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    WOSSNAME -- NOVEMBER 2008 -- PART 6 OF 6 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ====Part 6 -- HOROSCOPE, LATE BREAKING NEWS, AND
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      WOSSNAME -- NOVEMBER 2008 -- PART 6 OF 6 (continued)


      34) CLOSE



      Lesser Umbrage 19 Feb - 20 Mar

      Your mystery: "What do the Nac Mac Feegles wear under their kilts?"

      Fernando has spoken to many people who have met the pictsies and
      survived, and consulted the stars, and he has learned that the
      Feegles go al fresco under their kilts. Fernando is a seeker of
      truth, but even he thinks that the real mystery is why anyone would
      like to know what the Feegles wear under their kilts.


      And finally, Fernando has solved a mystery for all the signs: "How
      does Fernando look so good in his tight pantaloons and silk shirts?"
      My friends, Fernando is a very modest man, and it pains him to talk
      about himself, but his sainted mamma taught him to always be honest,
      and the stars have spoken. Who is Fernando to go against the wishes
      of the stars? Fernando looks so good in his pantaloons and shirts
      because Fernando has the excellente taste in the clothings, and also
      because Fernando looks magnificent without his pantaloons and
      shirts. As they say in Brindisi, "non puoi fare un portafolio di
      seta da un orecchio di maiale", and Fernando is not the ear of the



      ON THE BBC

      Did you know that there are some 700,000 Alzheimer's sufferers in
      Britain alone? And that some 35,000 of these people have PCA, the
      early-onset variety that has afflicted Terry Pratchett? You have to
      sit through a BBC DVDs advertisement to see this short video, but
      it's worth it:



      The Telegraph:

      "Best-selling author Terry Pratchett is due to deliver a petition to
      Downing Street calling on the government to confront the 'worldwide
      tsunami' of dementia..."


      The Daily Mail:

      "After handing in the petition, signed by 20,000 members of the
      public, Pratchett said: 'Nearly everybody I have talked to around
      the country talks about caring for their mother or father with the
      disease, so it seems there is not a family in the land that hasn't
      been affected, yet it is like a huge secret everybody shares.'"


      The Press Association:

      "However, his method of protest will be a relief for the Prime
      Minister after Pratchett recently joked he would like to 'kick a
      politician in the teeth' over the treatment of dementia patients.
      Pratchett, in his role as patron of the Alzheimer's Research Trust,
      will first address a group of politicians about what it is like to
      live with the condition before handing over the petition to Number


      BBC News:

      "Rebecca Wood, chief executive of the Alzheimer's Research Trust, of
      which Mr Pratchett is a patron, said dementia cost the UK economy
      £17bn a year. 'If scientists could work out how to delay the
      condition by five years, we could halve the number of people who die
      with dementia. The support from across the political spectrum for an
      increase in dementia research funding is overwhelming; what other
      issue unites petition signatories like Lord Rees-Mogg and Tony


      [Page also includes a small-screen video of the interview linked
      above in item 33.1]


      PJSM Prints links at the top of their news page to the Salisbury
      Journal's article about the petition -- http://tinyurl.com/5h9pjg
      -- and promises there will be photographs soon.


      by Lee Whiteside

      In this update from the North American Discworld Convention, have we
      got a deal for you! We've got news on the latest UK Discworld book
      releases, convention news, a couple of updates from Terry, and a new
      book giveaway. In exchange, you'll tell us how to build a better
      convention by filling out a brief survey. It's the best bargain
      you'll find outside of Sham Harga's All-You-Can-Gobble-for-a-Dollar,
      and won't leave you nearly as queasy.


      The Color of Magic on ION Television - Now in early 2009, with
      Hogfather repeated on Nov 30th.

      Originally, RHI Films and ION Television had planned to air The
      Color of Magic on Nov 23rd. However, after sending out press
      releases they changed their plans and will now air it sometime in
      early 2009. We're disappointed that it won't be on sooner on this
      side of the pond. Once we do find out the new date, we'll make sure
      to let everyone know. In the meantime, they have scheduled a repeat
      of Hogfather for next Sunday, Nov 30th, on ION Television at 7 pm
      ET/PT. ION Television is available via satellite (Direct TV Channel
      305 and Dish Network Channel 280, which is a recent change) as well
      as via cable and local station broadcasts. To find out where you can
      catch it in your area, go to http://www.iontelevision.com and enter
      your zip code into the "Find us by Zip Code" box in the upper right
      corner. Times may vary depending on your local station, so it's best
      to check your local listings to make sure of the exact time. So if
      you haven't picked it up on DVD yet, here's a chance to catch it


      North American Discworld Convention News


      Convention Promotion Update

      We've continued to send flyers to just about every SF/F convention
      in North America over the last couple of months. In October,
      convention Vice-Chair Emily made it to Capclave, a Washington, D.C.
      area convention, where Lawrence Watt-Evans signed the copies of The
      Turtle Moves that BenBella Books had donated to us. This is good
      news for one of the winners in our most recent book giveaway,
      detailed later in this newsletter.

      Earlier in the month, some of the committee were at the annual
      TusCon convention in Tucson, Arizona
      (Nov. 7-9; http://home.earthlink.net/~basfa ), while our volunteer
      coordinator, Rowan, was in charge of the Phoenix Faerie Festival
      held Saturday, Nov 15th in Goodyear, Arizona
      (http://westerngatesfaerierealms.com/PhoenixFaerieFestival.htm ).
      To end the convention year on a high note, we'll be hosting a room
      party on Friday night, November 28th, at LosCon 35 at the LAX
      Marriott in Los Angeles, California (http://www.loscon.org/35 ).
      Stop by the party for a new badge ribbon, a selection of Discworld-
      themed foods, and a prize raffle for donations to Alzheimer's
      Research. Note: If anyone is in the Los Angeles area and would like
      to help out at the party, please let me know via email at
      nadwcon@... -- I may be able to arrange for a guest


      is noted that the weather in the land of the phoenix and red indian
      is inclined toward the somewhat sunny. More so than the damp hills
      of Somerset in olde England. Therefore we propose that the Cricket
      Match between the Consulate Cricket Club XII and the home team is
      played indoors to Col Crowther's Rules under sec 2: inclement
      weather & hostile natives.

      Message Ends


      Convention Surveys

      Here's the first of a series of surveys designed to tell us what you
      would like to see, do, and buy at the convention. The SurveyMonkey
      service allows us 100 free responses for each survey, so we've set
      up three identical surveys that should be enough to handle everyone.
      If necessary, however, we can always make another copy and post that
      link on our livejournal community. Please take a moment to click on
      one of the links below – your feedback is very important to us!

      First 100 -

      Second 100 -

      Third 100 -

      To sweeten the pot, a special codeword will be encoded in the
      surveys that you can use to enter our next book giveaway. Details

      Additional Convention News

      We've passed the 350 member mark and are getting close to 400 pre-
      registered members, while rooms at the Tempe Mission Palms hotel
      keep filling up at a steady rate. We're currently setting up a
      programming team to brainstorm panels and activities beyond the main
      events. Once we make it through the holidays, things will start
      moving pretty quickly. We'll be working with the hotel to finalize
      the banquet details and begin the ticketing process. We also plan to
      provide more information about other major convention events, and
      hope to announce some additional guests. We're working on an
      updated online membership list and hope to have that online soon.

      Books Giveaway

      Thanks to HarperCollins and BenBella, we were able to give away some
      books with the last newsletter. We've shipped out most of the books
      to the winners, but not all of them. Once again, HarperCollins has
      come through for us with some additional books to give away. So, for
      this contest, we will have a special codeword listed in the above
      mentioned survey. To enter the contest, send an email to
      nadwcon.contest@... with the codeword and your top three
      preferences of the book you would like. Available books include the
      US Hardback of Nation, US Hardback of The Illustrated Wee Free Men,
      US Hardback of The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld, US Hardback of
      Making Money, US Paperback of The Art of Discworld, or a signed
      paperback of The Turtle Moves by Lawrence Watt-Evans.

      Lee Whiteside
      2009 North American Discworld Convention Chair
      nadwcon@..., chair@...


      From Suite 101:

      "Pratchett fans will not be surprised to find that Nation has a
      strong message to share with readers well packaged in a very
      readable, enjoyable story with likeable, multi-faceted characters
      who respond in believable ways to the challenges they face. Unlike
      the multi-layered social commentary underlying the Discworld series,
      Nation is a more simple narrative with a clear message. The themes
      are evident in the interactions and conversations between the
      significant characters rather than half-hidden in the fantasy
      construct of the Discworld..."



      Geoffrey Johns wrote, in this month's Discworld Monthly:

      Some years back, in Sydney, a group of Pratchett fans visited my
      flat with a view to using my kitchen to explore the Nanny Ogg
      cookbook. (I shall conquer Quattro Rodenti before I die, I swear
      even if I have to eat it myself.) They were all under, I guess, 30.
      As I recollect there was a goth. Now actually they were not all that
      good at the cooking bit. But as far as being sweet, kind,
      intelligent and sensible they moved off the scale into goodness.
      Imagine being asked at your door, 'should we take our shoes off Mr

      So, Jason, I wish to conclude. Old fashioned though I may be,
      laughter needn't be, shouldn't be nasty. Young people shouldn't be
      categorized as hooked on cheap sensation,

      DWM replies: Geoff gets this month's Letter of the Month.

      ConMan of BU noted, in ozdw (BU):

      Unless my memory is playing tricks on me, this little story would
      have to be of the CookMeet held in Sydney back in the year
      19OhGodsIDontWantToThinkAboutIt. As quite possibly the last list
      member present at that event who is still (sporadically) posting to
      the list, congrats to Geoff on getting LotM, and thanks for the

      [Editor's note: If that meet was in 19-something, ConMan was at the
      time so far below 30 that he'd have needed a telescope to see it!]


      34) AND NOW I GET TO SLEEP...

      That's all we have for this month, as far as I know. Don't forget --
      the 25th Anniversary Illustrated Edition of The Colour of Magic/The
      Light Fantastic, and The Colour of Magic: The Illustrated
      Screenplay, are both available as of today; along with Nation and
      The Illustrated Wee Free Men and The Folklore of Discworld, there's
      a lot of goodness to fill this year's Hogswatch stockings with.

      Congratulations to the NADWCON team for getting nearly 400 pre-
      registered conventiongoers, but, um, hellooo, this is a historic
      first and will be not only a major event but possibly also the only
      time Terry Pratchett visits the USA for a Discworld convention, so
      how about 4,000 instead? After all, the man is working harder than
      ever at a time when he's fighting illness. Spread the word -- and
      remember, the NADWCON runs from September 4 - 7, 2009 in Phoenix,
      Arizona so there's still plenty of time to organise your travel

      We wish all our USA readers a happy Thanksgiving and a hopeful 2009
      with your new Patrician, I mean, President. Take care, everyone, and
      we'll see you next month!

      -- Annie Mac


      End of Part 6.
      If you did not get all six parts, write: interact@...
      Copyright (c) 2008 by Klatchian Foreign Legion
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