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    WOSSNAME Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion August 2001 (Volume 4, Issue 8) *********************************************************************
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2001
      Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion
      August 2001 (Volume 4, Issue 8)

      WOSSNAME is a FREE publication for members of the
      worldwide Klatchian Foreign Legion and its affiliates,
      including the North American Discworld Society and other
      continental groups. Are you a member? Yes, if you sent
      in your name and e-mail address. Are there any dues? No.
      Editor in Chief: Joseph Schaumburger
      News Editor: Bethany Ayers
      Staff Writers: Geof Johns, Michael Jones
      Puzzle Editor: CatTigerLi
      Art Director : Rhett Pennell
      World Membership Director: Becky Swaney
      Convention News Editor: Megan Perry
      Webmaster: Paul Wilkins, disk@...
      Copyright 2001 by Klatchian Foreign Legion

      ==Part 1

      1. The Colin Report
      2. The Bromeliad Movie

      ==Part 2

      3. The Briggs Report

      Letters from Our Readers

      4. Worrier Princess Says Woohoo!
      5. Postcards from the Edge of Klatch
      6. Thief versus Truth
      7. Otto von Chriek
      8. Fountain of Youth Found!

      ==Part 3

      9. Puzzles
      10. Who's Who on the Disc? A Trivia Quiz

      ==Part 1


      The Discworld Thieves' Guild Diary for 2002 (ISBN 0-575-07104-4) 
      was published on 16 August  at GBP 10.99, and the Josh Kirby
      Discworld Calendar for 2002 (ISBN 0-575-07356-X) on 30 August
      at GBP 9.65.

      I've been asked what the binding of the de luxe edition of
      THE LAST HERO is going to be. As of  9 August Gollancz hadn't
      made up their minds on this, which is why it hasn't appeared in

      For American fans, Acorn released the Cosgrove Hall production
      of "Soul Music" on videocassette and DVD on 31 July, while the
      release date of the British DVD was 13 August.

      Following the success of his first Discworld Quizbook, Dave
      Langford has written another, called 'The Wyrdest Link', which
      is to be published by Gollancz in April 2002.  I'm not sure
      whether I've mentioned that Terry wrote an introduction for the
      new edition of Dave's novel 'The Leaky Establishment' which
      was published last April by Big Engine (ISBN 1-903468-00-0
      @ GBP 7.99). I've much enjoyed reading the novel and heartily
      recommend it to you. Set in a nuclear weapons establishment,
      it deals with among other things, plutonium 'footballs' that are
      not where they should be.... Terry started his introduction with
      the words 'I hate Dave Langford for writing this book. This was
      the book I meant to write. God wanted me to write this book."

      Come this November the London underground, buses and railway
      stations, will display posters for 'The Truth' paperback and
      'The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents', as well as
      colour advertising in the national press. There will also be a
      similar push in the press and elsewhere by Gollancz (Orion)
      for 'The Last Hero'.

      I've just seen the cover of the German edition of The Last Hero -
      Wahre Helden. Unlike the British and American editions which
      have the picture of Leonard painting the view of the Discworld
      from the Moon, this has a space shot of the Discworld looking
      up at it between A'Tuin's head and front flippers.
      Its ISBN is 3-442-54531-5.

      The latest issue of G.O.F.A.D.'s 'From Ramtop to Rimfall' (no.29)
      arrived in the post this morning. The Guild' s address for those who
      have yet to take out a subscription is Disciples, Haltings, Farthing
      Hill, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1TS, email gofad@....

      An excellent and enjoyable production on the editor Elizabeth
      Alway's part, but a CORRECTION. Don't believe what's on p.2 about
      the Discworld Encyclopedia being published on 1 October 2002.
      I know it's been announced on Amazon, with an ISBN and Stephen
      Briggs given as illustrator (!), but it's not true, and it's not likely to
      be published in the foreseeable future. Terry hasn't given the
      go-ahead on it or written anything for it, and is unlikely to do so
      for some time, given his writing plans for the next few years.
      Amazon were supposed to have removed the announcement
      weeks ago, but I see it's still there, causing inevitable and
      unfortunate confusion.

      -- Colin Smythe


      2) BBC News reports on the Bromeliad Movie


      Pratchett has been working with the film-makers, says BBC.
      The director of animated blockbuster Shrek will take the film's
      revolutionary computer techniques even further when he adapts
      author Terry Pratchett's Bromeliad Trilogy for the big screen.
      According to DreamWorks executive Jeffrey Katzenberg
      "We're going to merge the three books into one movie."
      Katzenberg, who established DreamWorks with Steven
      Spielberg and David Geffen, described the film as a "natural
      extension" of the ideas behind Shrek.

      Andrew Adamson will be in charge of turning British author
      Pratchett's books Truckers, Diggers and Wings into one film.
      The "nomes", which are the center of the story, will be animated
      using the same methods used in Shrek - but it is hoped that
      they will be placed in a real, live-action setting.

      The trilogy follows a group of "nomes" trying to convince another colony
      living in a department store that the world extends beyond the shop's

      "The intention is that the nomes will be as physical and real in the world
      as we are," Adamson told BBC News Online. "It's a wonderful social satire

      "What I hope for is that every time people walking out of the theater see
      something out of the corner of their eye - they will think it is one of the
      characters from the movie."

      Fantasy writer Pratchett was reportedly paid just under $1 million
      (GBP 699,484) for the rights to the novels by the DreamWorks film studio.

      "[Pratchett] has an amazing style and sensibility - his characters
      are very acerbic and very edgy and their point-of-view is hysterical.
      They see the whole world through this twisted, warped way," Adamson

      "It's very exciting and very original. Terry's come over and spent some
      time with us at the studio and we've got a very good story." Katzenberg
      also worked on another film that placed a cartoon character in
      a real-life setting - 1988's Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

      But the technology has moved on and Adamson will use the same
      computer-generated (CG) techniques on the Bromeliad as he did on
      Shrek. CG allows film-makers to create more realistic human
      characters and settings than ever before - with Shrek being only
      the fifth film made using such methods.

      But Adamson thinks that, unlike with Shrek, it will be a challenge
      to condense Pratchett's three books into one movie. "The book is so
      dense and we've only got 82 minutes to tell the story," he says.

      "It's the opposite of Shrek, where we were expanding the story - in this
      case we have to take the best and most worthwhile elements and condense
      them down." Pratchett's story will work well on the big screen, he says.
      "Terry's an amazing writer and has an incredible way of taking things that
      we know and see on a daily basis and turning them around and showing
      them to us in a different way. So I'm pretty excited about getting into it."

      Shrek, which features the voices of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie
      Murphy, has already taken almost $200 million (GBP 141m) at American box
      offices - putting it in the top 35 most successful films of all time after
      one month on release.

      End of Part 1, says my computer -- continued on Part 2 of 3

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