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    WOSSNAME Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion 22nd AUGUST 2009 ********************************************************************* SPECIAL EDITION
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2009
      Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion
      22nd AUGUST 2009








      Wotcha! This is a special announcement for both UK/European WOSSNAME
      readers, covering some last-minute meet and convention news. Don't
      forget, the alt.fans.pratchett meet takes place in a few days' time
      (here's hoping for good weather), and NADWcon in barely twelve days'
      time, so below are assorted details and heads-ups.

      See you in a couple of days with the regular issue...

      -- Annie Mac, Editor



      To make up for the lack of a CCDE event two years ago some AFP types
      decided to hold their own meet-inna-field camping meet, and it can't
      have been too bad as we're doing it again this year. The details of
      this year's AFPcamp are as follows:

      The dates of this meet are the English August Bank Holiday, which
      for those not in England/Wales is the last weekend of August (27th
      to 31st).
      The site is the Hollybush Inn near Hay-on-Wye.
      The website is http://www.hollybushcamping.co.uk/index.php.
      This map http://good.ly/m5gey6 shows the location.

      *Camping is £6 per adult and £3 per child per night.
      *They have tipis and a yurt to hire at roughly double that cost if
      you don't want to have to bring your own tent (see the website).
      *They also do B&B (unfortunately this is now all taken, so for B&B
      you'll now need to look around Hay for B&B).
      *They have hookup points for caravans, and a private field for our
      *They have amenities (loos, showers) included in the cost.
      *Dogs are welcome as long as they are on leads and owners clean up
      after them.
      *The pub itself serves real ale and has a lovely looking down to
      earth and not too expensive menu.
      *For the booklovers among you the site is about 2 miles outside
      *They have offered us the use of their BBQ (or to actually run one
      if we want them to) for the Saturday night.
      *They have a live act on in the pub on the Friday night (someone
      called Kent Duchaine - you can find his details through google).
      *Public Transport - to get to the site requires train to Hereford
      and then a 1 hour bus ride to Hay-on-Wye, however both trains and
      buses are believed to be frequent (seehttp://good.ly/c55rg2).
      We think it should be straightforward to find solutions for people
      to get to the site, by afptaxi or similar.
      *For any of you who don't want to spend too much, leave your credit
      cards behind because it's only about 2 miles from Hay-on-Wye (did I
      mention the books?).

      For those of you who have Livejournal accounts there is an LJ
      community set up called DW_AUGBH_2009

      There is a poll in that community to indicate you will be attending,
      (If you don't have an LJ account you can still see all this stuff,
      but if you do comment you'll need to say in the comment who you are,
      or email me direct).

      If you want to camp, then all you have to do is let the organisers
      know (via the poll or email) and then turn up that weekend, pay and
      camp. If you want to hire a tipi or yurt, then please contact the
      venue ASAP (but still let us know you're coming along). Basically,
      if you'll be there, wherever you'll be staying, let us know :-)

      We are already expecting 35-40 people to be there, so please come
      along and swell the numbers and have fun. There will doubtless be
      impromptu wine tastings, music, chatter, and all the other things
      you'd expect from a bunch of afpers (and friends) in a field!



      NADWcon welcomes suggestions for questions to ask Pterry during the
      guest of honour interview:

      "If you could ask Terry Pratchett just one question, what would it
      be? Better decide, because now's your chance to do so - or at least,
      to hear your question asked on The Big Stage, if we decide to
      include it in our convention's Guest of Honor interview!"




      The date of Pterry's Authors @ the Teague appearance at the Velma
      Teague Library has been changed to Tuesday, September 8, at 10am.
      (from Thursday, 3 September at 1 p.m. as originally posted).

      A recap of the details:

      The talk and signing will be held at the City Hall Council Chambers
      (next to the Velma Teague Branch Library) 7010 N. 58th Ave,
      Glendale, Arizona

      Parking will be available in the downtown parking structure at 58th
      Dr. and Palmaire Ave.



      Yes, it's the pre-NADWcon final update! Which is like the Final
      Countdown, only more up than down. Here's an eleventh-hour missive
      from the valiant and overworked Lee Whiteside and his merry crew:

      Greetings from the North American Discworld Convention Committee!

      With just under four weeks to go until the moment we've all been
      waiting for, we're hard at work finalizing all of the events and
      activities for the North American Discworld Convention. In order to
      make sure any last minute updates get out to all our members, we've
      moved our email list to a new provider and have now gotten it to the
      point where we are able to send out a new update to all of you. As
      with previous updates, this will also be visible on the convention
      news page and posted on the convention message board for those of
      you who have spam filters that decide this is an inappropriate
      email. We have a cartload full of convention news and updates for
      all of you, and Commander Vimes has instructed us to deliver it to
      you immediately! So here it is!

      Convention Memberships
      Membership have been selling at a steady rate all summer, and with
      the recent Terry Pratchett Author Tracker mention of the convention
      by HarperCollins (as well as a post by Neil Gaiman on his journal),
      we have taken in over 150 new memberships in the last couple of
      weeks, putting us at our cap of 900 members. We have closed down
      registration while we process all of the new memberships to
      determine if we have any space left. If we do, we will re-open
      registration briefly, and alert everyone to this opportunity via an
      e-newsletter and our news forum:


      We are limiting memberships due to the size of our main ballroom,
      which can seat 900. We assume everyone attending the convention will
      want to be in the room when Terry is speaking and we want to make
      sure everyone will be able to fit into the room.

      There are a few members who have changed their plans and will not be
      attending the convention after all. They have been offering to sell
      their memberships on the NADWCon Message Board. Please make the
      board postings under "Registration and Membership" the first place
      you look if you would like to buy a membership from one of these
      members (http://nadwcon.9.forumer.com/). We ask that if you do
      transfer your membership to someone else, you please send us a
      signed letter informing us of that, along with the contact
      information of the person(s) receiving the membership(s).

      The website also hosts our updated Member List, in the Registration
      section of the site. Please check there before contacting us if you
      want to confirm that we have received your registration. The Member
      List is current to the date posted on the site, and will be updated
      to our current list in the next few days. If you submitted your
      registration after the date listed on the site, we are still
      processing your registration, and it will be added to the list
      shortly. Note that if you asked us to not list your name on the web
      site, it should not be there. If you have decided you want something
      different for your badge name than what you submitted when you
      registered, please let us know soon.

      Also, just for fun, try clicking on the "Map of Attendees" in the
      Registration section. Feel free to add your name to the map so we
      can see where everyone is coming from!

      Hotel Updates
      The Mission Palms hotel filled up in early June and we have arranged
      for an overflow block at the Downtown Tempe Courtyard Marriott hotel
      at a $99 per night rate (plus tax). Use the group code "nadnada" to
      book online. Please note that some of the nights you can book at a
      lower rate online, but if you are staying through the full weekend,
      you will want to use the group code for at lease the last couple of
      nights. We do have a waiting list at the Mission Palms hotel, and it
      is possible that some rooms may become available. Please contact the
      Mission Palms hotel directly to be added to the waiting list. If you
      do have to cancel your room, please let us know (hotel @...)
      so that we can make sure the room goes back into the convention's
      block and can be used for the next person on the waiting list. We
      have already had some cancellations and have been able to get some
      of those on the waiting list into the Mission Palms.

      There are also several people looking for roommates that have rooms
      at the Mission Palms, and we've got a section on the NADWCon Message
      Board ("Roomshare and Rideshare") to help members find someone to
      share their room with. The hotel is also in the process of
      remodeling their rooms; and we've had a chance to see some of the
      remodeled rooms, which look very nice and now include a mini-fridge
      in every room!

      We are working on arranging some sort of transportation between the
      two hotels but don't yet have the details confirmed.

      Group Tour Options
      We have partnered with Detours of Arizona to bring you five group
      tour options to choose from if you would like to see more of Arizona
      before or after the convention. Tours depart from Tempe Mission
      Palms, Tempe Courtyard, and other locations. Choose from the Grand
      Canyon Day Tour with Sedona and Navajo Nation, the Scottsdale-
      Phoenix City Highlights Half Day Tour, the Tombstone Day Tour, the
      Sedona Full Day Tour, and the Apache Trail Full or Half Day Tour.
      Visit our special convention page on the Detours of Arizona website
      for full details on each trip and information on how to book:

      If you want to visit Sedona, AZ, Pink Jeep Tours is offering
      convention attendees a 20% discount offer for their off-road family
      adventures in the Southwest. These tours depart from Sedona, AZ, so
      you would need to arrange for transportation to that city. Visit
      their website for more details on the tours:


      Continued in Part 2 of 2.
      Copyright (c) 2009 by Klatchian Foreign Legion
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