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WOSSNAME -- Main edition -- July 2013

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    WOSSNAME Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion July 2013 (Volume 16, Issue 7, Post 1) ********************************************************************
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      Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion
      July 2013 (Volume 16, Issue 7, Post 1)
      WOSSNAME is a free publication for members of the worldwide
      Klatchian Foreign Legion and its affiliates, including the North
      American Discworld Society and other continental groups. Are you a
      member? Yes, if you sent in your name, country and e-mail address.
      Are there any dues? No! As a member of the Klatchian Foreign Legion,
      you'd only forget them...
      Editor in Chief: Annie Mac
      News Editor: Fiona (not Bruce) Bruce
      Newshounds: Vera, Mogg, Sir J of Croydon Below, the Shadow
      Staff Writers: Asti, Alison Not Weatherwax, Steven D'Aprano, L.C.
      Convention Reporters: Mithtrethth Hania Ogg et al
      Staff Technomancer: Jason Parlevliet
      Book Reviews: Drusilla D'Afanguin
      Puzzle Editor: Tiff
      Bard in Residence: Weird Alice Lancrevic
      DW Horoscope: Lady Anaemia Asterisk, Fernando Magnifico, Kevin
      Emergency Staff: Jason Parlevliet
      World Membership Director: Steven D'Aprano (in his copious spare
      Copyright 2013 by Klatchian Foreign Legion



      14) CLOSE



      "So when I was taking high school Biology back in the 90's, we had
      to make these flash cards of varying animal species. My teacher
      wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, and my project partners had
      a mile-wide streak of mischief in them. We made a card for a giant
      star turtle. Made up a genus/species for it, and put down for
      'information' that it had four elephants and a discworld on its
      back. She never caught it. This may partially explain my love/hate
      relationship with biology."

      – FlowerGirlPhysicist, on i09



      This is a bit of an early edition, because there are events that
      won't wait – plays and other fun Discworld-centric goodness. I do
      hope to add more news, views, reviews and whatnot later in the
      month, but at the moment I am mostly Newshound-deprived and missing
      our Astrologer(s) for the net ten to twelve weeks. Still, the show,.
      and the WOSSNAME, must go on!

      – Annie Mac, Editor


      03) NEW RELEASES!


      Those lovely folks at Transworld have announced that Raising Steam (the
      40th Discworld book) will hitting the bookshops this October:

      "It's no secret that Terry has been writing the novel and he
      revealed the title earlier this year, but this is the first time we
      can officially confirm details of publication. More details to
      follow very soon... but in the meantime, we can reveal the book
      will see the Disc's first train come steaming into town."

      Raising Steam is due out on 24th October 2013. Just in time for my
      birthday, then...

      To pre-order from Amazon UK in hardcover, at a special-offer price
      of £16.50, go to:


      3.2 TRUCKING ON – ON DVD

      Also in October, the Cosgrove Hall/Thames Television partial-
      animation adaptation of Truckers is finally coming out on DVD.

      First broadcast on telly (ITV) in 1992, Truckers was created by the
      Cosgrove Hall studio, who gave us Dangermouse (for which your Editor
      is eternally grateful) and of course the animated Soul Music. Voiced
      by a stellar cast including Joe McGann, Sir Michael Horden, Brian
      Trueman, and Debra Gillett, and tells the story of Masklin and his
      fellow nomes working to survive in the world of bigjobs, I mean

      Truckers was formerly available on VHS video, but only in a cut-down
      version. This new release contains the entire 13-part series as
      originally broadcast.

      Truckers will be released on 7th October 2013. Priced at £11.45,
      the DVD would make a perfect Hogswatch gift for any small creatures
      you know. Or large ones!

      You can pre-order from Amazon UK:


      3.3 A SLOW SLIP

      A third piece of Pratchetty goodness (A Slip of the Keyboard:
      Collected Non-fiction) comes out in October – but that's
      apparently *next* October:

      "Terry Pratchett has earned a place in the hearts of readers the
      world over with his bestselling Discworld series – but in recent
      years he has become equally well-known and respected as an outspoken
      campaigner for causes including Alzheimer's research and animal
      rights. A Slip of the Keyboard brings together for the first time
      the finest examples of Pratchett's non fiction writing, both serious
      and surreal: from musings on mushrooms to what it means to be a
      writer (and why banana daiquiris are so important); from memories of
      Granny Pratchett to speculation about Gandalf's love life, and
      passionate defences of the causes dear to him.

      "With all the humour and humanity that have made his novels so
      enduringly popular, this collection brings Pratchett out from behind
      the scenes of the Discworld to speak for himself – man and boy,
      bibliophile and computer geek, champion of hats, orang-utans and
      Dignity in Dying."

      A Slip of the Keyboard will be published on 23rd Oct 2014. To pre-
      order from Amazon UK in hardcover, at a special-offer price of
      £15.99, go to:





      Gordon Winter has written to WOSSNAME to tell of a German science
      fiction/fantasy club, "Ubermorgenwelt Ulm e.V.", that he co-
      administers. U(e)bermorgenwelt – which in my halting Deutsch
      translates as "Tomorrow's World" or "World of the Future" – is,
      well. I will let Mr Winter explain:

      "Our club is interested to inform and fascinate people, especially
      kids, about and for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror literature.
      Therefore we build up a library in some rooms of an old fortress
      here in Ulm. Starting in September last year we already have approx.
      6000 books just provided by the members so far. But we also want to
      arouse the interest for reading by playing games from these literary
      genres. We have a blog were reviews of books and games, which we
      have read and played, as well as news about Fantasy and Science
      Fiction are published


      Furthermore we have a radio show every 4 weeks


      where also these topics are discussed and books as well as games are

      The club was sent a complimentary review copy of the "Guards!
      Guards!" board game by co-creator David Brashaw, which was discussed
      on their monthly radio show themed for the Discworld's 30th
      anniversary. Mr Winter is hoping to write a review for us as well.



      For all you technomancers out there... most of us already use the
      excellent Ogg file format for our music files. Now there is a new
      media player, also honouring Discworld with its name:

      "VideoLAN and the VLC development team present VLC 2.0.7

      "VLC 2.0 'Twoflower' is a major new version of our popular media
      player. With faster decoding on multi-core, GPU, and mobile hardware
      and the ability to open more formats, notably professional, HD and
      10bits codecs, 2.0 is a major upgrade for VLC. Twoflower has a new
      rendering pipeline for video, with higher quality subtitles, and new
      video filters to enhance your videos. It supports many new devices
      and BluRay Discs (experimental). Completely reworked Mac and Web
      interfaces and improvements in the other interfaces make VLC easier
      than ever to use. Twoflower fixes several hundreds of bugs, in more
      than 7000 commits from 160 volunteers."


      4.3 A NEW FANZINE

      Here be a new Discworld fanzine of interest. It's one person's
      loving paean to the series and its characters and philosophies, and
      features some thought-provoking essays. Available for download in
      .pdf form:



      Good grief, it's a fantasy and science fiction currency converter!
      You can translate amounts in sterling, euros or USA dollars into
      assorted currencies including Star Wars or Star Trek Federation
      credits, Red Dwarf dollarpounds, Potterverse specie, a number of
      game-world and other SF/fantasy currencies -- and yes, Ankh-Morpork


      (one A-M dollar apparently equals about sixteen quid, or 25 USA


      By Nia Liversuch at FemaleFirst:

      "Baxter and Pratchett subtly critique this desire to push the
      boundaries of exploration, using the journey of the main character
      Joshua Valiente and the setting of a futuristic Earth that is not
      too much different from our own to suggest that the impact human
      actions have on the environment is much greater than we realise. We
      strive for a cleaner environment, and the feeling of being the first
      to 'discover' an untouched world, but what right do we have to do so
      when we have polluted and altered the planet to such an extent? The
      novel is thought-provoking and engaging, but I found it to be less
      gripping than other novels in the dystopian genre..."




      In which the TSoD co-author describes, well, the science of
      Discworld, with a nod to each of the books in the series and
      especially TSoD4:

      "The fourth, and most recent, book in the series hinges upon events
      in Discworld rather than Roundworld. On the Disc there is an ancient
      religion, Omnianism, which believes Discworld is round. Despite all
      the evidence, they do not believe in the turtle or the elephants.
      Seeing the Roundworld Project as an infringement of their
      theological property rights, they launch a legal case to gain
      custody. Naturally, the wizards dispute their claim.

      "This scenario allows us to examine, in the science chapters, a
      variety of issues. In particular, we look at how scientists can try
      to infer the shape of their world, or the universe itself, when they
      are unable to get outside it and take a direct look. For the Earth,
      we can now do that, but scientists mapped out the entire planet long
      before we could get into orbit. We still don't have that luxury for
      the universe as a whole, and it's hard to see how we could ever get

      "The commentary discusses a key feature of science, one that many
      non-scientists fail to appreciate: science is mainly about inference
      from experiments and theories, not direct observation. The ancient
      Greeks inferred the spherical form of the Earth thousands of years
      ago, by logical inference from phenomena that they could observe,
      such as the planet's shadow on the Moon during an eclipse and the
      way boats seemed to sink below the horizon as they headed out to
      sea. Today we infer the temperature at the centre of the sun from
      our understanding of nuclear reactions, but no person or instrument
      has ever been there to check. The majority of scientific knowledge
      rests on inference, not on direct observation. Indeed, that's what
      theories are for...."

      To read the full piece – reproduced on i09 with permission from
      Warwick University where Dr Stewart lectures – go to:




      By Karin L Kross on the Tor Books blog:

      "Like its predecessor, The Long War sprawls and rambles in a fashion
      that generally pleases more than it frustrates, and is packed with a
      vast supporting cast. There's Nelson Azikiwe, a South African
      minister mentioned briefly by Lobsang in the last book, who is
      recruited by the AI as a kind of advisor. While Joshua and Sally are
      trying to find out what's happening to the trolls, a teenage prodigy
      named Roberta Golding accompanies a Chinese expedition across
      millions of Earths, becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the vast
      scale of it all. There are new perils as well: in addition to the
      friendly trolls and hostile elves, there are devious kobolds and a
      species of sentient dogs. Ultimately the plots having to do with the
      troll disappearances and Cmdr. Kauffman's whistle-stop tour and the
      war she wants to avert are less important than the exploration that
      occurs along the way. They're a means by which Pratchett and Baxter
      interrogate humanity's place in the universe, the way we react to
      the alien, and our incomplete and arrogant understanding of what
      constitutes sentience..."


      By Tasha Robinson at the Onion AV Club:

      "Joshua, Sally, Monica, and Lobsang all return, but fantasy author
      Terry Pratchett and hard SF writer Stephen Baxter add in many more
      significant characters, including a Chinese exploratory crew
      transporting a grim, Vulcan-like teenager; a South African
      paleontologist/minister following a string of puzzles to an
      assignation; and the captain of a dirigible-like military vessel
      charged with forcibly reminding the parallel-America colonies that
      their homeworld, now styled 'Datum Earth,' still considers them
      subject to home rule and taxation. Many of the stories touch briefly
      or not at all, and nearly all of them blow by quickly. But two plot
      threads contribute to the book's title. In one version of the Long
      War, the American vessels sent out to intimidate the parallel
      Americas seem likely to touch off an endless series of new American
      revolutions. In another, Sally and others fight for the rights of
      'trolls,' a sapient, ape-like species of natural steppers that
      humans are starting to enslave, outlaw, or otherwise abuse.
      Meanwhile, the trolls and other intelligent creatures on the Long
      Earth are making their own plans.

      "The Long War is frustratingly packed with ideas that don't bear
      fruit, situations that don't resolve, and characters who don't spend
      enough time onstage to develop. There's grist here for a dozen
      separate novels, with topics ranging from the fight to get trolls
      legally recognized as sapient (in a plotline reminiscent of H. Beam
      Piper's Little Fuzzy) to a face-off between Sally, Monica, Joshua,
      and a race of intelligent semi-bipedal canines. Pratchett and Baxter
      spend a bare but telling handful of pages on the increasingly
      xenophobic, conservative Datum Earth government. Their look at an
      American system abandoned to Tea Party-esque rabble-rousers and
      their name-calling, contempt-laden rhetoric is timely satire with a
      mournful, accusatory edge. And their open mockery of Datum Earth's
      version of security theater has as much to do with present politics
      as with parallel worlds. But that's just one fleeting impression
      among many..."




      Mark Nevitt says...
      Just finished a fantastic journey, the Long War this book has
      everything you would expect from two of the best Sci-Fi/Fantasy
      writers out their today...sorry! no spoilers just read Fantastic.
      Well done guy's

      Susan Craig says...
      Thank you for switching on a 12 year old boy to the glorious
      pleasures of reading just enjoyment. In just under a month he's
      giggled his way through the Bromeliad Trilogy, Johnny and the Dead,
      Johnny and the Bomb and Miss Felicity Beedle's World of Poo. He
      loves to share the puns with us and has been transformed from a
      "reading – MUST I?!" boy to an avid fan of your work.

      Cosme Edeline says...
      We just finished a game of "Terry Pratchett Discworld: Ankh-Morpork"
      and we wanted to say it's a really great game, easy to play, very
      fun and spending time in Discworld universe is, as always,
      wonderful. (we use to read in French, and played with a french
      game). We spend more than 3 hours for our first game (2 people
      playing) with an ending full of action :D A small "novel" which
      describe the universe and Terry Pratchett writing style would have
      been great for non-readers player wanting to discover the Discworld
      and a great bonus for Discworld addicts.

      Patricia Higgins says...
      Thanks for writing such wonderful books, they helped me stay sane
      during my 2 years with Agoraphobia!!

      Sseveruss Ssnape says...
      I've just read my first book of yours, sir, followed quickly by my
      second, third, and fourth. And I am in love with you lol. Don't
      worry, no bunny boiling here... I just wonder how I could have read
      so much and never ever discovered you til now!

      Lyndon Davis says...
      Loved every word & every character. Who do you imagine the
      characters would be played by in a film? For me Justin Long is

      Adele Hudson says...
      I was baking bread yesterday and think I may have found some clues
      as to dwarven bread! One, it's probably gluten free and two, it
      contains buckwheat flour. While my loaf was far from battle bread,
      an enemy would probably say ouch if hit with it.

      Chris Rhea says...
      I'm sure you get this all of the time, but I want to thank you
      Mister Pratchett for your contribution to modern literature. You've
      irrevocably altered how I view the world and have given me countless
      hours of entertainment!

      Crow Cooper says...
      to the greatest writer i have ever read may you carry on for a long
      time yet. got all the books and love all the characters,,thank you
      for your creations

      Paradisi Coaster says...
      still kicking? goodonya Tel. wonderful stuff the writing is still

      Timothy Unwin says...
      Dear terry, i know you are having troubles with wrighting lately, i
      am personally very gratefull for the efforts you have made. Your
      books are wonderfull, i always dreamed of doing something with them
      to show you my love for the diskworld, but everything i have wanted
      to do was a failure before i even started. I suffer from depression
      and your books have been the single light in this horrible world.

      Malcolm Cox says...
      I completed my New Year resolution on Saturday - I've re-read all 39
      Discworld books, in order, including the "younger readers" books,
      Maurice and Last Hero. And I've enjoyed re-re-re-reading every one.
      Thank you for the amazing books Terry – they are as fresh as the
      first time I read them!

      Jason Brockman says...
      Thank you Terry Pratchett for your brilliant mind! I'm a 32 year old
      man just now discovering your work and I can't help but wonder how
      much better off a human being I'd be if I had discovered you sooner!
      Keep up the great work!!

      Dani Crandall says...
      Mr Pratchett, You are such a wonderful writer. Thank you for
      bringing so much joy to the lives of my children and myself.

      Anna Thomas-Valdez says...
      You are one of the best most creative authors I have read you have a
      great mind a great talent and I thank you for sharing that talent
      with the world

      Rachael Hopwood says...
      I must buy a signed copy of Sir Pratchetts next Discworld novel. I
      will be extremely upset if I never find one. This man is a gift to
      literature and imagination, and one of my few hero's of this time.
      Thank you, Sir Pratchett, for the life you have created in your
      written words.




      Veryan Players of Truro will present their production of Wyrd
      Sisters, directed by Father Douglas Robins, in July and August.

      When: Thursdays and Fridays, 25/26 July and 1/2 August 2013
      Venue: Portscatho Memorial Hall, Truro, Cornwall, UK
      Time: 8 pm
      Tickets: £6.00. Tickets can be reserved by phone – 01872 501670 –
      or by emailing fatherdougrobins@...

      8.2 ...AND IN THE LAND OF FOG

      Onewhero Society of Performing Arts is proud to present an amateur
      production of Wyrd Sisters, directed by Jolene Kelly & Leonard

      When: 19th and 20th July 2013. Also there is a Matinee performance
      on Sunday 20th July
      Venue: Onewhero Society of Performing Arts Theatre, Hall Road,
      Onewhero, Auckland, NZ
      Time: 8pm (Matinee at 2pm)
      Tickets must be purchased and collected from River Traders, 9 George
      Street, Tuakau prior to the show(s). For enquiries, call River
      Traders on (09) 236 8875.

      "Please note that our theatre is non-allocated seating and that we
      can seat 99 people. Door sales are only available when shows are not
      sold out. To avoid disappointment, book early!

      "Onewhero Society of Performing Arts (OSPA) is a well-established
      performing arts group located in Onewhero, just twenty minutes drive
      from Pukekohe. The group was established in 1949 and has celebrated
      over 60 years of performing.

      "Our theatre is accessible to wheelchairs and has an induction loop
      fitted for those patrons who are hard of hearing. So that we can
      make sure that you have the best possible experience when visiting
      our theatre, please let us know at the time of booking whether these
      facilities could be of use to you. For more information, please call
      Kathleen Solomon on (09) 232 8494."


      [Editor's note: ticket price(s) does not seem to be listed anywhere
      I can find, but as this show is taking place in the North Island
      rather than the West End, I imagine they will be reasonable!]


      The MorBacon Theatre Company's production of Wyrd Sisters happens
      this month! Successfully funded by a Kickstarter appeal, this
      company is certainly in the spirit: "If you haven't got your
      tickets, get them now! Seats are filling, crossbows are being armed,
      and corsets are being tied!"

      When: July 18th – 21st, and July 25th – 28th.
      Venue: Side Project Theatre, 1439 W. Jarvis Avenue, Rogers Park,
      Chicago IL 60626 (just off the CTA Red Line)
      Tickets: US$15. To book online, go to:




      And now for something completely different... a review of an ongoing
      presentation of Going Postal, in which the actors are rather smaller
      than one would expect:

      "When first entering the Bierkeller theatre, what I expected was
      rather a glorified school play – you know the sort, the children
      standing sheepishly with mumbled voices, their faces blank and
      expressionless. Well, wasn't I surprised! Even the youngest kids
      had mastered the art of projection, their valiant efforts and
      enthusiasm was very encouraging as the three hour show went on. The
      ITV West Television Workshop gives young people from the age five
      upwards experience in performance and production skills. This
      production really showed how much hard work is put in.. The story
      itself was very amusing in Pratchett's typically surrealist, fantasy
      manner. At some points the dialogue did seem to drag a little, but
      the enthusiasm of the young cast helped them pull off the sometimes
      tricky script with apparent ease. There were a few mistakes here and
      there but overall the performance went smoothly. The script was
      delivered with surprising professionalism and flashes of hilariously
      comic acting helped to gloss over the more glaring errors. This
      production of Going Postal was not unlike a professional performance
      – except with shorter actors and squeakier voices..."


      There are still a couple of performances to come this week, if
      you're in the area!

      When: Wednesday (17th) and Thursday (18th),
      Venue: Bierkeller Theatre, All Saints Street, Bristol BS1 2NA
      Time: 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm).
      Tickets: £6.50 and £8.50.

      Box Office: 0117-930-4264
      Enquiry Line: 0117-926-8514
      Email: info@...

      For details of the venue, go to:


      To purchase tickets online:




      A truly fascinating tale of an amazing con man with an amazing name,
      who sold sizzle without sausages for over fifty years:

      "Before 1910, there had appeared in Northeast Wyoming an individual
      named Albert C. Grandbouche (1889-1979). Grandbouche would later
      prove to be a con man extraordinaire. He had the amazing talent of
      getting persons to give him money in exchange for illusory but
      tempting promises. In 1920, he had already separated W. P. Ricketts
      and J. F. Waisner of the Royal Cattle Company from $20,529.86. All
      they had to show for the money was a judgment againt Grandbouche.
      Thirty-Seven years later, their heirs were still attempting to
      collect the judgment. Grandbouche was a director of the Citizens'
      Bank of Upton and developed with a plan for resuscitating the
      People's Bank.

      "Grandbouche must have had a golden tongue. Major shareholders,
      including the President of the People's Bank, were convinced to
      surrender their stock with Grandbouche taking over effective control
      of the Bank. On October 15, 1921, the Bank was reorganized a second
      time with Grandbouche paying for the bank stock $17,000.00:
      $5,000.00 by checks drawn on the Citizen's Bank of Upton of which
      Grandbouche was a director and $12,000.00 in the form of a promisory
      note. Apparently unknown to the bank's former shareholders, the
      checks were rubber...

      "In 1933, Grandbouche appeared in Denver. There he conducted a Ponzi
      scheme under which victims were induced to invest funds in several
      companies, 'Collateral Bankers, Inc.,' 'American Industrial Loan
      Company,' 'Ameican Fidelity,' and 'Bush & Company,' under the
      promise of seven percent guaranteed returns. To stave off investors
      checks were kited between the different companies. Although in
      Wyoming, Grandbouche may have cheated the comparatively affluent, in
      Colorado, he was no respecter of age or modest circumstances. In one
      instance, he cheated an eighty-year old maiden lady of her life
      savings which she had earned as a housekeeper and cook... By the
      1940's, Grandbouche had changed his name to 'Al Grandbush' and was
      in Walsenburg, Colorado. There he operated as a stock broker under
      the name of 'Interstate Livestock Company.' Among those who ran into
      a financial debacle dealing with Grandbuouche was a Texas stockman
      named Eagle..."


      [Editor's note: for those of you who don't speak Quirmish, the name
      "Grandbouche" translates as "Bigmouth" – a perfect name for a
      confidence trickster who sweet-talks people out of their money.]



      The Pratchett Partisans are a new fan group who meet monthly at
      either Brisbane or Indooroopilly to "eat, drink and chat about all
      things Pratchett". For more info about their next meet-up, go to


      or contact Ula directly at uwilmott@...

      Pratchett Partisans also host "Pratchett chat Friday nights" this
      month at Stones Corner Hotel, 346 Logan Rd, Stones Corner, QLD 4120,
      "from about 7ish". The next Pratchett Chat will be this Friday, 19th
      July 2013.


      The City of Small Gods Terry Pratchett Fan Club is a group for fans
      in Adelaide and South Australia. TCoSGTPFC meets on the last
      Thursday of the month from 6.30pm at the Ed Castle, 233 Currie St.
      Their next meeting will be on Thursday 25th July. Details,
      discussions and organisation of extra events (e.g. as play outings)
      can be found via their email mailing list; to sign up, go to:



      The Broken Vectis Drummers meet on the first Thursday of every month
      from 7.30pm at The Castle pub in Newport, Isle of Wight. The next
      meeting will probably be on Thursday 8th August 2013, but do email
      (see below) to check. All new members and curious passersby are very
      welcome! For more info and any queries, contact:



      The Wincanton Omnian Temperance Society (WOTS) meets on the first
      Friday of every month at the famous Bear Inn from 7pm onwards.
      Visitors and drop-ins are always welcome! The next WOTS meeting will
      (probably) be on Friday 9th August 2013.


      The next meeting of the Broken Drummers, London's original Discworld
      meeting group, will be from 7pm on Monday 5th August at the Monkey
      Puzzle, 30 Southwick Street, London W2 1JQ. Note the new web


      Here be their (very short, for a change!) July 2013 meet report:

      "I came down with a bug on the day and therefore was unable to go.
      It was also too late to appoint a deputy. So what happened at this
      meeting is shrouded in mystery."

      For more information write to BrokenDrummers@... or


      The Northern Institute of the Ankh-Morpork and District Society of
      Flatalists, a Pratchett fangroup, have been meeting on a regular
      basis since 2005 but is now looking to take in some new blood
      (presumably not in the non-reformed Uberwald manner). The Flatalists
      normally meet at The Narrowboat Pub in Victoria Street, Skipton, N
      Yorks, to discuss "all things Pratchett" as well as having quizzes
      and raffles.

      Details of future meetings are posted on the Events section of the
      Discworld Stamps forum:



      Drummers Downunder meet on the first Monday of every month in Sydney
      at Maloneys, corner of Pitt & Goulburn Streets, at 6.30pm. The next
      meeting will (probably) be on Monday 5th August 2013. For more
      information, contact Sue (aka Granny Weatherwax):



      Perth Drummers meet on the traditional date of first Monday of the
      month. The next meeting should be on Monday 5th August 2013.


      Please note we have moved to San Churro this month from 5.30pm (San
      Churro, 132 James Street, Northbridge, Perth, WA).

      For details follow us on Twitter @Perth_Drummers and Facebook

      Otherwise message Krystel directly at khewett@...



      For Fourecksians and their guests, a new festival! Brisbane Arts
      Theatre and the Pratchett Partisans present...


      "Discworld fans, prepare yourselves! Don't miss the inaugural
      festival! A village fair with stalls, games, competitions,
      children's activities, sausage sizzle, Morris dancers AND a visit
      from the Hogfather himself!

      - Dwarf Axe Throwing
      - Traditional Sto-Lat Cabbage Roll
      - Witches V Wizards Obstacle Race
      - THUD!

      "Many trophies & prizes to be won. $100 CASH PRIZE for the best
      dressed in the Hogswatch Costume Competition! Broom parking

      When: Saturday 20th July
      Venue: Hardgrave Park, across from the Theatre at 210 Petrie
      Terrace, Brisbane QLD
      Time: 11am till 4pm

      Here be a mappe:




      The winner without doubt: Lego-and-Discworld fan Bingo Little has
      created a multi-storey, vastly detailed Lego version of the
      Pseudopolis Yard Watch House:




      The Witches are coming!

      Martin Wallace, creator of the fun-tastic board game "Ankh-Morpork",
      has designed a new Discworld-themed game:

      "The Witches is the second Discworld game designed by Martin
      Wallace, after 2011's Discworld: Ankh-Morpork. The board games
      are based on characters and events in the fantasy universe of the
      bestselling Discworld book series by Terry Pratchett, with game
      artwork by Peter Dennis. In The Witches, players take on the role of
      trainee witches, learning their craft and tackling whatever pun-
      related problems daily life in Discworld provides. Players are aided
      by well-known characters (Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat
      Garlick among others) along the way. The game is billed as a more
      'family friendly' and cooperative than Ankh-Morpork. The game is for
      up to four players, or can actually be played as a solitary quest.
      The game plays in about 60 minutes, and carries an MSRP of $50.00."

      Mayfair Games will release The Witches in the USA in October. The
      Discworld Emporium will also be selling The Witches in October for
      those of us on t'other side of the pond.



      14) CLOSE

      And that's our lot for the moment. See you in a few weeks!

      – Annie Mac


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