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WOSSNAME -- November 2011 -- Your Monthly Discworld Horoscope, and news

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    WOSSNAME Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion November 2011 (Volume 14, Issue 11, Post 2)
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      Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion
      November 2011 (Volume 14, Issue 11, Post 2)

      5) CLOSE



      An exclusive signed, bound proof of Snuff is currently under the
      hammer for charity! Here be the announcement as brought to you by
      Bricks and Books:

      The Orangutan Foundation is honoured to be auctioning a proof of Sir
      Terry Pratchett's latest Discworld novel, Snuff, complete with
      signed bookplate. There are only 155 proofs existing and this is the
      only signed copy to be auctioned, kindly donated by Colin Smythe,
      Sir Terry Pratchett's agent.

      The auction will run from this Sunday 27 November at 8pm – Sunday
      4 December at 8pm. Place your bids here:


      Also...SAVE THE DATE!! Monday 5 December at 10am – Friday 9

      For one week only they have a fantastic opportunity to have all
      online donations doubled! Donate whatever you can and they will
      receive the same again from the Big Give!

      However, you need to be quick as funds from the Big Give are
      released bit by bit and, once the day's funds are exhausted, no
      more donations can be made. So, they are asking their supporters to
      donate here


      as soon as possible once the Challenge opens at 10am on Monday 5

      Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to help them to secure a
      future for orangutans, forests and people this Christmas. Thank you
      for your support!

      To read the original message on the web, go to:


      [Editor's note: the bidding already stands at £82.00, so off you

      For more info on the Big Give:

      eBay page for the Big Give: http://tinyurl.com/c73suam


      by Fernando Magnifico

      Buongiorno! This month the Lady Asterisk is unavailable after she
      sprained her prognosticating nerve, but I, Fernando Magnifico, will
      be your astrologer instead!

      My friends, Fernando has the good news this month, for his rivals in
      the Guild of Prognosticators, Soothsayers, Fortune-tellers,
      Oneiromancers, Haruspices and Cunning-Men (divers wizards, witches,
      priests, priestessesses and Mrs Cake exempted) have again backed
      down from their despicable attempts to throw Fernando out of the
      Guild, at least for now. Fernando is thankful for the support of his
      many fans and readers, and especially to those who went to the Guild
      office and chained themselves to the troll guarding the front door.
      My friends, Fernando is very gratifying for you!

      Fernando does not intend to be the negative person like those
      guastafesti with their constant carping "Fernando, you cannot do
      that", "Fernando, you shouldn't do that", "Fernando, that is a
      violation of Guild Ethics", but Fernando is sure that such is the
      jealousy in their hearts that it is only a matter of time before
      they try again to throw him out of the Guild. But do not be afeared
      my friends, for Fernando does not afear their trumpeted up
      trumpetings and will continue to provide the primo quality
      horoscopings for your needs.

      It is only the one more month until Hogswatch! As Fernando knows,
      Hogswatch is the much stressful time of the year. So before you
      start the hard work of enjoying yourself for Hogswatch, the stars
      say you should indulge yourself for a small treat first, to relax
      and refresh yourself before the serious business of the holiday
      season begins. So this month, listen carefully to Fernando as he
      tells you the best self-indulgence for you.

      Ciao bella!


      The Adamant Hedgehog  21 Mar - 20 Apr

      Fernando is the honest man, and so he must say to you that the
      perfection that you see before you did not come without cost. My
      friends, Fernando's magnificent good looks are the product of the
      much hard work: the many hours of the pumping of the irons, as they
      say, with Giorgio and Ahhnuld down at Jim Nauseum's Sports Academy
      and Gym in Dolly Sisters; the plucking of the unsightly hairs; the
      careful styling. No matter how magnificent are your gods-given
      natural gifts, and Fernando's gifts are pretty magnificent, there is
      always the room to be the more magnificent. My friends, the stars
      tell Fernando that your indulgence is to treat yourself to the self-
      improvement with a transplant voucher from We R Igors. Why not spoil
      yourself with the Deluxe version that includes after-care?


      The Half-Eaten Sandwich 21 Apr - 21 May

      Munchers, the stars tell Fernando that your indulgence is to treat
      yourself (and perhaps the special friend, if you know what Fernando
      means) to the lavish dinner at the famous ristorante Le Foie
      Heureux. My friends, if you tell the maitre de that Fernando sent
      you, he may be able to squeeze you in before Hogswatch. Fernando can
      especially recommend the oysters with avec, Fernando prefers to
      order the dozen, although only ten normally are needed to work. You
      should also try the sole de chaussures bonne femme avec le plus de
      l'ail and soupe a l'ancienne serviette de lavabo. Fernando knows
      that not everyone can afford the prices at Le Foie Heureux, so for
      those on a budget, Fernando recommends the blue light special at
      Harga's House of Ribs: six ribs and four pieces of very nearly fresh
      chicken for a dollar.


      Herne the Hunted  22 May - 21 Jun

      Hernians, your indulgence is the box of mixed chocolates from
      Wienrich & Boettcher. My friends, this is not the time for the
      rubbish made from cat squeezings that passes as Morporkian
      chocolate, you deserve the best sweets available outside of
      Brindisi. Fernando is especially fond of putting the couple of
      chocolate-coated nuts in his mouth and sucking the chocolate off. Do
      not be afeared if this is not for your taste, for Wienrich &
      Boettcher have the all sorts of chocolates for all peoples:
      chocolate mints, truffles, hard toffee centres, the strawberry
      creams, chocolate-coated gingers and even the prince of chocolate,
      the Caffe Marzipan Surprise. And a guarantee that there are no cows'
      lips in the chocolates (except for the Sto Lat Caramel Cremes, but
      that is allowed because it's traditional).


      The Wizard's Staff and Knob  22 Jun - 22 Jul

      Staffies, your self-indulgence is to order the Archchancellor's
      Cheese Board, available from the University Gift Shop for a limited
      time before Hogswatch. For AM$6, you get a wooden cheese board (now
      with the guarantee to not shriek loudly when used), a selection of
      twelve hard cheeses and eight blue cheeses, three types of cheese
      biscuit or cracker, pickled onions, and a small jar each of quince
      jelly and vole chutney. For those of the more adventurous
      disposition, Fernando can recommend the Archchancellor's Extra
      Special Selection. For an extra $2, you also get pickled walnuts,
      Wow-Wow sauce, and the excitement of possibly being attacked by a
      rogue Lancre Blue.


      Bilious, God of Hangovers 23 Jul - 23 Aug

      Bilians, Fernando knows that on a typical Friday or Saturday night,
      you often find yourself walking home from the pub, a piccolo wobbly
      on your feet (or, if you are like Fernando's cousin Tony, perhaps
      more a trumpet or tuba wobbly) many hours after even the famously
      open-almost-all-hours Ankh-Morpork restaurants have closed to hose
      out the last of the patrons. My friends, it is at this time that
      stirrings of hunger are at their strongest, but before the faint
      feeling of distress have worked their way up from your insides. This
      is the time that the sausage inna bun often seems especially
      attractive. Bilians, the stars tell Fernando that your indulgence is
      to treat yourself to one of Dibbler's Premium Best Sausage Like
      Father Used To Have ("Stick one in yer gob today!").


      My Uncle's Nose 24 Aug - 23 Sept

      Nosers, why not indulge yourself with a treat *and* do the socially
      beneficial act at the same time? For the stars tell Fernando that
      your indulgence is to have the lunch with Captain Carrot of the City
      Watch at Give Peas A Chance, the legume restaurant on Old Cobblers
      Lane. (Fernando suggests you try the Brindisian-style stoo with
      named bean.) My friends, Captain Carrot is almost as magnificent as
      Fernando himself, and he is sure to thrill you with the many tales
      of dwarf battle bread, the history of Ankh-Morpork's penal code, and
      the various uses and production figures of pulses, beans and peas of
      the nations around the Circle Sea. And the proceeds will be used to
      benefit the poor orphans of Borogravia.


      The Small Boring Group of Faint Stars 24 Sept - 23 Oct

      Boring'uns, the stars tell Fernando that your indulgence to treat
      yourself to is the quiet night at home. But listen very carefully to
      Fernando's most excellente advice, my friends: the stars say you
      should hire the pair of heavily armed dwarfs to guard your front
      door from religious pamphleteers, door-to-door salesmen, street
      urchins, gnolls, people collecting for charities, divers beggars,
      and especially your neighbour who keeps inviting you to go paint-
      balling. Then you can relax and enjoy the peaceful night relaxing in
      your comfy chair with a cup of warm milk. You can even catch up on
      darning your socks. (For those of you who consider that a bit too
      racy, Fernando suggests you try pooting your socks instead.)


      Androgyna Majestis  24 Oct - 22 Nov

      Andies, your indulgence is to enjoy the health-giving benefits of a
      NoThingfjord massage. My friends, Fernando can tell you that, when
      properly done, the NoThingfjord massage soothes aches and pains,
      increases blood circulation, balances the humours, kills 15
      different kinds of invisible biting demon, relaxes tense muscles,
      and firms the parts that should be firm. Unfortunately, when
      improperly done, it is only good for sending you to Dr Lawn for
      recovery. But do not be afeared my friends, for Fernando would never
      give you the bad advices: listen very carefully, for you cannot go
      wrong with the one hour massage from Sven the Hublander, all
      messages to Mrs. Flaybottom at number 37 Picklewood Alley. Trust
      Fernando on this, for he knows that it is so.


      The Spoons, a.k.a. the Greater and Lesser Spoons, 23 Nov - 21 Dec

      My friends, the Fool's Guild is attempting to have the ban on street
      mimes lifted, and to gain public support Dr Whiteface has
      reluctantly allowed guided tours of the Guild. Word on the street is
      that Dr Whiteface has promised certain high-ranking clowns that if
      their idea doesn't work, they will be personally mopping up spilled
      custard in the novice clown training rooms with their baggy trousers
      for the next six months, so Fernando thinks that this is the most
      excellente opportunity while you still can. And the stars agree:
      your indulgence is to take the Clown Tour for just eighty cents
      (custard removal included in the price), where you will learn the
      secrets of floppy shoes and the four officially sanctioned ways to
      hit clowns over the head with a bladder on a stick, and have white-
      wash poured down your trousers. It is the once in a lifetime
      opportunity, mia cara.


      Hoki the Jokester  22 Dec - 20 Jan

      Hokians, the stars tell Fernando that your indulgence is to take the
      ten day luxury cruise around the Circle Sea on the cruise ship Queen
      Kelirehenna III. For the ten glorious days, you will be pampered and
      your every need fulfilled by the staff of the QK-III, with all the
      fine food you can eat, the complimentary Quirmian fizzy wine (never
      as good as the honest Brindisian lambrusco, but at least the
      Quirmian fizzy rubbish is included in the price of your cruise),
      games, and an on-board mini-opera house featuring stars almost good
      enough to sing in Ankh-Morpork. The tour will take you to see the
      Curious Squid at the site of the Lost Island of Leshp, the ruins at
      Holy Wood, and shopping stop-overs in Ephebe, Tsort and the
      Klatchian city of Al Khali. Fernando promises you Hokians that this
      is the last word in luxury, so long as you see your local witch or
      apothecary first for anti-seasickness potion!


      The Big Chicken 21 Jan - 18 Feb

      Squawkers, Fernando understands that the many mens and womens are
      suffering from the personal problem that we do not speak of.
      Especially in the cold, dark months of the year. But Fernando is not
      afeared to speak of these things, for are we not all adults here?
      (Except for Kevin, who is still writing those letters to the
      editor.) My friends, if you are feeling the "depression" or "blues",
      as they say (or rather, as they don't say) and are generally tired
      of being alive, cheer up, for the stars tell Fernando that your
      indulgence is to go to the luxury health spa for the water
      treatment: first the bracing Klatchian steam bath, then the mineral
      springs spa bath, and finally Cronstedtite the troll pummels you and
      holds you under water for a minute. After this experience, you will
      never be more glad to be alive.


      Lesser Umbrage   19 Feb - 20 Mar

      Umbragians, Fernando is the very exciting to tell you that the stars
      say that your indulgence is truly the most excellente treat. My
      friends, your most appropriate indulgence is to visit the art
      gallery. And not just the any gallery, for Fernando is the most
      pleased to say that it is the "Grave Modern", that little primo
      quality gallery on Broadway owned by Fernando's very good friend the
      Baroness Evangelika Lugubria Arroganta Barbina Solfami von
      Fledermausen. My friends, not only will you see the excellente Nu
      Vampyre artwork by the noted semi-reformed artist Darien Thirst, but
      after 9pm you will have the opportunity for the private showing of
      the paintings of Fernando without the fig leaf.



      Guards!Guards!, Backspindle Games' new Discworld board game, is
      doing very well indeed! Co-designer David Brashaw has written to us
      to say that last weekend's game sessions at the Wincanton Hogswatch
      celebrations were yet another triumph:

      "We had a ball at Hogswatch, and will blog about it soon, see
      www.facebook.com/guardsguards in the meantime, oh also all our
      recent tweets. Jason [Anthony, of WOSSNAME's Distinguished
      Competition] had an epic 4 hour game...he took his dead end at. One
      player was on final Spell at two hours and fifteen minutes, but
      Jason and the others ganged up on him and made him fight at least 4
      Dragons. The laughter could be heard 25 yards away outside, awesome!
      Yesterday we even got to chat with da man in da hat!"

      Furthermore, the first run of the Guards!Guards! game received a
      five star review across all areas on Amazon, and is almost sold out
      around the world:

      "Of course we still have a few copies left that can be purchased at
      _www.guardsguards.com_. We are waiting on Z-Man to see if there will
      be a reprint at sometime in the future..."

      Also, a little birdie tells us that WOSSNAME will soon have its own
      copy of Guards!Guards! to test drive! Lipwigzer, Moggrat, Sacharissa
      and the Dean will be happy to hear that...

      For the rest of you, why not order one of the rapidly-disappearing
      copies of the game for your loved ones (or yourselves)? Last order
      dates suggested by Backspindle Games Ltd for shipping for Christmas
      deliveries are:

      UK – Registered: 18 December 2011
      UK – Special Delivery: 20 December 2011
      Europe – Royal Mail International Signed For: 8 December 2011
      USA – to be confirmed
      Worldwide – Royal Mail International Signed For: 4 December

      For ordering information and a whole lot more:


      And for more about some of the fabulous debut airings of G!G!, see
      item 4.4 below...




      In the Irish Times, and article on Irish radio presenter Orla
      Barry's recent relaxed yet incisive interview with Terry Pratchett
      on Newstalk radio's weekly arts programme The Green Room. The
      interview covered various subjects including the special qualities
      of American Discworld fans, his Alzheimer's, Snuff, the secrets of
      the Seamstresses' Guild, and how having a beard helps him in his

      "Pratchett, author of the bestselling Discworld comic fantasy
      novels, is almost as well-known as an Alzheimer's sufferer: since
      2007, when he was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 59, he
      has campaigned to raise awareness of the condition while continuing
      to write, publishing his latest volume, Snuff, only last month. So
      far, so inspirational. But while Pratchett spoke calmly about the
      effects of his illness, he was unwilling to play the stoic martyr.
      When Barry suggested that, despite everything, he seemed content,
      the author took umbrage. 'What makes you think that?' he asked,
      after a long silence. Though he took a reflective, rational view of
      his terminal illness, right down to advocating planned suicide, he
      was not enjoying some passive state of grace. 'I don't mind who I
      attack and I don't care what I say,' he said. 'All fear disappeared
      after Alzheimer's. You think, what else can go wrong..."



      Ms Barry conducted a notably intelligent interview and asked some
      hard questions as well as some that surprised Sir Pterry. To listen
      to the full interview, click on Part 2 on the link below and go to
      count 04:02:


      4.2 ON GO THE LIGHTS!

      Here be numerous photos of a very cheerful-looking Sir Pterry –
      sporting quite wizardly-looking eyebrows and huzzah'd by a very
      large, adoring crowd – turning on the Burnham-on-Sea Christmas
      lights with mayor Michael Clarke:


      And a short-ish video of the event:


      Also, Pterry met the crew of Burnham-on-Sea's marvellous rescue

      "The author was in Burnham to switch on the town's Christmas
      lights and was keen to hear about the work of BARB (Burnham Area
      Rescue Boat), whose life-saving hovercraft The Light Of Elizabeth
      was on display at the switch-on ceremony. BARB is a registered
      charity that operates two life-saving rescue hovercrafts and an
      inshore rescue boat in the Bridgwater Bay area..."



      Although we've already informed (and reminded) you about the
      Walterdale Theatre's production of Wyrd Sisters that opens this
      week, an article has just come through that's worth sharing. In the
      Edmonton Journal, Disc newbie Liz Nicholls has written an extended
      piece about Discworld and the story and production of Wyrd Sisters,
      including some marvellous quotes from director J. Nelson Niwa, who
      *is* a Discworld fan of long standing:

      "The actors play a multitude of characters, two or three apiece,
      some of whom appear only fleetingly then disappear to be recostumed.
      Niwa tells them 'OK, you're onstage for one scene with this bit
      part; you can milk the snot out of it. You have 118 seconds to steal
      as much of the scene as you possibly can.'"

      There's also a photo of the main cast, who look quite well chosen
      for their parts. So if you're in or near the province of Alberta
      over the next twelve days, do go see the production!

      For the full article, and details of the play:



      From the Guards!Guards! boardgame team blog, reporting on the
      goings-on at the recent 2011 Irish Discworld Convention:

      "Next morning up early setting up in the dealers' room, getting demo
      games on the go and then at 11am the scary bit of organising the
      first ever LIVE Discworld Convention game of Guards! Guards! How did
      it go? Well it was crazy; there were players making the noise of
      swamp dragons, push-ups done for captain Vimes, Witches blessings,
      the borrowing of Wizard's hats, oh and as Fate would have it, out of
      ninety Discworld character cards Pat Harkin unbelievably got to play
      the Duck Man, hoot! Eventually there was the winner; the one and
      only Kristine Heald, apply titled Games Mistress (no fix, she
      actually won, with her happy band of volunteers). During the game
      she even made time to sing two verses of 'A Wizard's staff has a
      knob on the end.' She was delighted to be presented with a bottle of
      'Dragon' wine by David. Some hours later we ran another LIVE game
      and more chasing about fun was had... On Sunday morning we had lots
      of fans enjoying our board game and Pat was particularly please to
      beat designer David..."


      ...and from Bricks and Books:

      "The event was held over the weekend from the 4th till the 7th
      November, with everything from a live action version of the game
      Guards! Guards! (more on that below), to Sir Terry appearing via
      Skype. I am grateful to Meerkat from the Official Terry Pratchett
      Forum for giving me her quick recap of the event as well as some
      snaps as well. Meerkat had this to say about her weekend:

      "'On arrival (as good a place as any) you are handed your flight
      badge which enabled you to travel all over the disc (TWAT -Three
      Witches Air Travel). There were so many things to do it was a case
      of sorting through the diary and arranging what you wanted to do.
      And there was so much to do too! From just watching to actually
      joining in Unseen University challenge where Jan and my team got to
      a creditable third place! We also did a Mock the Week spoof where I
      had to voice Lord Vetinari's 'true' speech as he gave it. DRESSING
      UP – NOT ESSENTIAL – but great fun nevertheless... The Pratchett
      Conventions are a family and it doesn't matter who you are, where
      you come from or the language you speak. Terry's fans accept you for
      who you are! It's a lovely feeling! It was fun fun fun! I'm
      exhausted – that'll teach me to volunteer for things...'

      "I also spoke to Leo Boyd, one of the co-creators of the fantastic
      Guards! Guards! game, that should be on everyone Discworld fans Xmas
      list, from what I have been told the live action version of their
      game went down a treat and there are plans to repeat it at next
      years DWCon, if I go I look forward to seeing it myself. Leo himself
      had this to say about the event:

      "'You should definitely try to plan a visit to the IDWCon at some
      time in the future. The guys who put it together are fantastic
      everyone who we met rated it as one of the best DW cons to be at.
      They say it may be one of the smaller events but its has such an
      intimate and personal feel to it that bigger cons just cant compete
      with (and apparently Sir TP has said as much himself)'"



      5) CLOSE

      Some great bits to take you on into December, O Readers:

      The Professor is... on! On video, that is. Here he is talking
      earlier this week with Trinity College Dublin's Head of the School
      of English, Dr Darryl Jones


      University student and blogger Katie McDermott had a very close
      encounter with the Professor in Dublin:

      "It was technically only for alumni and I had an essay and a story
      to submit that week as well as NaNo, but I volunteered to help out
      anyway. Myself and my friends were sitting in the front row, a
      meter, maybe a meter and a half from the genius himself. Afterwards
      there was a wine reception and while a few people monopolised his
      time, asking questions and that, we still got a picture with him and
      got to hob-nob over glasses of wine in the same room.

      "Then on Thursday we had a class with him. This was definitely the
      highlight for me. There was only fifteen of us in a room sitting
      around a table with him and we got to ask him any questions we like
      about writing. We got world building advice, a debate on genre
      fiction vs. literary, ideas for novels, the writing process and a
      truly epic tangent when one guy asked where he bought his hat. He
      talked about his new novel Snuff, no one else had read it so he
      turned to me and said 'I'm just going to address this to my reader
      and the rest of you can all piss off.' For the rest of the afternoon
      he called me 'my reader.' Best. Moment. ever..."


      And here's a direct link to her marvellous photo of Professor Sir
      Terry Pratchett, university lecturer – and blackboard monitor:


      And with that, I'm off to bed. See you next month!

      – Annie Mac


      If you have any questions or requests, write:
      Copyright (c) 2011 by Klatchian Foreign Legion
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