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    WOSSNAME -- MARCH 2009 -- PART 3 OF 6 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ====Part 3 -- AND MORE... 24) RAT INNA BUN 25)
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2009
      WOSSNAME -- MARCH 2009 -- PART 3 OF 6 (continued)

      ====Part 3 -- AND MORE...

      24) RAT INNA BUN


      24) RAT INNA BUN

      Last month we featured the knitted Grim Squeaker egg cosy, and in
      the same spirit this month we present some excellent Discworld-
      themed knitting needles:




      Read These Runes!
      A report on AusDWcon
      by Paul Godsil

      With hope in our hearts and the Melbourne summer sun beating down on
      our heads, Pratchett fans from all over Australia found their way to
      RMIT's celebrated -- or at least notorious -- Storey Hall, site of
      Nullus Anxietas 09!

      While admittedly smaller than Nullus Anxietas 07, this was to be
      expected with The Master not being in attendance this year. However
      the smaller size made it easier to get to know some of the many and
      varied attendees, some in costume, some without and some you don't
      want to ask.

      The choice of site was gifted, as RMIT's Storey hall resembles UU's
      design. Fans numbering about 70 enjoyed such events as folk singing
      (Il Porcupino Nil Sodomy Est), Miss Susan's Playtime, juggling
      lessons (it's easy to start juggling, I started dozens of times) and
      the board game Significant Quest (One on the Sunday session are
      evil. You know who you are.)

      The Gala Dinner and other evening sessions were held in the Ibis
      Hotel, which seemed remarkably accepting of the Monstrous Regiment,
      let alone witches, wizards, werewolves, folk singers (in his defence
      he was a great singer and always gave the required warning) plus
      various others (what duck?) wandering through. The Dinner was a
      great chance to sit and talk with other Acolytes of the Master
      without having to go running off shouting 'I'm late for trying to
      peel a banana with my foot!' Good food, great conversation. The
      dinner was followed by a few brief speeches and a mostly spontaneous
      rendition of Il Porcupino Nil Sodomy Est.

      The Dinner was followed by Late Night Lust Objects, an interesting
      and occasionally ribald debate on the sexiest characters. Those
      deemed most popular were Carrot and Moist Von Lipwig (possibly due
      to the David Tennant for Moist campaign). All that could be decided
      on was that PowerPoint doesn't spoil spoil a good argument.

      The Charity auction raised a considerable amount for orangutans with
      Alzheimer's with some very nice items going to lucky people. There
      were cels from the cartoon adaptations, First Editions, sketches,
      and quite a few props from the making of Troll Bridge.

      As was to be expected, the costumes were excellent -- Death of Rats
      (complete with glowing blue eyes) Granny herself and Angua deserving
      special mention. Various photos ate online at:
      Many of the above events and costumes are encapsulated there.

      In short (or wide or long) Nullus Anxietas was great fun, with many
      events not being mentioned because your intrepid correspondent
      either didn't get to the session, was concussed during the session
      (juggling again), or was having too much fun.

      Nullus Anxietas has an active web community at http://ausdwcon.org/
      -- drop by the forums to see what they've got in stock for us next
      time. Sign up now and get in on the bottom floor for the next Nullus

      ** The Correspondent paid his own way so is unbiased, except in the
      matters where he is biased.




      Mrs Peculiar:
      This is a job for...John Rhys-Davies? Well, *I* think he'd make a
      brilliant Reacher Gilt...The telly movie of Going Postal starts
      filming in May. Since we've not played Casting the Discworld here
      for some while, this is a good time to start again. So who do you
      see for the various roles in Going Postal? Obviously, the actors in
      question have to be alive. On account of this being Roundworld.

      There's a noisy fan group that want David Tennant for Moist...
      Possibly cause he makes them....

      If he promised not to do the silly voice, would you offer an amnesty
      to Marc Warren so that he could bring his Hustle experience to
      playing M. v L?

      Hmm. Good call. And Mr Warren has good acting chops; the silly voice
      was an artistic decision for Teatime :-)'

      Snow Queen:
      [Tennant's] not a bad choice though. I think Cate Blanchett might
      make a good Adora Belle. Rupert Grint for Stanley? Would it be too
      much of an insult to cast Lily Tomlin as Mrs. Maccalariat (so long
      as she doesn't snort when she laughs?)?

      Hmm...I wonder who's going to be Vetinari this time. He does play a
      far more significant part in Going Postal than *any* Patrician did
      in tCoM/tLF. Which reminds me - I was looking through Feet of Clay
      the other day, and according to Colon and Nobby, Snapcase did
      directly precede Vetinari.

      Snow Queen:
      Ron Perlman as Mr. Pump? (although I rather think he'd make a good

      Ooo! He's a bit old for carrot, even at the time of Going Postal,
      but Mr Perlman does excel at playing wonderful roles in full-body
      prosthetics :-)

      Rupert Grint = Weasley? Definite possibilities there. Though I'd
      vote for Mackenzie Crook. Lily Tomlin is still alive?! Sheesh, she
      was already past it back in the '70s :P Blanchett's good, but Keira
      Knightley does snappy standoffish bitch so well...

      Snow Queen:
      [About Keira Knightley] Hmmm, I think I have to agree with you there

      If only he were a few years younger, Brian Blessed would be an
      awesome Reacher Gilt. Otherwise, Hugh Jackman. I'm sure he would
      enjoy growing his hair out and playing a villain.

      I do like the other people's choices... I'd probably *just* give the
      nod to David Tennant over Marc Warren for Moist, in which case Marc
      Warren could be available for the banshee, whose name escapes me
      right now.

      Lily Tomlin would be *awesome* as Mrs Maccalariat, and I do like the
      idea of Ron Perlman as Mr Pump, although he'd be wasted in the role.
      Mr Pump doesn't exactly show much emotion. I don't know how Cate
      Blanchett would look as a brunette... probably awesome.

      Speaking of Spike, which I hope I hope I hope they don't cut out
      Spike's smoking. Last year they re-made a St Trinians movie, and
      while the girls were shown working as prostitutes and taking hard
      drugs, not one of the hellions smoked???

      As for Vetinari, I'd be happy for Jeremy Irons to play the role
      again, if they could afford him. I thought Irons' portrayal of
      Vetinari was excellent, and right on the money. Just the right
      amount of understated menace.

      How about Gary Oldman for Vetinari?

      Oooooh Gary Oldman... great! But more important who will play the
      love of Moist's life.... and who will play the golem and if blimmin
      David I play any part Jason is ANYWHERE near this program I swear I
      will SCREAM!

      New Bruce:
      Knightley and Tennant are both too thin - it would be like watching
      Flatland. Cate Blanchett is brunette in Benjamin Button, smokes
      cigarettes in it and a couple of other movies.

      Richard E Grant or Alan Rickman for Vetinari, Damian Lewis for
      Carrot. Richard Briers for Groat.

      Hah! With the amount that Spike smokes, I'm sure Keira has exactly
      the right build to portray her :P

      And ooh, yes - forgot about Doctor Horrible! (Which is the only
      place I know Neil Patrick Harris from) Well reminded :-)

      Richard Briers? I thought he was dead!

      No - but if not available, how about Bernard Cribbins?

      New Bruce:
      Ooh, yes, and Richard Wilson - we need a few geriatric postmen! If
      Tennant did Moist it would be the Dr Who Alumni Post Office :)

      So it's Bernard Cribbins for Groat, Richard Briers for Aggy, Richard
      Wilson for Mr Spools and Anthony Head for Vetinari. David Tennant
      (on Dr Who confidential)said "Often the characters he (Tony) plays
      are often rather stern and slightly patrician."


      New Bruce:
      Maybe he's on Twitter to save Radio Birdsong?

      In his case, I think it's more that it's a huge effort to type the
      coherent thoughts. They are still there, just difficult to get out.

      New Bruce:
      In Pterry's case I'm assuming Rob is doing the actual messaging

      Snow Queen, clearly out of the loop:
      Who is this Rob person?

      Rob is a mild-mannered superhero known as The Buckstopper. By day,
      invaluable personal assistant and best mate to Sir Pterry. By
      night, answerer of untold thousands of emails directed at his boss.
      By later-at-night, polisher of the Loony Helmet. Altogether a very
      nice and helpful chappie!


      (see item 6.1 in part 1 of this issue)

      Ahahahaha! He wrote to the Times! Just like R.P. Tyler!

      ...well, nothing like R.P. Tyler, actually. It's a well-thought-out
      and well-phrased letter. Good on yer, Brave Sir Pterry :-) One
      thing did amuse me, though: "I have spoken to many people on this
      subject, including my own late father..." Does he know something
      that we should know? Like, f'rinstance, Mrs Cake's real address?

      New Bruce:
      Yes, I'm sure he sees the irony. Can't you just see him stomping
      down *his* country lane on *his* evening constitutional (sans
      miniature poodle though)? I wonder if he's joined Neighbourhood
      Watch too? :)

      Did anyone else get the mental image of Death dropping by for a


      TP: "Confectioners chocolate. Hang on a sec while I get a pen...."

      "... now where did I put that pen? Rob, where's my pen?"

      Rob: "It's right in front of you Terry. You've been stirring your
      tea with it."

      Brian who is called Brian:
      To put a lighter note to this - had you heard that Stannah (who make
      stairlifts for the aged) have introduced a new, GT model. This gets
      you up the stairs before you forget what you were going up for!


      End of Part 3, continued on part 4 of 6.
      If you did not get all six parts, write: interact@...
      Copyright (c) 2009 by Klatchian Foreign Legion
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