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WOSSNAME -- JUNE 2001 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- JUNE 2001 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued) ... 7) LETTERS FROM OUR READERS AGES OF CHARACTERS To the editor: How old are some of the younger male
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2001
      WOSSNAME -- JUNE 2001 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)




      To the editor:

      How old are some of the younger male characters in the Discworld
      novels - I mean those who get to be in multiple books? I can think of
      Ponder, but he's not that young, nor commonly referred to, and
      Carrot's got to be about 28 or older. Even Shawn and Jason are well
      through their late 20's. In that way all the wizards and watch are quite
      senior, as is Rincewind and most of the Lancre characters.

      Carrot was only 16 in Guards! Guards! and it can't be 12 years between
      then and 'now.' Although I suppose the Monks of Time might have taken
      some years out without anyone really paying attention. Shawn Ogg
      would only be early to mid twenties. He was about twenty in, I think,
      Wyrd Sisters - remember the bit where someone asked him when his
      father died, and he answered 30 years ago, which was very obviously
      quite a few years before Shawn was born (they do things differently in
      the country!).

      Ponder's not all that old if he only finished his undergraduate studies in
      Moving Pictures - only mid to late twenties.

      I seem to recall that Nobby was in his late 20's somewhere in the series,
      so he is only in his early 30's, too. (and as I am nearer 30 than 20 now,
      I refuse to think of that as old, thank you very much!)

      Yet there seem to be a lot more younger female characters who come
      to mind: Susan is about 21 or so, Magrat can't be more than 24 or 25,
      can she? Agnes must be younger than that. Angua is probably about
      the same as Carrot, I suspect. But I always thought of Angua as
      being somewhat older than Carrot. She spent time in various other
      cities before coming to A-M. There is a bit of a lack of ongoing female
      roles, though.

      The number of elder male characters... like over 40... is completely
      different... I'd run out of space listing them all...

      -- Mogg aka Megan Ruff



      To the editor:

      The only one I have played was (I think) the second one released. To be
      honest it was quite fun at first but later the puzzles got so obscure that I
      gave up. Months later a friend me the solution book (GBP 17 to buy!)
      I was incredulous at some of the answers.

      -- Mike Hodgson, UK



      To the editor:

      While it saddens me to see the bland US covers, I understand
      why they may be selling better: They are an attempt to keep
      the books out of the SF&F ghetto.

      Yes, we have all been told to not judge a wossname by its whozits,
      (Ed: Now, now. Keep it clean.) but in American marketing reality,
      where the sizzle can be sold for a higher price than the steak,
      packaging is everything. The packaging of the US covers is an
      attempt to get the book treated as 'serious literature', thus
      displayed in the front of the shop and reviewed by major metropolitan
      newspapers, which is the key to best-sellerhood.

      If you don't think that escaping the SciFi and Fantasy ghetto is
      necessary, ask Kurt Vonnegut Jr. why he does not call himself a SF writer.

      -- "Coyote"



      To the editor:

      We've discussed who we'd like to see in the title roles of a film
      produced on the exalted one's texts.

      What I want to know is what kind of film do you want to see?

      1) A Disney type animation?
      2) A Toy Story type computer animation?
      3) A Wallace and Grommit style stop motion film?
      4) Or a live action film with actors?

      I for one wouldn't mind 2 or 4.

      -- Dan Lato, Australia (latod@...)



      To the editor:

      --- "Lato, Daniel" (latod@...) wrote:
      > Having been to see Shrek last night (which by the
      > way I highly recommend -
      > thought it was very funny),

      Ditto. Has some similarities to DW in that it takes
      the conventions of fairytale and turns them inside

      I am increasingly of the opinion that a Discworld movie
      with a lot of Death in it would work a treat.

      But for those unfmiliar with DW would Death be

      -- Jehane 13, Australia

      (Ed: Just saw Shrek. It is a wonderful movie, especially
      for Discworld fans. For what it's worth, the producer --
      DreamWorks -- has just acquired the film rights to Terry's
      BROMELIAD trilogy. )



      To the editor:

      Luggage --

      An Artificially Intelligent suitcase, as seen roaming around the
      Ganymede Holiday Inn complaining that his owner had been
      sent to the wrong bloody airport again.

      Operational notes: Possibly related to the Talkie Toaster, the
      luggage seems to be labouring under the misapprehension that
      he is the one taking the holiday.

      (Clipped from http://www.reddwarf.co.uk/)
      Does this sound familiar to anyone?


      -- dru (roundworld representative for the campaign for sapient
      pearwood entity rights)



      To the editor:

      There's another example of someone using the _ _ _ _ing expletive.  The
      comedian George Carlin did a routine early in his career about going to
      baseball games as a youth and sneaking down into the private boxes
      during the 7th inning...it being obvious that the owners weren't going
      to show up by then.  They would be chased by the stadium guard who
      would use the expletive on them, with one difference.  And this difference
      is what helped me get through the reading of it...instead of pronouncing
      it "_ _ _ _ing"  the guard said _ _ _ging...as in "Get outta there you _
      _ _ging guys!"   Don't know if this makes any difference but I just
      thought I'd bring it up.

      -- Joel Emerson



      (Ed: last month, from our branches in sunny Spain and the
      Americas, we offered a new version of the famous song in Spanish.
      Now we get the Italian version:)

      To the editor:

      I was so impressed, and amused, by the Spanish translation of "A Wizard's
      Staff" that I, in my copious spare time, worked out a preliminary Italian
      version and I thought I would pass it on. I don't know if there are any in
      existence yet, but if there is one already then disregard my sad attempt
      (how many non-English versions are there? are they collected anywhere?).
      (Ed: Yes, there is some guy on AFP who collects them.)

      Please add the disclaimer that I am a pitiful second year Italian student
      who knows very little and corrections are welcome.

      --Jessie, meek student

      Traduzione di "Il Bastone del Mago..."

      Il bastone del mago ha un pomo sull' estremità ,
      un pomo sull' estremità , un pomo sull' estremità ,
      Il bastone del mago ha un pomo sull' estremità !
      Che cosa fa con esso è magico!

      Il bastone del mago ha un pomo sull' estremità ,
      ed i runes corrano la lunghezza dell' asta.
      è lungo e fiero e rigido e forte.
      è l' orgoglio di stregoneria.


      Il bastone del mago ha un pomo sull' estremità ,
      alcuni sono fatti dal legno pensare,
      con un paio sapiente sareste fuori fino a lÃ
      ed andreste ciechi, sì voi.


      Il bastone del mago ha un pomo sull' estremità ,
      que sembra ad una noce d'argento;
      Se cominciate belare quando ha preso la vostra sede,
      la spezzerà sulla vostra sedere.


      Il bastone del mago ha un pomo sull' estremità ,
      e la rana dispari sa che è vero,
      quando il vostro bastone ha una curvatura allora il incantesimo che
      può volare a destra indietro a voi.


      (ultimo verso, per favore, maestro)
      Il bastone del mago ha un pomo sull' estremità ,
      e potete pensare che sia tragico
      che non importa come forte o strati o lungo
      tutti lui possono fare con esso è magico.


      Non parlo bene l'italiano; l'ho studiato a scuola da soltanto due anni. Per
      favore perdono la traduzione terribile. Tutte le correzioni sono benvenute.

      ringraziamenti a http://babelfish.altavista.com e

      -- Jessie Meek

      Ed note: Any comments from our Italian section? Also,
      how about some versions in other languages: Czech,
      Finnish, French, etc.?)



             Is there a Cpl (Sgt) Angua out there looking for a likeable Verence? 
      Military Historian, Pratchett aficionado, movie buff, fantasy and historical
      gamer who owes his sanity (so called) to discovering Terry's series in the
      midst of a messy divorce, seeks to get to know his own Cpl. Angua (late 30's
      to mid 40's?) of like minded interests.  Intrigued individuals need not
      habit the Mended Drum night... simply contact hseaty@....  No... I've
      never even dreamed that I'd ever be doing this.....but, just as for the Watch
      and the others on Diskworld, there comes a time to make choices and take
      chances, so, here goes.  Charlie...  hseaty@...

      End of Part 2, says my computer -- continued on Part 3 of 3

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