in the same way that it would be if, say, Pratchett was writing about the enslavement and oppression of people of color, or women, or women of color. We would inevitably bring to such a novel our own backgrounds, biases, guilt or shame or anger, and so on. The key to reading SF and fantasy is connecting the two, seeing the places where the social realities of the Discworld (or Middle-earth or wherever) and the real world intersect..."


      Blogger inkandsteeljunkie sings the praises of Monstrous Regiment:

      "You know Mulan? This book constantly reminds me of Mulan. You like Mulan? (The only answer is 'yes') You'll LOVE this book. It's a war novel from the perspective of Polly, a young girl from a small country in the Disc ‘verse. Pratchett enjoys writing all sorts of well-rounded female characters and Polly is intelligent with a good head for business and a little bit snarky. However, her brother Paul has gone missing in action after fighting in the army. Polly decides to set out and join the army in search of her brother. I refuse to give away any spoilers except that you will have Mulan in mind when you read this book (yeah, I totally used 'when' instead of 'if'). It's chock full of Pratchett's characteristic wit and humour while also being full of substance. I like to think of the book as pretty feminist friendly, as well. I highly  recommend this book as a fantastic starting point for anyone curious about Terry Pratchett..."


      Blogger Olga Godim's review of Guards! Guards! finds it triumphant but unsettling:

      "Like many Pratchett's novels, this one is a contemplation of human nature, and the picture the author paints is grim. Are we all really as bad, I wonder? Is there even a shred of decency in any of us? The novel starts as a satirical farce, with a number of hysterical pages. In the beginning, I laughed myself to tears, until the mood turned midway through the novel, and I stopped laughing. Nothing the author said in the last third of the book was funny. The dragon was defeated, yes, but in Pratchett's interpretation, the implied triumph of freedom became a rather morbid study of human guile and its inescapable companion – stupidity.

      "Characters are the unquestionable forte of this book, foremost of them Carrot. A star of the tale, Carrot doesn't change. Instead, he is a catalyst of change. Like a real star, he causes the others to revolve around him, to absorb his inner light and become better in the process. I'm absolutely fascinated by Carrot, and even more by the writer who invented him and put him in the middle of his very cynical series. Captain Sam Vimes and the members of his Watch are also worth mentioning. They are people ground into the dirtiest dirt by life and self-disgust and then pulled out of the gutter by Carrot. They rise to the occasion, becoming reluctant heroes. Almost. At Carrot's side, they all try to be taller, bolder, smarter. It's a fascinating metamorphosis and fun to watch – how men learn to respect themselves..."


      Blogger ana was blown away by Nation:

      "I was forewarned by friends and readers. I have read – and loved – a couple of other books by the author. So it's not like I didn't know the odds this would be good but this book? It blew my mind away. In its epilogue, Terry Pratchett says: Thinking. This book contains some. And that's true: this is one of the most think-y books I have ever read. I loved it with every fibre of my being. Nation is a book of ideas. Its main theme, that of construction and creation: the construction of a home, of a family, of rules, tradition and religion. It is about those building blocks of civilisation itself and of individuals, in a way that is both extremely rational and enormously emotional. Writing that line just now makes me realise how weird that might sound to those who haven't read the book. Above all it makes me think about how hard it is to pull something like this off and to keep a balance between what drives a story and the story itself without making a book about ideas, a book that is solely about ideas. If that makes any sense at all – I am finding it extremely hard to write this review because how do you describe perfection? Especially when it's so affecting?

      "...In a way, a wave came but they are not completely marooned because they have Tradition. But does Tradition serve them at this time of need or is that now an impediment? How important is it to keep going as it 'has always been'? Or is this yet another misconception about the world? Slowly: the understanding that those are internalis

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