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    WOSSNAME Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion 22nd AUGUST 2009 ********************************************************************* SPECIAL EDITION
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      Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion
      22nd AUGUST 2009


      PART 2 OF 2




      7) CLOSE



      Gala Banquet Buffet
      On September 6th, Sunday evening of the convention, we will be
      hosting a Gala Banquet Buffet, themed "A Night at the Rhoxie." In
      conjunction with the banquet, we are also holding a poetry contest,
      which is open to all members, not just those with banquet tickets.
      The poetry contest is open for submissions at poetry @ nadwcon.org
      until August 14. Banquet tickets are now on sale on the website,
      for $70. The cutoff for Banquet ticket purchasing is August 23rd,
      so hurry and get your ticket now! Please note: if you have not yet
      registered for the convention, please DO NOT purchase a banquet
      ticket. Details regarding the theme and more information on the
      banquet and poetry contest are available on the convention website.
      Payments may be made via PayPal or by mail. See the Banquet page
      for more details on payment.

      Seamstress Guild Party
      On September 4th, Friday evening of the convention, the Seamstress
      Guild will be hosting a party which all members may attend. On the
      glorious night in question, the Grand Ballroom will be transformed
      into the Seamstress Guild Hall. Ladies of the Guild and gentleman
      from the Men's Auxiliary will be hosting a grand reception that
      involves food, music, and a Discworld scavenger hunt, as well as the
      chance to meet the very flower of Discworld Society, such as it is,
      and be photographed for the Truth's Society Page. Prizes for best
      costumes worn that evening will be awarded by our Esteemed Patron,
      Sir Terry Pratchett.

      Sir Terry has also arranged for a special gift for our attendees,
      which will remain a secret until the night in question.... To visit
      the Seamstress Guild discussion board, where the men and women of
      the guild are gathered to plan both the party and their costumes, go

      On September 5th, Saturday evening of the convention, we will be
      hosting a Maskerade, an on-stage costume competition where attendees
      may show off their costumes and present a brief sketch or other
      performance to lend zing to their costumes if they like. An on-line
      registration form and many other details are available on our

      Charity Auction
      It is our pleasure to announce that we will be hosting a Charity
      Auction during the convention, to benefit the Alzheimer's Research
      Trust and the Orangutan Foundation. Our Charity Auction Director,
      Catherine Book, is organizing an interesting and desirable selection
      of cool items to bid for. Our goodies will be on display Friday
      through Saturday, and there will be Charity Auction Program Guides
      available at Registration. Many donations have come in, including
      some choice Discworld items from Colin Smythe's attic, and a
      preliminary list of auction items is being updated on our website as
      new donations arrive. Don't forget to bring your wallets so that you
      can bid often, bid high!

      Convention Programs and Events
      Events planned for the convention will, of course, center around the
      Discworld and Terry Pratchett. Terry will take part in several
      panels, will do several autographing sessions (Please note, we will
      be limiting the signings to two items per person with no
      personalization per Terry's request), will be in the spotlight for a
      couple of main Terry-oriented events, and will host some
      kaffeeklatches. Programming will start around noon on Friday,
      September 4th and continue until Closing Ceremonies in the late
      afternoon on Monday, September 7th.

      Events and activities will include Opening Ceremonies, a Seamstress
      Guild Party, the Maskerade, a Charity Auction to benefit The
      Alzheimer's Research Trust and the Orangutan Foundation, Holy Wood
      Squares, a Bande With Rocks In competition, the Gala Banquet Buffet
      (with a theme of "A Night at the Rhoxie"), a modern dance, and
      regency dancing. Discussion panels will cover Discworld specific
      topics as well as general discussion panels on writing, including a
      writing workshop/seminar with Diane Duane and Peter Morwood. Please
      note: if you are interested in participating in the Writers'
      Workshop, please visit:

      to download the preparatory materials beforehand. People looking for
      more info about what else they are planning to do in the seminar
      should check here, where they can leave questions/comments:

      We will be screening the recent BBC Documentary -- Terry Pratchett:
      Living with Alzheimer's -- and all of the Discworld TV adaptations.
      We're looking to have some gaming going on with the Discworld RPG
      from Steve Jackson Games as well as the Thud! board game. We'll have
      a dealers room with books, jewelry, costumes and more, an art show
      with a variety of science fiction and fantasy art, a hospitality
      suite where members can hang out and munch on free snacks during the
      convention, and a Costumers Dungeon where fans can get help with
      their costumes from members of the Southwest Costumers Guild.

      A preliminary list of programs and events is now available on our
      website, so please check the "Programs and Events" section and keep
      an eye on it for updates in the coming weeks. Also, we already have
      special sections full of information on the Seamstress Guild Party,
      Maskerade, Charity Auction, and Gala Banquet Buffet available for
      your perusal; just click the appropriate sidebar links! Please note
      that all programs are subject to change based on availability of
      participants and other circumstances.

      Costumers Dungeon
      Many of our members will be wearing costumes during the convention
      and participating in the maskerade. To provide help with any costume
      emergencies or to help get ideas for coming up with a costume on the
      spot, we will have a Costumers Dungeon hosted by the Southwest
      Costumers Guild where you can find a needle and thread, scissors,
      glue guns, sewing machines and other handy tools for fixing or
      modifying your costume.

      Dealers Room
      We're in the process of confirming the sellers who will be in the
      dealers room. We will definitely have several booksellers, jewelers,
      corsets, costume accessories, t-shirts, and a professional
      photographer that will be available to take pictures of you and your
      friends in costume. Look for a list soon on the web site with links
      to the dealers with web sites.

      Art Show
      Our art show will be relatively small, but we plan to feature
      several artists who have been popular at our LepreCon art shows.
      There will also be display tables for the items in the charity
      auction where you can inspect them at your leisure. Please visit the
      "Dealers Room and Art Show" page of our website for further details.

      Honored Guests
      As you know, our Guest of Honor is Sir Terry Pratchett himself. Our
      Toastmistress is Esther M. Friesner, who is best known for the
      humorous anthologies she has edited such as Chicks in Chain Mail and
      the most recent collection Witch Way to the Mall?. Other guests
      include Diane Duane (author of the Young Wizards series of novels as
      well as many Star Trek novels), Peter Morwood (writer of The Horse
      Lords series and other novels), Bernard Pearson (the Discworld
      Cunning Artificer), Terry's UK agent Colin Smythe, plus Terry's U.S.
      editors Jennifer Brehl and Anne Hoppe. We're also expecting some
      other authors to take part, including Sarah A. Hoyt, Daniel M. Hoyt
      and possibly some of our local authors as well.

      Exclusive Interview with Terry Pratchett!
      Our Vice Chair, Emily Whitten, interviewed Sir Terry at last
      August's UK Discworld Convention. Read the interview now by clicking
      the link in the sidebar of our site, or checking it out at

      We have added a number of new committee members to our Convention
      Committee over the last several months. If you have an inquiry about
      a particular part of the convention that is not already answered on
      the website, check the committee page first to see who the proper
      committee contact person is. Also, please be patient in awaiting a
      replay. As we get closer to the convention, the amount of incoming
      email appears to be increasing at an exponential rate!

      Igors (Volunteers)
      Any convention needs volunteer help, and we're no exception. If you
      have not yet contacted our Volunteer Coordinator and would like to
      offer your aid, please email volunteer@... and let Rowan
      know your contact information and what skills you might be able to
      offer. We will have a special t-shirt exclusively for our
      volunteers. We will be contacting all volunteers very shortly with
      specific needs, and thank you all in advance for helping to make our
      convention as fantastic as possible! Please note that in order to
      volunteer at the convention, you do need to have a membership.

      Convention Merchandise
      Our first convention exclusive is a beautiful sterling silver turtle
      in the shape of our convention symbol, available as either a pin or
      pendant. The silver turtle jewelry is produced by Discworld jeweler
      Barrie Wakeford of The Crystal Connection, maker of Tiffany's White
      Horse necklace and other Discworld jewelry. Each pin or pendant will
      be numbered and include a small certificate. Also, with every
      purchase, a voucher code for 10% off of your next purchase from The
      Crystal Connection will be included. These are available by mail
      order only, from now until the close of the convention on September
      7, 2009, so hurry and order one now! For photos and more information
      on how to order your very own silver turtle, please visit our
      merchandise page on the convention website.

      Our convention will be offering a selection of convention t-shirts
      and tote bags. These will be available on the website for pre-order
      a few weeks before the convention, and will also be available for
      purchase at the convention itself. Pre-orders will be for pick-up at
      the convention only; there will be no mail orders. Please note: if
      you pre-order via the website prior to the convention, you can get a
      discount on your order.

      Also debuting at the convention will be a special stamp designed by
      Bernard Pearson, with a special First Day Cover available only at
      the convention.

      Stay tuned for other pieces of exclusive convention merchandise that
      will be revealed shortly!

      Don't forget to check the convention news community
      (http://community.livejournal.com/nadwcon2009/) for updates. They
      will be more often in the weeks leading up to the convention. We now
      also have a Twitterfeed for short updates:
      (http://twitter.com/nadwcon). Stay tuned for all the latest news!

      Lee Whiteside
      North American Discworld Convention Chair


      And now, a special bonus missive from The Cunning Artificer himself,
      Mr. Bernard Pearson:

      Hello you lot.

      It has been raining.

      England and the weather.

      The English are a strange race. Fire, revolution, pestilence, war;
      all could be going on in an Englishman's back yard and would he
      mention it? Would he hell, no way, not a murmur. But the weather,
      well that has to only deviate from the norm by a fraction and your
      average Englishman comes over all Italian "underneath" topside it's
      the stiff upper lip with maybe a quiver, or a snarl, sometimes a
      brief transitory smile. Below the surface passions rage like a rice
      pudding on the boil.

      So its been raining. We had some sun, and now it's gone, probably
      for ever and ever. We English are like that, too, "doom & gloom" is
      the best attitude to life, especially with our weather. Now that is
      one reason Granny Pearson and I are looking forward to the Great
      Arizona Experience. We have begun preparations for packing and
      Granny is writing a list. She is a world class list writer and this
      is becoming a big list. I give you an example:

      Sun Cream
      Sun Block
      Sun Burn Ointment
      Sun Shades
      Sun Hat

      There are 28 other entries for "sun" in addition to Desert Winds,
      Desert Flora & Fauna That Might Give Rise to Bites and Rashes,
      Native American War Parties, Cattle Rustlers, Bandits, etc.

      Then there is the business of stamps to be finalised for the Con and
      all sorts of other jolly, exciting stuff that we hope to bring.

      Oh we're so excited. So much new to see and so many friends to meet
      again and make afresh.

      I'm told I might be allowed to wear a Stetson and have one of those
      funny fruit drinks with a bug in it. What fun. It almost takes the
      mind off the weather. Oh, its stopped raining. I think I'll take the
      cats for a walk, cheerio for now.

      See you all soon

      Bernard the Stout, Artificer to the Gentry



      I'd just like to mention that WOSSNAME's own Weird Alice Lancrevic
      has delivered a special commission by request of the NADWcon
      Committee: namely, a Discworld-themed reimagining of selections from
      the Rocky Horror Show! These will be performed, by specially trained
      filk-singers in appropriate costume, at the Convention's filk
      sessions during the weekend. Weird Alice is delighted to be
      participating in the first official North American Discworld
      convention, even from afar. Get ready to be amazed...

      -- Annie Mac


      End of Part 2.
      If you did not receive both parts of this special bulletin, write to:
      Copyright (c) 2009 by Klatchian Foreign Legion
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