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WOSSNAME -- October 2009 -- Part 2 of 4

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  • granny_tude
    WOSSNAME -- OCTOBER 2009 -- PART 2 OF 4 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ====Part 2 -- MORE NEWS, ODDS AND SODS 11) PTERRY
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2009
      WOSSNAME -- OCTOBER 2009 -- PART 2 OF 4 (continued)

      ====Part 2 -- MORE NEWS, ODDS AND SODS







      No, our favourite author hasn't become a zombie (yet?). But
      according to the BBC News website, he is encouraging people to
      donate their brains for medical research. After you're done using
      them, of course.

      "Former Home Secretary David Blunkett has pledged to donate his
      brain to dementia research. The Sheffield Labour MP is backing a
      £2m scheme encouraging more people to allow their brains to be used
      for research after they die. Mr Blunkett is also vice-president of
      the Alzheimer's Society... Discworld author Sir Terry Pratchett, who
      as patron of the Alzheimer's Research Trust has led a high-profile
      campaign to increase awareness of the illness, said it was vital to
      encourage donations... 'They're certainly going to have my brain
      because it's about time somebody made use of it.'"

      The scheme is called Brains for Dementia. Is there an Igor in the



      Bafta Scotland has released its list of nominations for this year's
      television and film awards, and the documentary Terry Pratchett:
      Living with Alzheimer's is nominated in the factual series category.

      The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Glasgow's Science
      Centre on Sunday 8th November.




      12.1 IDWCON NEWS

      The First Irish Discworld Convention
      6 -- 9 November 2009

      Terry Pratchett (Guest of Honour)
      Diane Duane
      Peter Morwood
      Colin Smythe
      Bernard Pearson
      Jack Cohen
      Stephen Briggs (via internet)

      From IDWcon's newsletter:

      For those of you who can't make the four days and are wondering how
      you'll be able to buy tickets, then you'll be happy to know that
      membership will be available on the door of the Falls Hotel either
      at the membership desk (on Friday only) or in Ops (all weekend).

      We'll have day tickets and a two day Saturday/Sunday ticket
      available. Prices will be announced shortly.

      If you're coming on a day ticket or the two day ticket and want to
      come to the Oswalds Awards Dinner you'll be happy to know that
      that's possible. Book early! Bookings for the Gala Dinner close on
      Monday the 2nd of November.

      If you're coming on a day ticket or the two day ticket and wish to
      book a room in the hotel using the members discount then you'll need
      to email one of us at info@....

      To those who'd like a very special part in the weekend, we need a
      Ridcully (send pic to info@...) and a Victor (Moving
      Pictures, and please email info@...).

      Oswalds Awards Night: The Oswalds Awards Night is an Event (note
      capitalisation) not to be missed. It is the premier night of
      Entertainment on the Disc and features such personalities as Terry
      Pratchett (and his speech), The Co-Chair (and her speech) and the
      wonderful characters of Ginger and Victor (AN1: see Moving Pictures)
      who will be hosting the Event (AN2: think you would make a charming
      Victor? Offer your services now!)

      With two wonderful speeches, by said Special Guest and Co-Chair, and
      Awards chosen by the masses (you lovely folks) this will be an
      evening to remember!

      The Awards are as follows:
      * Best Characterisation (of a Discworld personality)
      * Best Costume Design
      * Best Costume in a Supporting Role
      * Young Discworld Star
      * Best Impersonator of The Man in The Hat (see here for details)

      These Oswalds will be Nominated by the Public and Chosen by the
      Public. Nominations begin on Saturday morning and close at 7pm that
      night. The Top Nominees will be announced next morning and voting
      will continue til 3pm. You may vote once and only once! (Voting
      Cards will be contained in your goodie bags.)

      Following the Oswalds Ceremony Terry himself will award the prizes
      for Maskerade winners.

      The night will be capped off with some light dancing and beverage of
      your choice!

      12.2 DISCWORLD 2010

      The official opening is on Friday with the opening ceremony and a
      number of smaller programme items so yes -- to be honest you would
      miss the Friday programme items. The programme team are pulling
      together the draft programme and it will be available well before
      the event itself if you need to make a late decision.

      In practice a lot of people roll up on the Thursday evening. There
      is no official programme on Thursday evening but there is a lot of
      informal 'getting together' and 'pub quiz' type activity. If you
      are new to Conventions it can also be a good time to help out a bit
      and get to know a lot of people.

      I'm not sure if this will come as good news or bad :-)

      -- Karen

      Err, difficult choice ... what about events on the Monday ?
      -- we can only really be away for "two nights", so could shift to
      Friday + Saturday ... originally thinking Sat + Sun

      -- SteveC

      If you can only have two nights away then it does make more sense to
      have the Saturday and Sunday at the Con. The Gala Dinner is on the
      Sunday night if you were planning to attend that or the surrounding

      I'm not sure which outside factors limit your choices or how late
      you can make a final decision. (feel free to mail us at
      'info@...' if you wish to elaborate on the factors away from
      a public forum, we will help you further if we can). I would
      suggest you get your hotel booked early to secure a Con rate room -
      it is possible to modify/cancel up until a weekish before the event
      (Hotel will know the exact cut off dates).

      In the mean time - other old lags on this list will probably have
      had to make this kind of decision due to children, family, work
      constraints etc. Perhaps they could chime in with their views on
      the key time to be there if you have limited time? (I've modified
      the subject line to attract attention ;)

      Also we are putting some more general and retrospective info up on
      the website, hopefully this will also help you.

      I would also recommend Saturday and Sunday for people who can only
      be away for two nights.

      Saturday is generally the day/night for the Maskerade, Hedgehog
      Party, any Q&A that Terry might be planning to do and quite a lot of
      the other bigger events too. Not only that, but a lot of the
      'hanging out and singing in the bar' takes place on Saturday night,
      which for a lot of people is a large part of their being at the

      Sunday -- Gala Dinner for those planning to attend, plus Toast and
      Jam event (have a look at previous Conventions on www.lspace.org if
      you don't know what this is), and Terry and Stephen Briggs's
      signing. The auction often takes place on Sunday too.

      There are events on Monday, but (apart from the Closing Ceremony)
      these are usually quite low-key, due to a lot of people being busy
      with packing and checking-out, not to mention the general rate of
      knackeredness amongst most of us by that time!

      I hope this helps!

      (Not sure if three Conventions so far qualifies me as an 'old lag',
      I hope so *g*)

      -- Karen

      I can't recall if anyone has mentioned the Theme for the 2010 con
      which is now only less than 11 months away....In a rare idle moment
      I pondered on the recent release of Unseen Academicals, the set of
      football cards that Paul Kidby and Lord Bernard have created, the
      recent match in Wincanton not to mention the World Cup just before
      the con and the logical Theme seems to be Discworld Football! We
      could have Dibbler selling Replica Shirts, Programmers and Stuff
      inna bun and even, instead of having guilds, have football teams!!
      Just a thought.....apologies to those with no interest in football,
      just makes a change to cake discussions...

      -- Paul

      The Theme for 2010 is "The Thing and the Whole of the Thing", along
      with our friend the Elephant who fell. We'll be expanding on this
      theme as the con gets closer. As Unseen Academicals hadn't been
      published when we sat down to sketch things out a year ago, it
      wasn't really something we could look to for a theme. I'm sure
      various bits from UA will crop up, but it won't be the theme of the

      -- Brian, Chairman, Discworld Convention 2010




      Ravenshead Theatre Company's RTG Youth Group present their
      production of Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters in November.

      When: Friday 20th and Saturday 21st November 2009
      Venue: Ravenshead Village Hall, Vernon Crescent, Ravenshead, Notts,
      Map http://tinyurl.com/ykzvc6c
      Time: 7.30pm
      Tickets: Adults £5, children under 14 £4
      Box office: 01623 722815 (tickets also available from Godfrey's)



      The Glenbrook Players present Stephen Briggs' adaptation of Wyrd
      Sisters, directed by Robyn Pope, in November. There will be six
      performances, including two matinees.

      When: Evenings 20th, 21st, 27th, and 28th November 2009 and matinees
      21st and 28th November 2009
      Venue: Glenbrook Theatre, Glenbrook New South Wales
      Time: evening performances 8pm, matinees 2pm
      Tickets: Fri 20th Nov evening, Sat 21st Nov matinee, Sat 28 Nov
      matinee, all $18; Sat 21 Nov evening and Sat 28 Nov evening, Adults
      $25, children & students $18; $2 discount per ticket for parties of
      8+ (very appropriate number); credit card bookings preferred, and
      they accept Mastercard and Visa.
      Bookings: (02) 4739 1110

      How to get there:
      GPS Ref South 33° 45' 56.3"
      spacer East 150° 37' 20.1"
      Gregorys Ref Map 264 A 16
      UBD Ref Map 161 L 16

      "The Theatre is situated on the corner of Great Western Highway and
      Ross Street Glenbrook. It is beside the Information Centre and on
      the opposite corner to the Caltex petrol station. When driving,
      access from the north, east and south is most straightforward by
      going on to the M4 and proceeding west, signposted Blue Mountains or
      Katoomba until you reach the end of the M4 motorway section and then
      to continue on the Great Western Highway up a winding hill and down
      into Glenbrook. The theatre is on the left hand side of the highway
      immediately after the Information Centre."


      Glenbrook Theatre and Mash Cafe are also jointly offering a dinner
      and show Meal Deal:

      Special Fine Dining/Show Deal at Mash Cafe in Glenbrook
      Two-Course meal plus coffee, plus booking for Wyrd Sisters -- $65.00
      per person -- this offer is only for the evenings of Saturday, 21st
      November, Friday, 27th November and Saturday, 28th November. A free
      bottle of good wine will be offered to parties of six or more.

      Bookings for the meal deal should be made with Mash Cafe on 4739
      5908. Mash Cafe staff will arrange the play bookings for Meal Deal
      patrons with Glenbrook Players.



      In The Australian Stage:

      "From the moment Bohemian Rhapsody plays as the audience files into
      the theatre, over the prone comatose body of a wizard, it's obvious
      that this is another absolutely rollicking Unseen escapade. Despite
      being set in a fantasy world, the performance feels real, the
      characters seem real and the comical situations all ring true.
      Thanks to Munt's magical script -- filled with smart observations
      and intelligent witty comedy -- and some perfect portrayals of
      warped characters, the imagination soars and the ribs ache as jokes
      rapidly follow one another..."


      In Adelaide Now:

      "Pamela Munt has done her own adaptation and she knows the
      territory, and the venue really well... Alister Preece is athletic
      as Rincewind, deftly employing his strong resemblance to the hapless
      wizard and Elliot Howard skilfully shapes his various characters, as
      do Marlon Dance-Hooi and Hugh O'Connor..."


      From BU member Patrick:

      I saw it on opening night. It was incredibly enjoyable. The
      characters were if not how I'd pictured them in my head, at least
      close enough that now they are exactly how I'd pictured them in my
      head. The simple stage made it easy to follow the action, and
      rightfully the play relies on dialogue rather than props to carry
      the story along. Pamela Munt has outdone herself as director & for
      her first foray into adapting a Discworld novel to the stage is a
      resounding success.

      [Editor's note: you may remember Patrick's declaration of epic
      journey, all for the sake of Unseen Theatre's production of The Last
      Continent, from last month's Around the BU Campus section. Good to
      know the journey was worthwhile!]



      A blast from the past that you might have missed! In a 2002
      interview in The Guardian, Pterry discusses his first job and the
      bosses he had:

      "There I was, with absolutely no authority, moral or otherwise, no
      real knowledge about anything, and yet I had this power. I could
      actually change lives with a few strokes of the pen. At such a young
      age, it seemed an awfully big responsibility..."



      End of Part 2 -- continued on Part 3 of 4.
      If you did not get all four parts, write: interact@...
      Copyright (c) 2009 by Klatchian Foreign Legion
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