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WOSSNAME -- MAY 2001 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- MAY 2001 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued) ... 7) LETTERS FROM OUR READERS THAT ----ING WORD AGAIN To the editor: I feel a pressing need to add something
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2001
      WOSSNAME -- MAY 2001 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)




      To the editor:

      I feel a pressing need to add something to Fiona
      Wynn's analysis of Tulip's speech patterns in
      The Truth, which stops just short of the complete
      explanation. While Tulip's swearing is significant
      to the development of the character, I believe that
      the use of dashes to replace expletives is
      common in, of all things, newspapers. So,
      though I'll admit it seems a bit overused (I just
      ignored the ----ing things after a while), really
      it's just one more passing reference to the subject
      of the book. It might arguably be the most-often
      referenced running gag in the whole series.

      -- Jeremy Yoder of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
      (God help me, I'm writing a response
      to a ----ing online newsletter...)


      To the editor:

      Just thought I'd ring in, having purchased and read
      ToT last night.

      Since I like Susan Sto Helit, I pretty much liked the
      novel. While it did not grip me by the throat the way the
      witches novels do, even on the ?th reread, I was satisfied.

      There are tiers, for me.

      The witches occupy the first tier, which can be loosely
      described as existential philosophy, and good for at
      least a dozen go-rounds. I try to get the British first
      editions, signed if possible, food sometimes a
      secondary consideration.

      The watch, JINGO, and SMALL GODS occupy a second
      tier, which is more or less political philosophy, (er,
      SMALL GODS is more existential, I admit) and good
      for reading at very least a half-dozen times. I'll get the
      British firsts when I have a better job.

      The Death novels are hard to place because I remember
      liking them very much, but do not own them, so have
      been unable to read them more than once apiece. SOUL
      MUSIC isn't my favorite novel, but I have read it 3 times,
      at least. Will probably eventually try to get good hardcovers

      Once pretty well does it for a Rincewind novel, although I
      do prefer to own them rather than go to the library. I like
      the OPTION of rereading them, should I choose to do it.
      Same with PYRAMIDS and MOVING PICTURES. I'm not
      sorry I bought them, because there are days when a
      pre-read Pratchett novel beats anything else you have
      lying around, no matter which one it is -- but they don't
      get a whole lot of action. Paperbacks and secondhand
      book club editions perfectly okay.

      I was able to analyse this novel while was reading it for
      the first time, something I am unable to do while reading
      a witches novel for the first time. I wasn't so deeply and
      passionately involved that I couldn't operate on any
      other level, but I did stay up until 3 am reading it -- I put
      it down when my husband opened one bleary eye and
      silently begged me to shut off the light.

      At very least, it was a highly satisfactory way to spend
      an evening, especially at the beginning of a weekend at
      the end of a too-bloody-long semester as a way to relax
      before final exams week. I am content with the first
      American hardcover edition.

      And there you have my two cents.

      -- Anne McC


      To the editor:

      Does anyone know where one can get the novels at a
      good price? Esp. in Australia?

      I priced some (paperbacks) today and they were
      AU $17.50 apiece. :( Awfully expensive to get the
      lot :( (Book Prices suck here, especially with the GST :(

      I did look in some 2nd hand book dealers, but nada.

      -- Titania :)

      To the editor:

      Target has 20% off paperbacks all the time and they
      usually have heaps of them. Big W only usually has
      the newest but they're 35% off. Occasionally they
      turn up on sale tables at QBD and Bookworld, I think
      Sydney stores of one of those has/recently had CJ
      for AU$10 (hardcover too).

      As for 2nd hand book dealers, you have to be
      patient but they do show up sometimes :) Keep an
      eye out for those discount book warehouse places,
      too. I once got the one volume Death trilogy, Jingo
      and Last Continent all in hardcover for not much
      more than AU$30 total :) I haven't seen any in
      those shops since but I can never walk past without
      going in just in case now :)

      Good luck finding them :)

      -- Beckie :) in Australia



      From our branches in sunny Spain and the Americas, here's a
      new version of the famous song in Spanish:


                          E L   P U E R C O E S P Í N

                    Boletín de la Legión Extranjera Klatchiana
                         (Sección en Lengua Castellana)

                              Número 10 -- Mayo 2001

      Manuel Viciano Delibano, editor

      Canción: El Cayado del Mago tiene un Nudo en la Punta
                 por George Anketell.

      ¿Qué sería un cumpleaños sin una bonita e inocente canción?


      A wizard's staff has a knob on the end,
      Knob on the end, knob on the end.
      A wizard's staff has a knob on the ennndddd!
      What he does with it is magic!

           El cayado del mago tiene un nudo en la punta,
           nudo en la punta, nudo en la punta.
           ¡El cayado del mago tiene un nudo en la puuunnta!
           ¡Lo que hace con él es magia!

      A wizard's staff has a knob on the end
      And runes run up the shaft
      It's long and proud and stiff and loud
      It's the pride of wizardcraft.

           El cayado del mago tiene un nudo en la punta
           Y las runas corren a lo largo del bastón
           Es largo y orgulloso y duro y alto
           Es el orgullo de la hechicería


      A wizard's staff has a knob on the end
      Some are made from thinking wood
      With a sapient pair you'd be out to there
      And you'd go blind, yes you would.

           El cayado del mago tiene un nudo en la punta
           Algunos están hechos de madera pensante
           Con un par sapiente ya estarías allí
           Y te volverías ciego, ya lo creo que sí.

      * Nota: Esta estrofa contiene un juego de palabras intraducible. *
      * Pair (par) suena parecido a pear (pera). Y no damos más expli- *
      * caciones...                                                    *


      A wizard's staff has a knob on the end
      That looks like a silver nut
      If you start to bleat when he's taken your seat
      He'll crack it up your butt.

           El cayado del mago tiene un nudo en la punta
           que parece una nuez de plata
           Si te empiezas a quejar cuando te quite el sitio
           La romperá contra tu trasero.


      A wizard's staff has a knob on the end
      And the odd frog knows it's true
      When your staff has a bend then the spell you send
      Can fly right back at you.

           El cayado del mago tiene un nudo en la punta
           Y la vieja rana sabe que es cierto
           Si tu cayado está doblado entonces el hechizo lanzado
           Te puede alcanzar a tí


      (Última estrofa, maestro, por favor)
      A wizard's staff has a knob on the end
      And you may think it's tragic
      That no matter how strong or thick or long
      All he can do with it is magic.

           El cayado del mago tiene un nudo en la punta
           Y puedes creer que es trágico
           Que no importa lo fuerte o ancho o largo que sea
           Todo lo que puede hacer con él es magia.


                                                      -- George Anketell

      (Como de costrumbre, esta traducción no rima. Quien se atreva, que
      envíe el resultado. Muchas gracias).

      End of Part 2, says my computer -- continued on Part 3 of 3

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